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April 1, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Passage
Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Layers of FEAR can run the plot addition of Layers of Fear in case of loss of preservation after the passage of the main story.


Our article describes consistent actions that were taken by the author to go through the game from the beginning to the end. You will learn where to look for children’s drawings (collectors).


Upon arrival in the mansion, press the F key to turn on the flashlight. Open the door ahead and go to the right side. If you remember, the next door leads to the kitchen. Go to the left dalun part of the kitchen to be in front of the doorway door. Memories will start. You can open the door (or not to do this at all) to see how the dog runs away. After the memories, go to the same subsidia and take off the wall First figure.Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Game Walkthrough and GuideDrawing from the counters in the kitchen.
Bathroom and Square under the stairs

Return to the hallway and look at the stairs. On the right of it there are two doors. One of them is destroyed and leads to the bathroom. There is nothing inside. Come and open the other door, right under the stairs. Enter a small utility room and look to the left. A few mousetres are scattered on the floor. The second memory should be launched. Here you can also do a certain action: while my father did not approach the door, move the goals on it to save “small fluffy bastards”. But the same action you can and do not do! After the memories, pick up from the floor Figure.Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Game Walkthrough and GuideFigure from the floor under the stairs, on the first floor.
Workshop artist

Re-follow the hallway. On the left side of the ladder there are two doors. The right of them leads to the basement, and the left – in the artist’s workshop. Go first in the workshop. Making a few steps forward, you will see a new memory.

Pick up a brush on the right side of the easel, and then click on it to draw a pink horse. After the screams of the Father, go for the easel and see the same bedside table. Repeat the brush and apply it to the easel. Girl paint green trees. Father will offer to pick up for them another time of year, when they will become a little older and wiser.

To start, take a tube with green paint on the end of the right and apply it to the picture. Trees will be greener, but this is not enough. Drain in the house. Find the cabinets in a row. You must go beyond them and on the stand of the furthest find a tube with red paint. Taking it, go back to the picture and click on it. This is autumn! In this case, it should not touch the chalk, otherwise, in the case of its application, it will have to begin again.

Next you need to thicken clouds. Look to the left and see a low end. Go for it and move to the easiest of the corridors until you see the portrait of a woman hanging on the wall. Get closer to him, then blame. Suddenly, the bookcase will appear behind you. Turn back to the portrait, but the walls here will not be here. Move on the corridor until you see numerous children’s toys. Climb up the slope and on the windowsill you will see a brilliant subject. But it is impossible to reach it. Go down and find a big ball (basketball). Stand up to climb up the slope up and push the ball ahead. At the very top, the ball should fall into the deepening in the floor, after which you can approach the window and pick up the window sill Tube blue paint. Return back and apply it to the picture.

The artist asks to make a picture lighter. Exit the corridor and move further. Go where the dog walks. Lay here Tube yellow paint, then come back to the picture. It will be necessary to wander a bit to disappear fire. Apply a tube on the picture, and then see what the memories end.

Returning to the real world, click on the wall in front of you. Your heroine hangs two pictures found. From the couch standing just at this wall, take away Third pattern.Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Game Walkthrough and GuideOn the right side – the third drawing, which you will find directly in the artist’s workshop.

We continue to pass the game Layers of Fear: Inheritance on StopGame.RU. Leave the workshop and go down to the basement. Go through the easiest until the memory starts. If you approach your father, he will scare you. It will be more correct to come to the box on the left side and pick up a leaf with notes. Thanks to this, the father will immediately play a melody. You will return to reality and you can pick up with pine papers Fourth Figure.Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Game Walkthrough and GuideFigure from the basement.

Close up to the stairs. On the second floor go to the corridor on the right side. On the right hand and there are two doors ahead. The left wall of the corridor is located. On this end, find Fifth drawing.Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Game Walkthrough and GuideFigure from the cabinet, on the second floor.

