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December 16, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Native city
THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideSarah, daughter Joel.
On the eve of the birthday, Joel receives a wrist watch as a gift from his daughter. Nothing foreshadowed troubles on this night. Waking up from the alarming bell Tommy, Brother Joel, inspect the postcard on the dresser. Look at the father’s bedroom and learn from news about an unknown virus that covered the town. Go down to the first floor, we go to the kitchen and view calls on the phone. We go to the left, pass through a discontinuous door. Excited Joel hastily takes out a revolver and reports the strange behavior of the neighbors. One of them breaks into the house, Joel kills him, and we go to the backyard. Together with Tommy go to search for a safe way to leave the city. Hitting an accident, take the hands of Sarah and moving down the road. At the crossroads turn right. We continue to run, go around a truck and go to the alley on the left side. Get to the building, enter inside. Tommy will hold the door to escape. We meet the military who saves us from infected. However, then gets the order to kill us. Tommy arrived too late, Sarah died from the injuries.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideOn the day of the beginning of the spread of the virus, everyone tried to get out of the city.
20 years later
Quarantine zone

Behind the wall

The world has changed. Military created quarantine zones, protecting the survivors from infected. Waking up on the door knock, let’s let the tes in the house and communicate about the urgent problems. She managed to deal, and now we are provided with cards for a couple of months. Robert is trying to insert sticks into the wheels, you need to deal with it. Going out, follow the girlfriend to the checkpoint. We almost managed to avoid him, but an explosion occurred and all the aisles were blocked. Accelerately run for Tess, go to the building and get a first-aid kit. Touching the wound, moving along the corridor. In addition to us, Robert is looking for Marlin from the cycade grouping. Get to the secret break in the wall and move the cabinet to the right side.

Jump down, follow the Tess to our things. We take them from the table, come to the red boards, look up and put a girlfriend. We choose out, communicate with Tess and we are moving behind it. The desired staircase is located on the side of the white machine. Lead it to the wall and climb upstairs. Follow Tes, we use a flashlight in the dark. The first floor is filled with disputes. In this case, Joel will wear a gas mask, and visibility will noticeably deteriorate. In the room sneaking pass through a break in the wall. We remove the log on the way and squeeze between the closet and the box. We detect a person who has damaged mask. We select lying around the cartridges and shoot an unhappy. Singing pass under the boiled boards. Faced with infected, to start listening to see their location. Sneak to the enemy, waiting when he turns away. We hold capture and showers. The remaining two can be bypassed from the left side, be sure to turn off the lantern. Climb the stairs and choose out.

Moving for Tess to neighboring building and enter inside. Climb higher and go down on the other side. We grab the board, come to the wall to convey to her partner. Ourselves come back to the top through a break in the wall on the opposite side. We continue to follow Tess. While the boy checks whether the soldiers and people of Roberta are nearby, take the cartridges from the rack. We pass through the local market and go to the shipyard. Faced with the enemies, we try to get to them as close as possible. Save ammunition and with any possibility attacking enemies in hand-to-hand combat. The gate is closed, so I put the tes on the wall on the left side. Again enemies, slowly, follow Tess. After she will deal with one of them, make your way to the building and enter inside. Sneak into the one that further from us. Cutting and suffocation. We destroy the rest and select the key that unscrew the door inside the building.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideIn the quarantine zone strict control: if you are infected, then immediate execution awaits you.
Being behind the shelter, waiting for the end of the conversation. We destroy the enemy at the door, then another one in the nearby building. We go to the warehouse, sneak up to the enemy and conduct a suffocation. Climb upstairs on the stairs outside. By killing two, search warehouse. On the second floor, we select a knife with the help of which it is much more efficient to straighten with the enemies after their capture. Open the gate on the first floor and choose to the pier. We go right and destroy enemies one after another. We are waiting for the third comes closer and turns away from us. We continue to go on the right side until I get to the office.

