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December 15, 2022
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Polish Studio Gingerbread, Only recently formed on the industry map, the first of its project decided to distinguish itself in the difficult genre of action from a third party. He got a name The Protector and PC C xbox 360 in the list of supported platforms.

The essence of the game is simple and, alas, not original. In our possession will be given two characters, different from each other, as you guessed together, dramatically. Strength and mind as always.

Physically-oriented part of the gameplay will be represented by a British mercenary Jonathan Kane, mental – Jennifer Güil, a girl archeologist from the USA. Alas, it is not known that it will be unknown that the obligations will be distributed: the change of acting persons is exclusively in places allotted by the developers, or the complete freedom of creativity.

The plot does not shine an extraordinary approach. The villainarian “Alaty Revenge” (Scarlet Vengeance) kills Jennifer’s Father, and now she remains the only person who knows where an important Aztec artifact is located.

The girl, frightened, calls on his defense of Jonathan Kane and together with it goes to search for mysterious value. The journey, apparently, will have fun: on the way, it will be necessary to collide with people of the organization, to meet with mystical hazards of Aztecs and enjoy the most important inconvenience – Master Heroes in the past had a romantic connection.

Standard such adventure plot, strictly next canons: evil communities, artifacts of values, love line. It is possible to turn around, but it is worth a recognition – there is some kind of mysterious attractiveness in such stories, even told not the first time. If only the execution did not let.

Expected evacuated The Protector will be like Gears of War: I mean not chainsaws and brutal units, but the ability to fire because of obstacles. There is a place and puzzles and mini-games – Votchin, I think, Jennifer.

IN Gingerbread assure that artificial intelligence antagonists will keep brand. If you bring you to knock out the weapon from the opponent’s hands (and it is possible), then he can ask the dragonfly and go to hand-to-hand. AI knows how to make decisions and analyze the situation.

Diversified gameplay and physical model, which is properly supplied on the location of the mountain of interactive rubbish and allowing Jonatan to cut down through thin walls.

Final Accord – The Protector There will be already 2 very different endings, depending on the solutions you make. In one word, fl.

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