A Vampyre Story: Game Walkthrough and Guide

A Vampyre Story: Passage

Castle Warg, DraxSylvannia 1895

Once on the bridge, try to open the iron door leading to the pier. The door is locked and you need to find the key from it. Go left in the castle. When you are in the hall of the castle, try to take a rusty sword hanging on the wall to the left of the entrance to the room. After that, you can flock to the standard, which hangs over the entrance – Mona will remember its location. Rise up the stairs.

From the toilet table Take the body lotion and bottles with spirits. Then inspect the mirror and the drawing on it. Next, try to break the picture from the mirror – after an unsuccessful attempt to do this, take away from the cage, located on the right, fell frying nuts and go to bed. Take a vase with a bedside table, which stands on the right on the shelf from the Lodge of Mona, after which try to go to bed. Next, inspect the vase in which the dead flowers are. From the left front column Take the bottle with toilet water. Then go to the bedside table located at the left wall. From there Take the shock and go to the balcony.

Look at the lake, stretching down. Next Shake the snow from a drawer for flowers and apply Ferodics on it – learn that the flames of Belladonna grew in this box. Use urn with dust on a drawer for flowers.

Return to the Hall and go left to find yourself in the theater. Learn a note that attacked the control panel. After that, try to pull the levers on the remote, study the lit place in the lower left corner of the console. Return to the hallway.

Go to the right to the torture chamber. Try there to remove the belaw from the wall, which hangs on the right of the entrance. Next, take the Coffin of Mona, then try to open the coffin of shraudi – it will be found that it is locked by a code lock. Talk to the Iron Virgin, which stands near the Coffin of Mona. From the torture apparatus you will find out the first digit of the code – this is 0. Next, you should talk to Ozbi – Fountain’s head, from which water flows. It is water that will prevent you from continuing. Talk to rats, whose red eyes glow in the dark niche. Rats will demand a fee for their help – give them from the inventory nuts and fruit of Ferodics, and rodents will block the fountain water. Still rats will ask Mona to kill the cat, which lives in the kitchen, and then they will tell about the book of Scracrati, which Iron Verva said.

Talk to Ozzy again. From him you will learn the last two digits of code – 3 and 7. Open the coffin of shraudi using the inventory code. Move the pillow lying in the coffin – get the local newspaper. After that, inspect the portraits of Mona, who shraudi painted in a coffin.

Go down to the dungeon. Take off the unknown torch from the wall, try to raise the hatch cover by pulling the ring – it turns out that the loop rusted. Use body lotion on loop. It is enough for one loop only – Return to the top to the coffins. Use nuts on vice sites located in the torture chair. When oil flows, use an empty bottle on it, in which there was a lotion. Return to the hatch and lubricate the second loop. Open the hatch, use an injugal torch on a burning lamp, located in the wall, after which throw a burning torch in the pit. At the bottom of the pit, Mona will find a bunch of decaying corpses. Try to talk with the pit, however, in the end you talk to Frodo. Return to the Most.

Use the mace from the inventory to Garguli. Next Speak with Rufus – the remaining ridge. You will learn from him that it is obsessed with cleanliness and fragrances, as well as that Rufus borne raven, living on the roof of the tower. Over the ridge there is a point "Base Tower", Fly to talk to Edgar.

At the end of the conversation with the Raven, use the newspaper on it, found in the Coffin of Shraudi – Get a clothespin. After that, try to shove the statue from the roof, but Mona does not have enough strength. Use the sword from the inventory to the statue – Frodo will warn you that the Gargoyle is not under the tower. Return to the dungeon to the pit.

Use the Ferodics on the pit. Mouse refuses there to climb because of the terrible vony. Use inventory to Frodo the clothespit received from Edgar, and then use the mouse again – get bone. Return to the Crown and give him a bone, then throw off the statue of an angel down.

Talk to the head of Rufus until she gives the key. Go out through the door to the pier. There is a boat, but no cheerful. After the Spirit of Schraudi appears, it is necessary to try to touch it to take the oars – Mona will refuse it.

Climb the steps upstairs to the dining room. Pick out the knife and straw from the children’s mugs there, after which pay attention to the sugar. Next Go to the right to be in the kitchen.

To the left of the entrance on the shelf are banks with cat food – Take them. Use demonic opening. After the cat runs out, use canned food for the opening – the cat will not like it. Take the shelves food for Siamese cats and use the jar on the opening. While the cat will eat, talk to her, and then use a knife on it to remove the collar.

Go to the hall and go through the passage, located opposite the table. Having passed on the lounge bridge, go from there to the torture chamber. There, use the collar of violet on the rats – they will talk about the secret books of Baroness. Go to the dining room. There are climbing the stairs located on the right to get to the library.

Take chalk from the table, study the coloring book and cut out the eyes of the triton. Next, take two books from the inventory and use them on the bookpin, which is located next to the window in the corner – the secret passage will not open. Study lying on the table sticker. When a close-up opens, use chalk on paper – find out the name of two more books. Browse the list, and then go to the kitchen.

Talk to violet. Having learned from her that the cat could not sleep because of ignorance of a raid time of rats, go to the torture chamber and find out about when rats plan to go to the kitchen. Go to rats and find out about the time of the attack. After that, go back to the violet and tell her what they learned from rodents. A grateful cat will tell you that you just need to change the books in some places to open the passage.

