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September 12, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Twin Mirror: Passage
Twin Mirror: Game Walkthrough and Guide
After watching the entrance video when Sam stops the car, go out and go to the cliff. There are several points of interaction, but most importantly – get to binoculars, which will allow learning different parts of the city. As soon as Sam dives in the drawbacks of the mind, go ahead, if desired, launching various memories in scenes on the sides. In the end, you will return to the binoculars, and see the memoir about the refusal of Anna.

As soon as you find yourself in reality, follow the opposite direction and communicate with the imaginary friend Sam. When everything is completed, you will move to the city. At the funeral Nick Sam was late, but still can get on the commemorations that pass in the bar. Before the bar, in the parking lot, there is a bug. This is the scenic Sam and the daughter of the late Nick. Communicate with her for different topics. During the conversation, it turns out that the bug does not agree with the result of the investigation and does not believe in an accident. She is confident – Nick was killed, and Sam should help her. Decide whether to support the bug and promise that we will help with the investigation.

When go out, before getting into the bar, talk to Walter and decide whether to disappear with the former boss. Regardless of the decision made, enter inside. Local jackets will try to bring Sam from themselves, so the subsequent reaction depends solely from you. Next will be a conversation with a sheriff and several other people, including mom bugs and wife Nick. Then you can hang a photo with nickname and buckash. View Anna’s speech and talk to a former girl. As it turned out, due to the investigation of Sam, the local mine was closed, many lost jobs, so they were not glad to see him in the city. Whatever you do continue, no matter how reacted by the words of the next burden, Sam will go to the word and get to the loss of consciousness.

Next morning, inspect the restroom to discover there in the blood shirt. By activating the drawbacks of the mind, you will need to figure out what happened. First go along the mirrors until you see the inscription “Breathe Deeper”. After that, find the passage with the other text – “Take yourself in hand”, and later – “Stop”. In a new room with mirrors, go to the subject on the right side and listen to the information. Enter this mirror.

After communicating with an imaginary friend, SEM will be in the local bar. The hero is trying to figure out what happened yesterday. Enter the inside of the bar itself and learn the most diverse items. You will see a broken stand for photos in memory of the nickname, fallen clocks and an inverted table. Collect other items, including Hugh’s business card, Joel’s headdress and Dennis chain. Open the Duma drawrs and make a sequence of events last night:

– Bar stand
– clock
– slot machine

Approach to the bar counter, make a full picture to understand: Sam fought with his dignity. The next destination is Dennis House. On the way to him, you will meet a sheriff that communicates with some kind of poor. Get to the store, go inside and look around. Job with Tara and find out for Dennis. Follow the pharmacist Hugh, who will tell more about the events of the last night. Go to the cashier and listen to Katty. Go out and talk to Bukachka. Find a monument dedicated to the miners, examine it and talk to the elderly man. Next to the queue – Disabled by Joe, sitting near the monument.Twin Mirror: Game Walkthrough and GuideSam, main character hero.
In the end, SMS-message from Anna will come to Sam’s mobile phone. Go across the street, talk to Nicole and enter inside the cafe. Christina will drop the cards, so help your girlfriend gather them. Having plunged into the drawbacks of the mind, you will see Joan. After conversation with Christina, ask the girl for Dennis, go to Anna and ask her some remaining questions. Take the truth asking what happened and tell me that they forgot about everything. Anna will say that Dennis can be in the editorial office of a local newspaper. Go there, talk to the walter meeting and ask for the missing Dennis.

Find a baswood printing house, but find that the main door is blocked. Fortunately, there is a black entrance. Everything would be anything, yes to Sam again marked outstanding mines. They will scare the sheriff, standing on the other side of the street. Go to the alley to get to the black entrance. Finding inside, find Dennis lying in bloody puddle. Once in the drawbacks of the mind, try to figure out what happened last night. Among all Dennis twins, look for a man who will jump. Repeat actions for another twice, and in the third approach, focus on the last silhouette. It turns out that Sam still discovered dead Dennis! Examine the cabinet of the deceased, inspect the wounds on the chest and back, the blood on the keyboard and the bullet hole in the rack. Flashing holster indicates that Dennis was killed by his own gun (which he showed the day before in the bar; holster was attached to his leg).

