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December 23, 2022
30 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Aliens VS. PREDATOR 2: Passage
Aliens VS. PREDATOR 2: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Start this story would have a small episode in the jungle, which took place 19 years ago. A detachment of infantry, aimed in search of local partisans, suddenly ran into a new enemy. Where he is unknown from. Only his goal is clear – destroy everyone. Invisible creature hunted very unusual: first hesitated his head, and then body suspended on the trees, after removing the skin. From all the detachment only one person survived. The energy gun of the predator interrupted his hand and forearm, but the guide managed to hide and try to the subsidence. Predator, successfully enslaved, calmly retired to his native planet to inform friends about an interesting safari.
On Earth temporarily came quiet and grace. Almost twenty years later, earthlings were involved in the intergalactic conflict with the race of xenomorphs of insecto-like creatures with armored bodies and acid treatment instead of blood. Thousands of strangers attacked remote colonies and, like a locust, destroyed all the living on their way. People tried unsuccessfully to beat off the attack. Due to the fact that we are strongly inferior to xenomorphs in speed, reaction and quantities, all military operations carried a retreative character. The trouble does not come alone, the central headquarters received a message about arrival in one of the colonies of an unknown ship. More news was not. And so it is clear that the big company of predators came to earthlings to have a good time, hunt, get acquainted with human civilization. In response to this, the General Staff sent a detachment of the landing led by General… Lead. Thereby. The soldier did not forget the inflicted insult;Anger, faded doses of drugs, over the years rose to manic paranoia.

The distinctive ability of the predator is the fact that it is in essence almost invulnerable. Can increase energy and health, just heaving a little. Even if the cartridges ended, the predator is equally well killed by cold weapons. To make more convenient to kill, the predator uses several different types of vision:
Blue – thermal process for hunting people;
Red – strangers are highlighted by white;
Monochrome – just for dark corridors.
The only danger to predator is an acid of others and heavy weapons of people.

Fun begins!
Somewhere at the bottom runs somewhat easily armed soldiers and couple of scientists. Turn on the wrist blades and jump down. It is not worth spending invisibility, energy is still useful. Prank the infantry and proceed to scientists. If you want to pick up a trophy in the form of a skull Direct the cursor exactly on the head and cut the blade. No matter how alternative or ordinary. No special advantages The number of skulls does not give, only if the sadistic minded minds of the playing. Cleaning the room, go to the next aviary, there are more people there, but they are practically helpless. The high mountain on which the compatriot with a spear is already waiting for you, use a high jump key combination sit down + jump. Spear almost the first time destroys the infantry of moderate gravity, so if you don’t want to spend cartridges or energy, turn it on.
Practice in the leaps in the branches of trees and get ready to beat off the ambush by a small mountain lake. Here it will be ideal to include invisibility and to shoot the people from afar (as far as possible). Next, go down and quickly seek survivors. Go to the waterfall and gently climb the very top of the wet and slippery parapet. Upstairs already there is a battle not for life, but to death between other people and infantrymen. Do not get up on someone’s side. On the opposite side of the swamps, wait a little, until you hear someone’s wild howl. It goes down to you a terrible evil xenomorph of your own person. Its armored body almost disobeys the darts, so in the end you have to fight with a spear in the near battle. The greatest damage is obtained from acid blood. To protect yourself, after hitting the spear, jump off back.

Not to all predators were lucky at the very beginning of the way to meet with scientists and cadets. Part of the detachment was drunk at the ambush and was defeated. Now they are attached to the stretcher and completely immobilized, ship in the armored personnel carrier. Honor of warrior obliges to save his comrade, so how soon go down to the tunnel on the left and run behind the armored personnel carrier. The pursuit will end at the gate, followed by the car. Further the path is cut off, so we will look for workarounds. Jump on a big tree whose branches hang over a small stone eaves. From there you can already sneak into the inner premises of the base. Be careful, such a crowd of the people will come out of the armored personnel carrier, that even a predator with full health and a new battery will have to tight. Quickly run on a tree and from there by sighting fire to seek a soldier. When everyone perished the death of brave, you can go down and collect harvest heads. Or climb even higher to get into the hallway of the secret enterprise.

