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July 4, 2022
12 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Subverse: passage
Subverse: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Act 1

At the beginning of the game, pass a little training. Pressing the E key, you can turn on or disable the interface around the ship. There are two important scales on the interface. Left top, blue, shows stock shields. Shields are restored automatically when you do not get damage. Right top scales, green, shows the margin of the strength of “Phoenix”. As soon as she falls to 0, the ship will explode, and you will have to start again. Move through the specified rings, use the cruise mode (on and shut down the SHIFT key). In this mode, your ship is moving faster, but all weapons turn off. Hold the LKM for shooting. Press PKM twice – once to run the projectile, the second to detonate it. This special weapon spends energy cells located at the bottom of the interface around the ship. Now there are two such cells, and they are painted in yellow. Use acceleration to the “space” to crash in two goals.

Then the battle with many opponents is waiting for you. One of the ships will be as fortunate as possible. To avoid collision with him (and he will start constantly haunting “Phoenix”), use the SHIFT key acceleration. And do not forget about the rockets produced from special guns on PCM.

First sex scene

After that, the dialog will begin, and you will see the first porn scene. You can repeat it how many times, and when decide to continue, press the Continue button in the lower left corner of the screen. Tibold will appear – your first enemy.

Tibold combat ship

Another space battle awaits you. The battle with Tibold consists of three stages:

one. At the first stage should be kept at a distance from the combat ship Tibold. First he will shoot from the nasal and two side guns. You must settle down in such a way that the shells fly past the captain ship. That is, get up between the trajectory of the shells of the shells from the left and nose cannons or from the right and nose cannons. Self-playing rockets destroy the usual weapons, and from shots from blaster hide behind asteroids. But keep in mind that asteroids cause damage to your ship if you taste them. Do not forget about acceleration on SHIFT and a special tool (PCM). Rocket to Tibold for any convenient possibility.

2. When the strength of the enemy ship falls to ~ 70%, Tibold will disappear, and you will have to destroy ordinary opponents. All simple! Tibold will come back and will use new attacks. Hide behind asteroids from laser rays, and after them always attack Tibold. Then repeat the actions until it disappears.

3. Defeat ordinary enemies and fight Tibold for the last time. Pink bubbles will appear on the location – these are places where Tibold is about to launch exploding rockets. Just keep them away. In addition, after these bubbles (at this point, you must attack Tibold) will appear powerful laser rays. To avoid hitting, moving away from Tibold, then hook shift and move counterclockwise, between rotating rays. Repeat up to victory.Subverse: Game Walkthrough and GuideFirst boss game, Tibold on his combat ship.

Step-by-step battles

Place the lily on the marked blue cell. Install on the remaining cells of other units and run the battle. Move Lily, select its main attack on Q and shoot in the opponent highlighted by a red cage. Continue to do what the game tells, and soon the battle will end. Do not even worry if Lily get fatal damage. The main thing is to win in battle. Next will be the second battle, this time three waves are waiting for you, but you should not worry. The main thing before the attack check what damage will apply your unit. For example, to Lily caused high damage to certain purposes, they must first attack the dog. And some goals of Lily will be able to kill the first shot. Preferable to attack those enemies that you will surely kill. On the scale in the lower left corner of the screen shows the sequence of nearest moves.

How the rating is distributed? In total, you may have one Wyf and three units in the detachment. If no one dies or dies one unit / Weifa, in this case you get gold (Gold), if two units die, then you will get silver (Silver). And if three units perished, then you will get bronze (Bronze). In addition, you will receive bronze and in the event that you complete the fatal strike battle, but your last unit will die. For example, in the future enemy robots with purple hair, which explode after death. Once I finished such a bot with a melee, and therefore he exploded next to me. My unit was the last, he died from an explosion, but the game still counted the battle as victory.

In the last battle, Tibold will attack you. Note that Lily you don’t need to move, so put it so that it does not interfere with anyone. Tibold walks twice for one cycle – after Lily and PSA, and then after two other of your units. In addition, at the end of each of the first two cycles, he will call two ally. Kill them as soon as possible, because you will significantly simplify the battle, which will end only after all enemies are dead. More Tibold will not call anyone. Go from areas allocated by yellow-black lines. This is the range of defeat when detonation left by Tibold Mina. Otherwise everything is clear. After the battle you are waiting for the second sex scene. This time with Lily.

You will get your first Pooter Points for Lily and can open one of the additional posts with this girl. Unlock any scene for 1 pp, and then click on the back.


Next you will need to destroy a huge ship in the form of dildo. But for starters, protect the Space Station of Dallique. Use the main weapon to destroy the approaching rockets. Orange arrows on the screen indicate the direction of an opponent’s attack. In addition to ordinary missiles, various ships will appear. Use rockets against them through PCM. When the countdown of the AM (EMP) begins, move away from the Dalled base so as not to die during the Emi Bang. All opponents in the field of action will be destroyed. So have to repeat several times. Last Wave – Breast Ships. They produce glowing spheres that you can destroy, thereby defending the database of Dollyak from damage.

