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December 27, 2022
34 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: Passage
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Before you start reading this passage, and even more so enjoy them, remember – you deprive yourself the joy of independent discovery, especially since there is no so-called "The only right way". How many players, so many options. I offer you one of them, designed for neat and patient players applying for the title of a quiet killer or, in extreme cases, Ninja. Mass grave lovers please do not worry.

Mission 1. Anathema. "What do you like, damned Vities? Why anathema threaten Russia?" (BUT.FROM.Pushkin)

Tasks: kill don;get the key to the camera;free from the camera of Vittorio Father;sink.

The mission begins on the hills southeast of Villa Don. From the hills you can observe the movement of guards, postman and supplier of products. To penetrate the villa, you need to change clothes, and, of course, no one just will just undress for you. Decide, who will be your first victim in the long list of upcoming atrocities. In order not to injure the peaceful population in the face of the postman and the supplier, I propose to fill up one of their guards. Go off the hill and go straight to the door in the wall. Stand on the right, and wait until the guard will be released from the door and starts "Polyvka" fruit trees. Surride to him from behind and strangle using the removal. Stop the body into the villa area and rejoice in his clothes. Now go to the eastern side of the house. Pass by the doors of the kitchen;Do not come too close to the guards so that they do not identify you. Continue to go to doors leading to the backyard. Check with the card and wait until two guards go far right. Come in the courtyard and turn left to the stairs on the wall. Climb the roof stairs. Go along the roof to the Don Office, but not yet enter. Use the card, and wait until the Don finds out of the office. When he leaves, go to the other side and hide. When Don returns to the office and stop moving (watching on the map), open the door and tiptoe tiptoe to mafiosa. Strangle it. Take the keys and go out on the door right. Go straight through the roof almost to the very edge. Turn right and descend down. You will find yourself right next to the ladder leading to the basement. Come in the basement and open the door closed. Look at the camera so that Diana began to justify. Get out of the basement and come back to the door where you killed the guard. Get out and run to the goal through which the postman passed and left the supplier. End of the mission.

Mission 2. Art. Petersburg Stakeout. In an optical sight, he watched with optimism…

Tasks: Kill General at a meeting;Do not hurt and not kill anyone else at the meeting;Get out alive and return to the metro station.

You got to St. Petersburg, or rather – in his metropolitan. Sightseeing to consider you while once, since the meeting will begin in the near future. The first thing you have to do is pick up carefully left gifts: sniper rifle, cartridges, gun and something else. All this is welcome in the box number 137, and the box itself will be left of the place where the mission begins. Then climb the escalator to the top and turn left. Bear soldiers who carry a patrol here. Try not to kill anyone. The room on the left is the door leading to the sewer. In the sewage run all the time to the left. Finally you should see the stairs upstairs. Lock up, but immediately do not stick out, but look quietly (two soldiers are behind and one in front). Wait for the one that in front will not start moving. Quickly get out and jump into the truck near. Keep a button "sit down" all the time you will be in the truck.

Truck takes you to the building where you need to get. Your task as quickly as possible and impercepthantly penetrate the building through the back door. Then swirl flutter on the fourth floor (somewhere on the stairs she wanders the soldier, so beware, do not keep it hard). Now find the room with open windows. Get ready for shooting from sniper rifle. Diana will pushing your brains, describing the general that he, they say, bald, alkash and right-hander and the like. Listen, listen, and you need to remove a man near the window on the left. Aim, as it should, and hit it directly into the only wise. Now the quiet sap is chosen from the building. Use the map not to evoke to patrols. On the street, hide behind the garbage, and wait until the truck arrives. Jump into the truck and back to the sewer. In the sewage run all the time to the right and go back to the station. Take the train at Perron. mission accomplished.

Mission 3. Kirov Park Meeting. Salute over Kirov Park.

Tasks: pick up the necessary equipment; kill the general; Kill Igor Kuba.

After a sightseeing tour of the canals and rivers of St. Petersburg, you arrive at the pier. On the map – your belongings right across the road. One problem, soldier wanders there. Wait until it feels the corner, and quickly run to the drawers with things. Take two bombs from there for cars. Close into the hatch near and to your favorite sewer. Go to the northern staircase and choose from Luke. Why are you not surprised by the fact that the driver of one of the limousines is wandering next. Kill him or just cut down for a while. Repeat and go to the nearest limousine. Minister the car. Close back into the sewer. Now your goal is the most southwest hatch. It is impossible to miss – over the hatch there will be a bottom of the car to which the remaining bomb will be attached. Now go back to the pier and wait until it starts "fireworks". After that, you can continue the tour of the rivers and canals. mission accomplished.

