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December 16, 2022
23 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Alien Earth: Passage
Alien Earth: Game Walkthrough and Guide
The colonial stars Raksha invaded the earthly space in the midst of the Third World War, when the forces of the states of the Earth were in the most severe battles using all types of weapons, including nuclear. The troops of humanity could no longer have effective resistance to conquerors from space. In a matter of hours, the remnants of humanity turned into slaves of giant insects. Only a few avoided this sad fate, hiding in the jungle and ruins of cities.
Favorite Entertainment of Lords Warriors Raksha has hunting people. The recipe is very simple – a strong young resident of the village and plasma rifle. A resident is released to the jungle and within a couple of dozens of minutes trying to hide or run away. And then a noble hunter looking for him and decorates the skull of the victim his armor.

This time, the victim of the volunteer was appointed Finna – a young man, as early as childhood brought Raksha to the village.

The gate slammed the finn behind her back, and the guy headed to the jungle. Soon he is higher to ComTe Temple (telephone booths). Donations were very scarce, but under a challenge rug, the guy found a metal blade. Taking the pole stuck in the ground, he joining it with a blade. The resulting spear has significantly increased chances of survival.
The first victim of this terrible weapon was a poisonous plant, delusito stretching for all moving past. Collective leaves, Finn moved on (right, down to the left).

Soon he went to a spacious glade on which skeletons of metal beasts of the past. Featuring the stones (perfect weapons against dragonfly mutants), the guy easily dealt with the flying lighter and took the challenged scrap.
There was no further to go where, and Finn went to look for another way (up, upper pass). The path brought a guy to a destroyed farm. He vaguely remembered that once in his childhood he had a lot of beautiful toys. But such a funny stuffed hare was not exactly.
Desperate calls for help interrupted the process of loving toy and Finn, stuck her in his pocket, rushed to the sounds of struggle. He managed during and two monsters, attacked the old man, stopped their marriage existence. Sick old Jack invited the Savior to visit his hid hidden in the roof of a tree.

Finn picked up a rubber hose from the ground and went for jack. Before climbing upstairs, her boyfriend took a rag lying next to the bridge (periodically rags appear in this place). To the right of the house of Jack, near the swing, cylinders with gas were lying around, and near the destroyed toilet – a glass bottle (also appears repeatedly).

The guy continued to inspect the terrain (down) and went to the glade, on which a huge tree grew, at the foot of which strange fragments were lying around, and from the crown hung Liana. Finn climbed up this improvised rope and found himself near the remnants of the flying chariot of the ancients.

Having got a rag, the guy opened the fuel tank. Finn inserted the rubber hose in the bottle and filled with a combustible container. Inserting in a bottle with a gasoline wick from a rag, the young inventor created "Molotov cocktail" – may come in handy against any tanks. After spending all the stocks of bottles and rags, the content of Finn went down and went on (right, down).
In a dilapidated house, there were drawers with caressing inscriptions "Plastic explosives", The guy found a reasonable Charlie (as this psycho himself introduced himself), who was trying to make a plastic bird, locked in a cage. Speaking with Charlie, Finn gave him a stuffed hare and carefully removed from the cell passionate to the toy crazy bird made, made… Right, from plastic explosives.
The path (right) brought the Finn to a strange fear, near which the evil doggy dog was nervously ran. Happily avoiding her beak (Bobik is perfectly clogged with a spear), the guy came out to the dark gallery filled with spiders (the top pass left). Without the risk of researching this dangerous place, Finn set up to the house of the old jack.

Chatting with the old man and having received a reward for salvation a lighter, Finn relaxed a little bit and even raised on the bed (place to save the game 1, it is recommended to periodically go to the Jack and persist). In addition to interesting information, Finn turned out to be a specialist in poison. From the leaves of poisonous plants, he knew how to make a universal antidote. The guy dumped all the leaves accumulated during the study in the hands of the old jack and received several antidote bubbles.
Fit the feet of Finn touched the earth, like a tuber roar from the village – a sign of the start of hunting. The guy rushed over the bridge (up). He went to the ruins of the cinema, the entrance to which blocked the boards. But there is no reception against scrap.

In the corridor Finn, a giant mantis was waited. The guy raised a premium lighter to the wick of a bottle with a smotov cocktail and threw a burning container in the insect. Loud cotton – and the way is free.

