Call of Duty: Ghosts: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Passage

“Logan Walker”
San Diego, California

Elias tells the sons of Heshu and Logan the story of fourteen fighters bravely fighting against those who exceed them in the number of enemy forces. Tempered by fear, horror and blood of their brothers, they rebelled out of the sand and rushed into battle. Only one enemy managed to survive, which dubbed them with “ghosts”.

Together with his brother hash and father Elias return home. Suddenly, the shocks are approaching those that occur during the earthquake. Jump over the tree and accelerated running along the trail we are chosen to the road. The shocks intensified and explosions appeared. This is not a natural disaster at all, but something more serious. We run to the house through the main entrance and go through the rear doors. Call of Duty Ghost PassageOn testing orbital weapons.
15 minutes before. Orbital weapons testing successfully passed on the Space Station “One”. Follow the gateway behind the partner of Mosley. Go to the loading compartment where the enemies penetrate and kill the staff. Blocking the door in time, continue to move for Mosley. We grab weapons, send it to the enemy and make a shot. We are repeating with all subsequent enemies. The Federation seized “one” in order to use the orbital instrument to all the largest cities of America. Satellites got coordinates and started fire. We move into the next compartment and, shooting in opponents, fly to open space. Go to the satellite. Cling to the panel, raise it and shoot the fuel line. After the explosion, we continue to shoot the fuel line. We manage to reject the satellite for safe coordinates. Mosley dies from fragments formed after an explosion.

Run behind my brother, just not on the road, but on the sidewalk on the right side. At the crossroads, they are moving towards a little right, jump over the car, run into the house and load the line of the ring from a laptop on the floor. Reunited with brother, jump over the failures. Soon the explosion will thunder. Having woke up, hash will help us get to the Pickup Father.

“Warranty New World”
10 years later
June 6
Los Angeles, California

The federation for many years mined energy with deserts and supplied the power of South America. When the energy is over, the collapse has come, and the influence of the Federation increased the rapid pace. War began, during which the station “one” was involved. “Ghosts” won the fight against the Federation in the crater left after the bombing.

Together with the hash and fighter dog Riley, we go for the sinking of the territory. In the building of the theater, everything is calm. We are chosen out and meet with the second detachment of the wall. We pass through the building and shoot the Russian scouts. We close to the gas station and clean it from enemies. On the pipe we move on the other side. First of all, we destroy opponents on the bridge and shooters in helicopters. Actively using shelters, moving along the river. Returning to the checkpoint from the box and waiting for the arrival of helicopters. After the shot, we can independently manage the released projectile. Rocket flies there, where we send a laser sight. Destroying helicopters and remnants of enemy forces on the bridge, sit down in the armored person.

20 minutes later … We arrive in the fort Santa Monica, where we meet with your father. On the right is a staircase. Climb upstairs and load the Raff file from a laptop on the table. Elias sends us to the neutral zone for the extraction of intelligence information.

“Neutral zone”
June 7
South Demilitarized Zone, California
Call of Duty Ghost PassageDestroyed San Diego.
Playing for the PSA, rapidly attack the enemy. Switch to Logan and shoot the remaining fighter. Once here was our house. Now this place has turned into a huge hole, at the bottom of which debris, remaining from the whole area. Connect to Riley, going to the hash. Jump over the cars and hide in the grass near the gate. We get to the enemy on the left and rush to it when the arrows will go away. We do to attract the attention of the second patrol. We run to the house, waiting for the hash kill the enemy on the roof, and attack the fact that with weapons. Overload the sip of the runaway enemy. Storming a house: the dog will penetrate through the window and make enemies go out. In slower shooting them. Passing through the house, come across another group. We bring the sight on opponents and, if an orange contour appears around them, then we can raise the dogs on them. He will instantly deal with the fighter, and even distract the attention of the rest on himself, so we try to attack synchronously. Running into an opponent’s office building, load the file Raff from a laptop on the table. We choose on the other hand and continue to destroy enemies. Rolling down the slope and go to the tunnel. Approaching the enemy technique, so I hurt for cars to the right. Crash, follow hash.

Order Riley to attack a single opponent to the right. We act secretive and without too much noise. We move on the grass, along the rusty ship. Synchronized with the dog and, playing for it, jump down. Thanks to the thick grass, we will not notice even when running. We pass through the pipe and attack the enemy. Send from the bus, waiting for the technique, and neutralize the next enemy. Go around the obstacles to the right, round the sip of the enemy and hiding in the pipe to the right. Patrol will leave and we will be able to advance further. Approach the scale and listen to the conversation between Rark and the captured fighter of “ghosts” Ajax. Get to the point of collection and combine with the team.

