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February 9, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Hitman: CodeName 47: Passage
Hitman: CodeName 47: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Options for Passing Here A Whole Bunch and A Small Trolley (Well, Almost Like in Deus Ex). That Is, You Can Easily Shoot Everyone In The Focus, Only Money for It Will Get the Least. And You Can Hide A Long Time to Hide in The Doorway and Finally The Case IS Just One Exact Shot. Professorlike Need to Act Like Town: To Study The Routees of All The Right Weapon, Talk To Who Will Work with the Keys, Talk About the Subsuslary Things, Location "Objects"…). WHEN PERFORMING THE TASK, ACT EXTREMELY CAREFULLY AND "Purely". OtherWise, Noting The Corpses Or The Sounds of Firing, The Protection Will Raise The Alarm and Some Doors, The Codes Will Be Blocked. Before Making A Mission You Can See The Area of the Area, Pictures "Objects" AND STOCK ALL THE NESSASARY EQUIPMENT AND WEAPONS. AND A FEW MORE USEFUL TIPS:

* Wild Need Not To Remove The Will Scream and Cause Security.
* Keep Up to Mind.
* Try to Thaw the Corpses Into Safe Places If The Find Them – The Noise Will Rise, Which You Can.
* Act You Need As Quickly AS Possible; The Movements of the Characters Are Painted Here Sometimes Literally A Minute "Prodinamy" Someone’s Appearance or Meeting Is Simpler.
* More Often Check WITH A MAP.


How to Wake Up, Take Clothes and Go On. Pour The Stairs (Hitman Will Automatically Jump and Climb), Then Go to the Elevator on the Third Floor. Repeat On the Mannequin in the Handling and Knife. Next, Practice In Shooting From A Gun, Machine Gun. IN THE ELEVATOR ON THE SECOND FLOOR. Shoot From A New Machine, Shotgun, Rifles with An Optical Sight. IN THE ELEVATOR GO TO THE FIRST FLOOR. Immediately Kill Sanitar (OtherWise You All The Time You Will Go Through This Workout Again) And Put On His Clothes. THE NEXT DOOR WILL OPEN ANOTHER SANITARY. Go to the Final Door.
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Mission 1: "Kowloon Triads in Gang War".

Near The Chinese Courtyard (Several Pagodas for the Fence), Find The Elevator Mines From Buildings. THERE ARE SEVERAL PIECES HERE. REAR TO THE ROOF ON ANY OF THE ELEVATORS. Wait Until The Limousine Will Come Up With Security, The Next Will Be With The Boss. SHOOT THE BOSS FROM THE OPTICAL RIFLE RIGHT IN THE HEAD. NOW YOU CAN EITER DEAL WITH THE ARROW FROM THE HELICOPTER, OR QUICKLY RUN TO YOUR CAR. Shoot in Gang Members in Blue Do Not Need.

Mission 2: "Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant".

Here You Need to Remove the Emissary. GO TO THE RESTAURANT AND SEE WHERE THE LIMOUSINE DRIVER GOES. WHEN HE STARTS HIS "Wet Work", Strangle IT for the Removal. Take the Clothes I "Beretta". Hide The Body In The Hatch Next Door. Come to the Limousine and Put A Bomb. NOW STAND UP NEAR THE THREE GUARDS IN BLUE (ALREADY ON THE ROAD FROM THE ZONE) AND WHEN THE CAR WILL PASS BY THEM, PRESS THE REMOTE CONTROL. INTERESTING AND HOWL LIMOUNEIN DROVE WITHOUT A CHAUFFEUR? I Will Even Say More – How Can The Mafia Boss Sit Down in The Already Exploded (!) Limousine (Somehow I Blew IT A Little Earlier Than The Deadline). Go to Your Car. Mission 3: "The Massacre et Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant".

ENTER THE TOILET BEHIND THE BAR, CLIMB INTO THE WINDOW. Put There A Gun and Quickly Head To the Card. KILL THE NEGOTIATORS FROM "Red Dragons" And Quickly Drag His Body Between Houses, Reset In The Hatch. Do Not Forget To Pre-Pick Up "Emblem" And Clothing. Go to the Bar, You are United and Deprived of the Existing Weapon (Approx. Red. – You Can Not Climb to the toilet, But Just Take With You and the Gun and "Ultrasound" – Perhaps The Glitch of The Game, But i Have Been Selected With Enviable Constant, Leaving The Machine). Talk to the Barmen Key From the toilet. Go There, Take a Saxed Weapon in Advance, Throw Away Immediately There "Emblem", GO OUT AND KILL THE POLICE CHIEF AND A Member of the Competing Gang in Blue. Roll Into The Bar (Anywhere). Get Out Through the Same Window in the Tilet and Run to the Car.

Mission 4: "THE LEE HONG Assassination".

Complex Mission, However. To Begin With, Go to the Building Where The Restaurant Is. Inside B "bar" Right. Talk to the Bartender, He Will Give You "Flyer" In Brothel. NOW Go Toilet and In Front Of The Door Turn The Guard in Sunglasses. Take Off His Corpse Into a Sorter and Change. HERE YOU CAN SHOOT WAITERS WHO WILL SOON COME. Anyway, You Will Need His Clothes Later. NOW Go to the building and from the left. Guards Will Miss You. Long Go on Stairs to a Thick Type in a Purple Coat, He Will Let. Climb Upstairs and Talk With The Mistress of a Brothel. Go for the Lady She Suggeted. Talk to Her in Her Room. Go Track. She Will Suit The Stairs. Click on the stairs.
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Now Go to the The Big Gate, Talk Again with a Prostitute. She Will Give You The Code to the Safe. Descend On The Elevator To The Basement and Find The Door There, Which Is Guarded "Red Dragon". Kill IT and Drag The Corpse Inside. The Main Thing Is That Everything Goes Smoothly Here Hong Resid And The Door to Lee Hong Residence Will Be Blocked. Inside Talk To the Prisoner in Torture.
Go to the Sau Listen Carefully to Him, (Or a room next to the brothel, to the left of the place Where You Spoke, Or a Warehouse at Protection). Remove The Security (Almost Everywhere It Can Be Done Without Excessive Noise) And Take the Figurine from the Safe "Jade Dragon". Take Her An Old Man In The Store Selling Herbs. SHE IS NEAR THE RESTAURANT. IN RETURN HE WILL GIVE YOU POISON.
Repeat INTO THE CLOTHING OF THE WAITER (WHAT WAS PREVIOUSLY SOAKED AND DRAGGED INTO THE TOILET) AND GO TO THE KITCHEN. There You Will Be Given A Dish With Food. Take It To The Table Lee Hong. A Fat Guard Will Try First, And Then – The Case of Technology. If You are Swung IT, and do not shoot it in the restaurant, You can go to his residence and kill him there. IF The Entrance Doors Are Blocked, Then Go Down to the Basement and Run on the Elevator. AT The End of The Mission, Descend from Hong Hong Residence to Katera at the pier.

Mission 5: "Find The U’wa Tribe".

And Now We Run A Little On The Jungle. To Start Running To The Southeast And Take The Statue Next Toor of the Crashed Aircraft. Carefully! In The District There Are A Large Cluster of Bandits. Go to the Village (Northeast) And Show Idol to Local Residents, Then Go to the Leader.

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