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December 16, 2022
24 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Silent Hill 2: Passage
Silent Hill 2: Game Walkthrough and Guide
James Sunderland looks at his reflection in a closed mirror and is tired of rubbing his eyes. Really he all dreams or he really is in a quiet hill? It seems that he actually went crazy if he came to this god forgotten town, obeying the request of a long-dead wife. “And maybe she did not die, Jimmy? Maybe this is a draw, and Mary is waiting for you here to explain everything? You will forgive her?”- carefully asks the voice inside Jim.
James turns away from the mirror – “You, you know that I ask her anything, if only she returned,” he says quietly, and goes to the fog to meet with the unknown.
All that happens to Jim further depends on you. So we start…

Map and cemetery

Get out of the toilet and take a map of the car standing nearby. Map to use extremely preferably, for there are marked the names of all the streets of the town.
Now go down the stairs down and run along the path until you see a gate ahead. Screaming and breathing behind your back still ignore, you still do not touch you while… Come in the gate – you were in the cemetery. The only live soul is a girl at the grave. Talk to Ne. It turns out that her name is Angela. After conversation, go out through the Western Gate and go on the road to Sanders Street).

Walk around the town

Turn on the Lindsay Street, on which someone’s remains are smeared, and then go to Vachss Road. Choose health drinks on the right on the side. Go on Vachss Road to the very end in the form of a wooden impression. Slide the boards and take into. Yeah, that’s the first monster. Grab a stick with nails and deal with gadyonash. Achieve it, if necessary, otherwise they have a habit to revive.
In addition to stick, you will find a radio that begins to show signs of concern when near Monsters. Take things and go to Lindsay Street. Turn to Saul Street and then on Martin Street.

Woodside Apartments

Now it’s not to drive down the street, not to pass without getting off at the next monster. Cube the road to the end of Martin Street, where the monster mock the corpse. Kill it and take off the corpu key from the gate house Woodside Apartments. Go there and open the gate. Come in the house.
From the stand Take the building map. There is a bottle with a lifeful moisture. Rise up the stairs. Come on the door on the second floor.
Go along the corridor to the apartment 205. Inside inside the remains of man. The apartment has a lantern. Take it, and the monster will attack you. What to do – you know.
Go out and go to the apartment 210, on the way scoring a monster. Inside take the cartridges and go on the stairs on the third floor.
As soon as you get up, you will see the key that goes beyond the goal. Try to get the key, a little girl will appear and deftly throws it into the depths of the corridor. Bad girl!
Go to Apartment 301. Hurray, inside there is a shotgun! Well, you get off us again, little girl…
Go down to the second floor. Go to the apartment 208. So behind the gate monster, but he is not afraid. Come in the apartment. So, inside another dead man. On the shelf lies the key from 202 apartments. Go there. The kitchen is a drink, and the key has a key from the clock in 208 apartments. Go back in 208.

Riddle with a clock in 208 rooms

Come in the room with a clock. Use the 202 room key to open the clock. Now turn the arrows as long as you do not hear a click. In my version, this happened at 21:10, but this indicator may vary depending on the complexity of the level.
Now try moving the clock from the spot. Hooray, they moved away, and they were a hefty hole in the neighboring apartment. Well, the rats are found here! Take a hole. You turned out to be on the other side of the gate. Go forward and click on the stairs on the third floor.

Third floor

Your task: get to the key that dropped a little girl. Check on the map where it is and run there. Take the key from the fire exit. Go to the room 307. God, mine, what kind of urban is such?! Do not move and give a monster to leave. Then take the key from the cabinet and go out.

Go to the stairs in the east and go down to the first floor. Near the closed door lies the pack of juice. Raise it and go back to the second floor to the room with the garbage chute. Throw the juice in the garbage chute and go out on the street.

Coin of trash and courtyard

Next to the entrance is the outlet hole of the garbage disposal, where you threw juice. Now the old coin fell out of it – take it and enter the building. Use the courtyard key to open the door near the stairs. Come in – here is the pool. Jump into the pool and quickly choose from it – this will attract monsters. Load all monsters. After that, take the coin with the snake (Snake Coin).
Get out of the courtyard through the eastern door. Go to the room 101. Take the cartridges. Inside you will find poor guy Eddie. Talk to him and go outside.
Climb the second floor. In the left end of the corridor, use the key from the fire exit by opening it the blue door. Lord, another building!