Your task is to get to the very center of a well-protected platform and capture a large elevator platform. Note that there is at least ten people around it around it with minigars. And for electric fence, stationary machine guns that react to movement are depressed. We will act like this: not moving anywhere, use a sniper magnification and darts to overcome all visible soldiers. Then go closer and destroy the remaining. Then running from place to place and hiding behind the drawers, get to the elevator. In the warehouse, remove the soldiers and get ready for acrobatic etudes. First jump on the box that crane raises. When she rises as high as much as possible to the second floor. Attempts are quite a lot. From the second on the third floor, getting even easier to use the boxes filled with the edge. Loose a little over the control panel and move on. For hacking remotes and other locks, a predator uses a device similar to the infantopian laptop. The end of the work is marked with a spark and bunting system.
Having missed the top of the warehouse with the elevator, reflect the attack. Hack the control panel to open the door of the elevator on which you have to go up even above. Find a spare outlet and walk up the tops under the ceiling.
A new task was received: to quickly escape from the generator. You should not postpone, it smells like bad, and a lot of people runs. Close up, to generators, shrouded ferry and smoke, and then use the conveniently located pipes and cornices. This is the only way out all other doors tightly sealed. Having across half an hour in square ventilation mines, you will fall into a small pass-to-room room. It is worth making a step like the doors will quickly devour and drive you. Trap! Sanidating gas is spoiled from the ceiling, and nothing remains to do, how to fall unconscious on the floor. Here and the enemy arrived. General Guidelines and Councils, took the mask with you, weapons and attributed to the glass chamber study.

Unexpected Allies
Help came from where she was not waiting at all. Through a muddy glass could be seen how the infantryman ran by, fleeing from someone else’s. And at the same time, I screw the opening button of your camera. Then you will thank you, rather get out of the flask and wake the elevator remote. It is time to take revenge on the arrogant general and return the clan mask. From the weapon left manual blade, trouble just.
Running on the second floor on a long corridor, you will get into the room with a glass window. Here she is, mask! Lies next to the scientist. To get it, climb upstairs, under the ceiling, and hack a small door control panel. Mask Your, plus weapons. At least some kind of face in the hard battle. Do not forget to break all the remote controls before leaving, navigate them well. In the next room, climb on the ladder upstairs and creep into the long steel pipe.
Rotate immediately left, then you will find two very important chucks. Turn them on and in the far corner of the room wait for the explosion. Pass is open. Save, now you will pick up a few more instances of weapons and get for it on the hands of the heavy infantry from that. If it happened to fight, direct your feet into the laboratory. Here you will find more weapons and some nippers. Plus a few goals for the collection. In the residential premises, jump onto the grille under the ceiling, recycle and run into the red elevator.
Upstairs you already know about you, so they are waiting with impatience, with flamethroughs and machine guns. Fug off only with heavy artillery. Further worse: under constant cross-flame you will have to get to the armored personnel carrier and stood in barrels with a combustible. The real warrior is not afraid of anything and no one’s time and jump onto the fighter. We will fight on the territory of the enemy. Can say him at home.

Old Debts
Long and completely difficult path led us right in the lair of the acid enemy. You are standing on the threshold of the hive. Inside dark as in the stomach of someone else’s, so turn on the red backlight forward. In advance, enable long-range weapons and get ready to reflect the countless attacks of big cockar-like. Your task is to climb the very top and find a general, there is no bit like that in this labyrinth.
In a dead end, go down to failure, and from there with winding paths again upstairs. When you reach the platform with pipes, jump on them and turn right. Get ready for an attack. By interrupting all xenomorphs, run on. In pipes, or what it is, it is better not to jump moving forward until you see a huge skeleton in the tunnel, there is a large elevator next to it.
Hack the control panel and turn on the mechanisms. Elevator nutrition near, just below. After everything goes, go back and wait a little until your ship arrives. Friends blow up the gate and let go to the team bunker.

New Target
Shafts are descended to the lowest, and a broken elevator, more precisely, the lattice mine, go down, first kill the guard and repairman. It’s small: reprogram the broken remote. After that, the door will open. Through storage facilities, to tops filled with stationary machine guns, you will have to go to the center of the hive. Rising on the elevator upstairs, free the crane from the cargo and jump into the resulting hole.
In a huge tunnel without a special antikonomorphic view, you can not do. Quickly jump down and run behind the trolley. It is not necessary to catch up with it at all, but it does not prevent xenomorphs to move quickly with time. Freeing the cart, follow the tunnel on and head for failure.
Having jumped on the speakers in the bottom of the bottom, climb into the tunnel. In a small hall you will have to download through the fence and jump into failure. There disguised the ventilation mine.

