Battlefield: Bad Company: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Battlefield: Bad Company: Passage

Computer game Battlefield Always differed by a magnificent multiplayer and a complete lack of attention to the single-user part. More precisely, it was not at all, until recently. This situation is designed to fix a new game series – Battlefield: Bad Company. The magnificent single-user company is designed to show that not only online tops are available to developers. Unlike its multiplayer fellow, this part of the computer game does not differ in that manic hardcore, not enough newcomers broke. Here everything explodes, destroyed, the partners are infinitely joking, in general, I have fun at full, and now I suggest you.

Battlefield: Bad Company Passage

Mission 1

A separate learning mission in the game is not provided. Training will begin from the moment you get the Character Management. By and large, it is even good, we will smoothly enter the case, will show that yes how. It is this task that puts the first mission.

At the very beginning you will be taught to jump, run, walk and inspect on. Your main task is to adapt to management. In the end, you will find yourself in front of a small house. Your task is to destroy three barrels and explosion of the wall, to the left of the door. Do not worry if you can not cope the first time, the ammunition can be replenished and try again, you just learn. Come in the destroyed house and find the tools. Get out and in front of the house, give a jeep. Now you can ride a little.

The jeep stands so that you just just sit down and go anywhere without turning. Print to management. You can not only control the jeep, but also switch to the arrow. You can also change the angle of review, but in fact, it is most convenient to move from a third party. In this case, the review will be much more. Drive forward until you reach the end of the road.

Once from a dead end, get out of the jeep and go ahead. Pay attention to the large building on the left, the walls have exploding barrels, shoot on them to destroy the building. To the right of the place where you are standing, you can replenish the guests. Slightly ahead are some more buildings. Around them also carefully placed explosives. Enemies will join around houses and downtown inside, it is simply impossible to abandon the possibility of blowing up all. Open fire. When the explosions drop out, the achieve those who managed to survive. Kill until you hear the voice of the commander who reports that all the enemies were destroyed.

You can examine at home, but at the present interesting things there are no. And change your weapon on them, dubious pleasure.

During the houses you will find the way leading to the mountain range. Keep the weapon ready, Enemies will pop up on you quite unexpectedly, as you move forward. Pay close attention to the fact that they are cast out due to sand bags surrounding artillery installations. They are most dangerous. The main thing to remember that it is necessary to destroy everything that can explode. So you can not only kill more enemies, but also destroy their shelter, which will greatly facilitate the passage of Battlefield.

When with enemies will be finished, you will hear the approving words of the commander. To be even more fun, go to the artist on the left and activate it to cause enemies even more damage. Pay attention to enemy technique going to the attack on friendly positions, let us destroy. To navigate, you need to follow the red dots on the radar, they denote enemies. On them, visit the gun on the enemies and destroy them. Shoot, of course, easier by fixed purposes, so you can destroy the head technology, shooting a little ahead. However, too long it is also impossible to pull, otherwise the mission will be counted. By destroying all enemy techniques put forward forward. A little ahead will be a fork, you need to rise slightly above and from there to destroy enemies. On the other hand, you can hold the lower route, and in the next development to roll left. So you will fall into the rear of enemies and be able to smooth them freely. As a result, you will get to the jeep, again it’s time to ride a little.

Go ahead, see, we drive around the places already familiar, but our way is going forward. Driving past one of the houses on the left, you will hear the wishes of your team, to search for it. Come inside and take a new experimental trunk – XM8. pick up the weapon go back to the jeep and go ahead until you get to the enemy watchdown.

He guards many soldiers and may seem to attack better from afar. In the case, there is one trick. While you drive a jeep, you will not fall into you, t.E. You can calmly be inside and destroy enemies. If the car is badly damaged, drive back and repair it. Driving up to the river you notice the stationary machine gun.

Park the jeep and sit down for the gun. You can safely shoot enemies attacked you from that side of the river. The enemy tank will appear later. You need to shoot it from the machine gun until the Allied Artillery destroys it. Catch through the river and go to the checkpoint marked with a smoke checker to go to the next part of the mission.

Sit into the Soviet truck and go to him forward. When the road will appear on the right, turn there and go to the new direction. Here we are turned only to clean the terrain from the remaining enemies and get a new collector weapon. When ahead will seem lonely standing house, get ready. There will be a whole bunch of enemies. Destroying the interference on your way, go inside and take a new shotgun. Let the arrows in the jeep covering you, There may be no earfish around.

Return to the main road and keep moving on the initial route through the fields. So we go until you get to another fork. Road running straight blocked. The path, of course, can be cleared, but it is not necessary to do it. Turn left. All the time carefully follow the fact that you have left. As soon as you see a farm, immediately turn to her. You can get to it in several ways, but it’s best to go straight straight, it’s the easiest way.