Finally, the boss will appear. At the bottom of the screen shows the distance to the Dalled base. If the enemy ship has time to get to it, you will lose. Therefore, at once, as soon as the mission is started, hook SHIFT and accelerate. Reaching the ship, destroy two dome on the left and right (its “eggs”). Keep on the middle distance and shut from flying shells. After the destruction of the first “egg” from it will periodically shine the energy beam. Also on space will begin to fly additional spheres. They need to fly away or destroy. Destroying both eggs, stand right under the ship. It is quite easy to shy away from the shots from Blaster and continue to gradually shoot an enemy ship. The mission will then end.Subverse: Game Walkthrough and GuideHuge ship with “eggs”. And what are you waiting for this game?
After several dialogs, you will find yourself on the bridge. Can firm in other rooms. In the cabin Captain click on the bed opens the Pandora menu – improve your companion (unlocks new scenes with WiFif). In addition to including PP to buy new scenes here, you can choose open scenes and install in the cells in the middle, and after run Pandora. It will be another sex scene. In the locker room you can explore your Weifa, and in the hangar – buy improvements for the ship and talk with Dalle. In the laboratory, so far you can explore the available monsters (for your squad) and chat with Lily.

When will be ready, go back to the bridge and, at will, talk to Demi. You can also take a new quest.


Read the task text and click on the Galaxy map in the center of the bridge. See video. Select Dragon Nebula and click on the ARATUS system. Flow to each of the four planets and scan them with PCM. Then get closer to the Svyatogor Planet and click the LX to open the menu and select the current task. You follow it, other quests will be active. Click R to return inside the ship. Click on the dashboard on the bridge, and see a new storyline and several side tasks. Let’s get laundned.

Great Treasure Hunt

After conversation with Killy you get the key treasure. Take it by clicking on F. Now you have a whole three wif! Travel to three listed systems and study every planet. Many will have either step-by-step ground fights, or cosmic battles in real time. For step-by-step fights, I recommend taking the team Lily, for space – Killi. Before some battles you will receive dialogs from your Wyf. They will say that the next part of the card was found. You need to collect all five parts.

The Final Piece

Move into the Alcesimus system and land on the gutherondel planet. Here you will find a cosmic battle against Tibold ship. Move to the right, evading asteroids and rockets. Attack Tibold. I recommend settling above or below it, getting close to the opponent as much as possible. In addition, do not forget to periodically shoot from ordinary opponents that appear on the left. Tibold will disappear several times from the screen. You at these moments, the main thing to survive (dodge asteroids and explode rockets). Also do not forget to shoot all the shells that Tibold releases. Most of them (except, for example, the main attack) you can destroy. For example, round bombs or yellow homing rockets. So the first act will end, but besides the transition to the second you will receive another reward – sex scene with Killie. Now you can unlock new scenes for cosmic pirate.Subverse: Game Walkthrough and GuideFor victory in every step by step or cosmic battle, you will receive experience for Weifu, as well as different resources.

Side tasks


Go to Reria on the OLBA Planet, where you are waiting for another step-by-step battle. Choose one wifu and three units. Arrange them and start the battle. Sniper Lily – the best boat fighter at the moment. By destroying all enemies, you complete the quest, having received a reward. Also study and other planets in the RERIA system. There are many events that do not really require anything from you – only for click you will receive several loans or other resources! Do not forget about the amplification of Lily, which it can use to significantly increase the damage from the next attack of the selected unit. Gold you will receive only if no more than one unit per battle.

Master Bates

Need to win the next step-by-step battle in the Tychodemus system on the planet Nylos. Nothing difficult!

Sandy’s dongle

Go to Viducia and look for the Idomitus Planet Station (right from the Sun). It will be a cosmic battle. All opponents are familiar to you.


Return to the ARATUS system and select Planet 2018-17A. More precisely, this is a cluster of asteroids. Here you need to win the cosmic battle. And just for them, I strongly recommend using not Lily, but Killie, which has much more powerful and more dangerous to a special tool (PCM). Fighting in battle, follow the shields (you can turn on their show key E). If they are completely discharged, press SHIFT and fly as possible until the shields are restored. This is especially true against the last opponent.

Act 2

Gornagoth’s Trove

Move the Equia system and follow the planet MONI TISSIA, located on the left. Here you will find a cosmic battle against the boss – Huntress (Hunters). Battle is divided into three stages. At the first one you need to shoot the hunter from the main weapons (special is not available). The enemy will teleport, but you can easily detect the ship on the blue haze. In addition, do not be afraid to face Hantrethess – it will still be teleported as much as teleported, avoiding the collision with you. In the second stage, you can destroy the fusion of the blue rockets Hantrethess. And should also avoid entering black holes. Yes, yes, at first it will be one black hole, and after – two and even three.Subverse: Game Walkthrough and GuideAnother boss, hunter.
At the third stage, the holes will not go anywhere, and the hunter will use twins. You need to shoot all the ships and find true. If you get across ordinary ships, nothing will happen, and when you hit the truck, the hunter you will see yellow electrical discharges. It will also gradually reduce the health of the boss. In the end, you won. After communicating with the mission team will be completed. Early access is no longer scene, nor side tasks. I will definitely create a separate passage for the full version of the game, but after its official release.

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