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December 14, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Corsairs: Far Seas Curse: Passage
Corsairs: Far Seas Curse: Game Walkthrough and Guide
1630… In this rapid time, the captains of the ships, furring the expanses of the Atlantic, quite easily changed their flag, moving to the service from one monarch to another. The game has four main storylines and a lot of additional quests.

Nicholas Sharp will have the opportunity to serve England, France and Spain or choose the path of one of the members "coastal brotherhood" – At the same time, in the course of the game, we can easily move from one storyline to another. This passage is advice for those who wish to go through the game as quickly as possible without being distracted by trade and sea battles, which can be able to avoid one way or another. However, both is a great way to expand the composition of their squadron and strengthen its armament – actions that are absolutely necessary for those who want to create a military force with which any opponents will be considered.

But we were a little distracted… So, behind the Spanish captivity and flight from the plantation. At the pier of the main English colony of Heilok, pink was moored, with us forty man team, there are some ammunition. Life is full of new hopes, the main one of which is to get a Corsair patent…


We start the game from the city gate of the English colony of Heycast. In order to enroll in the service of the King of England, we need to get a Corsair’s patent for Samuel Morotnes governor. His residence is located at the other end of the city. Taking a patent, you need to contact the governor again to get the first task. We will be instructed to take a letter to Sir John Clifford Brini, the governor of the second English colony in the archipelago. In this letter, there is nothing secret, but we must deliver it safely without opening the print. Award for the successful implementation of this task will be 500 gold. The island on which the colony is located, called Tendeylz – when issuing tasks, it appears on the map.

On the way to the city gate it is worth looking into the tavern. There are free time merchants, captains and officers of ships standing on Khaina Pierce. At the table to the left of the entrance goes as much as the Roma Somety Christopher Clayston, an English officer. He had already crossed the line, behind which alcohol unleashes a language, and for an excess circle is ready to tell us "State secret". Recently, two frigates arrived from England to fight pirates. They passed re-equipment, and Christopher received an appointment for one of them. However, according to him, it turns out that the frigates of these are floating garbage and hardly fall apart from dilapidity. At the neighboring table, Julius Ironikast sits, canonir, in battle lost vision. He dreams of going into the sea and can become a worthy member of our team – in the end, his experience is worth a dozen pairs of the most tearful young eyes. Its services will cost us 200 gold per month, and 600 coins will have to lay out immediately as a deposit. Finally, at the table on the right sits Pete Dalton, the former subset of the local gunsmith. Not so easy to talk this guy – but in the end he tells us the story that his former owner tried to drive some unknown people from the island. Soon after a conversation with them, the son of the gunsmith was killed in a street fight, and the master left Hayok, fearing for his life. The new owner drove Pita, and now the guy is scared and dreams only about how to get to the island of Tendney and find a job there. Perhaps it is worth offering to him our help – in addition to ordinary human humanism, it should have a good affect of our reputation.

Well, it is worth looking to the governor Morotonu and try to ask him about these mysterious frigates. But, contrary to expectations, after the very first question, his high-speed comes to a state of strong anger and simply indicates to our door, not forgetting to promise serious trouble to the Bedolege Clayston for his drunk. It seems that now we really have to go swimming. However, having met in the streets of the city from Russia from Russia Gavril Dubinin, we can part with four hundred gold coins and get a bogman. But, one way or another, soon we leave the port of Hyok and go to the island of Tendeylz.

The journey promises to be relatively calm – pirates, and even more so the Spaniards are found in this region at all. Upon arrival on the island, we go to the residence of the Governor of Brina and give him a letter. After presenting the deserved award, he informs us that Samuel Morotnes is far from the best leader, and an example of this can serve the plight of a small English colony of Grandfather Island, where the most real hunger came because of the irrevenaval. Bryn invites us to deliver the cargo of wheat and make it easier for the position of the colonists. From this task you can refuse, but… Is there any reason? On Grandfather Island, there is one of the characters you need, and there will still have to swim there, besides, due to the refusal, we will drop a reputation. At the same time, the delivery of the cargo can be obtained a very good fee – 2000 gold. We agree and, by loading 150 English centners of selected wheat, go to Grandfather Island – a new island that appeared on the map at the time of our assignment.

