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December 8, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Nier: Replicant ver. one.22474487139…: Passage of all side tasks
Nier: Replicant ver. one.22474487139…: Game Walkthrough and Guide of all side tasks
Nier Replicant has a huge variety of additional tasks. And some of them will tell you stunning stories, and each guaranteed will give a reward in the form of coins or some unexpected options. For example, after performing one quest, you will be able to settle the boar! Other tasks are extremely necessary to obtain additional endings C, D, E, since the reward for their implementation is a new weapon. I will tell you more about weapons in a separate manual.

All these tasks are generally the same, but have small differences from versions from the Nier Gestalt and Nier Replicant games. That is, this guide will suit you regardless of what games will be run away. The plot of the game is divided into two identical segments. Accordingly, the side tasks are scattered on the first and second act so that you cannot fulfill quests of the first act if you have already moved into the second. Therefore, it should be attentive. However, some quests from the first part will still be transferred to the second.

Note. So that you understand when you should say “no” and switch to the first acts of the first act, I will say the following: Do not pick a moss that grows in the backyard of the trading area of the native village of Nira. This is the point of no return, and as far as I remember, the game does not even warn about it.

Side Tasks – Act 1

As mentioned above, tasks from this section are available only in the first act (for some exceptions). On side quests you will learn from the popolat already at an early stage of the game. And you will show you several NPCs that have tasks for Nira. Before switching to the second act, be sure to do all the desired tasks. Communicate with NPC, above the head of which is “cloud with text”. I also want to emphasize that after passing the game “New Game +” transfers you to the events of the second act, and therefore, to return to the first act, you will have to delete the saving and start all over.

Herbal Remedies (Medicines)

How to get a: Village, Popola.

How to get: Go to the northern plains and find there two healing herbs that you need to bring a character from the trading zone. These are ordinary items, and maybe they will be in your inventory at the moment when you take the task. In addition, they can be bought in the store next to the quest.

Reward: 500 gold.


How to get a: Village, one of the guards near the gate leading to the northern plains.

How to get: deliver the message to the wife of a blacksmith, which is located in the trading area of the native village of Nira.

Reward: 500 gold.


How to get a: Village, store owner items (cards and so on).

How to get: You need to find a hidden chicken egg and return the quest. Talk to the boy who will be marked by the “Quest” icon above the head. It is located at the fountain in front of the owner of the store items. Then talk to the locals with the quest icon, behind the village.

Reward: Healing Balsam.

Old-fashioned home cooking (old-fashioned breeding)

How to get a: Village, woman sitting next to the fountain in the trading area.

How to get: You need to collect 10 mutton pieces, which can be obtained, killing and searched sheep. You will find them on the northern plains. As soon as they collect 10 meat units that you could find before the quest, pass their woman and complete the mission. Quest in the magazine will remain unfinished. All by the fact that the woman will buy you every 10 mutton pieces. Just a wonderful option for a deposit of money! By the way, the Options Options and the Call function nested in it. This allows you to convene all sheep nearby. And yes – do not confuse the sheep with goat. They are here although a little but there is.

Reward: 1500 gold.

Shopping List

How to get a: Village, florist from the trading area.

How to get: A simple task, during which you need to assemble three bulbs of tulips and bring them to the quest. Lukovitsa sells grocers of Primorye – the richest merchant in northwest. Bring them to the quest to complete the side task.

Reward: 500 gold and the ability to plant seeds in the garden near the house.

Book Smarts (Smart Book)

How to get a: Library in the village, girl on the second floor.

How to get: The girl will give you one book, and you have to put them on the right shelves. From her you will receive detailed instructions indicating the place where you should put a book. But you can also walk along the shelves and stop there, where an orange arrow appears, indicating the possibility of interaction. Putting a book, go back to the girl for a new. The first book must be put in directly, on the left side of the ladder leading down, on the first floor. The second book should be placed on the shelf on the right side of the first floor, if you look from the entry side of the library.

Reward: 500 gold.Nier: Replicant ver. one.22474487139…: Game Walkthrough and Guide of all side tasksEmil and Cayen.

The Tavern Keeper’s Grandmother (Grandbird Gabble)

How to get a: Pader Taverns in the village.

How to get: Another task that is associated with the collection of ingredients. You need to bring the caulier tavern 3 healing herbs, 3 berries and 3 royal fern. Pass them with an elderly woman at the village fountain. As for the search for objects, then:

– Medicinal herbs grow both in the village and in the surrounding plains, southern and northern. You can also buy in stores.

– Berries can be found in the same places. They have a resource trader from the village.

– Royal Fern – a rare plant. You can find on the plains or buy Primorye from a grocers.

Reward: 2000 gold.

A RETURN TO SHOPPING (back shopping)

How to get a: Floors in the village store, after the quest “Shopping List”.