Robert will start shooting, and when he will end the cartridges – run. Catch up and ask him about weapons. He reports that sold them cicadas. Marelin appeared concludes a deal with us. We get twice as many weapons if you agree to smuggling across the border. Follow the familiar to her dwelling. Having selected to the bridge, we turn to the left. Climb upstairs, then enter the building on the left side and go around the enemy. As soon as we grab it, the alliance will make the same. Moving along the corridor, we go to the last room and choose through the extreme window on the left. We destroy the enemy and one more on the right side. Just before this is best to wait when the enemy on the bridge will move on the left side. Go down to the bridge and get to the dwelling.


The essence of our work is to accompany the girl to the Capitol. Tes will go along with Marlin to Camp Cycad Check weapon. Going out, we turn left and go down to the fence. Follow along it, then go to the right and get into the alley. To climb upstairs, make the garbage container to the stairs. Climb up and get to a conspiracy apartment at the border. A little rest, we leave the apartment through a break in the wall. Run the generator by pressing the button when the slider is lowered into the lower part of the scale. Rolling forward, climb the stairs and choose out. We move forward, pass through the container and immediately attacked. After scanning it turns out that Ellie’s girl is infected. According to her, she was bitten three weeks ago, but for some reason the virus did not affect her.

Follow Tes to Patrol. Shifted to the left and pressed against the wall. Follow the enemy’s lantern on the top position. Gently we enhance the angle and continue to move on the left side. We jump into the water, we climb upstairs and nele move along the shelters to the other side of the building. Open the gate and, choosing the outside, get to build on the right side. Waiting for the shelter when the enemy turns away. Neutralize it and go to the window at the other end. We go outside, continue to go ahead and move on the sewer pipe to the building. Climb the stairs and immediately turn to the left. Cutting, pass through a break in the wall. Run forward, on the fork we turn right. Get to the lattice and open it.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideAlthough Joel and Tess often disturb the boundaries, this time the bets are too high.
Following the tes, rising to the top point. In the distance we see the Capitol building. We turn right and penetrate inside. We choose to the stairs, climb the floor above. We detect the snapline sticking to the door. Their faces are interested in unrecognizable, so they do not see, but it’s great to hear. Prolaim the door and turn right. Share open the next door. We are smoking with a clutch quickly and often press the shown button. Watch out in the rooms in order to search for useful items. Some doors are locked and for their discovery requires a knife. Almost always spent the knife pays for themselves. We go to the most recent placement and sung Tess to the yellow protrusion. The partner will divert the shortcut, proceed to her. Then you will distract the enemy yourself, throwing the bottle into the right side. We climb upstairs, jump on the staircase and remove the box on the way. Make your way on the platform outside, we envelope the angle and go to the building again.

We select a revolver, follow the tes and jump down. We select a piece of pipe, destroy the first enemy, putting the back. Return to the place where we jumped. We go ahead and wait for the runner will go further along the corridor. Neutralize it and go to the other side. We cut two more, and then finish the last – Nutcaln. Jerk upstairs and move the box, tanned the door. Go down the lower and below. We select Molotov cocktail, which we can make from the same items as the first-aid kits. Cutting, pass through a break in the wall. Sneak up to the first shortcut, we spread with him and shift to the right. We move on the other side. The lattice has an opponent, it is necessary to kill it. To do this without attracting attention, we use the Molotov cocktail or knife. Sit partner to the right side. Climb the stairs and finally choose out.

