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December 15, 2022
22 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Serious SAM 3: BFE: Passage
Serious SAM 3: BFE: Game Walkthrough and Guide
It was in Egypt.
Summer in Cairo.

Playing the steep Sam at the difficulty level of “man”. Dropping out from the helicopter, go up and go to the left. We destroy the first monster (“Samka Gnaar”) by pressing “E”. We enter the building and take a sledge hammer from the locker. We smoke the obstacle, go down. Going out, turn left and move forward, killing enemies. We select high-speed jars to increase health. We see a big creature, go around to the right, as you still have a wall in front of us. We continue to move, painting with monsters.

New type of enemies with rocket traces (“Hello Racket”). Kill the first and see how a certain flying object flies, which destroyed the building nearby. We turn right, there will be labeled wall. We destroy enemies, pass through the wall. Search every corner and room to find useful items. We select a gun, we understand with “Headless Kamikaze”. They are easy to detect thanks to the published. Choose in a more or less open area. There will be a fight with a whole oral “Headless Kamikaze”. We detect the helicopter by the road, we move to the building. Big fight with all opponents immediately, the farther to the building, the more. We go on the right side, from the windows jump “skeletons from a clearing”;at a distance throwing chains, and near attack jumps. In any case, you need to shy, hear about their approximation it is possible by the head of the hoof. We enter through the basement.

In Puttin.

We are moving on the dark basement, the stairs rise upstairs. Right barricaded door, so turn right. We are chosen in the hall, where we destroy the cocoons and the “Antares spiders, the cub” in them. Without reaching to the end, turn left. We will meet “Antarrvsky Spider, young SPAC”. Young, like young individuals, are perfectly climbing on the ceilings, so carefully look around.

On the rooms we get into a long corridor, at the end will appear Kamikaze. Climb the stairs and then run forward. We go around, hear the cries of help. Go down to the basement, shouts stop, but the sound of a mobile phone appears. Watch Roller.

There are many cocoons in front of us, it is best to destroy them from a safe distance, thinking a waste plan. Since suddenly appearing females of Gnaar will force these cocoons to open, it is better to deal with spiders in advance so that there are no problems in the future. Here we will get a powerful shotgun, killing “clone”. Their attacks are not as terrible in distant distances as, for example, our. After all, the same shotgun in our hands has a slaughter force even by an average distance. With a group of “clones” we are growing up, looking out from around the corner.

We choose from the basement and move forward, continuing to kill “clones”. Soon we will meet with the first boss – “Arahanoid, adult individual”. We try to shoot in the head, since the body of this creature reliably protects the shell. Keep at the middle distance, near the “Arahanoid” attacks his sting. Constantly moving from shelter to shelter so as not to get under the scale of the enemy machine guns. Do not forget to collect armor and first aid kits. After victory, there will be a few “Gnaarov”, which scold the wall, thereby opening the path to us.

Broken wings.

Turn left, moving through the gateway. Some of the “clones” are armed with automata, but this weapon is not yet available to us. Kill them from a shotgun and pistol. We are chosen on the big street, passing under the bridge to the attack of a large number of “Gnaarov” and “Arazhnoid”. Running back, we paint with monsters and, returning, we finish scorpion.

Watch into a new doorway, come across “Kamikadze” and “headless rackets”. Go to the other side through the building on the left.

Another “Arahanoid”, a bunch of enemies in the gateway and again Scorpio. We choose to a long corridor, where the enemies will be alternate with couples. First, “headless rackets” with “Gnairi”, then “skeletons” with Kamikadze. In the end, the “Syrician Bull Werewolf” expects us. Exclusively in the jump shy away from his attacks to the side. Bull is very dangerous and can cause serious damage when hitting running.

While waiting for a rescue helicopter with Garrett, we destroy dozens of “headless”, “Gnaar” and “skeletons”. Some “Kamikadze” will appear.

The main opponent for dessert. It shoots powerful missiles that are able to smear us literally from a few shots. The central building is not destroyed, but it is still dangerous to run around it, since it is painfully a short distance between the walls. But the developers clearly calculated in some places. In the corners of the arena also there are not destroyed pillars. Behind them, it is possible to hide, moreover, we can shoot out holes, and rockets will not be able to pass through them.