Find the room with the inscription CAUTION, Low ceilings get enough according to the instructions and follow the thick wire on the floor. In the end, he will lead you to a big puddle with a corpse of a predator. Select the rest weapons and return back. Now you have ventilation mines. Break the grid and at the end of the tunnel Close the remote control on the wall. Rises some kind of platform with a huge engine. Why it is necessary, I did not quite understand, but if it rises, then why not…
Open the door and run there, where everything is in fire. Overcome quite complex obstacles and a powerful enemy attack, crawl under pipes in tunnels. On endless boards, defeated through the abyss, take into the very top. Where there will be a small gap, do not try to jump, better go down and go around the complex area. At the very top, under the circus dome, enter a small passage in the wall. Fun begins.
An enemy attack follows the attack. The infinite number of xenomorphs runs on all sides every sides. You have to go through the three halls with small volcanoes in the center. On the floor of each room dozens of eggs, when you run by, do not step once again. As a result, the road will lead you to three more enormous tunnels, similar to the nozzle of the spacecraft. Close to average and try to overcome the complex lift. The last hall with eggs remained behind.
Ahead of the final fight with lead in the robot. Three four energetic volley accurately in the head of the general will decide the outcome of the fight.

Many hundred years have slept these creatures in their cocoons, waiting for their sacrifice. There are practically nothing about them, only the ruins of the unknown city of giants remained on the surface. And then people came. In his irrepressive desire to master the whole space and know all the secrets of the universe, they crossed the face. Thin border of your world and the world of others. For which immediately and paid. Creatures with a perfect body of the night killer began to destroy the entire moving and breathable. The enemy became the one who in the veins flows blood blood, and not acid. You have to go through all the long life path of xenomorph: from the larvae to a full member of the community.

Your primary task to find a lonely person for further penetration into it, ripening and hatching. Climb up the pipe and via ventilation mines. Periodically you will hear the voices of people do not pay attention, no you will not mind you nor you do not bite them. When give up to a laboratory with two scientists, get ready for fast maneuvers. Immediately check in the hall and past two soldiers enter the corridor through loosely closed doors.
At the moment your development is better not to touch the soldiers: any shot or, even worse, torch, graduates from your little life. Use any dark corner or a shelter pipe, just keep in mind that many of the people are armed with motion scanners. They don’t have to see your body at all in order to prettrate from the flamethrower. Take away from sad thoughts about your vulnerability prepare to introduce into the body. Here, for example, sleeping soldiers in one of the rooms is the best purpose for this purpose.
Time passed… Bring yourself the course to the outside (extremely unpleasant sight) and quickly run into the street through an open window. For this period of development, you lost the ability to climb, like fly, walls and ceilings, but you can already snack legs with unlucky pedestrians. In any case, not the time to appear in public. Go along the wide street forward, hide as far as possible and avoid direct contacts with soldiers. At the very end you will find a small noise, fenced with wire. Somewhere there is a hidden cage with a cat perfect food for growth.

Now you grew up in an adult special, able to stand up and to others show Kuzkina Mother. Although in mass boats still do not need to climb as a cabbage. The infantrymen of the people are gravily, a little bit, I do not regret anyone. On the narrow streets, get to the take-off site (it is past the bar and in a straight line). If it turns out, take off the attack of a small squad, and even better go around him somehow. On the ceiling will not work on the edge of the house of the wire under the current of high voltage. A few minutes later you will find yourself in the laboratory, through the inclined strokes, stairs and other technical mines. To begin with, climb to the second floor on the stairs, and then, in the next corridor, go down again down. As a result, you will find the ventilation grille that will not stand in front of your claws and fall apart. Next, select the roof and go to the laboratory where people mock still alive. You have to revenge: one is not enough for this, so break all the panels with light bulbs and free the large xenomorph, and he will finish the disassembly. Faster run in the mine highlighted in red.
Go through the crowd of the people how to do you choose, and go to the big open gate. Position at the first level of a huge complex. Select the closed door and go to the landing strip. The only shelter here is the armored personnel carrier, under it and dive. In the next hall, destroy the protection armed with heavy machine guns, and take into a red ventilation mine, which is right above the second level door.

