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December 15, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Vangers: One for The Road: Passage
Vangers: One for The Road: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Warner’s path. How should it be (according to the creators).

Preface: This manual does not contain a hundred percent of all tricks and tricks, it does not even contain any infant of the way of passing the entire path of Wanger. All this is because the baby on the roads of the chain of the worlds do nothing. Therefore, it is explained here that it does not always come to a normal Wanger in his mindal. There are still a lot of ways to make the life of Wanger beautiful and how to overcome all the difficulties. To the one who will not be able to pass Wangers with this text – nothing will help. In the intervals between the recommended actions of Wanger, Wained to do everything that he wakes up. The main actions of Wanger can change places, perform in another sequence or to abandon their implementation. The creators say that the game can be passed without completing any tabutancy. You can not save good luck and authority and still the opportunity to pass the Wanger’s way to the end. Many explanations in this text are also foggy and non-specific, as the game itself. Because the treatise was created by one of the characters of the game, and they, as you know, creatures are strange and stubborn. What is Wanger, as he looks and what he thinks – a mystery. Possible hint of this answer is only in the final scenes. Without "Interpretation of unionder visions" This text will not answer all questions. Without a good desire to go through this whole path, salt will hardly help.

The first appearance in the trip: All dialogues need to read, as they give direct recommendations and explanations of the world chain. In the store you need to take one bunch of Nybos and Makhotin (to clear the way to the incubator).

The surface of the phosral: after entering the surface of the phosral, set up on the right top panel "Compass" on the incubator and in general, if you need to achieve any goal, set up a compass in order not to get lost. Figures next to the goat, denoting the compass – the conventional distance to the selected goal. On the way to the incubator to check all the secrets. Secrets, like the Esquis entrances, open "SPORT". There are four types of secrets: level 1 – dome, access to which is free. 2 levels – underground caches, access to which is carried out through the inputs – webs (with little good luck sometimes do not open). 3 levels – caches resembling half of automotive tires sticking out of the ground. These caches open only at the level of good luck higher than 50. Also, the third level includes two cache on phosral, which contain parts of unique mehos. They look different. View the authority and good luck parameters can always be on the same "right-top" Panels in the section "Parameters". 4 level caches – invisible, which are opened by the Esquis advisors themselves after Wanger will do something special for them, for example, will return to Esquin stolen personal item of the adviser. If you constantly check the secrets, along the way, performing the tasks of advisers and (or) Tabutas – much faster will be able to accumulate the number of bibs necessary for the new mehose. Just when Wanger picks up (buys) some new type of weapons, he has an authority. Authority is necessary in order to in due time "overlook". Authority adjusts prices in escapes to a favorable site for Wanger. Authority causes respect from Wangers. Also, Wanger has respect for the presence and level of weapons in the True Wanger.

Incubator: Sell brought Nimbos, buy flask flaples and keep the way back to the hand. Transportation of Nybos and Flegre is needed in order to gain access to the execution of Tabutas and to participate in eligration. Also, the longer you are carrying a nybos or phlegm to Esqueeee, where these goods are needed, the lower their price upon arrival in the corresponding escape. After bringing two times Nambos in the incubator – Tabutas will appear there and the next Eliroment Wanger will be offered to participate in this race. When you bring two times phlegm in the way, there will appear to the tabby.

Side and incubator: – Brings another one for one time necessary in these esquences.

Incubator: If already twice the nymbos was brought here and obesity (poisonous green cycle on the surface of the phosral), will be offered, in the process of dialogue, to take part in eligration, ritual race, the essence of which is the first to deliver Eliques (Elipod Lichki) to.

Eliminations: For prizes in eligations (for example, two times the first place in the race) give access to Glorks. Elix in normal conditions does not live longer than one cycle, so if Wanger is inept and moves with the delivery of Eliques longer than the cycle of Eliroction lasts, then Elix will die. In the trip for it can punish severe. For prizes in elipers, bibs are also given a bunch and good luck. The number of good luck, which is charged for the won race depends on the number of participants in this race and from the place that Wanger will take.

