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December 16, 2022
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Crazy Malkaviana – Folk Pets in the first Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. They will return and in the second part: what will be insane vampires in Sicvel, screenwriter Brian Mitsoda (Brian Mitsoda) told in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun.

In table Vampire: The Masquerade There is a term “Fishmalk” (Fishmalk). He means attitude towards madness Malkavian, when it is presented as something funny, funny. According to many players, says Mitsoda, in the first Bloodlines The clan was just close to the “Fishmalk”: one of the most famous scenes – threats to a road sign.

“Malkov” also have an insight – the voice in the head, our thumbnails of crazy vampires that they do not know. For example, in the first Bloodlines In the dialogues, Malkavian could easily meet the story turns that have not yet happened.NPC Clan Malkavian in Bloodlines 2.
So, in Bloodlines 2, As in the first part, the passage of “Malkov” will be very different from the game for other clans. However, the sequel will try to make insight more serious features. The authors want to show the gloomy side of mental illness and how they affect the identity of the vampire. According to the plot Bloodlines 2 In Seattle, there is quite a few Malkavian, so in the game to such vampires include unfriendly – it seems, easy walks with jokes will not work.

As tells Mitsoda, in the first Bloodlines Separate dialogues for Malkavian wrote closer to the end of production. Most likely, this will happen with Sicvel: To cut the game by Malkavian paints, you must first complete the development of the main part.

Malkaviana will appear in Bloodlines 2 Right at the start, they will not be a clan from free additions after the release.

IN Bloodlines 2 The following disciplines are available for “Malkov”:

• Group abilities (Dementation):
– “The pursuit”. Forces creatures to run away.
– “Fury”. Pumped “persecution”. Causes creatures to attack each other. If there is no one near anyone, creatures are fighting with air.

• Group of abilities “Province” (Auspex):
– “The presence of aura”. Allows you to see creatures through the walls, to celebrate individual creatures and recognize their weaknesses.
– “Mental Projection”. Pulcated “Presence of Aura”. Allows you to travel in astral form separately from the body (at the same time using the “presence of aura”) and suppress the feelings of other creatures.

Previously Paradox told about five clans from the starting version Bloodlines 2:

• Weaknesses (you start the game in this role),
• Brucha,
• Tremen,
• Toreadors,
• Ventra.

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