Mission 4. Tubevi Torpedo. Prisoner basement ix.

Tasks: Kill General;Save the hostage in the basement.

The mission begins in the sewage. If you drove a sniper rifle with you, you can throw it out (in the arsenal it will still be). Go to the nearest hatch and get up. Hide behind green boxes and prepare a silencer dying or gun. When patrol will come back, strangle / kill it. Drag it into the garage, change yourself and take. Get out of the garage and take the equipment left to you. After that, take into a truck and get acquainted. When the truck stops, get out, turn right and go to the car cabin (try to stay as far as possible from the guard). Come on the door to the right and go to the elevator. On the elevator go down to the first basement.
When the elevator stops, go out and go straight along the corridor. Turn right and keep moving right. Come into the room on the left, where the computers are sitting by soldiers (take care of the officer at the main entrance). Cross the room quick step and find yourself in the server. Sick the server from a pistol with a silencer – Camera Now you can not hindle, you can run and kill, no one will tell you. Get out of the server and turn right. Go along the corridor to the room with the image of two golden stars on the doors and inscription "command". Sign in and rejoice in clothes on the bed. Now go to the room where you will need to lay a bomb at the wall. Get out and head to elevators leading to the second basement.
In the basement, argue to the interrogation room, next to the one where is the general and hostage. You will have to open the castle, so make sure that you not notice the guards. When you find yourself inside, use a gun with a silencer to shoot the general through the glass. Then enter the room and take the knife and gun from the corpse. Go track behind the hostage and go up on the elevator upstairs. Go to the room where you need to lay a bomb. Bring the wall and get ready to run that there are urine (in advance on the map Select the shortest way to exit). As soon as you give up to a saving door with the inscription "output", The mission will be completed.

Mission 5. INVITATION TO A Party. Once, two, three, four, five, Hitman went out to walk.

Tasks: Kill General;Get a portfolio.

Finally, you got out of the basement on the light of God and you can breathe full of breasts. The mission begins on the pier. Climb the stairs upstairs and remove the waiter, which smokes near the parapet (can be stirred, and can be used chloroform). Repeat, pick up the keys from the door and drag it somewhere away. Now go to your belongings, which are marked with the icon on the map. Among other useful things it is especially important not to forget the poison. Go to the northeast to the passage that is not guarded. Do not get acquainted with the guard, get to the door leading to the garage, and open the castle. Come in and head to double doors. Come in the room on the right, and on the map Wait for the moment when the guard leaves the room with double doors. Come in the room that will be a kitchen, and take a glass of champagne. Now you can climb the first floor. On the way, put in a glass of poison. Go to the room where the party passes and offer the general to drink from your cup. Watch the special forces agent until he puts his eyes on the ambassador. When this happens, just go beyond them, and they will lead you to a room with a briefcase and a safe. Do not follow, but go to the room near. Adjacent rooms. Get a gun with a silencer and wait until the safe is open. Now shoot agent and take a portfolio. Quietly leave the building and run on the pier. Sit on the boat and sail to Japan.

Mission 6. Tracking Hayamoto. Fish day at Ville Hayoto.

Tasks: kill Hayoto junior;Strengthen the flashing beacon on the corpse;To be held.

You are in Japan. The weather here is warmer than in St. Petersburg, but also nothing impressive, as if nature itself cries on the souls ruined. And how many more… But still. As soon as the mission starts, pay attention to patrols. When the guard in front of the house will enter inside, quickly rush to the garage and run inside. Click on the C70 on the machine and hide to the left of the door leading to the house. When the guard goes, kill him and drag the body for the car. Repeat and leave the garage.
Go around the garage, towards the back courtyard. Bear guard and follow the north side of the building. Wait to the right at the door, while the cook will not come from the building. When it appears, inhabit it or just cut down. Clean the body through the gate and the corner. Repeat into the chefs and go to the kitchen. Wait until the guard leaves, and go through the room to the left. Come in, on the table lies fish fug. It is considered a delicacy, but if it is wrong to cook, then you can drop the skates. Cut it into pieces, not particularly worrying about compliance with the recipe. Return to the kitchen (do not come too close to the guard, otherwise he will understand that you are not the one for whom you want to give yourself). In the kitchen, put the fish and the beacon on the plate. Return to the place where the mission began, that is, for a big stone. Wait until Haymoto tastes fish and gives the ends. Get out of the shelter and go through the gate. Another successful mission in your account.