Handshaw: Usually, if Wanger did not stand up the whole cycles, the eye on the crawling bibs, and hurt all the secrets and, moreover, he won Elirosa, then he should have a decent amount of bibli. This amount may be enough to buy a new fur. At this stage, you can consider mechos from the category of minibuses. This is an arkanoid, puncture and resuscator. And stand a little, and the place in them is enough and the speed of good. No need to go on a mad konoval – a bad car and places in it a little. When buying a new fur, you should not forget to shift all things from the old fur to the new. Also, the tabtas should already appear.

Tabuti: The main remedy for Wanger earn a large amount of Bibov is especially not trying, plus it is the only way (not counting Liprigs) to maintain its luck at the proper level. It’s if you perform tabs. If the tabutti is stamped to carry, then from luck, soon, nothing will remain. After performing one Tabutask in some escale, in the appropriate store, ready for travel passenger. At first, while Wanger is weak and inexperienced, it is issued in every Esquewe’s simple tabby. Such as: "Crush 10 Bibov", "Shoot 70 smelhes", "Check 5 underground secrets", "Get to Esqueila not destroying not a single mushroom" etc. At least for them and do not give a lot of luck and bibs, but still it is worth performing such tabs. After will go to the tabby and more comprehensible. Also, if in both Esquises Fostral to perform 10 tabs (t.E. – in the amount of 10 tabs for the whole phosral), will be offered to visit the secret world, which will never hurt. It must be remembered that putting the Tabutask in the Help, Wanger can no longer refuse to fulfill this Tabutas, nor to sell it back, either throwing. As soon as the time is suitable in this Tabutas, and the task will not be fulfilled – Tabutas will become "failed" And take a good luck.

Passenger: If the passenger appeared in the trip – take him and drive him into the incubator. First, for it will give bibs. Secondly, the Elipod, who reached the incubator, will say a strange word that should be recorded or remember – it will be useful to much later. Ellipods – the creatures are tender and impressionable, so they should be taken carefully and it is better not to get involved in the contraction.

Time until the next eligration: it is better to spend it to get different things in the secrets and increase, thereby, your well-being. It is also worth taking care of the execution of Tabutaskov. The higher the luck of Wanger – the better it lives. Moreover, to Wanger with high luck and authority, elipods can show favor and become much talkative. But it is not immediately, but when lucky is higher than 30. If possible, do not forget to bring the scent and phlegm to the appropriate escape. In addition to direct benefits – high good luck, long-term worker on the phosral will remove a lot of interesting things from the Alupodic. And according to unique mehoses, they will challenge the information, and will warn about the coming troubles.

How to bring to the hands of the Nyuhu, not having access to Glorks and other worlds: at first, while accessing other worlds with walking green dolls is closed, there is such an opportunity to collect a scent: take it off. This is done simply, mostly the rest of Wangers who live on phosral, love to bring the scent to the way using the upper entrance to the hands. It is necessary to get up not far from this entry and shoot all Wangers, hurrying to. Even if they are not lucky, they don’t care anyway. And the scent is one of the most expensive goods on the world.

Getting a key on Glorks: The key to Glorks is given for two eligations won. Or it is possible: in one eligration – 1st place, in other two – second places.

Visiting Visikes: before leaving the phosral and go to the unknown and melting surprises Glorks, it is better to earn access to Vices and to suck there, it happens, find interesting. Especially since earning access to Vices, Wanger will significantly increase its luck. Parting with phosral: When the key to Glorks is, charge the spiral and go to Glorks. It will be better if there is no plan for visiting Glorsks, sign up for phosral. It is useful. Do not forget to set up a compass on "Corridor on Glorks", So as not to join.

Glorks: As a result of visiting any Esquieva Wanger Rating (sooner or later). If this state of affairs is unacceptable, and Raffa is not the best MECOS at the moment, you should recover on phosral. To get along with a large number of expensive devices and weapons. On the glorskse, throw everything that may (and it will be better to spend all the bibs, since they will still be taken away) in some secluded place and feel free to turn into a slave. Becoming Bomburatov’s slave – Slowly sell all the seashed things (naturally, they must lie near the alleged place of sale) and buy a mechos more. After the Mehos is again "Mehos", Bring to K "Life on Glorks". It will be reasonable in any case not to take with you in Wigbu Artifact, which was found on Vices.

