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December 14, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

From the 16th to June 22, Steam held a summer festival of games, where users could try over 900 demoments. Indie developer Chris Zukovsky (Chris Zukowsk9) arranged a survey among the colleagues in the industry to find out how well the undertaking himself Valve.

On questions Zukovsky The creators of 56 games answered. Some developers shared information only on conditions of anonymity, so their projects are in lists Zukovsky marked as [hidden].

Some statistics from research Zukovsky:

  • 78% of respondents stated that the Summer Steam Festival was worthwhile with the creation of demo.
  • One of the most popular interest indicators from users — The number of additions to the list of desired. In the Wishlists it turned out the following:
    • The average number of additions to the Wishlists: 3 218 (3,200% more than for the usual week).
    • Most often in Wishlists stated strategy, RPG, adventure games and simulators.
    • Top games in the number of additions to the Wishlists:
      1. The Riftbreaker (41 096).
      2. [Is hidden].
      3. Backbone (15 460).
      4. Hundred Days — Wine Making Simulator (I 217).
      5. The Last Spell (8 650).

What Genres Got The Most Wishlists in the Steam Festival? Strategy Games! HERE IS THE MEDIAN NUMBER OF WISHLISTS EARED By Games in Each Genre. ALSO, AWE… Platformers 🙁 pic.Twitter.com / im8xry0pgc

— Chris (@AdventureMtn) July 21, 2020

  • Top games on views of pages:
    1. [Is hidden].
    2. The Riftbreaker (278 523).
    3. Backbone (63 680).
    4. Ostranauts (57 529).
    5. [Is hidden].
  • Valve allowed to participate in the festival to everyone, but also manually selected a number of games — They seemed to the company most curious and promising. This wears have special attention from Steam: For example, they got into a separate section on the event page and got a slot in the broadcast, which was twisted during the festival.
    • Games with direct support from Valve did not always receive the most interest from users. Zukovsky considers it proof of the unreliability of manual selection: no one can predict what kind of games the market will be achieved.

Output U Zukovsky Next: The online festival with demoments turned out to be much more efficient to traditional offline events, where developers should come up with and build a stand, as well as plan and pay a trip to another edge of light. Like, in the network format, the authors remain a lot of power and time that you can spend on the production of the game itself.

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