By the corridor, run down until you come across the crowd of soldiers and several stationary machine guns. It is noted that in most cases they do not respond to movement in the ceiling area. So use your advantage and come around dangerous devices. Introducing the halls with engines, hack the ceiling grille and crawl through the mezzles. If you knock down the remote from the wall fans stop and allow you to get into the room as a whole, and not sliced.
The doors are all closed, so again you have to climb into dust ventilation. On the floor, run down the hatch claws and dive there. Save, and then at the output of the ambush. Many soldiers with minigans and pair of stationary machine guns. Water again, knock down the grille and scroll through dark corridors. There is very useful night vision. A new obstacle ahead: the general desperately commit to you and caused the imaginary infantry officers armed with flamethroughs. These guys are not slipping slightly, pour the area with napalm and waiting for the result. Descend down the mine and turn right in the corridor. In the room with the consoles, break all the panels and other beating high-tech ituls.
It’s time to fight a predator. South immediately the enemy is not from the lungs, one hit in you solves the outcome of the fight. So it is necessary to act quickly and gently. To start, degrade the enemy by the tail, then hit the paws a couple of times and bounce away. If everything has been with small blood (acid), repeat the combination to the final victory. Predator will win, then laugh. If it came to this, it means that you need to make legs. Rather, hide behind the predator wall in a second explodes with such a force that the larger half of the hall will turn. When the flame subsides, jump into the resulting pit and run through the canal.

Further described events took place six weeks later victory over the predator. The infantrymen led to the general calmed down, decided that the enemy was completely defeated, and no one was threatened by their safety. That’s just at such moments and it is worth attacking! Your task is to free the relatives from the laboratory and pick up an ancient artifact in the hive. Climb the ladder to top and turn right, once again on the stairs up and immediately left. Here is the first laboratory building. Door itself hack the grille and narrow corridors to the top.
This ventilation shaft leads to the central laboratory. More often, keep here it does not hurt. Send the sadist scientists and the landing group, then dive into the hole in the floor until the subsoil arrived. Mine go down to the lower floors and penetrate the last compartment of the laboratory here and hide scientists of your relatives here. Free strangers with one blow on a computer. Running, as always, through the hatch of the ventilation shaft.
And at this time… A scientist, the one that disturbed peace of others in their native ulle, gave a dose of drugs and quietly delirious in his office. Different differences were mounted, mostly strangers, the climbing of all gaps. In general, I went uncle. And it is properly afraid, for your actions you need to answer. From minute to minute they will come after him, so let off. After all, the following is your task to find and neutralize Eisenberg.
Habitual ways, t.E. Through the mines, go down to the laboratory where predators are studying. Everywhere the Brengin remains of great hunters and appliances with huge amounts of multicolored light bulbs. Your task is to find and destroy the remote controlling a large crane, so you will release the passage to the hives. Do not relax, what you do not mean absolute security at home. Machine guns, lanterns are placed everywhere, and people are tense in ambushes. Destroy the distribution panel (Power Control) and run to a large room, where there is a small hole in the floor, ideal for escape. Go to the stopping fan.

You represent? These people got to the saint, touched Tsaritsu Ulya. And not just touched, they gave birth to a slight machine guns and from minute to minute they are going to destroy bombs. At that so that it must be prevented by a catastrophe, otherwise the whole community of others will die. You will be assisted by fellow, so you can leave them the infantry. Yourself run off all your feet to big red points it prepared charges. Knock down the detonators as soon as possible. All of them in three pieces in transitions, if you do not have time to task it will automatically be considered failed.
Transitions are quite linear, well lit, difficulties here with orientation will not arise. The only serious obstacle is the title at the very end. No lamps left, and the queen is about to throw all his numerous legs. Although there is a way out. Jump into a deep failure and try finding a small tunnel at the water itself. I wonder why in the ulle, sort of like a hometown for strangers, nothing can be seen in night vision mode? Easier brightness on a 100 monitor to put out what to see something in brightly luminous walls. All, you almost came, it remains to bring down the last charge at the entrance to the throne room, and the thing is in the hat. There is one crowd with machine guns and flamethroughs. Who runs faster, he will survive…

Immediately at the dock, find the grid in the floor and through the dark tunnels are piercing into the inner rooms, where the bugs are dumping barrels, drawers and other trash. Cut the red grid and pick up the control room. Breaking the four consoles, turn off the fans, get ready for truly a great battle. Not from the first attempt I managed to overcome the crowd of begging soldiers. And if everything… At the next turn of their comrades. Already revenge for previously killed. Bite brains. Mission short, but cruel and bloody.