Get to the truck in the alley. We turn to the left and enter the building. Silently destroy the runners, grab the chest and carry it to the truck. Jump over the other side, pass forward and open the gate on the left side. At last time we manage to run inside. On the workbench we can modify weapons. Open the door and climb the second floor. In the middle of the room come on to the blockage. We raise your log so that Tess and Ellie could pass on. We will go on another way. We turn right, we choose in the corridor and cut the runner. We go into a large room on the right side, we move on the other side and throw the Molotov cocktail in the corridor, as soon as you say the runner. On the sound will frighten the shortcut and it covers the flame. We rise to the next floor, we destroy the enemy, beating on the door. Help Tess, then Ellie. We move away and fought off the runners, preferably using firearms. Through the window over the fire stairs. Climb upstairs, take any of the boards and use it as a crossing between buildings.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideEllie never left the quarantine zone and therefore skyscrapers seem to be awesome for her.
Go down and drag the garbage container to the gate. We choose to the road and get to the Capitol. All the cycades were killed, we also find out that Tess is infected. She invites us to go further and find Tommy. Theself Tess will remain here and try to keep the military. We did not have time to go upstairs, as Tes was already shot. Jump over to another part of the building and select a rifle near the corpse. Ahead of the enemies, we turn into the room on the left side and neutralize a lonely opponent. Actively listening, we move on the other side and go down to the first floor. Moving on the left side. As long as possible we try to move silently.

We leave out and go through the road. Go down and rapidly hide from the machine-gun queue. As Ellie has immunity, she can breathe disputes. We destroy two soldiers and pass through the cars. Tunnel flooded, so we move on the clock. Diving, we can bypass the ruins. We swim to the very end where we find the raft. Carry it to Ellie and send it to the opposite direction. Climb upstairs to the lowered staircase and choose out.

Town Bill

Discussed with the Moments, which is better not to remember, put forward to the old Bill familiar. We go to the more often of the forest and soon get on the tower. The main goal is closed, so we go to the left and get to the stone wall. We select the board and move it to a small building. We climb on the roof and raise the board. Here, by the way, you can choose a modified piece of pipe. Install the board between buildings and move on the other side. Go down down, shift to the left and get to the gate. They are closed on the other hand, so I put the Ellie. Moving down the road, in the end we turn in the alley on the left side. Nutcan will be trapped. Get to the truck, put the staircase and climb upstairs. Going on the board, taking it and install it next to the stairs. Rising upstairs, tighten the board and put it between buildings. We continue to move on the roof. Going down, rolling under the stretch. Two more stretch marks at the passage on the grid. We go away, squat and shoot them. Go further, we destroy stretching at the bottom between the walls. Passing into the building, fall into the trap. While Ellie is engaged in our liberation, we shoot from infected. Do not worry about ammunition, there will be an infinite amount. More often reload and try not to let enemies. Soon to the rescue parse Bill. Follow him, at a minimum being distracted by enemies. After brief disputes, Bill agrees to help us. To collect the car you will need items, which can be found in the city.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideAny weapon can be modified, the truth will have to find a workbench for this.
We collect a large number of useful items in this eatery. We choose out, following Bill. When enemies will appear, there will be no place to run, therefore, without departing from the allies, fight off from infected. Having finished with them, go upstairs and go down to the cellar, where the warehouse is located. We get a shotgun and a discontinuous bomb. It can be used as a mine, an explosion will occur when approaching the enemy. If you throw a bomb directly to the enemy, then it will explode instantly. Military recently appeared in the district. They were attacked by the horde of infected and transport, lost control, rammed the wall of school. There we will find a working battery. Climb upstairs and leave the church through the window. Against a large number of shortcuts in the garden we use the Molotov cocktail. They all escape to noise and independently wait.

We choose in the alley and pass through the territory of private houses. Listen and determine the location of the runners. Go forward, destroying enemies. We get to the extreme on the left of the house and try to open the door – it does not give in. Ellie will be able to move on the other side through the dog door. We clean the gazebo and the house from the shortcuts. Enough to throw a cocktail of Molotov at the passage. Through the house we are chosen on the other side, we climb on the van and move on the chalkboard to the neighboring territory. We search for a thorough way. Help Bill Open the gate in the garage. A truck can be seen in the distance. Go to it, in the passing of runners. We use bombs in narrow aisles and do not allow to surround yourself. Get to the bus at the gate. Sit Ellie so that they ladder. We move to the other side and follow Bill.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideFor the first-aid kit and the Molotov cocktail, the same ingredients are required.
School doors are closed, so we turn around the corner and penetrate inside through the window. Without finding the battery in the truck, we start looking for a way out. We follow the corridor, holding it out of enemies. We pass through the audience, jointly prolamed the door in the corridor. Once in the gym, come across a major opponent. First we destroy the runners and only then we concentrate all the attention on the rumble. We try to shoot in his bright sprouts on the body. Do not stand still, since the disputes flying into us apply a permanent damage and reduce the visibility zone. Having won, we collect ammunition and recharge the weapon, it will be needed. I put Bill and Ellie, but do not have time to climb. We destroy the runners and climb up.