Wigbu: usually slaves start their lives in this escape. Claws can try other places. The first main goal of Wanger on Glorks is to minimize the time spent on "Income" ("Smear", "Shroat" and T.D.). Not only is he disgusting, and from any collision to get to come. In no case will not throw out and do not lose Rabbox – the other will be issued only through the slave. Having bought the Mehos more than Raffa, you should do direct responsibilities of the slave – the worms of bushes and heroin. Wanger with status "slave" Do the following: transport "heroin" from Wigbu to Lampass and "bushes" from Wigbu to the garden. If you bring several heroin and bushes at once, that is, there is a chance to get a pro. It is impossible to bring heroin to a garden or bushes in the lampassy. In the garden just wrap and drive out for it, in the lampassies, in general, according to any reason. Although the execution process itself is definitely interesting, too often to be present at his own funeral.

Glorks: Fans of a quick change of Mehos by reincarnation should be known that: if with the help of an incarnator, herass into mommy, the path even Bibuchskaya, Raboxes there will not be there and get it nowhere else. And, therefore, the slave. Although the agents are attitude different. Natural for Wanger is curiosity and peeping into all sorts of waterways and detached stones. If good luck is enough, then restore the loss of bibes and weapons will simply. On Glorks and the Tabutas should also take. Tabutas Type "charming 6 Wangers with Fostral" It is simply performed – teleportation on phosral, shelling of green mehos and associated trimming of the contents of the secrets.

Personality of the Brascover: If luck is at the proper level, then it follows from time to time to dig in Esqueeeu at the Braschik. You can dig a bouwn. If you put it in the bag and ride a little, it will be fine. Other Biburats will be pulled out into the string and to report to the arrived train on the state of affairs in escape. Upon return, the Braschik is driven and prompts the location of the super secret storage of Biburatov. In this hide (it looks on the map a very dark spot) you can find or part of the fur, or a pilot, or a unique sponge. Braschik knows the same storage. To do this, you need to fine with the requests and listen to the bureau. For example, perform all the tabs in Wigbu or, to come to Mogicanin – to come on this armored game.

For the benefit of the Bureau (foreman): the lightest and, at the same time, does not affect irreparable consequences, it is a delivery of a scent to the bureau. There is nowhere to be in a hurry to hurry, so you can slowly carry the nuchus for a bouwner, along the way, performing simple tabs and the subordination. Dolls are not worth brought, as it is later possible to various ways of Wanger. The choice is better to do from all the variety of opportunities. Advisors, at the sight of a trustworthy Wanger, from great love tell some secrets and features of world chains, which never hurts. Also, if I accidentally find a sudden Lipurring or wand somewhere, the epipodes will be very grateful for the return of these items and will certainly open some secret.

Agent: Subject, winning Pipshow and Nuclear War, is produced in agents. During the Pipshow at the bottom of the Vanker visualizer sees PPS, it means "Pipshow" and 46: 4 – the first digit indicates the amount of pipette shower on the surface of the Glorsks, the second – the number of pipettes selected by Wanger. If the Pipka is grayed in advance, then, when calculating the pipette brought during the Pipschow, the festta will count the pipple as a few pipettes. Or does not count if not lucky. And luck lucky. The same thing happens during the nuclear war. Only the struggle goes for the nodrobuses, and the weights can be stealing a shot. The winned both competitions are honored to the title of agent and a ticket for necross. True, they say that you can make a good girk and it will produce in agents, but only for a big bib. Glorks Corridors: Available corridors on Glorskse: for neuros, for phosral, on Coke and Iquisp. There are two access, it will be allowed to access ICSPL. So it would be nice to get the key to coke. This is where the scent comes in handy, which I like Biburatam. 80 servings and access to Coke open.

