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January 19, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

New Robinson: Passage
New Robinson: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Panama on Kraba. We Go To The Left – To the Oak. Panama with Crab – On Lian. Left – To The Entrance to the Cave. We Select Big and Small Stones. Right – To Palm With Coconuts. Coconut. We Select Coconut and Pebbles. LEFT – Before Entering The Cave. Coconut on the Rock (Stone Slab on Sand). Big Stone ON COCONUT, WE PICK THE STONE. Right – To Palm Trees With Bananas. Take A Branch with Dry Wood. Rope On Bananas. The End of the Rope On a Dry Tree. Click On Bananas. Right to a Broken Ship. Rope On the Right Log. The End of The Rope – On The Left. Plat Stick. From The Ship We Take: Matches, Newspaper, Network, Bottle, AX (The Ax of the Ax Sticks Out Due To Barrel in One Of the Cabins). Barrels Do Not Touch – Useless! We Go to the Left Before Entering The Cave – Closing the Circle. NOW YOU CAN MOVE WITH THE CARD (IN THE LOWER RIGHT CORNER, NEXT TO THE FLOPPY DISK).
In The Forest: A BIG STONE ON CROCODILE. AX ON PINE. AX ON GIVEY. Bottle On Resin. A Bottle With A Resin on Pozook (And The Game Is Something Nursery, What The Balls Are..?). AT The Entrance to the Cave We Select a Large Stone. WE RETURN TO THE FOREST: THE ROPE ON THE LOG. The End of the Crocodile Rope. Big Stone On Crocodile.
In The Glade With A Parrot: An Ax On A Log. BUILD HOUSE. Parrot Newspaper. COCONUT PALM HAS A BOTTLE OF PUDDLE. Oak: Firewood on the Sand Under the Hollow. Matches on Firewood. Water Bottle On Fire. Click on the Hollow (We Have Wax). AT The Entrance to the Cave We Take A Large Stone and a Bunch of Stones. We Recruit Water From Puddles and The Remnants of The Ship Are Taking Claine. IN THE HOUSE: WAX ON THE TABLE. Bunch of Stones on the Floor.
Clay On a Bunch of Stones. Firewood on the Focus. Matches on Firewood. A Broken Ship Takes More Clay. IN THE HOUSE: CLAY ON THE TABLE. Water Bottle On Clay. Click on clay. Click Again. POT ON THE HEARTH. IN THE FOREST: NETWORK ON THE RIVER. Bottle On The River. IN THE HOUSE: A Bottle Of Pot. Fish on the Pot. Panama on the Pot. NEXT TO COCONUT PALM BOTTLE ON PUDDLE. IN THE HOUSE: A Bottle Of Pot. Panama on the Pot. Click on the table. At The Entrance to the Cave: Candle at the Entrance to the Cave. Little Pebbles On IVU.
Click on Prisoner. Cryptogram: "Thank You, A Stranger! You Saved My Life. My Name IS Zjtglubnd. I Will Correct You To Serve The Rest of My Life. My Dad King On The Next Island. If We Can Get There, He Will Definitely Help You Go Home!" Test Beaks From The Top Row and Insert Instead Of Symbols.
IN A GLADE WITH BANANAS: Click On a Branch of Dry Wood. In The Forest: A Bottle Of Resin.
A Bottle With A Resin on Poturna (Well, IT Is Impossible, Friday, Because As a Child…). SPEAK WITH A PARROT Until You Stop. Oak: Friday Click on a Bird. Robinson – Click On The Nest. Firewood on Sand In Front Of The Hole. Matches on Firewood. AT The Entrance to the Cave We Take a Bunch of Stones. Oak: a Bunch on the Basket. Big Stone ON Basket.
Friday Ball On the Fire. As Soon AS The Ball Sneezes, Quickly Grab The Network and Click on the Ball. IF You Did Not Have Time – In The Forest. Bottle On The Resin and On Penets. (Straight Wings Some Kind!).And T. D. On the Way to the Oak, We Recruit in A Bottle of Water from the puddles. Oak:
Water Bottle On Fire. Click on the Basket.
ON THE BALL: WE WORK KEYS "Up" And "DowN" ON KEYBOARD. He Will Have Torture Themselves.
Savior: Friday Click On King. While Say Say – Click On a Smoking Tube. Click on a man with a pawn. Click on the Music Machine Click. Click On a Music Machine. In The Machine: From the 1st Upper Square, Drag The Tube Into The Second Cell Below; from the 2nd – in the 3rd; from the 3rd – in the 1st; The REST, AS Well As The Pen With A Tube, Simply Carry Down Directly. Click on a man with a hose.
On The Ship: Click on the Curtain. Click on glasses. Clear On a Green Bottle. Friday Click on a Red Bottle. We Play Checkers In Such A Way That Pirates Have Done Their Checkers All-Time in the Ladies. Until The Go and Fall Asleep.
Go to the right. Click on Captain. Card Pieces: 1st – On The Floor Before The Card; 2nd – Smoke Next to Pirates; From the pirates to the left: 3rd – IT Boils A Barrel; 4th – On the Shelf; 5th – On The Top Barrel (First Clicked by Robinson, And Then Takes Friday); 6th – Friday Click on The Door of The Door, Take A Piece Under the Barrel; 7th in the soreter (Comes Friday); 8th in the Sertime (Robinson Goes). Click on the map. Collect the map.

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