Mission 7. Hidden Valley. Lost in Burana.

Tasks: pick up the belongings;Find a secret pass.

First of all, take your belongings that are near the Truck behind the building in front of you. Carefully deal with them, especially pay attention to the tower where the sniper. Try not to run, it is better slow and quietly than quick and under the accompaniment of a sniper rifle. Kill the guard and change the truck. Take things and look at the map. Your task is to get to the hatch in the south in the center of the map. With your current position run south until it is impossible to run. Turn left and keep moving around the edge of the card, before entering the narrow passage. Guard wanders here. Your case, how to cope with him, but it is best to shoot with a crossbow. Now climb into the hatch and go down. Downstairs can be patrol, so wait until he leaves. Kill the poor pistol with a silencer. Go to the tunnel. Trucks rushed along the tunnel, so be attentive and follow the rules of the road, otherwise you will move you. When a truck riding to the West will stop, climb into the body and get enough. Ride until the end of the level. Get out of the truck and on the output.

Mission 8. AT The Gates. The enemy at the gate.

Tasks: Scatter unnoticed in the castle;wait for further instructions.

Run to the southwest, where the crest wanders patrol. Use the crossbow to remove it. Repeat into the clothes of the killed and drag the corpse into the bushes. Go to the east and kill the next security guard (if you’re lucky, he will be the only victim, the first to kill is not necessary). Continue to move east until Diana will start broadcasting about generators. The first generator is right in front of you. Near him walks patrol, which will have to kill. Then turn off the generator, especially cool can just blow it up. Now you have a choice: bypass the castle behind or go through the main entrance. Through the black input to play even more interesting, but I will give it to you by telling about the main. So, go through the main entrance. As soon as pass through the gate, beware of patrol. When everything will be quiet, run into the stairs upstairs. Turn the right and run to the south (there is a sniper in the windows, but if you move quickly, they just won’t notice you). The second generator will be directly. Turn off the generator, turn north and right to the ramp. Go through the door at the top and the next door opposite (it leads to the street). The guard patrols this zone, so it is better to remove it using "silent" weapon. Go to the door at the end of the building, from which you just came out (if you pass through the building, ninja will attack you). If you still attacked you, remember that close to the ninja is better not to fit, if you do not want you to scolf, like a butterfly on the pin. The third generator will be right. Go outside. Now go to the place on the map where it is written "output", In fact, it is the entrance to the next level. Come in the castle.

Mission 9. Shogun Showdown. Disassembly in a small castle.

Tasks: kill Hayoto; Find the guidance system; To be held.

Start with the fact that go through the secret wooden door to the right. Climb the stairs and look through the keyhole. Wait until the guard turns back to you. Open the door and shoot his head out of the crossbow. On tiptoe squeeze to the body and change. Get a gun with a silencer and get ready to shoot. To attract the attention of the guards outside the door, just run on the boards that scrip. When you kill the guard, go down the stairs in the center of the room down. Turn right and walk along the corridor to the closed door. Wait until in the corridor for the door there will be no one, and enter. On the shelf on the right there is a card of access that must be taken. Now move towards the room, which is marked with an orange exclamation mark (take care of the ninja crawling on your heads on your head). When you get to the room, you will see that the entrance is protected by laser rays. Use the card to remove the laser guard. In the room you will find a bomb and a control panel to her. Now choose the courtyard where helicopter stands, and attach a bomb. Return to the room where killed guards lie.
Deactivate laser protection on the doors and enter. Turn right and go down the stairs before the entrance to the museum. Enter the museum, removing laser guard, and take the guidance and weapon from the pedestal. Climb on the third floor. You need to get into the room marked with an orange exclamation mark. The room has a computer, and the alarm signal button is on the table. Click the button and run back to the place where the mission began. Wait until Haymoto sees the helicopter. When your opponent is in a helicopter, use the remote remote to blow it to all the traps. Proceed at the output. mission accomplished.
Mission 10. Basement Killing. Death scrap in ear.