The cinema was hiding from Raksha Brock. Talking with him, Finn (touched upon the topic Help) received an electric flashlight. Now it was possible to explore the gallery with poisonous spiders (you should have at least three bubbles with antidote).

By destroying spars, the guy moved to the depths of the cave (the antidote should only be applied to interrupt all spiders in the sector, otherwise the bubbles are not enough). Soon he burst into the passage, a cured web (left corridor). Finn raised a lighter to the cylinder with gas and this improvised autogen cleared the way.
Most wondering around caves, the guy found himself in a room with a huge spider. Molotov’s cocktail bottle did not leave a monster and a piece (rooms with huge spiders two. In the second one lies only the first aid kit and the visit is not necessary), Finn took the detonator and adding it to a plastic bird. Now it was possible to get out to outward to discuss with this cockroach Raksha features of the local hunt.
The hunter did not have to search for a long time – after all, he still did not know that he himself turned into game. Attaching the abdomen of the dumbfounded insect bomb to the abdomen, Finn got up behind, watching the process of destroying Lord Raksha.
The guy took the Raksha head as a hunting trophy to the fence (right). The door, when submission to the head lens, opened and Finn entered the city.

The Wastelands
The guy could not help the rebel, a deadly wounded garbage. Finn tried to speak with the fighter bleeding, but he had no strength. Featuring a pistol, the guy went down the street (down). Having gathered a bit of ammunition from the bodies of dead trashrs, Finn entered a narrow alleoy (right), which led him to a small room, the only decoration of which served bed (shelter – a place to save the game 2).
After a brief rest, the guy came out again and headed in the city (down). Finding on the way a draw of the first-aid kit, Finn soon reached the intersection, which in the ambush fastened four garbagers. He gladly interrupted the villains and, after studying the contents of their pockets, entered the house.
Three more villains went to the forefathers, and Finn on the metal staircase rose to the second floor. Afterby connecting the next portion of the enemies, the guy discovered in his pocket one of them a piece of paper with the code. He hid a find in his pocket and went outdoor.

Passing to the left, Finn came to the Army Bunker, near which the corpses of the garbers were lying. Grozny voice recommended a guy to immediately clean out of the forbidden zone. Not wanting to tempt fate, Finn quickly passed by (left), on the way shot a couple of garbers.
Having passed further (left), it turned out to be near the poisonous waste ditch, where the garbered granted the Finn to practic a little in the destruction of waste. Among other things, in your pocket one of them turned out to be a long antenna – an ideal tool for shaking hard-to-reach places.

So where there are still garbers? (up). The remains of the wooden fence were separated by the second ditch. The bridge over it was not, but on the right three boards of the fence just begged to pose their scrap. Finn did not force himself to ask himself for a long time and, the cooking board, switched through the improvised flooring to the Bunker, having had two more garbers. In the pocket of one of them turned out to be a battery.

The door of the doors of the protection bunker from the air attack coincided with a combination on the found piece of paper (7512). In numerous cabinets, a shotgun and army body armor were seized, and a pair of rubber gloves lay behind the metal grille. Heaving on the bed (place to save the game 3), Finn dressed the armor and, looking like a salary soldier, came out.
The guy returned to the street and continued the study of the city (down). Having overcome the powerful resistance of four garbered, Finn climbed on the metal stairs to the second floor of the house. In the second room, from the body of one of the defenders, he picked up a psychic key. In addition, now the pocket has delayed a powerful automatic gun.

After a long thought, Finn decided to explore the street held near the Army bunker. Street led to a dead end, in which a couple of garbers walked near the locked entrance to the building. Removing witnesses, the guy explored strange lock wells. The psychic key clearly approached one of them. But where to get the second? Finn went to no longer locked the door to the army bunker.
Colonel, his only inhabitant, accepted the Finn dressed in battle armor for a soldier and joy joined the conversation (Security Door). It turns out that this fetus of the bloodstream is the second key. The guy showed (to act on the colonel) the first pionic key, and the colonel himself offered to go to the cherished door.