We get out and follow Bill. As soon as the allies will free the stairs, immediately cling to it. In the house we find hanged Frank, Partner Bill. His bites contaminated and, apparently, he did not want to become one of them. Meanwhile, Ellie discovers a car in the garage with a working battery. It remains only to recharge it, pushing the car. After watching in the house, come to the wheelbarrow at the back and take it to the street. I do not enjoy the pushing, be sure to follow the enemies and shoot them on time. Pick up from infected, say goodbye to Bill and continue our hard way. We arrive in the city;The freeway is scored by cars, the only way is to turn right. Follow the aggressive-minded group of people.


Fight back from the enemy, quickly and often press the shown button. Then run up to Ellie and help her. Many enemies and some of them will try to get from the rear. Listen and control the location of the bandits. Killing everyone, go outside and open the gate in the corner. We choose to the stairs, go upstairs. We pass along the corridor and open the side door. Jump down and moving along the highway. Seeing hunters, the easiest way to get around them, hiding behind the machines on the left side. We climb on the bus and pass through the checkpoint. There are many enemies ahead, so if we want to act silently, then we turn right and penetrate the building. Climb upstairs, go to the right and go down to the courtyard. We go to the alley, climb the fire stairs and jump on the other hand. If you break through with the battle, we clean first the street, then the first floor of the building and, accordingly, the second.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideBill mined almost every corner in the city.
Get to the flooded area and swim to the very end, where you find a raft. Deliver it to Ellie and carry a girl to the bus. We pass through the van, we turn left and get into the cafe. From here we jump upstairs and go on the board to the hotel building. Jumping down, go to the left. Opposite Bar Rack is a design. Take a staircase and denounce it to the hall. We turn to the left and install the staircase on the wall above which there are no railing. We climb upstairs, then climb the second floor. We are chosen on the roof through the window and move into another part of the building. Most enemies without firearms, but but with prick items. We try to act silently. According to the corridor, we get to the next staircase and climb the third floor. We are located in the lobby, from where a long corridor is perfect. Ellie will warn if the enemies start climbing the flank. Destroying all enemies, moving along the corridor and get to the terrace. Penetrate the room through the window on the left side, we go out into the corridor and the stairs climb on the fourth floor.

Open the elevator door, quickly and often press the shown button. Raising the stairs, check through a narrow passage on the right side. Jump the elevator on the cabin, wait for Ellie and put it. Ourselves fall down into the water. Get to the flooded staircase, dive under the water and float to the bottom floor. Pereshind, dive again and watching around, swim through the door, next to which the same spare outlet icon. We go on the territory of floating disputes. Advanced on the corridor, climb upstairs and arrive at the locked door. First, there is no electricity and, secondly, permission is required. Return to the corridor and pass through it to the end. We turn to the room on the right side, then right again and move into the opposite room. From the table Take a pass, we return to the previous room and go down. Starting the generator and rush back to the locked door, which is unscrewed by passing.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideSeeing the beauty of the forests, you can think that no epidemic was.
Climb upstairs, pass along the corridor and choose in the kitchen. Kill enemies, then go to the hall. The locked door lies a staircase, install it with the wall to the right. Almost rushing up, we get a blow on top and tear down down. Quickly and often press the shown button several times. Ellie will soon arrive and will help us. Joel instead of gratitude, shouted at Ellie. All the blame the fact that the girl took advantage of firearms. Raise upstairs and get to the restaurant zone. We rise to the scene and pose a piano to the wall. Climb upstairs and choose out. Outside a lot of enemies and one will be hard to cope with them. Joel has no choice but to entrust the rifle of Ellie. From the top position she will cover us.