Tasks: find and kill Charlie;bring the system of life support.

You got to Malaysia, where you have to deal with an evil computer genius. Get out of the telephone booth and head to the right to doors that lead to the security room. Wait until the police go to a safe distance, and penetrate the room where the things are cooked for you: smoke bomb, gun and cartridges. Take the bomb and what you come in handy.
Get out of the room and try to get it imperceptibly to the laundry. Here are shafts for dirty linen. Skip into one of them a bomb and activate it. Now run out and how fast you can head to the fire department. When all firefighters run out of the room, come inside. Take yourself in the form of a firefire and take a hatch with the wall. Run after the firefighters to the elevator (the metal detector will work, but no one will stop you). Go down and run to the guard room, where computers are. Break the castle on the door and go down to the basement to your victim.
Well, and the pigsty will come here: packaging from pizza, scattered around the perimeter of the room, packs of unsound chips and other poison! Charlie – a fat man at a computer, right in front of you. Sneak up to him from behind (do not step on the garbage on the floor so as not to scare the victim) and strangle. If Charlie flies to run – shoot it earlier than he will cause security. Then go to the computer to get further instructions.
Climb up stairs back to room with computers. Speach to the computer to the left of you (in the room there are two security guards, they can be shot or ignored) and run to the elevator nearby. Mission is over.

Mission 11. The Graveyard Shift. Or the story of how coffee the system administrator thugged.

Tasks: Install hacker bug;run.

You inside the building. Check with the map and find out where the kitchen is located. Go there and shoot to the camera, which is directed to the coffee pot. Hide somewhere outside the door and wait until the system administrator comes into the kitchen to check what’s the matter. Strip it or just knock on your head. Repeat and go to the system administrator’s office (watch on the map) to get a room for accessing the room where the computer needs you. When you get a card, go back to the room with a yellow access panel and enter. Install the bug on the computer and go out. Now you need to get out of the building. Make it very just. Go to the bridge connecting two skyscrapers (southeast part of the map). The bridge is behind the glass, so you will have to smash it, shooting it on it. Two guards roam on the bridge, plus the whole people from the building will fright after the shot. You can shoot security or just run past them. When you find yourself on the other end of the bridge, the mission will be completed.

Mission 12. The Jacuzzi Job. Darkness, friend of the hired killer.

Tasks: Kill Charlie Sidzhan;to steal money;Steal statue.

Mda, it seems that in the basement you did not kill Charlie, but his twin brother. True Charlie is having fun with girls in penthouse on the roof of a skyscraper. It’s time to correct the mistake.
Go around the building around the perimeter to the last balcony. Be careful, because you may notice from the building (more compensive and do not stand). When you get to the balcony, shifting through the railing and check with the card. Watch the secretary in the eastern room. When she leaves, go into the room and go out through the door on the left. Come on the door right in front of you – this is a room with an electric shield. Press the traffic jam. Penthouse will plunge into pitch darkness, and the security system will be turned off. Run to the secretary room and open the safe, hidden at the picture on the wall. If a security guard appears in the room – kill it and drag the body to the balcony. Repeat and return to the room with traffic jams. Strangle or shoot an electrician when it appears. Now go back to the balcony and go through other doors to get a statue. In the next room there is a device night vision, so if you do not see in the dark, like Owl, I advise him to pick it up too. It’s time to spend Charlie in Jacuzzi. Wait until he stays alone, and the girls will go into the room next door. Quiet to go to the room with a jacuzzi and shoot Charlie from a pistol with a silencer, especially cool peppers, can just strangle it. After killing run, return to the elevators, bypassing the meeting with the guard. The mission is completed, and you are waiting for a premium trip to the holy places of the Motherland of Terrorism – Nuristan.
Mission 13. Murder at the bazaar. Death in the market.

Tasks: kill lieutenant;Find the map;kill colonel;pick up the keys in the colonel.

As soon as the level is loaded, take your feet in hand – and run to the north-west to the Lieutenant house (marked on the map). If you are fast enough, they will overtake the guards and can penetrate the house unnoticed. Break the lock on the doors and enter inside. Quietly arouse inside so as not to disturb the dream of the lieutenant. Climb the stairs and kill it as quieter. Take the map and get dressed in his clothes. Quickly leave the house until the security noticed the substitution. Go to the bazaar via Western entrance. Colonel wanders here and his bodyguard. When they turn to you back, two exact shots from the pistol with the silencer kill both. Take the key from the colonel body and run to the exit. Exit is located in the eastern part of the map. Your task is to reach it as quickly as possible until the guard is missing. The mission is over.