After unlocking the door, the colonel returned to the bunker, and Finn entered the city building. In the center of control, he picked the wires of the wire. By clicking on the button at the console, the amazed guy learned that in this building, steam-normal abilities were conducted and that the disk with the results was hidden in the children’s room.
As soon as he went into the room as a heart hanged from vague memories. Three cribs, toys… The story of how three kids were brought Raksha to the village… Really he ever lived here? Crairing the room, Finn found a disk in the disk drive of the game console and went outdo.

The Sewers
Reaching the intersection, near the place where he, entering the city, shot an ambush out of four garbagers, Finn went through the only unexplored street (left). It approached the sewer hatch and, opening the lid, slid down.

The guy moved along the corridor. Running to the branch right, he went down the stairs to the Temple of Thorn. Thhor’s himself turned out to be a very friendly man (mention Weapons and Psionics). Having defined in Finn a powerful pionic talent, Thhorn agreed to teach him. First art, masterful guy has become soft – the ability to reduce the accuracy of the enemy fire.

Leaving the temple, the young stalker continued the study of the tunnel. Returning to the main corridor, he went on him further to the vertical mine leading down. Finn descended the stairs to the hall in which the not working generator was located. Bygoing this design, the guy picked up the pliers and entered the narrow corridor.
Exterminating poisonous spiders he walked farther and further. From the depths of the tunnel came angry mimping. Soon Finn reached a spacious hall in which the pale mutants crowded in front of the cage in which the girl was locked.

Crashing with geeks, the guy picked up an old key from one body and opened the cage. Samnaya Sam got into the will and offered to follow her, not spending time on conversations. They returned to the room with the generator.
The girl needed to repair this unit, for which the pliers, wire and rubber gloves were required. All this Finn has already collected earlier and solemnly conveyed Sam.

After repair, the grateful girl took the guy at the headquarters of the rebels.

The headquarters of the rebels were placed at the second level of the dungeon. Sam spent Finn through the bar in Karl’s office – chapter resistance. The rebel chief thanked our hero, which henceforth became an honorary guest in these tunnels.
Leaving Karl, Finn talked with Boris and Sam. Baris Boris not only was ready to offer an affordable to eat, but for 15 banknotes passed recreation rooms (Help, Rest) (place to save the game 4).
The guy headed to explore the dungeon. He returned to the stairs and descended on the third level (down). The corridor brought him to the three doors – the Arsenal of Beauty Shannon, the shop of the old woman Harry and the hospital Rumiko.
Harry bought (mention in TRADE conversation, then Sell) all collected in battles with garbagers broken antiquities, Shannon offered a wide selection of weapons, ammunition and armor, and Rumiko not only offered treatment from wounds and poison, but also could teach a new psyche (Help, PSI-Healing) – Psi-shield, ability to temporarily increase protection (Rumiko, as well as Thorn, can teach Finn to new techniques as the experience accumulates).

It is time of active actions. Finn returned to Karl, grief desire to join the fight against insects. The head of the rebels was glad to see in his ranks of a new fighter and immediately instructed him Laptop with the text of the first mission (Resistance, Join, Mission).

The newly connected monsters fighter rose to the stairs to the first level and moved deep into the tunnel (right). Not responding to a greeting of the sentry, he opened the door and headed by the corridor to the first checkpoint, the reasons for the strange silence of the protection of which should be clarified.

By interrupting the crowd of garbers, Finn went to the post, near which the lifeless body of the guard was lying. The guy picked up a broken radio and went to the report to Karl. Giving him the wreckage of the radio, Finn received the remuneration due and asked the following mission.
The order was simple – deliver a box with a weapon Raksha to a river. The stairs of Finn went down to the fourth level and moved along the corridors, destroying spiders and mutants. Soon he went to the room guarded by watch.
Finn gave a drawer of Roscoe and, after a meaningful conversation, showed him a CD from Psi Nursery. The gunsmaker recommended contacting Tamara, a specialist in the field of communications. To the question of Finn about Tamara Rosca gave a pass to her laboratory (any weapon of Raksha can now be attributed to the river, after which it is already suitable for use, appears in the Sheannon weapon shop).
The laboratory was placed at the first level. Showing the Security Guide, Finn entered the laboratory. But Tamara was a busy – cunning Raksha jamming rebels. There was nothing to do and our hero returned to the headquarters.