Coke: Trying to get to the coke not through the teleport, it is not worth. Everyone who tried to jump immediately to the cache with the artifact on Coke, still died. In this dead city, it is necessary to appear only through teleport and move strictly by arrows. If you do not get back from the path that the arrows indicate, you can get an artifact. On the way there are checkpoints that everything must be crossed. With the right and beautiful movement near the yellow china, death from the dark moves and the chip blushes for an unknown reason. The main thing is that only forcing to rednese all the chips, Wanger will open a cache with artifact. That is this strange city. Such coke. Considering the strange laws of coke, do not go there on light and fast mehos. The best option will not be quite slow, but steady mehos. The main problem is the third control chip. It is located on the bridge, and it is almost impossible to call this bridge. It remains only to takele: but no, the flying does not work on coke. Therefore, on the approach to this problem control point, you will have to catch and jump. The main thing is not to miss.

Biburata: Wanger with big luck, authority and number of completed Tabutas on Glorks will receive blessings and care of Biburatov. Biburata only seems to be strict and coarse, but to Wangers who have proven their loyalty to the Bureau, the attitude is completely different. He will be prompted and guided the true path and walked.

NEFROSK: Following the advice of fathers – Biburatov, Wanger comes to the necross. If you remember the covenants and love of them, then you can mow trouble with an unequal exchange of fur and all the works on dead raff. If you do not remember, following the principle of an analogy and the reluctance again ride income or smear, it is necessary to prepare.

Life on Neszoss: The purpose of visiting the necross – open three corridors. On ICRSPLA (watch the left bios), on the arch-a-heat (to warm in the sand of the wheel), and to the elder, on the strange world with mysterious letters. In order to visit Iksplo, you will have to win the race with a small tsyk. In this race, the participation in which is offered in the Tsype, it is necessary to first deliver a little quission in Bison. Since the little Tsyk is only one, then it is placed in the mechos of one of the participants of the race. Wanger, as a rule, is not lucky and therefore, it is necessary to take a short way to select a small tsyka from other participants – no longer statuettes, therefore wins the race the one who will select and take a little tsyka. The easiest way to get to quick to the bison, get up near the entrance, and, having powerful weapons, to shoot all the approaching participants of the race. Racing participants, as well as on other worlds, highlight on the map with red dots. After the little Chick is selected and delivered, and the journey to Iquisp has become real, it is worth conducting a trick inventory. If the asstender is not yet mined, it is worth a hurry to be hurried only in order to check a couple of secrets. Access to ARK-A-Knotka is better to open, bringing a doll to the necross. One doll cycles can be brought, nothing happens. Buzin becomes affordable after 80 servings of excellent scent, sweeping cycles.

IKSPLO: Here are two secrets in the form of pyramids, which contain details of unique mehos. Terminators are also roaming here, which are nothing but trouble, do not contain. When viewing into a large pyramid that there is a spokes, it is very unpleasant to read a message that the spokes opens by the feature of the design. If there is an asstender, then open "ability" Spoks is very simple.

Paraffin: a serious character, wusted experience and years. Asks to come to him on a unique mechos to prove Wanger’s uniqueness. Smart Wanger make it easier than a simple.

Buzin: In the breaks between visits, Iquisp can be visited the remaining secret worlds. Elder the world is simple and not particularly dangerous. Only Wangers who yawning for a very long time and stand next to the turrets, have to hastily urgently from pile of rockets. Warm combinations are scattered worldwide "Letters and signs". With difficulty remembering the Word, which once said Elipod after a hectic trip, look for substitute signs for all letters in this word. After in turn, bypass on these signs in the central circle. This circle is not confused. With incorrect order, letters in the dialing word will have to recruit it. After all 7 characters are correctly marked with the wheels of the fur, you need to drive up to the central "Flower". It will open and there something should lie. If the Mehos is too big and in no way takes this artifact, you can use the reducing function of the design or mechanical Messiah and break into the center of the structure.