Blue Creek Apartments

You are in the bedroom. Go to the toilet and find a sheet with the code. I wonder what would it? One thing is clear, not good. Native room.


Yeah, that’s safe. It’s time to break it. Use a piece of paper to open a safe.
The main thing is to remember the Roman numbers and be able to add. If you fall a combination like x3, then this means: x3 = 10 + 3 = 13 and so on. It seems nothing crook. Inside there are four cartridge boxes. Thank you, they will come to us.
Get out and archery. Find the door under the output. On the right there is a map of the apartment partnership at the blue stream. Take it. Go down to the first floor.
Take the cartridges in 109 Apartment. Now go to the next white door, and to meet you… No, not monster, and Angela. Watch the video. Take a knife and concluded coin (PRISONER COIN). So, now you have three coins, it’s time to spend the room 105 and the riddle hidden there.

Three mysteries

In the room 105, pay attention to the small bedside table with five circles. The decision of the riddles depends on the chosen level of complexity. So:

Simple level: OLD MAN coin in the first slot, SNAKE coin in the middle slot and prisoner coin in the last.
Normal level: OLD MAN coin in the second slot, Snake coin in the last slot and coin PRISONER in the middle.
Complex level: OLD MAN coin in the second slot, Snake coin in the fourth slot and prisoner coin in the last.

If everything is right, then the box will open, in which there is a key from home Lin (Lyne House). This Lin lives on the second floor – room 209. It’s time to spend it.

Apartment 209

Come and go to the balcony through which you can get into the room 208. Quickly grab the key from the stairs and cartridges. Go out after 209 number, turn left and open the door. Save! Get ready for a meeting with the first boss, but first look at the video.

Boss 1 – Pyramid

The main thing is that you have a shotgun and no less than forty cartridges. Keep as far as possible from the monster, do not let yourself hurt. Recharge best in the menu so that Jim does not crude while he does during the fight. You can not shoot at all, the main thing: to hold out some time – the nerves sweat, but then the cartridges will save.
After a couple of minutes of fruitless battle with the boss, you will hear howling sirens. Boss rushes down the stairs filled with water. Do not run after him, otherwise you will be finished, let me. When the water goes away, you can leave the damned place.

Park Pink Water

Go to the park where Jim rushed from the very beginning of the game – this is Rosewater Park (see the map). Watch the video. Talk to Loroy – Girl, who took you key. Go on to the park. You came to the lake, and therefore, to the next video.
Mda, you have a companion named Maria to rejoice or be sad about this – I don’t even know, for you have to protect the girl, watching her not rumbled. It is best to run and most importantly – gently shoot, so as not to shoot the mask my own. Get out of the park. Now you can or go to search for a decomposed corpse, or immediately go to the Pete’s Bowl-O-Rama).

Kehelban Piet

Another video standard. Laura will run away and leave you alone with Eddie. Talk to him and go outside. Maria will show you a place where Laura ran. Go across the Alley and enter the door that Maria will open for you. You were in the hospital.

Brookhaven Hospital (Brookhaven)