From the dining room, go to the bridge and go to the left wing of the castle. From the hall, go left to the opera room.

In the inventory, use the straw on the Ferodics icon, then use the mouse to the litter location. – Now you can use the remote control. Read a note on the console, after which you move the levers so that the scene appears scenery, depicting the green mountains and the Sun sandy for them. After that, go to the scene through the left side passage. Use a knife to decorate to cut a piece of pictures – on the floor will appear cut slices of canvas. Mona must choose these pieces, but will not be able to carry them, so only the decoration icon will appear in the inventory. Next, go to the library Baroness and go through the secret passage.

After you go to the Laboratory Bridge, inspect the demonic snot arising from the statue’s nose. With a careful inspection, it turns out that some object is hidden in the snot stream. Frodo will tell you that you need to plug the nose statue. Next you need to read the entry on the styline board. It records the formula for the creation of acid. Then examine the magic locking mechanism. It is equipped with several discs, which show characters – exactly the same as those depicted on books from the list. In short, you need to arrange top-down symbols in this order (starting from a large disk, the first character is located under the language of the demon): Spiral, inverted crescent with a point, a large letter Z, a green stone in the form of rhombus. Collecting the right combination, you stop the stream and you can get to the book of Shadows.

Explore the book and read the first recipe for the creation of the golem. Close the book and go to the refrigerator. Inspect the door, and then open it. From the depths of the freezer, you get the bank of the blueberry punch, the jar "Yellow dew" and bank "Begging drunk cherry". Also remember that in the refrigerator lies dry ice and a fertilizer bank "Miraculous growth". Go to the alchemical table and take three empty pots with symbols of the Cherry, Bubne and Treft. In turn, use empty pots with symbols on the demonic source to pour green mucus in them. Now you need to cook drugs.

Pour a pot with trephies "Yellow Rosu" and ink punch – get green clover. At the moment, the preparation of mixtures will be completed. Leave an alchemical table and go to the left screen.

Going to the bridge, read the recordings of Baroness, located on the wall on the right of the lever. Then inspect the lever and try to pull it – the bridge does not sink. After studying the skeleton located on the other side of the abyss, try to care about it, but this attempt to get bones will be unsuccessful. Get out of the cave, take off to the hatch and find yourself on the opera stage. From there Go to the bedroom of Mona.

Go to the balcony. On the flower box, use fertilizers "Miraculous growth" – Examine the growing flower of belladonna, and then take it and go to the dining room, located in the right wing of the castle.

Use on the Sugar, standing on the table, can "Begging drunk cherry" – Get Needy "Cola". After that, go back to the magic laboratory and go to the alchemical table to continue the preparation of drugs.

Pour a pot with tambourines "Cola" And "Yellow Rosu", to get orange diamond. In the pot with Chervami pour inhernychny punch and "Cola". Next, go to the Bunzen burner. In the boiler, pour a sequentially liquid from a pot with Chervami, then leyte tambourine and finally trephies. Having touched the pot with pink liquid, go again to the alchemical table. Remove an empty pot from the inventory with the trephy symbol and pour into it a green mucus from a demonic source. Go to the kitchen.

Put the boiler with a pink liquid on a warm hearth, then throw in the furnace of the pot with a demonic mucus to cause hell. After the acid gets rolled, Mona will take the pot. Next, go to the cave where the skeleton of the virgin was discovered.

Pour the acid wooden supports of the bridge – the skeleton will collapse on the desired bridge. After you try to take the bones, the ghost will appear, guarding them. Talking to him, you will learn that the ghost is waiting for dawn. Dawn needs to accelerate. View the cave windows – the Ferodemick will say that the windows go to the east. Open inventory, select the bat and use it on the theater decoration icon. Next use a combined mouse icon and scenery on the dungeon windows. While the mona will hold a distracting maneuver, the Ferry came will hang up the scenery behind the windows. Next, the ghost will see Dawn, but so that he flew away, it is necessary to do another operation. Open the inventory and inspect it in it. Put an arrow on a rooster image, then align the icons of the Manka and Ferodics and, finally, use the combined icon on the dungeon windows – the ghost will disappear.

Feed the bone, go to the torture chamber. Use the bone on the crusher to get bone powder. Go to the bridge. From the bottle for spirits, pour fluid on the lake monster. In the released capacity, put bone flour and a flower of belladonna, after which apply the bottle on the head of the Gargulia. Rufus refuses to breathe in the bottles – apply the clothespin on it. When a close-up of the head of the Gargoyle opens, wait for the rejection of the rofus and apply the bottle on the active point of the head to gain the breath capacity of the Gorgral. Now you can add Triton paper eye into the vial – Potion for the creation of the golem is ready. Next, try to take the head of the Rufus. After an unsuccessful attempt to do this, apply the ridge icon on the head of the ridge, and then go to the camera torture.

Use the head of Rufus on the headless clay man, after which the clay golem in the potion from the bottle – the oars will appear with you, but the boat will end the boat.

Use the MONE coffin on the water. When in the lake you will meet with a klyax – a lake monster, open the inventory, combine a bottle with toilet water and a bottle of perfumes. After that, use perfumes on the monster, however the shooting of the spirits will not bring the desired result, then use dry ice from the inventory on the klyaks.

After throwing ice from the bridge, go to the dining room, from where you go to the pier and again sit down in the coffin. When re-encountered with a monster, use perfume on it. This time, Mona will get rid of blots.

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