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January 31, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest: Passage
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Part One

One. Helmova Pad – The Main Task to Keep The Wall to Blow Up the Wall. WHEN THE CATAPULTS START ATTACK, RETREAT IN THE FORTRESS. In The Hall, As In The Game, The Main Danger Represent The Leaders of the ORCS WH HOLD THE BLOCK AND APPLY THE MAIN DAMAGE TO YOU. THEY MUST BE KILLED FIRST. After The Throne Room, The Road Again To the Wall and To the Different. Carefully Follow The Arrows, If You Do Not Know Where To Run.

2. Isorengard – Your Task to Get Into The Dungeon of the Orcs and Depends The Sinister Car, Kill The Traitor and Pick Up the Key. I CARRY THIS KEY TO THE LEADER OF THE TOWER WHERE THE MAGICIAN SARUMAN LIVES. We Climb Into The Tower, and, Dealing With Him, We Get A Long-awaited Victory. DURING THE BATTLE, BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT FALL. IF Suddenly Lose The Key, Go Upstairs, He Will Lie There. To Switch The Game for Ant, Go to IT and Press The E Key. After Destroying The Mechanism, Switch to The Spy, if you suddenly die.
BEST CHOICE – Archer or Spy.

3. Restoring Mori Fields – You Are In The Underground City of Dwarfs, Which Must Be Cleaned from the ORC. Go Through the Hordes of the ORCS to Gilran and Help Them Keep The Tomb. Using Tips, Kill Goblins, COMING Back to Them Pressing E.We Pass Along The Corridors and Run Through The Mobs to the Lever, Which Closes The Doors Through Which The Goblins Are Infinitely Crazy. Rising Up Turning Out in The Original Point And Fight With The Main Enemy Of this Chapter – The Sinister Demon.
BEST CHOICE – Archer or Scout.

4. Osgiliate – The Protection of the City IS QUITE SIMPLE. We Beat Up the Embony We Beat and Move to the Bridge. After A Short Break, We Will Need To Take Froodo to a Safe Place. TRY TO BE ALWAYS NEXT TO HIM TO NOT KILL HIM. AT The End of the Mission There Will Be a Battle with Two Trolls.

Five. PROTECT THE CITY FROM THE ORC. But You Still Have To Retreat and Very Quickly. Your Task Will Be to Delay The Enemy for a Certain Time and Do Not Let Go Into The Protected Zone. At The Second Stage, IT It Best To Take the Archer to Shoot Siege Tools. You Can Change The Heroes from A Statue with a Flying Light. At the end, The Third Gate, IT IS BETTER TO TAKE A HERO.

6. Battle On Pealenno Fields – In This Mission To Work As A Sword Or Onions At The End and First Take the Warrior and Right of the ReSpe. Towers Swear From Three Hits, and Elephants With One or Two. You Need to Destroy Three Towers and Three Elephants. After Performing These Tasks, A Magician Appears Which Is Better to Kill An Archery. SHOOT IT IN IT, AND WHEN IT IS ALREADY Closely Knocking Off The Explosion and So Until It Dies.
BEST CHOICE – Archer and Warrior.

7. The Destruction of Minas Morgul – Siege of The Castle of the Worst Enemy of the Gondor. You Have to make your Way Through the Hordes of Enemyes to the Points of Defense. WHEN YOU NEED TO FREE THE PRISONERS, IT IS BETTER TO USE A SPY AND IMPERCEPTIBLY WATERS TO THE CAMERAS. After Firmly Justify in the Castle, You Will Need to Kill All The Nations and Destroy The Crystals That Feed The Main Tower of Black Magic.

8. Storming Of The Black Gate – The Fight At The Gate and the Protection of the Disheveled Territory. Come in and Kill The Leaders on the Towers. Appears Herald of Sauron, Which IS Surrounded by A Field, So The Arrows Do Not Take It. Choose A Warrior or Spy. WHEN GRAB THE ORC CAMP, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WILL BEGIN. Hold Out Within Two Minutes In This Area. Most Importantly, Stay in A Circle and Do Not Go Out.
BEST CHOICE – Archer or Spy.
After This Mission Opens The Second Part – The Revenge Of Sauron.

Part Two

One. Sauron Picks Up A Ring – Your Goal to Get to the Ring. I Advise You to Pay Attention to the Embes, But to Do What Is Indicated in the Task. Kill Orss Only Need. In The End, You Will Have to Kill FRODO, But It Becomes Invisible, So You Have to Sweat.

2. The Invasion of The Orcs In The Bridge to the Goal, Clearing The Road from Obstacles. In The Courtyard Paints Warriors and Lastly Kill The Main Thing in this Fortress.

3. Orption of Minas Tirita – Free The Territory for the Taran and Get Into The Main Throne. BEFORE THIS BURN THE TREE FACING THE THRONE ROOM. In The Hall, Go Through A Few Minutes, And The Victory Will Be Yours.

4. Black Dungeon Moria – Battle Occurs in An Underground Abandoned City. Tasks Will Be Several. Collect Two Stones and Attributed to the Altar. Break Into The Tomb of the Ancient King and At the End to Destroy The Gnome That Protects The Tomb. LARGE INCONVENIENS DELIVER THE ARMS OF THE EMBONY, STANDING ON THE WALLS OF THE CITY, SO THE THE THE THERY SHOLD BE NEEDED FROM THE THERY BEGINNING OF THE MISSION.

Five. Sturmill – You are on a Huge Battlefield. Main Task to Destroy The Tents of People and Catapults. After You Have to Deal With the Heads and Take Up Aragorn, The Leader of the Gondores. No Matter Who You Select. How to Appear, Immediately Alternate In The Goblin and Forward – To Twist Everything Around.

6. Rivendella’s Fall – You are on the ground of the bright elves that Ordered the Capture of the Dark Lord. Go From The Item to the Item and Kill The Archers on the Walls, OR Play For the Goblin, Which Will Lead You to Victory Much Faster. At the End of the Mission, You Will Have to Fight At Once With Two – Archers and Warrior. The Intermediate Goals Will Be The Last Ring and The Destruction of the Elves Library.

7. Destruction Shira – Destroy Hobbit Houses and Burn Everything Around. The Main Thing Is Not to Pay Attention To The Buildings and Be in Constant Movement. If You Are Offered to Play for the Hero, Take It and Deal With The Last Enemy Will Be Very Simple. WHEN THE LAST MAGICIAN FALLS, THE BATTLE WILL END YOUR VICTORY.

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