It remains to make the correct sequence of events:

– Dennis was alone, sitting at the table and printed
– The man did not resist, and therefore it was not a stranger
– Dennis personally gave his pistol as a killer
– When Sam discovered the dead Dennis, he rented and escaped

Not all. Need to inspect the remaining part of the editorial office to collect even more evidence. During the avenue, Dennis said that he had some evidence related to Nick’s death. Read all messages on your computer. It turns out that the nickname was investigating and dug serious information. Nick had an informant, whom he abbreviated as “D”. Apparently, killed him for it. And curious Dennis managed to access Nick mail and learn the same information.

Next to the queue – Nick’s desktop. Read the notes, read the photograph and a blackboard with several stickers. In addition, you need to look at the old workplace. Examine the computer Walter. Unfortunately, access will not work – you need a password. Let’s get a search for tips! Examine different objects on Walter’s Table. He loves his city, so the password may be his name – Baswood. Enter the password and read the entire mail. Nick is a careful man who has always used the safety belt. Yes, and the windows were never closed. And in the report indicated, the opposite is: and added that he was drunk. All these reports were shipped by sheriff.

Examine the Walter Cabinet details. Take a look at the bookshelves and a photo attached to the wall. Visit the office of the deceased to discover the safe. Surely inside there is some kind of valuable information. With carefully studying the diary of Joan, who lies on the end, you can detect the desired password – 3121. Enter it and get the documents collected by nickname. Nick really stumbled upon very busy data. Communicate with an imaginary friend, make a conclusion on Nick and Dennis, then go to the place of the Best friend’s accident. When trying to leave the editorial board, you will strike on Anna, which will have to tell all the details.

Listen to her, call the police, and then go to the crash site. Anna will make Sam company. Many evidence is scattered in a circle: road signs, burned wood, car spare parts, and so on. Rear to the top of the hill and study the road covered by gasoline stains. Sam will understand that this turn does not lose threats. As soon as they collect all the evidence, Sam will plunge into the controversies of the mind, where there will be a sequence of events.

Examine Nick, follow the down and find the barrier. Everything will indicate that Nick was unconscious, and there was no obstacles. Gasoline, spilled on asphalt, was not there as a result of a vehicle breakdown. As a result, there are no reliable data at the police report. In fact, everything looks as if the car was poured fuel, collided from the hill and set fire to. Being unconscious, nickname was driving and died in fire. As soon as you complete the investigation, talk with Anna, and after with the girl go to her house. Anna’s father said that someone got into the building.

While Anna communicates with his father, talk with an imaginary friend and go to a couple. Convince Joe that you take care of Anna, after which he will go to the doctor. Examine the gazebo and go further behind the girl. Drain around, experience near the window and read the table near the posters. After reviewing the memory, hang a photo in a frame that is lying on the floor, and raise the long-door shutters. In the kitchen, you have a locker at the bottom, select Drink and carry it to Anna, so that it calms down. Communicating with the girlfriend, stop it and pass the drink. Support the girl, go up steps and look around all this mess. On the left side there is a closed door, through which you can get into the Joan room.

Immersed in the palaces, look at the memory, and then inspect the laptop in the bedroom. It turns out that an unknown person right now downloads the data from him that Nick found. Losing consciousness, wait when Anna appears. Girlfriend will say that nickname very often delayed in a fishing hut. Sam suspects that there he could hide a backup copy of the nailed information. While Anna distracts Bess Mitchell, Sam must examine the fisherman’s house.

Arriving to the destination, study the environment and lift the fishing rod. Immersed in the drawbacks of the mind, view the memories and enter the building. Inside it will be Joan, who is going to go to aunt. Try to calm her, choosing softer phrases. She promises to do nothing within two days, so Sam has a limited term to understand what is happening. When a girl leaves, keep learning the building. As it should be expected, there is nothing in sight, so you need to go to the pier and talk with an imaginary friend.