Without shelter.

Moving forward, turn left. Quickly kill the enemy and taking the machine. Seeing lasers emanating from a suspended machine gun, turn off it. Pull the lever under the machine gun to disable. Ahead turn to the left under the arch, where dozens of enemies will appear. So in advance we are preparing to run off back and run the protection system, t. E. minigan. Subsequent machine guns will be bypassed, as it is impossible to slip past them. As you can see, the lasers have a limited distance, so you can easily move away away from them.

Get to the wreck of the helicopter. Garrett is dead, and at the site of the helicopter appears “Technopolyp helicopter”. Run away away and wait until he flies. Tour again, but now everything is more complicated. We go around, we study the wires that will bring us to the switches.

Soon the enemy with a turntable will appear again. From our weapon not to kill him, so do not even try. Breaking forward without stopping, “clones” will be revived infinite. We choose the wall on the right side, since only from there you can turn off the turret, which prevents picking grenade. From it we will easily destroy the chief enemy.

Lead cloud.

The new enemy “Scythian Garpia” can fly and attacks on top. At the distance attacks electric charges. It is recommended to kill another. We move on a wide street right in the center to notice “Garpius” in time. When “Arahanoid” appears on the horizon, then, of course, we turn to the side. At the end of the street we turn left and turn off the turret.

Blast the bridge and then climb on it. We go ahead, from the box we take a double bastard. Very powerful weapon at very close distances. Jump on the other side. Before us, two big streets that eventually go together together. We are waiting for dozens of enemies of different texts, as well as a completely new prototype “Arahanoid, cub”. Weak place – neck. We use the machine against them. Do not run constantly forward, so as not to recapture a whole bunch of enemies. We are separated with them as arrived.

Under the bridge we collect ammunition, a lot of “skeletons” will be attacked ahead, so we go back. Streets are almost similar, just this time we will get drunk through the break straight to the pyramids.

We meet with the boss – Alien ship. The battle will be tightened, long and heavy, if you do not do as you need. First of all, we destroy “Garpius”, then we understand with all the enemies on Earth. The ship will often send new opponents, at this time we must shoot along the portals from which the reddish beam comes. We shoot from the machine, and enemies are destroyed from a grenade launcher. For portals are quickly closed, and grenade launcher can not fly to the appointed target. In principle, you can do this: when the portal only opens, we produce 5-6 shells (they will definitely fly) and shoot a machine gun. So we will apply the maximum damage on the ship of the aliens.

Silent riddles.

We move to the pyramid of Heops. Ahead new opponents of “biomechanoids (small)”, which are easy to destroy, but they can also quickly deal with us.

Get to the bunker, to the right of the main entrance there are gates. Skip to them Even the right in the room. Take a pass and destroy enemies. We pass through the door, we collect a bunch of ammunition. Ahead of the long corridor in which enemies will come. We use dynamite, it will just cope with numerous opponents.

We choose to the Sphinx Monument. Of course, we are waiting for a large pressure of various creatures. Our task is to get to the opposite side and pick up dynamite from the box. Then lay it three pieces on each side of the sphinx. Detonate and enter inside through the center.

Jump down. Pull the first lever and quickly run back, get up on the top of the column. From her we jump on another moving column when it will be lower than us. Thus, we will be upstairs. Ahead of another lever, activating which quickly unfold and run into the opened passage on the wall. We wait until the staircase drops. Raise it, find ourselves in the hall. Go to the end – the door is closed. Deploy to the right there will be a passage. On the throne lies mummy, taking her bracelet. We return to the door and open it with the bracelet. Watch Roller.

Having loved the layout, open the next door and kill the “headless” our bracelet (fists should be selected). This is a fairly powerful weapon, but it acts very slowly. Effectively immediately against several enemies. We choose out, collect ammunition. Last fog at this level. Constantly moving through the huge territory, in search of ammunition and the aidhechki. Enemies can be, anywhere, so it will be necessary to play the whole territory so as not to miss any. Since because of this helicopter will not arrive, even if even one enemy remained not killed.

