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January 21, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Talisman: Passage
Talisman: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Note: Choose A Magic School (White Or Black) and Regardless of Whether You Prefer Magic Or Weapons, Pump IT (for this you just need to select all Scrolls of White or Black and Read Them). Some Monsters Weapons Kill Much More Difficult Than Magic.

AT The Beginning of The Dying Scomer, Who Directs The Hero in the Fire. Go North. The Soul IS Behind The Bridge in the East. THERE ARE A COUPLE OF CHARACTS CAPABLE OF HELPING IN ADVANCE. IT IS A ZONE AND MAGICIAN. Narchar Does Not Say Anything Pretty, Except Mentioning About A Talisman. The Magician Is More Informative: He Does Not Give Immediate Information, But Asks for It to Stop Locust, Destroying The Crop of the City. IT IS Necessary to Find A Sorcerer in The Forest In The West Of The City (North of the Robbers). IT CAN BE KILLED AND THE LOCUST WILL DISAPPEAR OR FULFILL THE TASK WHERE HE ASKS TO BRING A ROBBER FROM KOSTUBE, WHO SITS IN PRISON. IF You Bring A Robber (You Need to Destroy The Prison), He Kills Him and Stops Locust. After that, WE Return to the Mag, Who Says That, in General, Does Not Know Anything ABOUT THE CIJAGE, But Reports That You Can Learn ABOUT THE MAGE FROM
Cities of Yar.

In Yar, You Can Go Through the Mouth. WE GO TO THE MOUTH (Road to North) And Find The Main Fisherman Foma (Near the Easter Entrance to the City). He Says The Nightingale-Robber, Which Is Almost Impossible to Kill Whichhout a Magic Artifact, Which Is in Thoma, But He Will Not Give It Until He Is Filmed From The Sea (for this you need to kill magician in the world). The Head Of The Fishermen Can Kill and Select The Artifact and You Can make it a Request and Kill The Evil Sorcerer, Which Created the Storm at Sea. Choose The Path and Extract The Artifact. Then We Go To the Nightingale (East of the Mouth) and Safely Deal With Him. Further To Yara Get Enough Easy.

Come in Yar. Find A CONRAD (City Center). He Gives A Task to Find His Staff That Stole Baba Yaga. We Go to Baba Yaga: Northeast to the Bridge, Then Northwest, How Will Branch North – We Turn. SPEAK WITH NE. She Does Not Immediately Tell, But Assks to Perform A “Simple and Cheerful” Task for Turning The Inhabitants of the Neighboring Villages in Sheep (The CorreSponding Black Spell Is Required). You Can Perform This Task, Or Beat The Grandmother, Then She Will Tell That The Staff Lies with the Robbers Next to the Bridge, Which We Passed Along The Way to Yaga. We Go There and Take Away The Scoundrels of the Staff. The Magician for His Staff Is Struck by Tiraje ABOUT THE TALISMAN AND THE MAP FOR WHICH IT CAN BE FOUND. Card Broken Into Three Parts. One Of The Gorynych, The Second Of Koschery, The Third In The Desert.

We Go to the Mountains (South-East of Yara). Talking to Him, He Says That His Piece of Card Is In The Tower Falk In The North From Volkhov and Asks to Return It.

We Go to the Volkhov (We Return to Yara and We Go On The Southwest Road). If The Talked to Gorynych, Then His Totems on the Bridge Will Not Work and Will Not Kill The Hero, We Go to the Swamp; You can Also Kill Navia and Pick Her Head (Come in Handy in Volkhov). Navia IS ApproxiMately In The Center of the Swamp. We Go to the West and Go Out to Volkhov, If You Killed Navia, Talking to the Prince of the City and He Teleports US Almost to the Tower of Fold (If Not Killed, Then He Gives The Apprite Task). THEY KILL EVERYONE THERE AND TAKE THE FIRST PIECE OF THE CARD.

Further Go to the Crosses (West). From The Crosses You Can Try to Go to the Koscheevo Kingdom. IT IS Surrounded by A Dense Forest – IT IS Hard To Pass. So As Not To Suffer, You Can
Crosses to Destroy The Three Logs of Monsters And The Magician of the City Teleport Is Closer to Blast. Koshi Kill It Is Not Easy, The Easiest Way to Do This Is a Black “Victim” Spell, Or Knock Out a Piece of Map By The “Thirst of Nazi”. WE Take The Second Piece of the Card from the Won and Go to Al-Karab (Southeast).

IN THE DESERT, IT IS BETTER TO DO NOT SEEK, T.To. Health Is Constantly Falling There. We Find The Magician, Which Is Located in the Grass Is Growing), We Carry Out The Task for Him And Get A Bottomless Mug As Award: It Will Not Give Health in the Sands.

IN THE DESERT WE FIND AN OASIS (SOUTHEAST). There Lives The Very Falk Hiding From Gorynych.

Attention: In Order for Falk to Speak, You Need to Have Two Pieces Of Cards!

We Speak With Falc, He Collects The Card and Teleports US FIRST TO THE TALISMAN (TAKING IT), AND THEN IN THE ZIJ. Theere IS a Fight Between The Magician and Monsters On The One Hand And The Customation of the City On The Other. As Soon As We Kill The Magician, Mountain Arrives, Who Wants To Deal With The Hero and Falk. Killing Gorynych, As Soon AS The Game – The End of the Game.PDF User Manual.

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