X-blades: Game Walkthrough and Guide

X-blades: passage

Initially, some features and recommendations when passing the game. Let’s start with your life. Strip in the upper left corner is she. Next under it there is a slightly smaller scale, which will be filled during a cruel battle, this is a kind of evil indicator. As soon as it is filled, you can spend at the moment a special attack, like, for example, “earthquake”. Another strip in the lower right corner is the life of your enemy. The game has three schools of magic: ice, fire, lightning and magic of light, and the magic of darkness. Monsters are divided into two categories that can be killed with any magic and those for which its own special. Read more and more details below, separately for each level.

Entrance to the ruins

An introductory mission that you need you can get comfortable with unaccompaning and game capabilities. Everything is simple and easy, the main thing is not to forget at the end of the level to ride all the stone chests and find an old chip in one of them, it is not clear from what.

Temple of the Sun

You need to kill the main boss, which makes the fiery balls. Bullets and blades here will not be used here, you need to use “Fireball”. Do not forget to kill small wounds, because for them we are added to the souls for which you can buy new spells.

Forgotten shore

Monsters will appear all stronger and stronger, those that will be after “dragonfly” – the latest and most nasty. We run from them, without giving a crowd, make a couple of blows with swords and then we call the magic “earthquake”. Then you need to collect two gold artifacts located in small towers on the sides. All, now enter the arch on the left.

Stone circle

Do not be afraid to approach the monster in the center of the circle, on the contrary, go to him and start running under it. I wash the guards from him next to him and, as soon as the strip of rage is more filled, than half, we cause the magic “earthquake”. If health is almost over, you can run to look for green crystals, which is extremely dangerous, and you can call the menu and bookmark “Items” to buy health yourself. Crashing over the villain, search for shore and find the Golden Artifact. Further straight in the arch.

stairway to Heaven

It is important to this level to give 1,500 shower to buy magic “Fire blades”. If you do not have so much, you can go back to the stone circle and re-execute the mission – get about 400 shower. When you need the desired spell, you begin to run around the stairs, but in no case do not rise up. Dragons we still lacked! We use “Fire blades” and shoot ghosts. Having finished shooting on the stairs, right will be the golden artifact. Go further into the way.

Ruins over the sea

See the red balls? And the ghosts flying to you? Shot from them by our pistols, charged with magic “Fire blades”, and in the meantime we apply strikes across the balls. The main thing is not to come across the red rays, which so carefully create these brings to us, well, and of course follow health and, if necessary, buy it in the pause menu, Bookmark “Items”.


An extremely close place, there is only a blows to you to help, and when the strip of rage is filled, we use weapons of mass lesion (earthquake or rage of darkness). Here you will find the last artifact that raises the level of your shooting.

Observation deck

First you will be closed in a cage with emerging spikes from the floor. Jump over them, then go from place to place where they disappear, and then jump again. Looking at the roller, beat already familiar ghosts familiar to us methods. Search the level and find gold and rubbed artifacts if you have collected two more similar artifacts before this level, then you must give new swords and a new blow to the jump

Mortal corridor

Here is the main calm. Come to the blade and with an average speed push the button move forward twice, after which we click the space.

Ruins over the sea

Familiar scenery? Do not be surprised. Just go to the arch, which leads to a fork, in terms of cleaning the territory from wicked. On the development of the same situation: if we want – fight, if not, then we go straight into the sparkling arch.

Arena death

Will have to fight another boss. We go to him right, beat the small creatures driving everywhere, earn the glasses of rage and apply the magic of mass lesion. Crashing over the mind, search for location, we find silver and gold artifacts, go to the sparkling arch.


Go straight on yellow emerald, smash it, for him there will be a lot of souls, we will find a scroll in it, which is on the order of the purchase of new spells. Now search the level, we find the artifact and go to the arch.

Stone alley

Here we used the magic of fire “Fireball”. We run from a flying cloud and, if possible, we throw in it fire. When the enemy will finally calm down, break the statues and find silver artifact in one of them.


We smash the red balls, and then we finish all the others. By the usual territory and find artifact.

Death blades

We are successful up to the middle of the spinning thing, then we go to the gap between the teeth and quickly move on.

Great gate

We will be a huge spider, which is quite angry and dangerous. It’s more expensive for a long time, it’s more expensive, so you have to use spells, if there is an opportunity – “through blow” or “fast movement”, and of course for attacks we will use something like an “earthquake”. Moving with a speed magic around our enemies and constantly use magic of mass lesion. Do not forget to buy treatment. After victory we search the territory, on one of two balconies it will be possible to find the third missing artifact. To get there, do the following – become on the perilla and jumping in the direction of one of the balconies. It is advisable to use a double jump, then for sure to dare. After breaking everything you can smash at the level, moving in the luminous arch!

Arch bridge

For red flying bunches, we used the “Ice Arrow” spell, and for already familiar flying ghosts it would be enough for shots from pistols. For greater efficiency, we used rapid movement magic.