Riley learned the trail of wolves. When one of them attacks us, quickly and often press the displayed button. At first Riley will help us, then we will help him, firing into the wolf. Just in time for the rescue arrive the fighters “Ghost” – Merrick and Keigan. We inform about Ajax and follow them. We choose to the road and spread with the enemies. We are moving towards the building, shoot opponents on the balcony and pass inside. We select a sniper rifle from the sofa and we clean the entire visible area along the road. We leave out and get to the mountainous area.

June 7
Occupied San Diego, California
Call of Duty Ghost PassageCaptured Ajax.
“Ghosts” appeared as if from nowhere and helped brothers. Now the brothers will help “ghosts” to free their comrades of Ajax. Approach the sight to the bed in the middle row a little left of the huge fault. Ajax will be taught, and he will be out of sight. We grab pomegranate and shoot in passing transportation. By reinforcing the convoy, go down and sit down in the truck cockpit. Storming the stadium, undermining the previously attached charges. Arriving in place, go to the left and climb higher for the best review. Clean the territory and follow the merryk. Before passing further, switch to a sniper rifle and shoot opponents on the other side of the door.

Riley learned something, moving behind him. We switched again to sniper and straighten with pomegranate. Going down, put on gas mask and throw a grenade into the nearby room. Quickly kill inxicated opponents. Competently spending grenades, preferably throwing them into the places of cluster of enemies. We pass through the conference room and in the dark we go beyond Kigan. Get to the side doors and an assault room, in slowing down the nonsense. Immediately we turn left and load the line Raffa from a laptop inside the locker. In the next room, we find Ajax, but it fails to save it. Here you also find photos of all “ghosts”: Rork leads to their hunt. We go to the exit and face serious resistance. We use a sniper rifle to clean the evacuation pad. When the first group flies, we leave out, we wait a little and rush to the helicopter. We will not be able to fly, until we destroy the shooters in the trucks.

June 8
Fort Santa Monica, California

Fort Santa Monica was attacked by the Federation. We return to the most thick of the events and go to the advanced. Entering the building, do not rise up to top. We go to the next room on the left and load the file Raff from the laptop on the fortifications. Occupy a position for the turret. Shoot the infantry and constantly arriving helicopters. After the actuat, put in to avoid damage from the helicopter. We call the drone and for limited time we destroy as much helicopters as possible. Having failed down, get to the trenches and go to the drone control center. Unmanned some time will be available, so we use them with the mind, now mostly against the infantry.

Save kissing the control center we are no power. Put forward in the command post to your father. Do not stop running forward, otherwise you die under the shells. Reaching the building, climb upstairs and crawl under the debris. The next floor is attacked. Quickly and often click on the displayed button. “Ghosts” come to the rescue and raise brothers on board helicopter. Learning the main secret of my father – he is a “ghost”.

“Legends live forever”
12 years ago
July 8
Caracas, the capital of the Federation
Elias Walker
Call of Duty Ghost PassageElias on the task with Rark.
Once Rhark was also in the ranks of “ghosts”. With fervor and passion, he wanted to deal with his main enemy – the leader of the Federation by General Elmagro. Rhark enjoyed respect and respect among his brothers in arms. Looking around, strictly follow the allies, otherwise you can get under a serious shelling of tanks. When a friendly technique appears, we move into the building and destroy opponents by the road. Go down and climb on the technique stuck between barriers. We continue to move along the road, killing enemies. Running to rocket installation, shells will be powered.

We turn in the alley on the right, run into the building, following the allies. Climb upstairs, chose to the roof and free it from enemies. The building begins to fall, and we fall down. Powerful flow takes us far ahead. To avoid detection, sit down and do not get up until the opponents leave. The last RORC neutralizes, then dive again and go into the room opposite. We close to the enemy and synchronously together with Rark killing two. We select weapons and climb the roof.