Left Take the hospital card. Go to the room with documents for this, go through the registry. Near the printing machine lies the lilac key of the bull. Read the magazine about the patient treated in this hospital. Forget that you are a gentleman and kill any lady that will meet on your way.
Use the map to find the stairs to the second floor. Go to the women’s dressing room. There you need to get the curve of the needle, stuck in the ivy bear and shotgun. Now go to the men’s dressing room. It is terrible to think that you are waiting for you, after finding in the women’s.
In the locker room is the key to the room for inspection. He lies in the pocket of the rude. Check down and unplug the room for examining patients.
Inside take the cartridges and go up to the second floor. Go to room number three. Take the first-aid kit and check the copier in the printing machine. Write down or remember the number on a piece of paper. He is still useful for us.
Now go to the M2 room and take the cartridges and the key of Lyapis (Lapis Eye Key). It’s still what a miracle is?
Go to the room M3 for cartridges and drink “Health”. Rise on the third floor. Door leading to rooms under the letter “S”, on the castle. You need code.
Light and normal levels – 7335
Sophisticated level – 1328.
For inquisitive – Tip is on the wall, on the first floor in the room for inspection.
Once open the door, go to the s3 room. Maria will catch the patient and leave you – thank God. Take the roof of the roof from the table. You can immediately go to the roof, but you can walk around the rooms, collecting aid kits and cartridges, as well as read the diary.
As soon as you decide to go on, you will understand that something or rather someone blocked the door. Ba, yes this is our old familiar – boss pyramid! Watch the video and check with the map. You need to get to the third floor in the room of special therapy.
In one of the rooms, the whole wall is flooded with blood. Your task: see the code of four digits on it. The higher the complexity, the more difficult it will make it.
Go to the second floor and check how things are. Go to the s14 room. Inside the box, to open which you need 2 code and 2 keys. Use the “Lyapis Eye” key and the bull lilac key to remove the chains. Now enter the codes you found in the hospital. Ugh you, inside a strand of someone’s hair. And why it took it to lock?
Now go to the shower and inspect the enclosed gardens of the drain. Go to the inventory and connect the hair and needle. Catch out the key from the elevator on the third floor.
Go down on it on the first floor. Go to the C3 room and talk to Laura. Arm yourself with a shotgun, for you are waiting for the second boss.

Boss 2 – Hanging Warri

Aims of shotgun on creatures and shoot. Two creatures, so be careful. When soak a sweet couple, then the third one will appear, which will also have to kill.
UV, everything seems to tell you, looking at the corpses of enemies – but not! Sounds of the old radio and you will find yourself… And where, actually saying?

Evil Brookhaven Hospital

Native C2 room for first aid kits. Now go to the elevator and go down to the second floor. Here you will wait for nurses and a handful of cartridges. Come in the M6 room and take batteries and the key from the base station. You will need batteries rather soon, as the flashlight will begin to go out in your hands. Recharge them.
Batteries lie near a strange color symbol. Take a note nearby, as well as cartridges and a first-aid kit.
Return to the elevator and go up on the third floor. You will find yourself near the door. To open it you need two rings. Whether they were not talking about them in the note that you just found.
Go to the room S11 and take the cartridges and amulet. Read a note from which you will understand that the amulet makes the owner invisible for 20 seconds.
Return to the third floor. Open the key storage. Inside pushing the shelf. After a video with the participation of the Mushki, go down the stairs and take the copper ring. Return to the third floor.
Descend on the elevator to the second floor. Listen to the radio show and remember everything to say there.
Go to Day DAY on the second floor. Open the refrigerator. Mary will help you and you will get a leader ring (Lead Ring). Return to the closed door on the third floor.

Radio show

On a closed box, you will see something similar:

1 2 3
01: O o o
02: O o o
03: O O O

Your task: Press the correct buttons. In the first row, press the number three button. In the second row, click the number one button. In the third row, the correct button number three.
When the box opens, you will find 5 boxes of cartridges and two amulet.
Go to the door on the third floor. Use leader and copper rings. Get down the stairs. You will find yourself in a long tunnel.
It seems that the boss pyramid tank still did not leave you alone. The only advice – run as quickly as possible. If the Mashka perits, the game will be over. Therefore, run to the elevator and look pretty sad video.
Then head to the director’s office and take the key from the hospital. Look at the card and find a way out of the hospital.

Dark South Valley

Go south to Carroll Street, and then east to Rendell. Now south on Monson, where several people useful in the farm are scattered. Return to Saul Street. Your task to get to Bar Nieli (Neely’s Bar).
Look out the window and take files from the bar. Now go to the restaurant “Gonzale’s Mexican Restaurant” in the valley. The shortest path is north on Neely’s Street, and then east of Sanders. Go to the north of Lindsay and pick up a note and a confusion wrench.
Return to Pink Water Park, to the place where Masha met. Come in the park and find a statue of a praying woman. Look for her brown stain and dig a hole. Remove the box and use the adjustable key to open it. Take the bronze key from the historic society of a quiet hill.
Understandable thing, it’s time to visit this most society that is west of the park.