Last kilometers of ventilation mines ahead, the light of native warm hive is already visible. Climb the pipe upstairs and jump into the control room by all mechanisms. In the hall you will see a predator with the consequences arising from here. And they jump into the pipe and make legs as soon as possible. Another laughing bomb is not needed here. In the new room, pick up the elevator and in the laboratory run away all the consoles to open the passage through the fans.
In the hall called Flight Telemetry, destroy the entire electronics, so you will somete the settings in the ship of earthlings, and they will not be able to take the queen. The semifinal battle time approached. You will have to meet immediately with two predators on one small area. Kill them for a long time and hard, and what to do to save the queen. By interrupting them all, move towards the cargo compartment. Close the dome (Flight Beacon Hall) and replace the ship on the site. Now come back and seek the main bad doctor Aisenberg. There is nothing difficult in this.

Unwelcomed Guests
Your squad is already at the most gate. The commander will order you to stroke and open the huge gate. Deliver a minicomputer and connect it to the control panel. Since you are young and inexperienced, then grandparents will also be sent to intelligence. Themselves will remain outside to miss from afar, which will. You should make a few steps along the corridor, heavy vaults are collapsed and separated you from the team. Since then, you will walk alone and rely exclusively on your own strength, health and smelting.
Go through dark corridors, lighting your way with a flashlight. Do not fear the enemy far away, and while it is felt very vaguely. On his presence can be guessing only on puddles of blood and illustrated corpses at the ceiling. When you leave the complex on fresh air, get ready to run a bit. A small detachment on the bridge will order for a long time to live, you should carefully go through the battlefield and dodge on time from the flying machine. Gate locked well no hacker hacks them. So go to the right and get ready to reflect the attack of another flying iron monster. Now, when nothing left, pass, charge the batteries and saved before the entrance. After that break the door.
The radio transmitter brought not the best of the good news: the remnants of your team fell into the trap and suffer disaster. Have to do everything possible and impossible to save them. In the hall go down to the basement and turn on the generator there. Now carefully come back to the landing strip. Go to the Control Tower, to do this, use a small elevator, and turn on the landing units for the landing ship. Return to Major McCain.
He will give you an important operational task: restore the building defense system. With it, you can deal with the hordes of other people who flooded the lower floors. Climb up to the level one and jump over to the second. In the room with a big hole, turn on the chopper (for this you have to practic a little with the computer). After the doors open, you will attack you with a dozen strangers be careful. Return back to a large three-level hall and descend to the lowest floor. In the mines, take away some aggressive attacks and, using the stairs, arouse the laboratory. Scientists take a bageik access to closed levels and return to the armored personnel carrier.
In the new territory, first of all, take away the attack of the predator, then go down in the hive. Out of the frying pan into the fire. People attached to the walls are better not to touch the worms at all and hurt bite. Go further along the corridor until you reach the overgrown web door. Cut it and find the elevator. Get down on it, right in the incubator of others. Eggs should be shot from afar, not letting them open, otherwise you will regret yourself. Little six-legged creatures are practically invisible, but they can be pretty. At the very end of the tunnel you will find the most transmitter and its owner. All dead, pull no one on it back. So rather run to the armored personnel carrier of others, saying about your arrival, will attack indefinitely.

Colladeral Damage
Open the first tunnel and go to the red corridor. Turn on the flashlight Energy is spent slowly, but at least some feeling of vain. In the big hall behind the glass door, find the terminal and turn it on. The second terminal will have already
hack. Before the start of the operation, deal with others, otherwise they will not be allowed to work quietly. While everything is relatively calm the armored personnel carrier confidently goes to the exit, there are not very many other people. After activating the third terminal, survive, there will be an opponent’s attack. At the fourth console, pick up the minigan now you are the road king, and no one is terrible… Well, with the exception of xenomorph of any armored. Raise the gas burner, it will burn yourself through the lattices and other non-opening doors. Take it from the floor slab and jump down. After the fifth terminal, you will remain disable the security system and return to comrades.

