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May 25, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Having left away from civilization, Violet and her parents settled in a strange house in a deaf terrain. For Violet, it becomes the most terrible test in life. In one of the usual boring days, she accidentally detects a beautiful amulet. Taking it in hand, Violet is immediately transferred to the world full of dangers, which was so far and close at the same time.


Pouchikha captured Violet and Fairy. We have the ability – Telekiev. We grab the cage and pull it into the right or left side. We continue to rock the cage until I encounter a girlfriend in misfortune – FEEY. A little right is attached a page from the grandfather’s diary, which, apparently, also once visited this amazing world and made notes about local inhabitants. Even the right, on the pipe under the green bottle, is a clip. We are tightened down and drag to the place of breaking of wires in the foreground. Under the cell is a switch – activate it. From the closure happened to fire that set fire to matches.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Switch, diary page, break place and clip.
Dining room

In front of a blue kettle are board. We remove them aside and select a diary page. On the shelf in the upper right corner there is a padded bottle with honey. Click on it several times and thereby shed honey to the floor. Hold down the left mouse button, swing a spoon under a bottle near the kettle until the neck is on the right side. Quickly click on the mechanical device, which will capture the bottle. I remove the plug and go to the left. Somewhere we fly fly. Simple clicks, drive it down on the right and allow you to enjoy honey. Then fly will fly into the bottle. Cut the plug from the inventory, click on the mechanical device so that it let go of the bottle. The kettle was distracted by a fly, and now we can easily climb the stairs.


From here we can get into four locations right away. First, take a silver ring from a secret cache, which is on the wall to the right of the passage. 1 – Kitchen, 2 – Library, 3 – Living Room, 4 – Bathroom.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Cache and path to locations.

I put forward the box from the first book near the passage and take the candy. The passage will lead us to the top floor, where the second candy will be detected behind the rubber cube. On the fat book there is a playground player of book worms. Based on the side, click on those indicated in the image. When the bridge is revealed, we move to the site and play with young worm. Periodically, they will look out and we need to have time to click on them. Send them to lunch. Then we descend yourself and communicate with the Mother-worm, which as a reward will give us the key. Unpain them wicket on the right side and climb upstairs.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Activate the elements for the disclosure of the bridge.
Leafing the left book until the diary page flies down. Then I put the page with the book that recreates the weather phenomenon – snow. Sheet the right book above the head until the candy falls out – we take it. I exhibit a page with weather phenomenon – rain. Between the books formed with ice – we will return to it later. Go down, rising to the playground and select a diary page that lies in front of the stairs. Let’s talk with children and ask them for help. Each worm we transmit one candy from the inventory. In gratitude, they will raise up the cubes. Go down, pass through the gate and turn out at the top. Raised the stairs, then on the ice and leaf, the third book before the appearance of the weather – the sun. Rain and sun form a rainbow, which we can get to the first part of the magic amulet.


Before entering the location, taking a diary page with a railing. Tongue a toothbrush hanging upstairs on the right. A little left hanging motok with a web – taking it. We select the broken handle of the brush and with the help of it turn the crane of the sink. We do it several times to let the flow of water and fill the sink. Catching out of the water a rising shoe. On the stairs there is a diary page – we take it. We can rise even higher and watch the parents of concerned daughter’s lies. On the right there is a cup – pull the whistle from it.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

One of the ropes for controlling hooks, skeleton with a web and brush.
We pass to the end to the left side and apply a shoe on the lingerie in the basket. Driving two ropes, carry hooks with card figures on the right side, then approximately to the center. When a collision of hooks, a match will be torn down. We do in such a way that both matches fell immediately or at least with a small temporary interval. Quickly go down and pull one of the matches to three matches already at the edge. Akubobre will constantly eat matches, so you always need to act without delay. Having gathered five matches, fasten them with a web from inventory. On the resulting raft swam on the other side, using the brush handle as a paddle. We take the second part of the amulet, go down the stairs and, returning back, leave the location.

We continue the passage of the game Violett.

Living room

That the composition moves from the place, you need to fix the locomotive and download the second trailer. To fill the locomotive, we set items according to the first image. We raise the track so that the ball immediately rolled down, and send a gun to the ball.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Properly arranged objects for locomotive.
To fill the trailer, we put items according to the image. The track must be direct. Turn the third left handle plate. Also open the door of the oven. Blades move to the end to the right, and a gun on the target of the oven door.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Properly spaced items for the trailer.
We get up by the stairs of the third trailer, press the button in the foreground in the lower left corner and use a whistle from the inventory on the trailer. I reach the top level, we take the third part of the amulet, which is even higher. Under us there is a scheme with pluses and minuses. Pluses should be in the top row, and cons – in the lower. The mini-game resembles the game “Snacks”, only in a more simplified version. We use a whistle on the trailer and leave the location.