Upon arrival in place, we need to pass the load to the owner of the local tavern. He is incredibly pleased that the Governor of Brin remembers their troubles – moreover, the innkeeper is even ready to reward us for the works. Since all gold on the island went to the purchase of food, as awards we offer to take a little cloth, which is quite suitable for sale. Agreeing on this proposal, we lose one point of reputation – in the end, the governor promised us a generous payment for this journey, and it is not good for someone else’s misfortune. In the same tavern, we meet with an English officer David Murrey. The story is repeated, but on the contrary: he is ready to treat us with drinking, if we agree to listen to his story. Like Christipher Clayston, he received a appointment on one of these two ill-fated frigates, moreover, it was even time to visit one of the battles. Murray was a senior canonom, and he saw with his own eyes, as the first side of the Pirate ship was literally fallen off the right side. Our interlocutor turned out to be the only one who managed to escape from the fast sunken ship, but the memories of the experienced, it seems, not yet come together with him in memory. After this conversation, we can hire a murray as a canonir – it will serve us for 350 gold coins, and the first month is ready to work for free.

Returning to the island of Tendeils, we get from the governor of Brina promised 2000 gold, after which we go to the Hyrok for the new task. This time Samuel Morothies invites us 2000 for the support of Pinas "Bristol", following the island of Tendeils. We can not refuse this task, although it trap in yourself: Nearly the Pirate of Edwin on Nickname Caracatian attacks. The battle promises to be not too complicated: Edwin’s ship is pretty sluggish maneuver not far from the island and clearly does not seek to suppress us with his firepower. Do not forget that now at our disposal is Pinas "Bristol". By casting him to the captain, the order to attack the enemy, we are a few exact splashes started. While the Edwin ship is smoothly immersed on the bottom, we learn that the pirate was ordered to kill us, and this order was given by the name of Beltrop. Somewhere in the depths of the soul, there is a desire to meet this BelTrope closer… Moreover, the sooner the better.

With the captain "Bristol" Lemuel Humm We meet in Tendylza Tavern. He transmits us promised by Morths fee in 2000 gold and talks about the fact that the only cargo that he delivered to Tendelz was fifty strong guys of frankly gangster outforthiness. Perhaps, it will not be superfluous to look at the Governor to Brini and inform him this news. After that, we can return to Hyok.

It’s time to perform a couple of additional quests. To begin with, we will have to find in the streets of the Hydhike of a man in the dark blue cocolarol of the scientist. His name is Albrecht Tsalpfer. In a conversation with him, questions should be avoided by the new era in the navigation and the new invention of the scientist. Tsalpfer tells us that he worked on Alexander Bishop until he fired him. Now the inventor dreams of getting to Tendeilz and find a job there. Looks like a good deal. We offer the Tsalpfer the place of a ship carpenter, promising in return to deliver it to Tendney. He agrees with joy, and we get a high-class worker for free, which will remain on the ship until we gather visit the ownership of the Governor of Brin. Closing ahead, it should be said that, being on Tendeilze, Tsalpfer will immediately leave our ship, and we get a little experience in return. But this is not the end of the story. Having found the Central Council on the streets of Tendeilza, we are on the rights of an old buddy again we speak with him – and as a result, the scientist gives us the drawings of your new invention. They will be happy to buy Berrtram Michelson, the owner of a local shipyard, and we will become richer at 1,500 gold.

Distributing more notarily. Returning to the city gate of Heyke, we learn that one of the guards, Billy, is unbearably hard to stand in the post, without having to water the throat of a couple of good wine sips. Let’s help you guy? To do this, we will have to look into the tavern. Her owner, Jeremy Win, will gladly give us a bottle of local acids for quite a robbing price in 1 gold. Having made a sense of legal pride for your own nobility, we attribute a bottle of a soldier and, resolutely abandoning money, we obtain an increase in reputation and 250 experience points in return. But that’s not all. Standing on the right Comrade Billy, Frederick, also suffers from thirst. True, he prefers guilty, but he saw how we brought a bottle of his partner and… In a word, Captain Nicholas could do another noble act? Of course, for the question. We return to the tavern and buy a bottle of Roma from the squalega-host. I gave it to Frederick, we feel easy guilt for soldering the hourly English army, but the increase in reputation and experience gained in a reward compensates for all moral torments.