Opening the Sun.

Ahead of a heavy fight at once with several types of heavy opponents. Firstly, this is a new prototype “Duck Racket” – moves slowly, but his rockets fly quickly. You need to shy up lightningry. Fight immediately with several similar devices will bring our victory almost to zero. Secondly, this is already known to us “biomechanoid”. Will support their younger colleagues. No need to fight at once in three fronts. First, we are divided with more obsessive opponents of the rank less, t. E. with Kamikadze, Skeletons and T. D. Then proceed to massacre over thick “rackets” and at the end of the “biomechanoid” + less active opponents, such as “headless raques”, “clones”. Exit to open space leads to instant death, especially if several heavy enemies are connected to the attack. We use the buildings to kill missilers one by one. Having passed through the arch, we will find a new weapon – the automatic shotgun “devastant”. Another similar battle.

Enter inside the building, go down. We meet “Cave demons”. These are such a mardy creatures that prefer to attack on top. All the time stay on the walls and ceiling, go down only for fast attacks. Kill them are not so simple, you need to constantly track them down. Using for killing a double bed. These creatures have strong pressure exclusively in the dark. We are chosen on the surface and kill the “duck racket”, then “skeletons”. We pass forward and easily deal with the “demons”. After all, now we see them perfectly.
We meet a small resistance in the video of another “Util-racket”, “skeletons”, “headless” and couples “Biomechanoids (small)”. Get to the room where you can not enter. We go further, not going down down. In the central room we are protected from large enemies. But getting out from here anyway will have to come, because we need to find four artifacts to enter the Syrians. We go to the left, at the top of the temple settled “Scorpio”, and nearby “Util-Racket” and “Biomechaniode”. Kill everyone and run to the temple. It is closed, so we look for nearby small rooms, in one of them there is a key card. With this key card, we can get into all blocked temples. Clockwise moving from the temple to the temple, with each successful receipt of the artifact, new enemies will appear. Returning to the central room, where two fathers are waiting for us. Enough to kill one to get to the Syrians. Insert all four artifacts and descend down on some elevator similarity. Run forward by bridge, Sam launches mechanism. Run back and climb upstairs.

The old way is blocked, so jump over the wreckage and we celebrate the huge “Khnum”. Run past him and moving forward until you get to the drawer with dynamite. We try to get dynamite directly to the center “Khnuma”, there is even a mark on his body. Thus, we will apply much more damage and finish it faster. We pass through the opened grille.

Gloomy bride.

We move on a dark corridor. We are chosen in the hall, where we destroy several “biomechanids” and “demons”. Around the center there is a lever, activate it and looking for an open passage in the wall. There will be another lever, pull for him, looking for the following passage. Thus, we get to the last room, which will bring us upstairs. We raise with a pile of “spiders” and go to the surface.

Go forward, we destroy many “headless” and a couple of “Kamikadze”. We go further, to the left hid “fat man”, as well as on the right. You can not go down in the water, go further. All doors are closed – looking for a key. It is inside one of the premises. Next to the columns will appear “Khnum”, we destroy it using the foundation found. Open the grille, kill all enemies. Climbing the stairs design.

Jump down and go to the first key. Need to go to the end directly and turn left. At the end, the room is the key that opens the grille to the right of the place where we jumped. We pass through the door that we opened, forward and get to the second key. We meet a new opponent – “Witch Achriman”. It has a weak health, but it has a unique ability to spark the space, thereby becoming invisible. If you do not attack it for a long time, then it will raise us into the air and cause serious damage. You need to shoot when the health strip is lit. Open the next door, which will be near the “Util-racket”. See them will be easy.

There is one single way ahead when a fork will appear, we go on the left side. Now the most interesting will begin: come to the machine gun and wait. The whole row of “skeletons” is trapped on us! The turret itself will not cope, so we help her fight back. However, not only “skeletons” will not let us calmly stand, also occasionally will appear “biomechanoids” both small and large. When the wave ends, taking minigan. On this shredding enemies does not end. We collect ammunition for minigars and pass on. We continue, manually, straighten with dozens of opponents. Do not be lazy to return back for ammunition, because only this weapon can stop truly a huge number of enemies. We pass through another huge territory and turn to the left. We take the key from the booth, for the next door.

