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March 29, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Record FIFA 11
Electronic Arts Plubit in fanfare, coloshmatitis on the piludes and seals drunk from happiness with voices – FIFA 11 not only for sale, but also bought. Yes, as. Only a week around the world was sold 2.6 million copies of the game, which made it the most sold out product in the history of sports video games. The project has already brought its creators $ 150 million. And this is obviously not the limit.

At the same time, online records in history EA Sports. In the first two days after the start of sales FIFA 11 in Europe from 18.6 million connections on sports servers “Electronics” 11.3 million fell on football. Surely among them, computer footballers were focused among them, especially since the PC version for this time did not become the poor relative of the console major. For meaning details we recommend our video review.

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