Path to the temple

Get ready for a long duel. For victory, we need only one spell “Fire rage”. First it will be simple, and then the big turtles will appear breathing fire. Killing one such turtle, immediately will appear other and elsewhere, and just five times. After the tedious fight, we divide all the figurines and vases, in one of them we find the golden artifact. If you have previously collected two parts, you will give swords of a new level, as well as new features of attacks.

Temple of darkness

Frightened invincible boss? Do not know what to do? So listen! For victory you need to do the following: we kill his fire-haired guards, they will appear again, but for one less and so to complete disappearance. Now you can be accepted for leader. The recipe is: we take the “Ice Arrow” spell, freeze our bad, run up to it and call “earthquake”, repeat to a victorious end.

Long descent

Just kill everyone. At the level should find artifact.


We study new firing methods.

Forgotten Shore (evening)

We study the spell “Funny shooting” and stuffing ghosts by bullets. Next, you can act at the rolled scheme, or choose by clicking on 4, the desired method of firing and spread over the enemies. Do not forget to search ruins, two artifacts should be found.

Stone Circle (evening)

You need to study the “Ice Flower” spell, and if there is no means, you will have to use a blue crystal located on the court. Most importantly, to collect all five small dinosaurs and freeze, then you can be taken for flying dragonfly, and it is afraid of fire, respectively, we will have to use the “Fireball” spell .

Staircase in the sky (evening)

For the successful passage of this level, we need the magic of light, namely the “Blade of Light” or “Light Light” spells. Do not stand still and keep away from flying bunch and as soon as possible, use spells.

Ruins over the sea (evening)

The main thing is to destroy red balls scattered on the location, and then you can figure it out with the rest of the extradii, for this you will need magic of light and ice.

Death Corridor (evening)

Come closer to the blade and click two ahead and immediately the space. In the interval between two traps there is a scroll of reducing the price of buying a spell.

Observation deck (evening)

For victory, we need the following spells: “Ice flower” and “earthquake”. Do not forget to inspect the battleship, here you can find two artifacts.

Formation (evening)

This level is simple, shooting flying ghosts from guns. We divide the vases standing everywhere and find artifact.

Death Arena (evening)

Will have to teach the magic of electricity. The best option is a “lightning chain”, well, if there is not enough funds, the “Lightning” spell will come down. After massacre over the iron giant, we break the stone chests and figurines, there we will find two more artifacts, beyond which if everything was correctly assembled before, will give new battle opportunities.

Destroyed Passion (Evening)

The usual level. On the way we will send a pack of monsters, for these purposes we use the “lightning chain”. On locations you can find an artifact for which you will be given another crown blow.

Stone Alley (evening)

Our goal is spiders that can disappear when trying to approach them and appear behind your back. How can not, by the way, for the extermination of these creatures, a “lightning chain” spell is suitable. Immediately you can find artifact.

Shell (evening)

First we deal with the red balls, and then with the rest. The remaining magic lizards are able to reflect magic, so be careful. For them, the magic of ice is terrible, first turn them into ice and then we use the “earthquake” spell. On locations you can find artifact.

Death blades (evening)

We wait until there is a big span, run, then dive into a small gap between the blades, moving forward, if you do not have time to run to the shore, we make a jump.

Great gates (evening)

Before you, there are several cups, placed in a circle, when the multicolored smoke poured out of them, we do the following: in the bowl with a blue smoke, we launch the “Fireball” spell, with the red “Ice Arrow”, with a purple “Light Light”. As soon as the bowls are extinguished, we take the “ice flower” spell and freeze our opponent, then until the frost has been deployed, we use the “earthquake”. The head of his defenders comes to the help, so we use the spell, too, until they are ignited, then we again apply “earthquake”. Now it’s time to hide, we jump on the first floor and wait for the hurricane in the arch. As soon as everything silences, moving upstairs and bullet in the boss “Ice Arrow”. Next, we go to the circle in which it is, and we are waiting for it until he is. Having come to themselves, he will again lit bowls, then it will have to repeat all the procedures again, until the enemy’s complete destruction.

Great Gate (Darkness)

This small best to kill from afar. We jump onto the first floor and get rid of annoying flying demons with guns, then ride up and run in our next boss magic of light “Light of Light”, as long as it causes another batch of ghosts. Go down and repeat everything that was above written.

Entrance to the castle

To begin with, we get rid of a bunch of monsters with the help of the “lightning chain”, then the monsters generators (red balls) will be left to the left and on the right, send them with the help of the same magic to that light. Now you can go to the sparkling arch.

Two towers

To win at this level, we will need to concentrate on the Magic Lizards. We run up to them so that we are preferably between two such lizers and apply the “flash of light” spell. Try not to approach them too close, from this they teleport to another place.

Column Hall

Kill first of all flying ghosts, and then all the others.

Underground Hall

Well, you will have to explore the shooting of the third level. Press the left mouse button twice and until our heroine finished the second blow, press the right mouse button, a couple of such shots and the enemy is defeated.

The final

Here is the end of our travels. The last boss remained. The most dangerous and not terrible. You can kill it with the help of light magic. Effective spell, on our, look is “Light Light”.

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