Go to a fishing hut and pay attention to the picture on which the fish is depicted. So SE will detect the key from the locker. Take a look in the bag in which Nick held a fishing rod, and from the closet, get a collection of articles. There will also be weapons and drugs for Katty. Pay attention to the note and calendar. Explore the bag to which the note indicates from the closet. On one of the walls depicted a caterpillar. In accordance with the insect coloring, select the correct combination that allows you to open a bag:

– right
– down
– Left
– right
– upTwin Mirror: Game Walkthrough and GuideAnna, Beloved Sam.
Looking into the bag, you will find drugs, money and documents. Explore documents related to Richard Dicky, Tyler and Jebe Arom. Apparently, informed Nick a man named Dickka. Exchange by messages with Anna, move to the forest and leave here. During the trip with Anna, listen to an imaginary friend, and then inform the girl to find dicks. In the end, you will find yourself on the pier.

Arriving in place, talk to Tyler. Let Anna continue a conversation, and you will need to ask local people. Inspect the tent. In one of them there will be a knife of a hunter and a bankruptcy note. Talk to Jay-Arom, standing next to the tent, and after – again with Tyler. Dicky will live in a trailer located nearby. Go deep into the camp and look for a girl named Keila. She will read the book. Chat with her, after which a message will come to Sam’s mobile phone that he should visit the police station. After conversation with Calee, go to the trailer on which the marker appeared. Catchily with Anna, ask different questions to Linnet, which will not be much courtesy, but still useful. It remains to detect the Dickkey trailer. You are interested in the building located on the hill, gone from other trailers.

Local people will hinder Sam, so you need to distract them. Go towards the cabinet and hide in the storage room. Get to the statue of the bear, google it. Matches are not far away. Move quickly to the van, with the result that the Tyler will not be able to instantly detect the fire extinguisher. View photo from Calee book, go to the house Linnet and spoil the water supply hose. Return to Anne, immerse yourself in mind drawings and tell the plan. Now you need to prepare. Choose a place where you need to hide, pick up the right time and the moment to go out. Make sure everything goes as it should. Let Anna spin the hose, and you hide behind the curtain. Homeless busy fire. Chosen out in the last place, and then go to Dickka. Confirm action.

Talk to Dickka to understand what it snuck into the Anna House. Data collected by nickname is stored on a carrier on the rock. It turns out that the main villain – Sheriff Declan. In addition, you will learn the truth about the death of Nick. Together with Anna, leave this place, listen to an imaginary friend, and then, after some events, immerse yourself in the thoughts of the mind. Chat with an imaginary buddy, go through the labyrinth and find it near the fire. Soon you will find the car car, and below – other roads. Through the output door, get to the room with new passages. You are interested in the door on the contrary, in the center. Go through it several times to be in the office where Dennis died. Go to the big o’clock, enter them and see memories of childhood.

Once in a spacious room with a lot of Sam’s twins, move for the nearest silhouette until you pass through the mirror plane. You will see memories with the participation of Nick, Joan and Anna. Choose positive actions, and then select the real Sam – Silhouette Silhouette Near the Guy Bed. In the second and third time, the true Sam is located next to the bookcase and the white door, respectively. Soon you will understand where Sam has a double. This route will lead you to waterfalls. Go to the far mirror and talk to the twin. Next you can choose either twin, or mind drawings. Agree to help so that the twin extends the hand and spent you through the mirror. When choosing the thoughts of the mind you get one of the worst endings.

So, you are on the sightseeing site, but Anna is not on the spot. Go deep into to find the girl, and then go around the street. Get to the locker with meals, read it and find a USB flash drive. In the end, a sheriff declanted here. Next steps affect the ending of the game, so they will be described below individual chapters!

All ending games

In total, there are two main endings in the game – good and bad, but when you choose certain actions, you can get two different variations of each. I will not dwell on each, but I’ll just describe the best outcome of events. You will learn how to save Anna. So, here is a sequence of actions:

one. Take the extraction of the double, which will help you get out of the tags.

2. Bring Anna your apologies, tell me that you are grateful for her help.

3. Do not kill the declanna, but try to calm it all. In the end, tell him that he takes the USB flash drive and went out, that you will not tell anyone. As a result of these actions, you will allow Anna to take away a gun at Declan, he will reach the second and hero will shove each other. The villain will die, but the girl will survive.

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