Accelerately run forward to catch up to move to a nearby building. Having passed to the next room, kill the enemy and load the line Raffa from a laptop on the desktop. We rise to the roof, we clean it from the enemies, we associate with Merritik and follow Rark. High water level allows you to hide in it, just sit down enough. Get to the Allies and together keep defense. Elmagro is located in the hotel, you need to get to it before the helicopter arrives. We are still moving forward, if necessary, diving into water. We rise to the roof and at the last moment we manage to jump into the helicopter. Having snatched the weapons, quickly shoot an opponent. When Rorque attacks Elmagro, holding down the shown button, we select a gun and shoot a target. So as not to fall down, press at once to two buttons. And it is better to click on them several times, so surely grabbing the cable. Quickly and often click on the shown button and try to help Rork. Shot through the stairs He can’t, so I have to let go of my hand, otherwise all will fall.

The body of Rork was not found. However, it turned out that Rorque was on the side of the federation and all the films of the soul hated “Ghosts”.

“Day of the Federation”
June 15
Caracas, the capital of the Federation
Logan Walker
Call of Duty Ghost PassageWatching Viktor Ramos.
Viktor Ramos is the only person who trusts RorC. With it, we will find a refuge Raff. Turn on the optical scanner, approach the scale, sending the sight to the take-off site in the center. Fixed on a man in a white suit and hold the left mouse button pressed. Jump down, get the cable from the container and shoot in the building opposite. Grab about the handle and move on the other side. Descend down and kill the opponent sitting at the table. Shift to the right and neutralize two more. On the next floor they are shifted to the left and kill two in the kitchen, when one of them is suitable for another. Then we move to the right side and eliminate three enemies. Go down, break the glass in the window with a highlighted frame near the partner.

On the left, you can find a laptop on the table with the next line Raffa. We pass into the server and load the virus in the cell located by the delicacy from Kigan. Despite the fact that the enemies will appear, we carry out the load by 100% and hiding in the opening right. One of the patrols will go back from the group – they will be king. We return to the cable, cut the light and start the descent. Give the knife, hang over the enemy on the balcony and silently kill him. Suddenly jump two more, with a knife with one of them. Go beyond Kigan on the bottom floor. Synchronously eliminate enemies in the elevator. We go to the office space where we crave five opponents. Reaching the dining room, shoot on TV. Turn on the stroboscope and quickly destroy the confused enemies. Go to the hall through a small room. Help hash to disable power supply to elevators. Returning to Kigan, keep defense.

Come to the cable on the fence and jump down down. Periodically shoot the peeking enemies. Moving on the left flank, getting closer closer in the rear of the enemy. Rhark knew about our arrival and how it should be prepared. We take the suitcase where the encrypted data about the location of the Raff is also being accelerated. As soon as the window is trying, open the parachute.

“Predator birds”
June 16
Oil deposit Campeche, Mexican Bay

Thanks to encrypted data, it is possible to calculate the location of the ring. Together with the link, we get to the enemy base and destroy all the highlighted goals. We bring the sight for the goal to fix them and then shoot rockets that perfectly overtake the goals, if of course there are no obstacles between us. We will not extend and use the machine gun embedded in the technique. Arrows on the sides indicate that the enemies are in the appropriate side.

Switch on Logan and moving forward by testing the territory from opponents. Reaching the elevator, switched to the helicopter and shoot everyone and all. Climb on the roof and spread with enemies. Rhark and did not think to escape, he practically surrendered to us. File Rory is located directly on the table Rory.

June 17
Yucatan, occupied Mexico
Call of Duty Ghost PassageSuch a valuable person as Rork, the Federation is ready to save under any circumstances.
Rhark did not immediately moved to the direction of the Federation. Long torture gave their fruits. Even such a strong spirit and body, a person as Rork could not stand in front of the most real masters of his case. Speaking with Rork, grab the chair and push it while holding down the movement button down. Suddenly a group of support for Raffes in the face of the Federation appears. We land right in the middle of the jungle, which are sisha enemies. Free from parachute and half.

Survive in the rear will have to alone. In our hands we have a gun with a silencer, a knife and motion detector. Thanks to the latter, we will be able to quickly notice the enemies. Single patrols eliminate immediately, if there are groups of two and more opponents on the way, we try to bypass them. Cross the territory and in the end we are chosen to the crash site. Go around from the left side. We go along the trail and on the hill reunite with the Father and Kigan. To the left of them is a waterfall. The flow of water will lead us to the Raff file. We liberate hash, synchronously shooting enemies. We are moving along the stream and perform Elias orders. We continue to act secret. Killing the enemy, in squatting follow the allies. It remains only to get to the group of evacuation and leave the territory.

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