Returning to the main storyline, we go to the governor. This time, Sir Mortyts invites us to inspect the neighborhood of Ical’s tiny island, explaining this by the fact that the Spanish ships have been seen there. We can agree to this expedition or refuse, motivating that our ship is too weak to fight the Spaniards. On the way to the city gate, it is worth paying attention to a very colorful stranger, confidently pacing through the streets of Heyke. Strange, he knows our name. Some Olaf Ulsson’s messenger invites us to visit a pirated colony on Sharc Island Island, after which the flat refuses to answer any questions. Well, curiosity is not a vice, and we will definitely look there… in my time. In the meantime, if we decided to first fight with the Spaniards, it is thoroughly stocking by ammunition. By the standards of the start of the game, the fight will be quite serious, and the journey itself does not promise to become a pleasant walk – there are quite a lot of pirate ships in this region. Near the island, Shnyava is waiting for us "Tonina", floating under the Spanish flag – the ship is quite powerful and maneuverable to become a serious opponent in the upcoming battle. However, sooner or later we are simply obliged to put it on the bottom. After that, it is necessary to look into the city and talk to John Barton, the owner of the only local establishment – a small store. He will tell that the Spaniards captured and plundered Ical, not protected by fort. Robbery lasted two days, and as a result, only a few townspeople managed to survive. It is a pity that we can not sink "Tonin" again. But there is nothing to do – we will have to return to Heyok and inform the governor Morotonu so small news. Actually, reporting on the results of our intelligence, we can tell the truth about the plunder of Icalka… But we can and paint, painting our great victory over the Spaniards and the salvation of the doomed city. In the first case, we have to take all the blame for ourselves and submissively agree when Mimetons will accuse us in slowness and incompetence. If you begin to object to him, he will fight Nicholas from his residence, and England will become hostile towards us. If we solle, the result will not be better – the truth will open at the next visit to Mortytus, and we still have a delayed English corsary patent, acquiring one more powerful enemy. Therefore, in case we wish to follow this storyline, the only right decision will be submorted to agree with all the accusations and to leave the residence of the angry governor.

Now is the time to leave Hyoka for a while and go with a friendly visit to Shark Island. Olaf Ulsson, leader of a pirated colony, we can find in the tavern. He invites us to become a member "coastal brotherhood" – This is a good opportunity to go to another storyline game. But while we still fight on the side of England. However, the benefits of this visit still have. Talking to Ulson about the attack of Edwin "Caracatians" And about the mysterious note, we get advice to talk to the former first assistant Belterropa, Peter Ordo. The problem is that Ulsson has no idea where it can be found now. However, you can learn about it from Munito Herrinado, the owner of the store on Gray Sailz (this island is located in the northeast of Shark Island). In just 50 gold, this type will gladly inform us that Ordo went to see someone from the English governors, who, oddly enough, is his old buddy.

Well, it looks like it is time to visit our old governors friends. Mortytus extremely dislikes it clear that he does not know and does not want to know any of the pirates in general and Peter Ordo in particular;But Bryn pretty willingly tell us that the Ordo was he had a few days ago and, advising to leave Tendeylz for a while, went to Tel Cerrat Island. It seems now and we will have to follow him.

# Seadogs011.BMP Tel Cerrat Island is located in the eastern part of the map. He belongs to the French, but the city is not protected by the Fort, we can without interference to enter it. From the very beginning we are waiting for cruel disappointment: we do not know how Ordo looks like. However, it’s easy to fix. Touching with the owner of a local store, we learn that the former first assistant Belterrop really arrived at Tel Kerrat, and he has a habit of carrying a yellow handkerchief on his head. We go to the streets and – this is luck! – Peter Ordo his own person jumps us towards. Talking to him, we learn about the fact that Beltropa plans a raid on Tendeils, and someone from the British helps him. Ordo himself, warning Brina about the danger, hopes to reset the foul in the French in Tel Kerrat. However, in his life there is still one serious problem: his beloved girl, Alicia Gardener, is now in Gray Sailz, and Ordo is extremely needed by the help of a person who would help her run from there. Our candidacy is suitable for. In return, ORDO promises to become our faithful friend and ally – the proposal for us is also not useless. SOLVED: We return to Gray Sailz for Alicia Garden.

Returning to Gray Sailz, on the streets of the Pirate Town We find Alias Gardenener. The girl happily agrees to run together with us, but Beltrop is not at all going to part so easily with his prey. Near the shores of Gray Sailz smys the frigate under the command of Peter Glants, whose main task has been recently the capture of some Nicholas Sharpe, Corsary in the service of England. Fighting the frigate – the occupation is quite ungrateful, and you can simply be able to avoid the battle – but in this case the Glants will attack us every time we find ourselves near Gray Sailz.

We must deliver Alicia to Tel Cerrat to Piter Ordo. He honestly complies with the terms of the agreement and, together with its ship, joins our squadron. Running with Gray Sailz, Alicia pulled from the cabin of the Beltrope box with documents, among whom ORDO discovered one very curious letter. An unknown author reported to Beltropu that all the preparations for the storm of the Tendeylz were completed, and he can start an operation. Pirate Fleet’s collection was prescribed by desert island Chatcha. Instead of signature on the letter stood english heb bag. Mortytz! Fearing for her career, he seriously decided to get rid of the young and energetic governor of Tendeylz. It was for this purpose that two dilapidated frigates were discharged from England, which will be absolutely helpless against the Belterrop squadron, well, on the very island, the rebellion had to support those fifty thugs with "Bristol". It is necessary to warn Brina about the preparing attack. We go to Tendeylz.