Mission 14. Motorcade Interception. Gud-Bai, Osama!

Tasks: meet the connected;Kill Khana.

First of all, you need to change clothes, so one of the soldiers will have to break up with life. Now go to a meeting with your connected. Wow, you were given a new rifle, which can not only break through the cranial box, but also the engine engine! Your task to find the best position for the sighting fire by Khan. One of the best places is on the roof of the building to which homemade bridge leads. Find it is not difficult, as it will be near the gate. The main thing is that you will not notice the guards. Take the position and pay an optical sight on the Eastern Road, which will soon appear Chang Han. When the steward will be in the attack of reaching the Khan shoot (it sits in the rear seat of limousine). For those who feel bad on moving targets – shoot the UN Jeep engine. When the jeep stops, you can easily shoot Khan. Remember, you can’t hurt anyone from guarding Khan, otherwise the mission will be failed.
After the death of Khan, quickly get off the roof (do not jump and do not throw the rifle, it will still come in handy). Now quickly run to the exit (try not to get across the eyes of the guys from the UN – they shy well well). Southwestern. Congratulations on a successfully completed mission.

Mission 15. Tunnel Rat. Steel rat.

Tasks: penetrate the database;Kill Yusef Hussein;deliver cargo to the surface.

I hope that you brought a rifle with you, otherwise you will have tight. Go through the ruins, shooting guards (they still do not live in this light). Releaving and take ak. To the base is best to penetrate from the northern entrance. Now go down the stairs and get a gun with a silencer. At the bottom of the guards are messed up over an innocent victim. Shoot them and free their captive. Prisoner will indicate the place on the map where Lieutenant Hussein is located. Hide both bodies in tunnel with dirty water. Shoot the guard in the corridor on the left (East, if watching on the map). Come to the corpse and take M60. Now go to a room with a lieutenant. Do not forget to close the door when you enter. Gently shoot Hussein. Go out and go back to the room where they were tortured by the terrorist victim. Turn left and go along the corridor. Call the elevator and climb the surface. Get out of the elevator. mission accomplished.

Mission 16. Temple City Ambush. Killer killer sees from afar.

Tasks: meet the connected;meet the Smith agent;kill two killers;bring photos of the corpses Smith;Smith must stay alive.

Go to the meeting with the first connected. A shotgun is in the house, but I do not advise you to take it, it will still be a little sense, only attract unnecessary attention. Now go to the meeting with the second connected. Oh, this is your old familiar – Agent Smith. The guy is breeding to the limit, as two killers hunt him. Your task: kill them and bring photos of the corpses Smith. There is nothing to do, go hunting.
First disappear with a killer who sat down with a sniper rifle. Go around the house in which the sniper is. Come in the shop, right under its shelter and tiptoe are climbing the balcony. Strangle the sniper and take it a rifle and clothes. Take a picture of the corpse. Now the cheroids of the second killer came. Use the rifle to shoot it when it appears on the square. Throw the murder tool and take a picture of the corpse. Bring pictures to Agent Smith. He will tell you where the secret entrance is. Run to the northwest to the store marked on the map. Come in the store and go to the secret entrance for the carpet. Another mission behind.

Mission 17. THE DEATH OF HANNELORE. Death to her face.

Tasks: Take the key from the secret room;Kill the doctor;hide the body;Do not kill civilians.