Left are ten boxes. Most of them are indicated numbers and arrows. Numbers indicate how many boxes should be clarified (left arrow) or advanced (right arrow) so that you can make manipulations with the corresponding box. In one of the departments there is a Golden Ring – taking it. Saving all drawers, slightly revealing the chain and switch. I pull for the chain and block one of the passes through which the spider moves. Activate two switches and select a strawberry, which is in the foreground in the lower left corner. We pass on the right side, grab the knife suspended on the rope and tighten it down. Activate two more switches, remove the valve of the samovar from the upper thread and drag into the lower. Now just click on it, we switch the branch of the tap, and the boiling water is pounted to the floor.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Strawberry, chain and diary page.
We communicate with the caterpillar several times. In the background there will be a staircase, and the hatch opens nearby. We also pass the caterpillar of both rings – gold and silver, and we get the key. We go to the left, unscrew the lock of the device with the help of the key and take the handful of blueberries. We go to the ladder in the background, select the page of the diary and go down through the opened hatch in the floor.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide


We take a vest with hangers, and from the upper shelves – Georgian and handle. We go to the right side and get to the rest on the lounge of the builder’s clock. There is a key above it, but we can only pick it up after bringing a barrel with honey. To the right of the clock are the hat and the second ship, and from above – helmet. On the left are gutter. On the lower and most short of them, the third Georgian is enshrined – we take it. Also changing the position of the guts itself, tilting it into the right side.

We go to the left, climb the stones and interact with a wooden stalk to change clothes. Talking with my mole, he will go away, and we can climb the stairs. To the left of us is the device. Insert into it a handle from the inventory and change the position of the upper gutter to water the glass to the left side. Raised shutters for which we can get to the passage. Rotate the handle and tilt the chute on the right side. From the first and third gutters remove wooden plugs. Three weights and two plots from the inventory from left to right to buy five holes of the top gutter in a row. Water strokes down and reaches a small gutter. Earned the lift. Go down, go to the right and, rising on the lift, shaking the grid and catch a barrel. We pass it with the mole and take the key hanging on the top board.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Weights, Key, Casque and Hat.
We go to the left, insert the key into the keyhole in the wall and open the passage to the next location. We rise higher and change clothes by clicking on a wooden rack. Picking up the ball, go back to the lift and give it to the mole in the air. The fallen hammer released the passage to the next location. Also next to the passage appeared page of the diary – we select it.


Let’s talk to the termit. To get into the garden, you need to get permission. Lower the left staircase and climb on it upstairs. Raise even higher on the right stairs. We are tightened by the load from the next staircase and raise up the bottom staircase. We climb on it, we are tightened by the cargo that holds the side staircase. Cargo from inventory fix on the stairs in the middle. Go over the bridge and enter the cave. We take clothing with red-green stripes from the clothes rope, go down the stairs and switch the lever.

Violett: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Diary page and dressing room.
Returning to the stairs and go down to the bottom. We interact with a hanger from the arch under the bridge. We change clothes into the gardener’s clothes, climb the stairs to the tower of the tower to the second guard. Click on the Lords of thermites sinking in the sun and get permission. We return to the first guardian and convey to it the appropriate paper from the inventory. We go into the garden and, adjusting the levers, water the necessary flower beds. We guide the bottom levers (from left to right): down – right – right. We collect a crop – pea pods. We guide the first two lower levers (from left to right): right – left. We guide the top levers: right – right – up. We collect a crop from the top flower beds – beans. We can not pick up the diary page yet, so we change clothes and leave the location.


From the location “Stroyak” go to the next location through the passage where we previously inserting the key. Lingerie hangs from three sides. First click on the one that is on the left side. Snail was distracted, so now we can pick up the fishing rod at which the underwear raged. We descend down and communicate with snail-cook. Ingredients that we have already collected in the garden are required for the preparation of fragrant dishes. Put in the pan of peas and beans in the pan. But this is not all, still need crab meat.

We go to the shore and pass the fisherman fishing rod from the inventory. Crabs will be climbed onto the stone. Quickly click on them, thereby allowing snail-fisherman to catch them and send a huge snail to the basket for lunch. Fill in the basket of five crabs, sixth fishing for yourself. We throw it into the pan and take the container with finished food. Swing underwear, again distract the snail and quickly make your way to the passage between the stairs. Go through at home, moving to the right side. Then go down and go to the next location.

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