Having received remuneration from Karl for a mission, Finn asked what the radio transmission was resisted (Resistance Transmissions).

Surprised by such awareness of the rebel said (Weapons, Bomb), that the only solution to the problem is the destruction of the jool installation with the help of a bomb and advised to learn the details of the riv.

Finn again headed for. The gunsmith was ready to help (Weapons, Bomb). He needed watches, battery and explosives.

The trophy battery has long stayed in his pocket, the explosive was definitely on sale from Shannon (Trade, Buy), and the watches were lying around at Harry.

In addition, Shannon sold an assault rifle (Assualt Rifle), one of the few devils of earthlings, penetrating chitin Raksha. And Harry sold excellent pliers. But the bomb is a bomb, and the missions should be performed. Finn returned to the headquarters to Karl and asked for a new task.
This time you need to capture the food warehouse. For delivery to the place, Finn used a teleporter (zero level). The instrument management turned out to be very simple – the coordinates (bygg) were indicated in the task, each letter was the first in the name of the color (B – blue, Y – yellow, G – green, R – red).

Arriving in place, Finn laid three Raksha and entered the warehouse building. Neither a couple of guards nor three workers were able to provide effective resistance. As a souvenir, the guy grabbed the working weapon from one and containers (Alien Worker Weapon). His attention attracted the teleport control panel fled on the far wall. However, it was required to be activated by its activation, which until Finn had.
In any case, the warehouse was captured, and the guy returned to the rebel base (yybb). Karl thanked for the successful completion of the task and told all that he knew about the teleportator (Places, Teleporter), gave a new task (Resistance, Mission).

To perform secret tasks in the habitat of Raksha, Finn needed to mount a special device on the head, which insects were used to control people-slaves. The operation was supposed to do Dr. SEVBON.

Teleporting (RBBG), Finn entered the doctor’s clinic (killing the guard he picked up a new weapon – Alien Security Weapon). Traces of struggle in the operating point pointed out that the physician was kidnapped. The guy picked up a pneumatic gun with a floor (Dart Gun) and with the help of an antenna pulled out the device for psi control from under the table.

Karl thanked for a successful mission and asked for Resistance, Mission) to save the doctor from captivity (for successful Mission’s fulfillment, it is worth to give the found rifle weapons and acquire a useful copy from Shannon. The best way to make money on it – go to the city to hunt for garbers and sell Harry Trofy).

Teleportator Perebed (yygb) Finn to the prison unit. With the new weapon, the enemies were no longer a serious interference. In the control room, he pressed the red and green buttons on the remote control and, entering the inside and destroying the watchdog beetle, opened the doctor’s chamber. It was possible to get out to the database.

Having received the next gratitude of Karl, Finn went to Hospital Rumiko. Doctor was already there. He said that a psychic control device is needed for the operation. The guy gave the device taken in the old cabinet.
After successful operation, Finn could calmly raise among the aliens, until it starts to shoot himself.

The following task was easy to come in contact with the informant. Teleporting (RBBG), the scout headed into the bar, ignoring Raksha. Charming Andy has already waited for him. She handed over the informational chip and said that the transfers are fading most likely from the Communication Center (Resistance, Transmissions).

Karl without delay issued a remuneration due and offered (Places, Comm Center) to blow up the communications center. From the battery, hours and explosives of the river gathered a bomb that Finn solemnly handed the chief.

The next task is the time (Resistance, Mission) – blow center (GRRR, go to the right from the teleportator). By interrupting security (recommended reception – if the Finn is strongly wounded, and many enemies, go to the next screen. The enemy does not pursue it and you can restore health, while the wounds are not heated by the enemy) Finn secured the bomb on the middle control panel and jumped out to the street.

The guy returned to the database and found out from Karla (mention Mission) that now Tamara is free and can do a CD.

Asking Tamaru, Finn gave her a disk. It turned out to be files about secret biological studies conducted by the Ministry of Defense in the West Street building. And Carla had a new task – to defeat the aliens club (GRRR), in which they equipped the room torture.

The mission was partially successful – he destroyed all Raksha, but the captive died from wounds. Finn took an identification card from his lifeless body and returned to the headquarters.