But to warn about danger – it is only half the following, you need to somehow eliminate its source. According to Brina, he does not have enough powers to arrest Morothies, but, fortunately, now on the island there is a royal auditor for the colonies of Admiral Alexander Gritston. He can give an order about the arrest of Morotnes, if, of course, we will be able to prove his guilt. Brin writes the letter to Admiral, and we have to deliver it to Hyok. It is worth talking to Brin again, and then he will tell us about the mysterious disappearance of ships on the way between Hyokom and Tandyles. Everything indicates that some pirate, cunning and arrogance superior to many members of the coastal fraternity begins in these waters. But the governor does not have accurate information about him, and he advises us to talk to the regulars of the tavern. So, perhaps, we will do. According to Tomas Hancock, the pirate named Ropflake captured quite a recently trading ship belonging to some Markus. Marcus captured along with the ship, but some miracle managed to escape from captivity and get to Tendeylza, where he was sheltered Hancock. But the guy’s business is still bad – during the way from bad water and food with him, some disease happened, which is about the appeal. But since we still go to Heyok, it is worth trying to put such a useful witness on the feet.

Alexander Gritston meets us in the governor’s residence. Fortunately, Mortalt is missing, and we do not interfere with Admiral letter of Brina. At first, the royal auditor does not want to believe so serious accusations, but the letter found in the documents in the documents convinces him in our right. Gritston gives an order about the arrest of the Morotnes governor and puts the next task in front of us: we must defeat the Pirate Fleet near Chatch Island. However, before proceeding with the fulfillment of this, directly say, a difficult task, you can distract a little and make a fate of the poor marks. To begin with, we need to talk to the owner of the local store George Havesyl. He tells us that the famous Alumnus doctor arrived on the island. Having found a venerable doctor on the streets of Heyke and is very impolitely interrupting the stream of high-tender chatter, we take medicine from him for Marcus. After that, we can return to Tendeylz and with a clean conscience to give the medicine Thomas Hancock. We celebrate Marcus, we already meet the next visit to the tavern. In gratitude for their salvation, he tells us that Corvette Ropflake "Chance" Last seen near El Cayman Island. How cute – we are almost on the road. Before going to battle with the Pirate Fleet, we can be walked to El Cayman and save these waters from the next Hander. We will receive a reward for the capture of Ropflake during the next visit to the Governor Brin.

So the sweet hour of retribution has come. Pirate fleet – four ships, from the third class on the sixth, – expects a signal to the attack of Tengelza near the uninhabited Chatcha Island. They are not waiting for attacks, and therefore ships are at a fairly big distance from each other. Well, even easier… Speaking all the Bertrtropa ships (one by one), we return to Hyrok to Admiral Gritston and get a new task from him. This time we ordered to capture the Spanish Colon of Costa Sinistra. And again before performing the main task, we distract a little for another good. After capturing Ropflast, Dr. Alumnus asks us to bring it one rare grass, extremely necessary for some scientific research. He used to buy it from a certain Pablo Loco. But where he is now, the honorable doctor, of course, does not know. Pablo Loco… It seems that we met with this type on Gray Sailz (if it really is so, now he moved to El Caymanno). Pablo Loko – Metis, it is extremely disliked about Europeans and study the remains of the culture of the indigenous population of the archipelago. Having found it, we are trying to speak with him (it will be possible only if the reputation of Nicholas is not lower than good matey). As before, Pablo is ready to share herbs with Dr. Alumnus, but in exchange for this he asks to bring the sacred native tree from which he can build a new boat. Tree We will have to buy on the grandfather of Island at Niphel Feester for 1500 gold and then drive him to Pablo. But all these efforts will not remain without award. Exchangeing a tree on the grass and having delivered it to Aluminus, we learn that as a sign of gratitude, he ordered one of his students to join our team as a surgeon. The student of this is the name of Dick Okhenwood, and he is waiting for us in the Hair Tavern.

The following task is also not mandatory, but very and very useful for those who decided to change the plot of the game. In the Khaina Tavern you can meet the sailor named Roberto Gorendo. Having learned that Nicholas – Corsair, he says that the craftsman producing magnificent sponge pipes lives on El Caymanno. Call His Adriano Montefy. Having found a person with this name on the streets of El Cayman, we talk to him, trying to be extremely polite. As a result, Montefy agrees to make a pipe for us for us free or, if we neglected him, for 1500 gold. The only problem is that he has no crystal from which lenses are manufactured for the best picking pipes. Crystal can be bought from Lorenzo Marquez Aviido on Granada Avilila, but you can get there only having a Corsaire patent in Spain. Those who wish to change the story branch of the game will be able to get into the Granada Avrylia store and buy a mountain crystal there, from which Andriano Montefy willingly makes the best picking pipe.

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