You need to get to the command center. To do this, go along the corridor to the left, along the way, read the notes, laid out here, then there. At the end of the way you are waiting for you. Guys with weapons will be asked to pass the gun and the icon you are arrested. For which it is not yet clear, so you have to sit in the chamber until the identification of the personality. Your comrade in misfortune will offer a way to escape from here: You are called protection and start to powder her brains, at this time he attacks them from behind. Plan, of course, wonderful, and was performed well, only the initiator of the attack died. Well, not needed at all. Pick the gun and run to the control room.
Raising a mine with a staircase, you will fall into residential premises. Take off the attack of xenomorphs and burner Try to burn the grille on the ceiling. The following few kilometers of the way you have to spend with a burner in your hands everywhere locked hatches. In the X-shaped corridor, a huge armored monster will fall on top of you will hammer it from some heavy. After that, run the disguised grid under the door remote control.
In the laboratory, raise the capsule with the predator and quickly jump into the gap that appears. Minutes after three in the Control Room with you on the connection will be released by an unknown type that will ask for a parcel. So what to do… No one respects the simple ordinary infantryman he and courier, and the barrier from the enemy. Go down in the eggshair and immediately save. You need to find the hatch under water and dive there I do not know why, but the switter of the generator is under water. Who includes it in peacetime? When the system responds to the inclusion, return back to the elevator.
In the new corridor, turn left regular residential compartments. Find the rise to the second floor;Next to the scientists you will take Hack Device. An extremely useful thing with it can be hacked all drawers in the shower and gain utility. Return to the elevator and hack the main control panel on the floor. Now you have access to the command compartment. On the table Take the CD disk this and there is the same parcel to be delivered. Return to the elevator, he is next to the scientist who gave you a hacker device. In the middle of the way the elevator will be blocked: no door to open a lifter to cause… Hack the control panel and choose the outward.
In the Big Hall, jerk the next chopper, then proceed to hacking panels with a bunch of multicolored light bulbs. Launching the conveyor, jump on it, but before you survive and prepare the machine. Drumming through the pipe and passing along a long corridor, you must find the elevator leading to the main hall (LOBBY).
Take advantage of the yellow staircase to get on the lower floors. Another attack, this time to ordinary soldiers will join a big robot. He is killed like this: take the boxes to the Bazooka and put the rocket exactly in the center of the Iron Ungregate.

A Long Detour
According to the latest information, your team is sent to the very heart of the hive. So you don’t have anything left how to follow her. Sit into the armored personnel carrier, and go ahead, gone beetles and other evil spirits. Overcoming the water barrier, go up the stairs and go to a big gate. Eggs are easiest to destroy flamethrower, because the cartridges are sorry for them, and the grenade especially. The following gates are tightly closed, you will have to turn on. Go down the narrow tunnel to the bottom of the cave. Note that all the time will attack xenomorphs you are on their territory. Turning on the chop, return back.
Run to the big room. From the third floor you need to manage to jump into the second. That is, in flight to change the trajectory and plan on a narrow parapet. Further in boxes. Turn on the cargo crane, and on the tunnel they save from the enemy. And I agree with them there was nothing to include someone else’s crane without permission. Turning on the protective system, return to the boxes and climb on them to the very top. Further lay the way to burners and other devices.

Price Of Admission
Try in the heat of the fights do not hurt your own. Many times I had to overloaded, all the time someone climbed. On a large cargo elevator climb upstairs. In the middle of the path platform will stop without losing time, jump over the side protrusion. Go through a small parapet and climb outside. Save to fight a predator.

Loose Ends
By beating the attack of the aliens, run to the take-off strip. Climb the elevator and take the minigan. With it, you can easily destroy large armored xenomorphs. Your task to clean the landing strip and prepare it to return the infantry team. The whole snag in the number of other people, constantly resorting to an unknown.

Your team happily met you and immediately sent to a new task, so as not to packed in a warm cabin and did not lose the form. Take into a large robot and get ready for reference to the very center of the hive. Management comfortable, but there is little weapon. Take care of heavy weapons to the final battle. Go down on the elevator platform on the bottom, here you will find two huge columns with branches at the very top. These are local generators providing energy all the hive;If you turn them off, the queen will have to tight. As the wire shoot, the people will arrive, the striking revenge, give them attention. After disconnecting two generators, a huge tunnel will open, go to it, and do not pay attention to different web. Remained a few minutes: passing through the hall with pile, stuck in the wall, you will meet with the queen. In the hall there are enough ammunition and the aidhechki not sparing the cartridges to destroy the leader of xenomorphs. When you finish your good, hurry to the way out: the ship is already waiting for you in a long language.

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