We make my way between the stone slides, almost at each angle dozens of “clones” wait for us. We use dynamite, for rapid violence over them. Also on this territory we are looking for keys and open the next door. At the door again we will meet the “Witch of Achriman”, we are divided with her and go further.

Before us a long trail, we take all the ammunition. Soon the enemies will appear, miniga will save against the “Bulls”. We destroy the “headless” and “kamikazy” by the usual automaton. We get closer to “fat men”, shoot on them from a grenade launcher or automatic shotgun. It’s time to put into the course of minigan. Shoot “bulls” while in constant movement sideways. The dessert remains “skeleton”, we use the remnants of ammunition from minigar on them.

Power of the underground kingdom.

We go ahead, before us the task that we have already performed before, and that is, to find four artifacts to get into the “Anubis” plasmogenerator. We will not go down to descend, but immediately go to search. Let’s go on the left side, we run to the end and look into the cloth at the wall. We take the key. We return back and open all the closed temples – they are only three. The fourth is on the right, we also run almost to the end and see a large pit, where the temple is located in the center. You can get out from here through one of the rooms, so carefully inspect them. Having collected all four artifacts, we return to the plasmogenerator and, descending down, insert the artifacts and go on the elevator. Activate “Anubis” and come back back.

The design on which we descended down – destroyed. So just pass forward. We take dynamite from the box. To make it easier, do this: blast only one wall, moving vertically or horizontally. If you destroy all the walls right away, you can not cope with the influx of enemies. The exit is exactly on the diagonal, so not all the walls will have to destroy to get out of this labyrinth. Before drove up the wall, we throw a dynamite over the wall over the wall and undermine it. Thus, all the enemies behind the wall will die. Next, we run forward, there are several “skeletons” towards. We take dynamite from the new box and dive into the like well. On the throne sits “Khnum” will be his couple of shots of grenade launcher or dynamite. If the ammunition is not enough for his destruction, you will have to climb up the passage. From there we jump onto the throne and take the ammunition to the rocket. Range with “Khnum”, we choose to the surface. Take the tsar-gun – the most powerful weapon game. Destroys any opponent literally from one shot.

We are waiting for many “skeletons”, as well as occasionally appearing “biomechanoids”. You do not need to spend the ammunition king guns in small enemies, this weapon is intended for major representatives to destroy them as soon as possible. “Khnuma” the stronger on them will need two cores. We are chosen on the large territory and dismiss on the waves of opponents, until the aliens ship appear. We are divided with it as usual, shooting portals where the reddish beam is emitted. With the arsenal that we have, to do it will be much easier than last time. We expect the arrival of the evacuation helicopter.

Lost Nubia temples.

We look at the roller in which one of the “biomechanids” swears. We are in the desert and we have no weapon. Moving forward, killing spiders, and at the same time we are looking for our weapons among the wreckage. Hammer, gun and shotgun, automatic. We take all our good, divided with “headless”, “spiders” and a couple of “Util-racket”. Get to the oasis where we find a helicopter. Next to him there is a double bastard, taking it and get ready to kill several “bulls”. Then there will be many “Kamikaze” strictly surrounding us. The right way is the place where the spout of the helicopter looks. There will again appear “Kamikadze” and “skeletons”. Ahead will be a pit, we jump there and collect all ammunition. Hearing the sound of the helicopter is not in a rush. To begin with, we will take a rocketr, which lies in the center next to the box with ammunition to it. Only two flying enemy “Technical Helicopters”. Get on them will be quite difficult. They shoot the queues, so we try to divide most of the time with them.

Go further, ahead will appear literally a couple of hundreds of “Kamikadze”. We go back, in the appendage will be a couple of “Bulls” and one “Arahanoid”. We collect all ammunition that can be collected. Avtomat Machine to “Arazhnoid”, against bulls doubles, and a regular shotgun is suitable on Kamikadze.