Hunters are notified of our adventures. When they are contractual, they shift to the left and destroy the first enemy. We try to bring enemies to open space so that Ellie could shoot them. Destroying everyone to one, the girl goes down to us. Handing her gun. From now on Ellie will cover us always and everywhere. We pass until the end, where the truck on the left side is the gate. Waving inside, remove the cart from under the gate and carry it to the opposite wall. Climb upstairs, get to the window and watch the marauders kill unarmed. Not finding anything useful, they are leaving. Climb up and straighten with hunters. We choose out through the office space.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideCollection of plates. Perhaps among them there are rare specimens.
Go to the next building. Penetrate inside on the right side, hiding behind the police car. Climb upstairs and kill three opponents. Go to another part of the building, go down and keep moving down the street. At the intersection, another group of enemies consisting of four hunters. I do not climb on the dog, so two of them have firearms. We go to the right and satisfy the girl to the fire stairs. We climb upstairs, jump on the other hand and go to the alley on the left side. Going on the other side, cross the road, hiding behind the police car. If desired, we can pre-clean the building from enemies. The gate is closed, so we go around through the building on the right side. Further deeper in the alley, we turn right and immediately enter the building. Climb upstairs, go to the nearest room and the fire stairs are chosen on the cornice. We move on it to the window, we enter inside and pass to the next room. Select from the window to the destroyed fire staircase and continue to move on the either.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideSo we fell into one of the most dangerous traps. On the noise slowly begin to dig contaminated.
Penetrating inside, exposed to attack. Herry and his younger brother Sam were survived. They accepted us for hunters and therefore tried to kill us as soon as possible. We also find out that they are the only of the group who remained alive. Nearby is the lair of these guys, follow Henry. Go down to the toy store. Then we go out and pass through the open door on the right side. Podkarasya enemies, spread with them. We climb on the truck, we take ahead and go back and again for the shelter, because enemies will appear. Destroying them, jump even higher and arrive in the Lair allies. Henry and Sam also like we are looking for cycad. They will wait for the moment when the checkpoint guarding the passage to the bridge will be weakened. Most of the guards will go to bed. A little rested, follow Henry. Going down, sneak into two and silently neutralize them synchronously with Henry. Ours – the one that is left. We leave out and go to the other side, hiding behind the machines and without falling under the light of the spotlight. Kill a lonely opponent, drown the generator. We paint with everyone who go down to us.

Share open the gate and at the last moment I have time to hide from enemy transport. Kill the enemy and satisfy all three of the truck. The staircase breaks, so we can not climb upstairs. Henry and Sam decide to throw us. Ellie does not leave us and jumps back down. Open the gate and penetrate inside. We clean the building from the enemies, after which we go to the hall and remove the cart that tanned the main door. Going out, rapidly run for Ellie, bypassing obstacles. Once in a dead end, at the last moment we decide to jump into the water.THE LAST OF US: Game Walkthrough and GuideApparently, someone these shortcuts finally got.

On the shore we meet Henry and Sam. Joel snatched Henry’s weapons and threatened to kill him for leaving us in a difficult moment. But this time we waited for help. Having studied the surroundings, we return to the allies. We climb upstairs and help Henry lift the sewer tube grille. Reaching the development, let’s go on the right way. Having finished inspection, reunite with friends again. We arrive in the zone with water. Swim to another end of the gate, dive and remove the pipe from the mechanism. Henry opens the gate, swim further. We are chosen on land and climb the stairs on the left side. Reset down the raft from the fence. Deliver it to Ellie and carry a girl on the other side to the generator. She will turn it on, and Henry with Sam will also be able to move to Ellie. With Henry climb upstairs.

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