Historical society of a quiet hill

Enter the only open room. Close in a hole in the wall and run through the tunnel during a couple of minutes. Go through the door and take the first aid kit and cartridges. Go through the adjacent door.
Find a room with a hole in the wall. Jump out. You found yourself in a well. Arm yourself with steel pipe. Tighten the walls around you for a secret door. Join your way into the sewer.
Go to the right to the only open door, but do not forget to kill cockroaches that firmly settled in the sewer.
Come and take away the key that is lying on the ground. Suddenly you will go out the flashlight. Come in the menu and change the battery until it’s too late. The door is closed, and you were attacked by nasty many-way creatures!

Tarakanya Door

Inspect the panel on which the buttons are located. Your task: Pick up the desired combination, and you need to press only on the glowing buttons. When you enter the correct code, go out of the room and go to the right. At the end of the corridor there is a room with a hatch. Use the key (Spiral Writing Key) and go down.

Prison Tuluka

So, under historical society was prison. Run to the nearest door behind which Eddie is located. When Eddie goes, a hotel is a room for pork plank and other necessary things. Go out and turn left. Get to the table where the map is. She is still useful for you.
Now visit the room to the right. Come in – this is a shower, where you are driving a skip of the seducer. Look at the card to get to the lowest hall in prison.

Go to the only open camera and take the wax doll from it (WAX DOLL). Go to the right hall and then north. Come in the room on the left and take the cartridges for the gun.
Go to the Northern Hall, to the right of you will be the seventh prison unit, where there is a table with the inscription “Invouration”. Go to the largest courtyard, in the center of which is a stitch with three loops. Here it is necessary to place the packs found earlier. Place the signs in the correct order, and you will hear the cry of the killed man. Strange, but nothing else happens. Go through the doors through which they came. Take the horseshoe above the door and go to the western corridor.
Go to the right door for the first-aid kit. Follow the door leading to another corridor. Come in the room near and find a lighter and a first-aid kit. Name of rooms near the hunting rifle. It is still useful for you.
Get out of the corridor and return to the hole leading to the sewer. Come in the menu and use a wax doll on a lighter. Now use the horseshoe, and the door to the sewer will be open. You will find yourself in the basement.
Go through the open door to the room with a hole. Find the elevator and ride until the next stop. Save.


Chief Council – Use the map, as the level will be accurate as passing.
Go to the right until you see the staircase leading down. Go away. Downstairs roam the pyramid heads that you can get a rifle. Take a walk around and look at the map. On the map there will be a room marked with red, you need to go through another. Inside you will find a pyramid tank knife. Take it and two boxes with cartridges. Return to the stairs, where came from. Go down to the place where the hole appeared.

Mystery with block

Go on the tunnel until you see the block with persons. You must rotate the cube until the face with red eyes appears on the top face, while green eyes do not appear on the bottom face.
When the entrance is open – enter. God, my, Mashka came to life! It would be necessary to free it. Return to the room with a block.
Take the nippers and return to the beginning of the level. Find a blocked wire staircase and snack them. Go down. Go on the first stairs leading to the right. Go on tunnels. You can shift a bit, but the outlet is near.
Rear to several stairs and turn left. The pyramid tank wanders somewhere near. Pick up even higher and arm with a shotgun. Ahead of you waiting for the third boss.

Boss 3

It should be shooting from a shotgun, running around, as the boss is pretty awkward. After a dozen huddish hits. When he goes to his pyramidal god, Angela, which you saved, will wash off without saying “Thank you”. Get out of her. In one of the rooms there are six corpses with labels on the foreheads.

Mystery of six corpses

You must decide who from the criminals is not guilty, and pull for a faithful loop in the next room. Here are the right answers:

Light level: not guilty of the kidnapper.
Normal level: arsonist.
Complex level: counterfeit.

Do not forget to remember the location of the corpses in the room. Return to the room. Take the Persecuted Key (The Persecuted Key). Go out into the corridor and go to the room where you have not been. You are in the chamber of the Mashka, but she has already managed to cool down to you. Some kind of mine found it!
Go out to the gate on the cemetery. Save! Take the cartridges and go to the grave. Arm yourself hunting rifle. Jump down.