Once near the farm, you will attack. You can destroy enemies, both from the jeep and the old proven method. Although the perfect combination of two methods will be. First just ride around the location so that your arrows destroy all available enemies around the perimeter. Then we get out of the car and go to the hid attack, Some enemies are hiding in the most unexpected places and get them from the jeep very problematic. Clean each house, pass through the way, exploding everything that is possible. It will greatly facilitate your task. When the infantry will be finished, a light tank will appear. Conditioning at home, you should have found a rocket. From her you can easily destroy enemy technique. Enough two taking shots.

Next task – destroy artillery installations in the northeastern part of the map. On your map marked places where you can take explosives. Go there and take it. Then go to artillery and destroy the troops of. Do not get out of the jeep. Maneuverish around while the arrows will end with the enemies. Having understood with them, get out of the car and go to destroy guns. The only advice, do not start the attack on the central gun, first disagree with others. Moving towards guns, keep extreme caution, Some enemies are very well hiding. After the destruction of artillery, you will get a task on stripping another occupied farm in the eastern part of the map.

To make the way to the point marked with a red signal chimney, the easiest all directly. Just break through the farms, do not go around the way, it is too long. To understand that you are in the desired location, it is enough to just get under massive shelling. As before, the circles around on the jeep, destroying the lively enemy. When with those who were on the street, will be finished, choose from the jeep and go to clean the building. Go to the building located in parallel to the fields, there will be the following portion of enemies. To pick up another collective barrel, go strictly south from the place where the enemies have just destroyed. Having reached the extreme southern road, walking along your route, turn to the West and go forward until you reach the bridge (track movement on the map, so easier). Slightly north there will be a group of buildings, in one of them lies the trunk.

Now we return to the main task of stripping villages. She is very protected and handles not so simple here. If in the process you did not try to avoid the skirmish, but destroyed all enemies in sight, now you will be somewhat easier to pass. Close to a small hollyk, taking a hill will be much easier to attack. Keep in mind, a little ahead will be a pair of machine guns. They must be destroyed in the first place, for this grenades or rocket launches are perfect. Clean the perimeter so that you can easily move around the village.

Clearing the perimeter, you will have to work out further plan. On the one hand, you can return to the jeep or take new in the village and rushing through the streets, clean them from enemies. Just keep in mind, after some time several armored transport workers will come and even a tank. They will have to destroy them from grenade. On the other hand, you can try to clean the area without a jeep. Here you need to be more cautious and focus not on gross strength, but on secretive movement. I’m closer to sweeping with the help of a jeep, so this tactic is described further.

Grenadeomets, due to armored vehicles, is a very valuable weapon, so keep track of charges of charges. If the charges are suitable for the end, distracted and replenish the ammunition. This is primary.

Having finished with the enemies, you need to go to the West, There is a column that you need to accompany to a safe area. Choose some transport, just make sure it is in the best condition. When you reach the column, you will find on the left side of the road, abandoned transport, can take it if your car is already damaged. Your place to the column is in the tail. Keep the position, and do not stand up, as an attack will be taken on the column. Half the column will be immediately destroyed, here you can not do anything. The second half will drive from the road and break right. The main thing is not to go beyond them, your task is to get to the signal smoke checkers on the left to get the following order.

So far, aviation is powerless, as the radar will calmly sentence it. Here is another task for our wards. Look at the card, and you will understand that you are at all close to the destination. Do not get out of the car, go to the destination. When you get to the trenche, you can call them right by car, it will fix you a little from the trickle around the shells. Drive forward to a more open place, from where you can get to the enemy position. So again we have to destroy live strength from the car. Sorry but the developers do not differ fantasy. The position will be seriously strengthened, and the watchtower is not a gift. It is best to destroy them with explosives, so you can calmly get rid of enemies.

Despite the enemies, the radars remain your primary purpose. It is necessary to destroy the enemies only if they directly attack you. The main thing to get to the radars, all of them are two pieces, and destroy. Reinforcing the radar swell as far as possible and blow them. Then go back and go to the point with the smoke checker, from here you can see how aviation will work.

Well, the mission is almost over. The only thing left to do is to cleanse the terrain from the remaining enemy parts. After the aviation rod, the battlefield is shrouded in smoke, which reduces visibility, so do not forget to look at the radar, and try not to hurry. It’s better to look at the lines and get ready, and only then attack. If you see the trenches, try to jump in them, and move on them.

To get to the final control point, you will have to break through through the last barrier. Enemies occupied an elevation, so it would be a bit more difficult to attack. Do not rush immediately. First destroy those who carelessly turns out due to shelters. To finish the mission, you just need to reach the control point.

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