Hide behind the boat and wait until the guard is suitable for you. Surride to him from behind and strangle. Take off the body for the boat and change it. Now go to the entrance to the boarding house (select one where one guard). Come in. In the rooms on the right, you can change clothes into the clothes. You need to pick up your storage equipment. The repository leads two ways, but you select one that is guarded by one guard. When the guard goes to the toilet, go to the repository and take the key from the wall, as well as a bottle with poison. Also, imperceptibly go to the main courtyard.
Go to the left side of the boarding house, where to change into the white tunic of the patient. Now you can, not hiding, go to the northern part of the building. In the round room, go to the nurse, which will take you for Lord Sinclair (you can not fit, but immediately go upstairs, the security will miss you) and takes to the doctor to the second floor. Come into the doctor’s office and go to the table. When she goes away from the table and approach the window, telling you about the upcoming knee operation, plunge the poison in a glass with water. After the reconnect death of the doctor, drag the body in the secret room marked on the map. You may have a problem with the patient who occasionally visits the doctor’s office. If it appears, then you need to drag the doctor into the room to the right, where the medicines are stored, and there is only one entrance. When the patient leaves, calmly drag the corpse to the desired room (drag through the center of the second floor so that you do not notice the protection). Get out of the building. Before the boat you can get to the sewage, the entrance to which is available immediately in two places – through the pool in the center of the courtyard and through the hatch near the rest of the patients. When you find yourself on the surface, run to the boat. The mission is completed, and you received a prize of the most secretive killer in the world.

Mission 18. Terminal Hospitality. Surgeon is mistaken once.

Tasks: kill the leader of the cult;run.

Open the map and see where the guards are. Now run up the stairs and quietly shock past the guard. Run east to the temple (not to the hospital). The guard walks near the temple. Wait until he goes to the pool, and go around the temple on the other hand. There should be clothes in which you need to change clothes. There is a weapon in the temple, but no use to take it. Now go to the hospital. Inside, go straight and climb the stairs or right or left, the roles not particularly playing. Go to the doctor’s office where your things are. When you come to the office, you will see a secretary that prints something. Wait until she leaves, and break the lock on the doors. Come and take things from a black box. Go to the next room. Repeat and leave the office. Go to the elevator (past the stairs, left, then two more times left and right). Go down to the basement. Get out of the elevator and go to the ward "IN", To the left of you. Go to the last corridor and enter the anesthesia office. Take the scalpel. Now go to the room opposite and climb the stairs to the ventilation mines. Mines lead to four large operating rooms that have small windows. Inspect the operating and find the one in which the leader of the cult. You can guess that this is the desired room, if you see two leaders’ bodyguards. Come in the room and make the leader "Operation" With a scalpel. After that, quickly leave the room and go to the right or left (it depends on which room you are in). You need to get to the stairs. Go down the stairs and break the castle. Run to the output. When you close to the exit, someone will start shooting, so be careful. Your task: run to the boat and crawl off.

Mission 19. Art. Petersburg Revisited. Substava.

Tasks: Kill Sergey Vernoko;escape through the metro.

Again twenty five, again you in St. Petersburg and again smells something fried. The mission will be a stay, so Ignore the murder of Sergei Vernoku, since you are already waiting for a well-trained killer.
From the subway immediately go to the surface. Go to the north and then to the west to the building where Sergey is located. Hold on the right side of the building so that the killer in the window does not notice you. Now return back to the subway, but do not get on the killer fly. Return to the building again, but now go straight to the main entrance, do not come to the right side of the building. Come and climb the stairs. Go to the right and again up the stairs. Open the door and quietly sneak to the killer. Start it, releaving, take the weapon and leave the building.
Go right until the road looks like a letter "T" on the map. Turn left and go to Luca in the middle of the street. Take into the hatch and walk on the sewage to the east. At the end of the first passage there is a guard. Set aside a rifle and strangle it. Repeat and lift the gun. Return to the metro station. When you come to the train, the mission will be counted.

Mission 20. Redemption at Gontranno Sanctuary. This is a sweet word – payback!

Tasks: kill bodyguards;Kill Sergey.