Boss 4 – Eddie

Immediately after the video, start to fill in Eddie. After 4-5, Eddie will run to the neighboring room. Take a shotgun and run after him. Kill Gada. After his death, leave the labyrinth.


You were behind the building of the Historical Society. The day came that already not bad.
Go on Pierce. Close to the boat and haul right to light. Soon you will see a pier near the hotel.
At the difficult level, everything is the same, only row will have to.

Hotel overlooking the lake

Close the stairs and turn left. Near the fountain find the music box of a small little mermaid. Come in the hotel.
Left is the card that you need to take. Go to the restaurant “on the shore of the lake”. Look at the piano and read the letter from Laura. Something becomes clear.
On one of the tables is the root of the fish (Fish Key). Monsters will appear, but they will be weaker than their boss. Run to a small staircase behind the door. Go down. Find the Bar “Tears Venus”. It is closed. Next to the elevator lies a felt-tumbler with solvent. Take it and go down to the first floor in the lobby.
Use the casket on the central podium on the left slot. From the cells for letters, take the room from the room 312.
Rise the stairs to the top and turn right. Go to the room with a clock. Inside there is a suitcase that opens with a fish key. Take the key from 204 rooms. Go there and find the key from the working elevator (Employee Elevator Key). Check in a hole in the wall in the next apartment.
Pictures are lying on the bed. Use a solvent felt tip to find the hidden code. Use the found code to open the safe. Inside is a casket Cinderella. Get out and go to a running elevator. Near the elevator is a locker where you must fold all your items from the inventory, otherwise you will not be able to ride the elevator.
Go down to the first floor. Take the next hotel map with marked areas. Go to the storeroom and take the Cinderella box.
Go to the office near and take the video tape and canning knife. Go to the boiler room.
Inside take the key on the right on the rope. Go to the kitchen. Inside there is a cans. Open it with a knife and get a new light bulb for a flashlight. Go to the Bar “Tears Venus”. Now, using the new light bulb, find the door and open it recently found the key (Bar Key). You will again find yourself in the hallway with elevator. Climb the second floor to pick up left things. Go to the lobby and install the casket next to the mermaid. It remains to find the last casket. She is in the office near the working elevator.
Take the Snow White Casket and go back to the lobby. Play with the combinations of the box until you get the key from the third floor of the hotel.
Climb on the third floor and go to the number 312. Inside, look at the video tape and talk to Laura. Get out of the room. Everything changed again. For the best Lie?

Evil in a hotel overlooking the lake

Go to the second floor in the reading room. Listen to the conversation in headphones. Go to the elevator. Then in the number 202, from where you will enter the room 219. From there, run to the elevator and the Baru of the tears of Venus “.
Come and take five drinks health. Run to the kitchen for cartridges.
Talk to Angela on the staff stairs. Damn, fire began. Go down to the first floor.
In the office of the manager, take the cartridges. Now you need as quickly as possible running along the corridor to the door. When you find yourself in the room, on the wall in front of you will be located nine places of conservation. Prepare a shotgun – the boss is waiting ahead ahead and, unfortunately, not one.

Bosses 5 – Two Pyramid Pyramid

Now there are two of them, that is, the torment is twice as much. The main thing is not stood, but move and constantly shoot. If you have amulets left, it’s time to remember them.
The number of hits is at least twenty. When using a hunting shotgun a little less, but you need to be more more.
When bosses give ends, run up to them and aim. Take a rusty egg (Rusted EGG) and a crimson egg (Scarlet EGG) from their clad corpses. Go to the nearest doors. Insert the buggy egg to the right door, and the rusty – in the left. Come in any of the doors. Go through the hall, you can run, but you can sneak. At the end of the hall enter the door. Turn left and climb the stairs. The last boss is waiting for you on top of you (I will not say who, anyway, do not believe).

Boss 6 – Demon Town Tow Hill

The boss is not very scary, it happened and worse. Arm yourself than you want, and the boss to the victorious end.
After the final video, close your eyes and sigh with relief. Your mission is over. Congratulations.

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