The door is closed. So go through the door to the right to get into the bedroom. Go to gramophone. Memories will begin. You hear praying about helping mother’s voice. You can either do nothing, or run a gramophone, clicking on its top. In the first case, the bed burns, and in the second – mom will thank you and calm down. Returning to Reality, Wrap, Open the Cabinet and take the underlying below Sixth Figure.Layers of Fear: Inheritance: Game Walkthrough and GuideMother’s Bedroom Drawing.
Cabinet (library)

Return to the stairs. Go to the only remaining passage leading to the office. Come to the table to start the memory. Drain. Please note that the image of mom and father hang on the wall. The door to the right leads to his father, and the door to the left – to the mother.

Go to the right side. It will be necessary to try to open it several times, then the other door. In the end, you can go to the living room with a fireplace. You will hear mom’s voice. Come to the piano and try to play it. Press the keys without paying attention to the fury of the father. Wait for mom asks to bring crayons. There is a chair in the center of the room, and behind him stands stand. Open this cabinet and get a box with shallow. Return to the piano and see that color figures appeared on the notes now.

Click on the piano and see that they are now on the keys. Play a melody by pressing the keys in the following sequence: “Square”, “Circle”, “Heart”, “Square”, “Circle”, “Triangle”, “Star”, “Triangle”, “Circle”, “Cross”. Father praise girl.

Leave the room through the same door. Go for a corridor, go through the door at the end. Indoors everywhere destroyed furniture. You need to move through the next door. But on the right there is a standard with multiple boxes.

Go through the door, another and again on the wall will see the separation. The way to the left points to mom, and the way right – on dad. Once earlier we went to the right, then continue. In the room with four developments will fall a wardrobe. You can go only to the left. In this room, on the right side of the chest there is another door. Go through it. After a series of memories, go to the horse. Go through the door on.

Torn pattern

You will hear music again. Move through destroy. The paths will not be further. Just look around until the passage appears right. Go on the corridor and see the staircase leading upstairs. Do not hurry! Near the table and chairs there is a stand. Look inside it and find The first fragment of the picture.

Go around the table and see another staircase that goes down. Get down down, go around the table and tilter the portrait of the mother. Behind him you will find Second scraps of drawing. Go even lower. On this floor in the globe sticks the knife (for reference). Hide the fallen chandelier to see a gloomy picture on the wall. On the right side of it is a small wardrobe. Pushes him so that he fell on fire. Wait a couple of seconds and see how it drops Third scribe of drawing. Figure assembled – on it shows mom girls.

You can go down even lower. Inside the cabinet on the right there is nothing. Go to the left, through a narrow passage and on the floor will find a photo of girls and dogs. It will not give you anything.

Return to the stairs upstairs. Move on another span and open the door. Go left and on the wall on the left side will see the very drawing with the image of mom. Click on it and listen to the words of the Father.

Locked casket

Enter the room through the door on the left hand, a little further hanging drawing. Look at the end from the left side. There is a locked casket. Pay attention to the red vase in the opposite corner. Tilter her to pick up the key. Using the key, open the same casket inside the cabinet and take picture. At the same time, he has nothing to do with the fact that you hang on the wall in the artist’s workshop.

Follow through the door and see the development again. You should notice that depending on your choice, the whole most part is the father (or mom, if you moved in her direction). Go for my father, through the door to the right.

Do not rush to climb the slope. Wear piles of objects and find a clipboard from the newspaper. For information. Rise above. It will be necessary to move the toy piano in two places to climb it above. Put forward boxes from the couch for which you can go upstairs. Click on the ball and blame. Before you, the abyss.

Extend the box on the left side and move it above. On the fork, roll up to the window on the left to inspect the cake and listen to the birthday of the daughter’s birthday. Return and follow another route. Get up to the board to lower it. Move back to the cake and follow on the boards. In the end, inspect the painted cake.

Go through the door, try to get close to the sofa in the next room. After a series of memories, pick up a flask with your mother’s medicine. If you always went to the left, where the portrait of the mother indicates, here you will find a broken bottle of whiskey. Go through the door behind the sofa.

Open the door ahead and in the downtime with toys, on the floor find picture. At the same time, he has nothing to do with the fact that you hang on the wall in the artist’s workshop.

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