ARK-A-KNOT: the most problem world. Huge and closed terminators do not give passage on earth, in the air because of their relatives do not fly. I finish and dreameding-reaching the stone on which (finally!) It will be an artifact, and not some incarnator, you should safely use the function-83 +, now all four artifact extracted. True, the mechanical Messia is not allowed everywhere, but if it is gently put next to the escape – no one steals… If luck is big.

Paraffin: The paraffin spread in a satisfied and invisible smile will tell the next instructive history and will send for exploration on the roads of Thilles. This if he was convinced of the uniqueness of Wanger standing in front of him. By the way, rumors walked that the creatures are unsuccessful in the assembly of unique mehos can come with a huge amount of Bibov to Paraffin, he counters it as a sign of uniqueness. Everything is sold and everything is bought.

Trill: the world is somewhat less pleasant than expected. Should be applied "fence". Having traveled to him very nice to stand on the yellow circle. At this time, you can read another greeting and sermon. By the way, in order for and in this place with Wanger at least someone talked, fur.Messiah is needed. After listening to the offer to save the world, do not hurry and immediately perform it. Especially since the pocket asks for all dolls in the world’s native worlds, and this task is not noble and laborious. Should first listen to what is asking for paraffin.

Again, Paraffin: In his speech, this old man will convincingly tell you that you can save the world chains only by sewing all the inhabitants of Esqueites on four secret worlds: Koksina, Ark-A-Snow, Buzin and Vices. To do this, you need from each Escape to take at least one passenger and in any order to settle these four worlds. The main thing is to be taken out two cakes, two elipes and three Biburat, and four worlds are populated. In what sequence and how many passengers for every world – it does not matter. But not everyone hunting to perform in every escape to the tabby. After all, only after that passengers appear.

Choice: Now you should think about and choose the way to save the world. Someone will take away seven passengers for four worlds. Someone wants to catch all the dolls and deliver them to their native esqueeves. Someone like both options… Throughs, too, to catch simply: Kukkish bought, threw somewhere near the crawling doll, and quietly took her to his native fenats, passing out of all the Wanger’s doll. True, Kukkish appears after 16 servings of the brought scent and climbs only in large trucks that do not like everyone. By the way, bringing dolls to the native world, Wanger closes the cycles and, after bringing all three dolls to the world, all the population of escapes goes into the unknown, the goods in the stores are depreciated, and Wangers become homeless. Determined doing his job and goes to the employer, whose task turned out to be performed. After that, these knowledgeable fellows are offered to calm the other side. Paraffin asks to stive pocket. Paraffin pocket. Everyone adds to his beloved toy (Paraffin – the Intelligence, the Pocket is a mechanical Messiah) a specific function, which includes and throwing an artifact for an enemy habitat, Wanger will perform the last task. Naturally, having lost the artifact with which access to these ancient characters was opened, no one would know their opinions and contentment about the mission committed. The only plus in all of this – the key appeared on the hmock.

HMOC: Only the owner of a pocket corridor will be able to get here. Taking incomprehensible tankaccide, it is unknown why that begins in the center of Hmets, you should ride on this microworld. At the bottom of the corp opinion some red dwarf. Get there until it is not completely clear how. Comes to mind that turning into the bib can get down down. A more interesting way is the activation of a tankaccide standing on one of the yellow circles. Red Fucker should be shot. After that, to take spam in the center is no longer difficult.

End: For lovers of the last species of the lost chain, you should quickly jump over all the worlds and go to all famous escaisters. Tedious offers of all characters "Do not be afraid to die" should be ignored while the question "what to do next" Broadcard will not bother. After that, the simplest way is to follow the advice and get drowned in some reservoir (but spamming still in the truma). It is so easiest to die. If you want to finish life in any way. Surprise there will be no limit when Raffa will again hold the thought of Wanger and not somewhere, but in a trip. Without thinking and making a stunning withdrawal from all this, and forcing Raffa, although B a second to go smoothly, get to the last unopened corridor, the corridor to the ground. Help helix is? Then forward.

For those who do not understand everything: it was the end. What it is. Everything.

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