How to get: Sharpen three fertilizers for florist seeds. You can buy them from the owner of the store items in Primorye.

Reward: 2000 gold, tulip bulb, fertile fertilizer, extra garden space.

BOAR HUNT! (Caban Hunting!)

How to get a: a man next to a general appointment shop in the village.

How to get: Kill wild boar on the northern plains to get his tank. As soon as the boar will die, go back to a person for a reward. At the beginning of the game, the boar will be a dangerous opponent for you, which in the earliest stands may even kill you with two thages. But there is a wonderful way to overcome this fierce beast. The easiest option is a dark spear (Dark Lance), which is fixed by the L1 button by default. One such projectile interrupts the actions of the boar. So attack it, and when the energy is replenished, just shy. If the boar is crashed into a rock, then it becomes unable to vulnerable and defenseless. The main thing is not rushing.

Reward: 500 gold, boar tusk and the opportunity to ride wild boars.

Yonah’s Home Cooking (Home Strank Yona)

How to get a: Jona, sister Nira.

How to get: Another classic quest with the delivery of something to anyone. This time, Jona asksludin and wheat for cooking dinner. Olenina can be mined in the murder and searches of deer on the southern plains, next to the village. Wheat can be collected on locations or buy a village from a village.

Reward: No.

ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES (on the wings of an eagle)

How to get a: Caidizer Taverns from the village, after the completion of the quest “Grande.

How to get: You need even more ingredients. This time, the caretaker will tell about the eagle. Not about the right or left, but about that consists of a shell. Eagle egg should be signed on the track under the elder elder nest. Take it back to the tavern, after which we transfer the oldest old man with the fountain on the brand area.

Reward: 2000 gold.

Fragile Delivery (Careful delivery)

How to get a: Village, in the guard near the gate leading to the northern plains.

How to get: You need to deliver a fragile parcel. If you hit you, you will roll, fall from a high height or die into the wall in the boa, then the parcel breaks. You can fight. The main thing – do not get damage and do not pass. Run into the eagle nest and deliver the fragile cargo of the elder. If you hit you, go back to the guard to take the subject again.

Reward: 1250 Golden.

Fragile Delivery 2 (Careful Shipping 2)

How to get a: Old man near the fountain in the village store, after the quest Fragile Delivery.

How to get: the same as in the previous task. If you do something from the listed actions, the parcel will break. This time you need to get to the tavern in Primorye.

Reward: 1500 gold.

The Fisherman’s Gambit (Gambit Fisherman)

This task in fact consists of five parts. Although they are considered separate quests, I will list them with a regular list, since the tasks appear one after another. In addition, this is the only chain of quests, which is also available in the first, and in the second acts of the game. It is available throughout the game. That is, if you do not complete these five parts in the first act, you can do it in the second. Quests appear since your first visit to Primorye. But remember – if you leave these tasks on the second half of the game, then deprive yourself with access to the quest “Bon appetite!”From the first act. It cannot be fulfilled without prior completion of the mission “Gambit Fisherman, part 5”! In the second act, parts 6-9 will also appear.

How to get a: Old fisherman you will meet on the pier in Primorye in the plot of the game.

How to get: You need to catch the fish to which the old fisherman gives.

Gambit Fisherman, part 1: Catch 10 sardines, which are available on the coast of Primorye (not in the city, and on a separate beach behind the cave). Use meadow worms as baits (Lugworm).

Gambit Fisherman, part 2: Catch 7 igglobughukhov, which are best caught on the Pier of Primorye on the same meadow worms. You can throw a fishing rod right near the old fisherman.

Gambit Fisherman, part 3: Catch 7 rainbow trouts that live in water from the pier on the northern plains, under the bridge leading to the landfill. Use the usual bait (Lure).

Gambit Fisherman, Part 4: Catch 5 Bream. Throw the rod to the pier in Primorye, next to the quest. Use the usual bait.

Gambit Fisherman, part 5: Catch 5 black perch, in the Lake of the native village of Nira, on the usual bait.

Reward: Each part of this quest will improve your fishing skills and will expand the range of fish store, adding that fish that you need to catch on the task.

The Ballad of the Twins (Ballad of Gemini)

How to get a: Talk to the Favol and the Tavern and Popol in the library.

How to get: You need to buy a drink from the tavern of Primorye. However, to cook it, you will be asked to find the ingredients. 5 mousetails can be obtained from the mice themselves, on the landfill, outside the building. 5 Tails Lizards can be obtained from lizards that live on northern plains or Eastern road. You will tear the tails with the usual interaction with these creatures. You do not need to kill them. Yes, and it is impossible. When the drink will be ready, take it back.

Reward: No.Nier: Replicant ver. one.22474487139…: Game Walkthrough and Guide of all side tasksNir and Grimoire Ways.