Mission last, so do not wait for it to be simple. The main key of success is a good knowledge of the card and the ability to quickly navigate the terrain.
You will start the mission unarmed, well, or almost unarmed. With you will be: the rental, binoculars and the knee, but this will be not enough, even for such steep peppers, how you are, having passed fire and water. This mission will be yours "copper pipes", Therefore, weapons will need, the more, the better and preferably a large caliber.
As soon as the guards in the yard will go away to the safe distance, the air is a bigger and run to the wagon where your "modest" arsenal. You can shoot on the way, but do not stop until you reach the first machine. Kill all who will come close to the wagon. When the first attack is repulsed, take a sniper rifle abruptly and kill the guard next to the scarecrow, where you trained before the game.
Return to the wagon and arm your teeth (drag everything that is only able to carry). Your arsenal may look like this: pistols of all shapes and calibers, knives, ultrasound, SMG-SD6 and all the cartridges that can be carried. When you arm yourself, be prepared for the beginning of the real War of the local scale.
Go to double doors that lead to church. Look through the keyhole and prepare SMG-SD6. Wamby in the room and shoot everything that will move. When to move will be no one, besides you, of course, come back to the wagon, where you previously issued tasks. Go to the door right. She leads to church dungeon. Go to the room in the northwestern part of the dungeon and break the castle. Take the key from the church from the wall. Climb the stairs to the first floor. Get ready for another slaughter. Evaluate the power of the enemy, through the keyhole. Now enter and disappear with all. Climb the second floor. Look into the keyhole in the western part of the room. Two guards stand behind the door. Kill them. Go to another door. Repeat the previous trick. When both guards go to the forefathers, slowly go to a narrow beam and turn to the beam opposite you. With automatic ready to look out of your shelter. How to see a guy, immediately kill. Make and wake on the other side of the beam. On the contrary there will be another sniper. As soon as you see it, quickly stand up and finish off the robe.
Now look down into the chapel and see a small bunch of guards (it seems five). Print as much as possible (it would be nice to have a sniper rifle, you can drain it from one of the snipers). Be careful – if you see them why they can’t see you?
Check on the next beam and remove the remaining guards in the chapel. Now get to the door on the beams. Go down the stairs down. Along the way kill the guard. Shoot yourself, you are a professional!
Come in confessional and shoot a heart center on the wall. When Sergey starts to run away, he will run up the stairs to the beams. Make sure he does not look at you and remove it.
Bad guys came the end! Ah yes you!

Instead of epiloga. Where and what weapon you can get.

Cold weapons and everything that looks like him:

– Army Knife (Combat Knife) – Tubeway Torpedo Mission in St. Petersburg. The knife can be obtained after the murder of General. He carries him with him.
– Kitchen Knife – can be found in any kitchen. Even in my. 🙂
– Golf club (Golf Club) – Anathema Mission. In the bedroom Don.
– Katana’s sword (Katana Sword) – Levels in Japan, where Black Ninja meet.
– Fire Axe (Fire Axe) – Mission Bedement Killing in Malaysia. Toporic is located in the locker room of the fire department.
– Scalpel (Scalpel) – Terminal Hospitality Mission, in Anesthesiologist’s office.


– Ballers – were, there are and will be yours!
– Ballers SD – are issued as a promotion for making a mission with a secret killer rating.
– 9 mm. Pistol (9mm Pistol) – You can get borrowed from any respected guard.
– 9 mm. Pistol with silencer (9mm pistol SD) – Get at the beginning of Anathema Mission.
– Revolver (Revolver) – Anathema Mission. Is on the body of the killed don.
– Deagle – Anathema Mission, marked exclamation mark on the map. Then at different levels of security.
– .54 Pistol – INVITATION TO A PARTY Mission. Located at the special forces agent.
– .22 SD – Mission Shogun Showdown. Located in the museum in the basement.

Automatic machines:

– AK – Mission, starting with Tubeway Torpedo. Usually the soldier.
– M4 – Mission Motorcade Interception. It is found only at the UN soldier, so the only way to get weapons is to lure the soldier under the crossfire, so that terrorists killed him.
– M60 – Mission Tunnel Rat at the guard.
– SMG – Mission, Starting with Invitation To A Party.
– SMG-SD6 – Mission, Starting with Hidden Valley.
– Uzi – First "ultrasound" Can be found in the Mission Terminal Hospitality in Cult members.


– Double-barrel shotgun (Double-Barreled Shotgun) – Anathema’s Mission at the Guard at the main entrance.
– SP12 – Starting with the Temple City Ambush mission, get a connected.
– Sawn-off Shotgun – Second prize weapon for the rating of secretive killers.

Sniper rifles:

– R93 Sniper – Anathema Mission. Located in the garage.
– SVD Sniper – Mission ST. Petersburg Stakeout. Located in Storage Camera, Box 137.
– W2000 Rifle – Mission ST. Petersburg Revisited. Kill agent 17 – and she is yours.
– Custom Rifle – AT THE GATES Mission. Rifle in snipers on the tower. The only way to get a weapon is to shoot a sniper so that he dropped the rifle, and she fell on the ground.
– MI95 – Motorcade Interception Mission. Get a connected.

– Arbalet (Hunting Crossbow) – Mission Hidden Valley. Located in your things (see the map).

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