He showed Karl’s card and asked the building on West Street (Places, West Street). He recommended to ask about the laboratory from Andy. The girl knew not so much, but enough for Finn to go to the building for the energy barrier (up from the bar). Inserting an identification card in the slot on the left he deactivated the barrier and entered the building.

Finn descended into the basement and pliers (from the old woman’s shop) cut the metal fence in front of the generator control panel. Root Click – And Generator Groove, feeding the current in the elevator motor.
Rising on the seventh floor, searched boxes in one of the rooms, the guy found a screwdriver. With her help, he repaired an elevator control box. Now it was possible to get to the thirteenth floor, which was stated in the materials on the CD.

Methodically examined the laboratory, Finn discovered the Raksha body in a huge storage, from which he learned the syringe with a dart-charged virus. Then the guy came up to the table standing near the closed door and moved to the book. He pressed a button that had been covered with sweatshirts, opening the door.

In the second room stood safe with secret research documents. Paper grabbing, Finn went down and went to the energy barrier. The card did not fail again, and soon he was already in the headquarters.
Karl studied dart and paper stretched. Excited Chef sent Finn to Roscoe.

Giving a dart and a pneumatic gun to the gunsmith, the guy immediately received a back already charged tool (use (USE) a charged gun on a rivalent). In the conversation, Clevergan mentioned the center of breeding. In order to find out its coordinates, Finn again headed in Bar to Andy (RBBG). She promised to send Karl coordinates.

By arrival Finn, the head of the rebels has already received the coordinates and prepared the last task – to destroy the queen of aliens. Teleppoding to the reproduction center (BRBY), our rental destroyed the guard and burst into the room in which eggs with embryos were stored.

Afterby interrupting the eggs stored and delivered by teleportator, Finn passed on (left) and destroyed the remnants of security. From the dead bodies, he picked up Alien Lord’s Gun (the most powerful weapon) and the key from the teleporter on a spacecraft from a warehouse.

Finn thoroughly prepared for the final mission. He gave the found luncher found, then acquired its operational option, ammunition and powerful armor at Shannon. It is time to teach cockroaches a good manner (after teleportation on the spacecraft there is no way to save the game).

Moving to the warehouse (BYGG), Finn entered the far-fledged hall guarded by the rebel. By placing the key to the control panel, it activated the teleportator and boldly stepped into the center of the circle.

Finn descended down the stairs and passed along the long corridor past the closed door with a strange symbol to the automatic plasma gun, destroying weakly resisting aliens on the road.
Passing the plasma trap, the guy approached the room with a lever on the wall. Finn snarling eliminated the guard and clicked the switch by opening the door with the symbol.

He returned to the door and entered a small room with three doors with mysterious symbols (they should be remembered). Finn passed to the site with the teleporter and the elevator rose to the top. At the end of the cargo compartment there was a control panel with two red arrows.
Having installed with their help drawing, adorning the left door, Finn returned to the room with three doors. Left was open. Through the teleportator, he moved to the Psi-Control Room. Security decorated the floor by damaged bodies. Finn picked up a yellow key from the corpse of Lord Raksha and, destroying all control monitors, again headed for the remote control the doors.

Opening the central door guy, after a short trip, got a red key. Right gave a blue key (all the keys were at the Lords Raksha).

With three keys in your pockets, Finn again entered the room with the door control panel and descended down the ladder down. Getting rid of the security, he put the keys to the castle on the right wall, opening the door to the teleport.

The guy found himself in the eggsraft, full guard. Having interrupted eggs and aliennuts, Finn entered the following hall. Looking a bit with an armed to the teeth with a personal security guard of the queen (moreover, exploding after death), the earthlings entered the rest of the Supreme Monster.

Several shots of Finn dealt with watchdog robots, laid guard and, ran up to the queen, stuck a dart with a virus. Now she was no longer immortal. The earthman jumped to the left (you can choose a dead zone, not reaching for the Queen spit) and shot the Queen of the Aliens.
Untime, the last sigh left her body, earned the mechanism of self-destruction of the ship. Finn rushed to the passage opened on the left, hurry to leave the ship

After the death of the queen and death of the flagship squadron, the defeat of Raksha was inevitable. Deprived of the control of the queen, they died. Residents of the Earth for the first time in many decades became the owners on their planet. Humanity revived. But from time to time people with anxiety looked at the stars. And waited.

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