A Dog Astray (Lost Dog)

How to get a: in the village trading area from the character next to the blacksmith.

How to get: The dog you need to find is on the northern plains, under the bridge leading to the landfill. As soon as you find it, inform the quest.

Reward: 1000 Golden.

The New Merchant In Town (new merchant in the city)

How to get a: The character on the ship has a marina of Primorye.

How to get: Another classic quest associated with searching for his either or anyone. This time you need to bring wool, goat and natural rubber skins (rubber). Get items not easy, but here are some recommendations:

– Wool rarely falls with sheep on the northern plains. Probably have to kill a huge set of these animals. But you will also bring lamb.

– by analogy with wool skin should be mined when killing goats. It falls rarely, so you have to work hard. Goats can be found on the northern plains, but it is best to go to the eastern road, because there will be no shadow that can disturb you.

– rubber can be bought in the store of special materials in Primorye.

Reward: 10,000 gold. It is possible to get a reward, you will have to talk about several times with the character, leaving and returning to the location.

Note. This task must be fulfilled in order to become available to the Quest from the second act called “Trade Study”.


How to get a: At the mail of Primorye.

How to get: You need to deliver a letter. Go to the old woman who lives on the top of the lighthouse behind the Primorye, through the wild beach.

Reward: 1000 Golden.

The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath (Wrath of Lighthouse Lighthouse)

How to get a: You can get from the postman of Primorye or Devolts in the village’s tavern after performing several side tasks, including the quest “Request a postman”.

How to get: This is a plot task. You need to visit the old woman on the lighthouse, then – the postman, and after getting into the rear room of the post office, deciding on the way a simple puzzle with the movement of the boxes. Inspect the subject in the far room, talk to the postman and return to the old woman. During the task, you will have to take a difficult decision. Your choice does not affect anything, except for the narrative of continuing history. So advise with your conscience.

Reward: 1000 Golden.


How to get a: Again, from the postman of Primorye or Devolts from the village Tractor after completing a set of side tasks.

How to get: Go to the post office of Primorye and talk with the postman.

Reward: No.

Yonah’s Gift (Yona Gift)

How to get a: from Yona, after Caine joins you.

How to get: You need to buy right products from grocers. Melon sold in Primorye, watermelons and pumpkins – in the facade. Or you can grow them yourself using the appropriate seeds.

Reward: No.

Note. You need to perform this quest as early as possible to the point of no return in the first act. Try to complete the task before you go to Emil’s Mansion.

The Belated Letter (late Letter)

How to get a: from a man standing near the fountain in Primorye.

How to get: And again you need to take the role of the postman. The recipient of the letter lives in the eagle’s nest, in the house to the left of the elder hut. The house is empty, but, leaving the city, you enter into battle. From it you get the right thing. Take it to the kestodel.

Reward: 3000 gold unlocks the Quest “Freesia” from the second act.

A Signature Dish (painted dish)

How to get a: The owner of the tavern in Primorye.

How to get: again you need to collect the ingredients – 10 medicinal herbs, 10 wheat (buy in your village or grow yourself) and 10 Sardin (catch in Primorye on a nearby beach, using meadow worms, or buy in Primorye, if the task “Gambit Fisherman”).

Reward: 5000 Golden.

Bon appetite! (Bon appetite!)

How to get a: The owner of the tavern in Primorye, but only after fulfilling the quest “painted dish”.

How to get: Go to the library of your village, take the book of recipes and attribute the innovative of Primorye. Now you need to collect certain ingredients. Rice and mushrooms are sold at a grocersman of Primorye. Or grow them yourself. To catch 5 sharks, you need to use sardines as bait. Fishing Need to Pier Primorye. And to do this, you will have to perform the task “Gambit Fisherman, part 5”.

Reward: 5000 Golden.

Note. Implementation of this mission must be sure to unlock the quest of the second act “Bon Appetite 2!”).

Fragile Delivery 3 (Careful delivery 3)

How to get a: in the village, from the guard from the Eastern Gate.

How to get: Another fragile package. No damage, drops from height or focate! Take it to the gunsmith from the facade.

Reward: 3000 Golden.

The Tangled Message (Tangled Message)

How to get a: in the facade, from a soldier in a mask in the city center.

How to get: You will become a member of the game, in which you need to transfer messages, receiving prompts about who needs to talk next time. Then you need to transfer the right message to continue the quest. If you allow an error, you have to start anew. Here are five people and messages to convey:

– Message №1 – “Man guarding the left side of the exit”. Tell him the phrase The Masked People Respect Their Rules (people in masks comply with the rules).

– Message №2 – “Right Hand King”. Advisor from facade. The Men of the Mask Work for the King (People in Mask work on the king).

– Message №3 – “Man caring for children”. Child Care Can Be Difficult (child care – great responsibility). This NPC can be found in the northern part of the city at the top level.