Next, another huge territory. We kill the “Witch” and “Technology” as soon as possible. With the rest of the problems will not. There are many aid kits, armor and ammunition in the district. We can immediately pick up minigan, in the central building – dynamite.

We go further, again dozens of “Kamikadze”, “skeletons” and on this heavier artillery – somewhere about five to six “biomechanoids”. Leaving back, separated with small opponents, including with “bulls” and then finish large creatures. Before entering the building, we are growing with “Garpius”.

Last man on earth.

Collect many ammunition. We go to the hall with columns where “Martyski” are located. We look into each of the rooms on the sides and activate the three levers found. Then the passage will open in the latest room on the right. Climb upstairs and see how below is silent “Arahanoids, young”. Throw this place with dynamite, moving on the other side and jumping down – detonate. If there is no dynamite, then do nothing. In the room near, where we jumped, there are three levers on the wall. Each of them opens the door to the room with “Arazhnoids”. You can open all three doors at once or open them one. Steaming with everyone, activate the lever in the center of the room where the enemies were. Run forward, go down the narrow staircase. Then rising upstream. Upstairs a stone ball that will start sliding right on us! You can immediately jump to the side, or try to reach the passage, from where we appear. Stone breaks the door, there in the center activate the lever and quickly run on. Climb upstairs and have time to jump on the bridge. Thus, we are chosen on the surface.

Further, everything is traditional, hundreds of enemies and a straight road. Reaching the key, open the door with it. Now you need to reach the car, taking with you one of the canisters. All canisters are highlighted, so finding them will be easy. So that the machine needs eight canister with gasoline. Enemies will constantly put on us. Of particular danger represent “fat men” and “Kamikadze”. If it does not arise with the second problems, then there will be many first, so we will argue with them as soon as possible.

Guard of time.

After the roller, they quickly run into a safe zone, until the monster absorbed us. We collect ammunition.

Our path will be not easy, after all, the last level and monsters above one and a half thousand we are provided! Waves “Headless” will be alternating with “Kamikadze”, and also try to confront us with rare “fat men” for a couple with “biomechanoids”. We search for all Canyon’s shorts in search of a small number of armor and first-aid kits. Do not be lazy to return for ammunition in boxes, otherwise we will simply not cope with a large number of “skeletons”. Selecting from the canyon, we run to the next point and quickly back to the cave, as two “technicap” will appear. Do not rush to get out of here, we still need to deal with “Witches”. There will be three or four pieces of them, in the open space to deal with them problematically.

Next, follow “Arachnoids”, young “and again in the next canyon a huge number of” skeletons “. Watch left and run to a box with ammunition for rocket. Dozen “Util-rackets” will appear ahead. Look back to not be in the center of a crazy attack on their part. Then we will try to surround about hundreds of “big spiders”. Take the tsar-gun and starts the last stage of our opposition with monsters. We are racing with hundreds of “skeletons”, dozens of “biomechanids” and, of course, with a lot of “Khnumov. “Bykov” will also be quite a lot, especially at the exit from the canyon.

So, the last and most important enemy – “Koldun Ugzh-Zan IV”. For that it was so nicknamed? You can find out in our diary by pressing the middle mouse button. There you can also emphasize that this “sorcerer” has one weak place on his back. The order of violence over him is:

1) We select Jet Pak in one of the premises
2) on the ground in the bunching lie highlighted pieces of pipes, take one of them
3) Pone to the “sorcerer” from behind when he is busy in a fight with “worm”
4) In the lowest place, the contour will be highlighted where you need to cut a piece of pipe that we are safely and done
5) stick five pipes in the back of the enemy and this can be finished with this case
6) We are waiting for a lightning strike, and we finish the “sorcerer”

Note: Having stuck the first pipe, it is not necessary to wait until the “sorcerer” enters the fight with “worm”. We have an excellent chance to lean the next pipe into the body of the enemy when Znight will hit him. The most important thing to act quickly and minimize to be distracted by the enemies below.

Watch the final roller.

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