– Message №4 – “Southeast Guard”. Only Nobility May Enter The Treasury (in a treasury can only know).

Message №5 – “Man with Multilia”. Quicksand (Slying Sands). This character is looking for in the northwestern part of the city.

Reward: 10,000 gold.

ITEM UNKNOWN (it is not clear that)

How to get a: in the facade, from the character in a mask next to the door leading to the king.

How to get: You need to bring 10 “round striped edible items”. We are talking about watermelons. Collect or buy them from a grocer in the facade.

Reward: 3000 Golden.

The Runaway Son (escaped son)

How to get a: in the village, from a man in the trading area.

How to get: You must chase a fugitive. This is a multi-step process. In Primorye, talk with a resident in the city square near the fountain. Spend the investigation in the tavern. It is necessary to collect for the tavern 5 pieces of lamb and 3 pieces of Kozdyatina. Collect them and bring here. Return to the village and talk again with the quest. Go to Primorye and talk with a person at the entrance to the city. Go to the facade, talk with two inhabitants above the weapon store, and then check the nearest door. Run for my son over the desert, defeat wolves, and then go back to the father of the boy.

Reward: No.

Apology From A Fool (Apology from Fool)

How to get a: from the merchant strange things in the facade.

How to get: All you need to do is kill wolves in the desert and search for their bodies to collect 10 wolf skins. Return to the quest, and then talk with his wife.

Reward: 20,000 gold.

THE PIDE OF A LOVER (Beloved Pride)

How to get a: in Primorye, after the first visit to the facade, talk three times with a man on the lighthouse. You will have to leave and return to the location after each conversation to update the dialogs. This task is easy to skip.

How to get: you need a fluorite. Visit the store of strange goods in the facade, and he will send you to the desert temple. Fluorite scattered in different parts of the temple. For example, on the bridge in front of the room where you fought with the boss. Can also appear in side rooms with spiders. Looks like a regular LUT (white luminous point), often lying around broken pillars. Take the subject of the quest.

Reward: 30,000 gold.

The Littlest Hero (Little Hero)

How to get a: from the owner of a weapon store in the facade.

How to get: First, you need a royal compass that can be found to the right of the champions of the king of the facade. Then go to the desert and log in to the sandy storm. You will find NPC (marked on the map) next to the storm, but it will run away from you. Pass behind him through the sandy storm. You will find yourself in the right place as soon as you see wolves. Go through the door and kill the beasts.

Reward: 10,000 gold.

The Missing Girl (Missing Girl)

How to get a: In the facade from a woman standing next to a strange belch.

How to get: To find the girl, you need to perform a number of action in the facade and the nearest surroundings. In particular:

– Chat with a man in a mask near the conquest of the king.

– Talk to a man in a mask next to the store of strange goods.

– go to the lower level of the city and look for a bloody spot. Look at it. It is located in the northwestern part of the city, right under the store of strange items.

– Chat with the guard of the Treasury, and then talk to the guard to the right of the entrance to the city.

– Go to the desert, run to the first sandy tongue immediately outside the city, and then go back to the NPC north of the store of strange things.

Reward: 10,000 gold.

Note. This task should be performed to unlock the quest “The Shadows of the Desert” in the second act of the game.

Before you choose Moss at the end of the first act, complete all side tasks that would like to finish, so as not to lose the opportunity to do this because of the forced transition to the second act. Remember that the scale of side quests in the game menu should show 50-51%.Nier: Replicant ver. one.22474487139…: Game Walkthrough and Guide of all side tasksHuge shadow at the end of the first act.

Side Tasks – Act 2

Unlike side tasks from the first act of the game, you can pass all the quests of the second act, running the “New Game +” mode. In this case, everything will begin with the second act. Only a small part of the tasks of the second act requires the execution of some quests from the first.

THE MASTERLESS LIGHTHOUSE (Lighthouse without a caretaker)

How to get a: from the local resident, standing outside the lighthouse in Primorye.

How to get: You need to collect 10 broken lenses, batteries and 10 switches, and then transfer them to the corresponding NPC. All this can be knocked out from enemies in a landfill:

– broken lenses rarely fall out, can also be found as ordinary lie or buy in the weapon store at the twin brothers, on the same landfill.

– broken batteries fall from flying drones. Look for them in the first floor corridor.

– Switches fall from square robots with red eyes with which you fight inside the landfill.

Reward: 30,000 gold.

The King’s Mask (Royal Mask)

How to get a: in the facade, from the guard to the right of the entrance to the king.

How to get: Another quest with the delivery of something. The character asks to find a titanium alloy for him and crystal. The alloy falls out of robots on the landfill, and the crystal should be sought inside a deserted temple. Or buy the last item in the store of materials in the facade.

Reward: 10,000 gold.

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