Clock Tower: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Clock Tower: Passage

So, let’s begin!

A couple of words about the gameplay – as you already understood, we can’t fight the villains (they are in every case here a smooth account of three – man-scissors, Mary, and of course, a huge monster (but about him later). So that in such a situation we can do?! Of course you run (mostly run away, from a guy with healthy scissors). Riddles in this game, lighter easy – even the child will decide them (I myself did not decide everything, but I know for sure that there are a lot of them in the game). And the Mesho one is important. Detail of the game – the indicator of the psyche (it is in the upper left corner of the screen), be careful – if the Jennifer rents too much (the red color around the portrait of Jenifer) then it wakes up a little bit in one way or another (in this caseDoes not know where to hide from the maniac with scissors). The mental state of the heroine can be returned if you press the appropriate key (button (set) x), the mental state of the heroine is restored very slowly, so if you are not a long-standing expectation, click the acceleration button (on the SNES emulator is the Tab button). We perform an action with the help button help (the specified z button (or b)). Inventory open an inventory button with help button (set button A). Running using the buttons of the corresponding buttons (L and R).

If you want to get the only head-end in the game, then you need to perform clear instructions described below.

So drove:

After an introductory screensaver, where Mary brings four orphans into a mansion, watch a cartoon in which Mary goes somewhere. When she leaves twice in turn Talk to each of his friends. (especially with Laura). After a brief conversation with them, go to the search for Mary (go through the left door, in which Soma Mary entered). Halfing half the corridor, Jennifer will hear a frightening cry that is coming from the living room. Go to there. And there … from our friends, the track has bothered. We try to climb the stairs and go left door. … failure – the floor collapsed, but we, thank God, did not fall with him. Go down and go back to that kind of corridor, from where we started going after Mary. Moving another door (left) We go to the opposite door leading to the mini-living room. Watch out – in a box that lies on the shelf, take the key from the eastern wing (he will use it). We are trying to see the TV, but everything is even – he is broken. We go to the next room – here we are waiting for two beds, parrot and something else ..! We liberate the parrot (oh in vain we did it) and he begins to yell “I kill you!”. Jennifer will not stand this cry too long so catch the bird with the help of a red sheet. (Wow finally shut down)! We look at the photo broken down (Jennifer will notice that some freak is depicted on it!) and grow in the bottom closet – we find spirits there (they later come on (Fuuu … smell like Mary)). Come out of the room through the right door and run left. After a few months, we will hear museum. I do not pay attention to the sounds of the baths from the bath (bypass the opposite third door on the left along the corridor) and go to the left door at the end of the corridor. Ta-Damm … And here and our crazy with scissors, killed Anna (infection) … But we will not leave it so easily.

Run away from maniac, running to that door from which we came to this hall. You have two options for salvation – hide in the bathroom (you can already go there) or in the bedroom, under the bed. Returning from Maniac Returning to the Big Hall. (And where the body of our killed girlfriend was gone?!). We rise to the second floor and go to the left doors, the first door (top) is locked, we go to the second – we are on some chemical warehouse. We select a little balloon. We look at and try to climb the other side of the room. It does not go out (Jennifer is so small, she has no power from shock (he knows hell))! Move the box to the lockers (where by the way I wanted to climb Jennifer) and jump on the other side.

Possing on the side, about watching a wooden box – there wakes up a black robe (we take it – she will also come in handy too). We inspect the Meshu all sorts of figs and come out. In the lobby we go down to the first floor and step march to the left doors (the first door from above, as on the second floor – locked. We enter the second bottom). Immediately go to the first opposite room – we went to the kitchen. Inspect the dishes – there is nothing interesting! Inspect the refrigerator and pick a roll (I don’t know what he can, maybe after all the experience of the Jennifer finally, the subtest). Inspect the storage room – Baaa … what is the spectacle! Mountains beef … and flies (damn them!!!! Running from flies Locking the bullet from the kitchen. Send mental health Jennifer and come back to the kitchen. Open inventory and use a refrigerator cylinder – smelly shoes died. Killing flies, take the key from the refrigerator and leave the room. Rent into the hall and immediately go to the upper door on the first floor. Mini-living room two! (In the Japanese and Russian version, these two rooms on different floors change their location, and therefore accurately assume what room the second living room, and what a strange room is simply impossible)! We approach the central little table and take a small key (not in any cases do not touch the armor otherwise it can cut your head, or the body of Laura will fall out from there – and we do not need it). We try to answer the phone call – strange, but the wire is cut off. We leave from the second living room and go to the second floor, to the left top door – we were in a strange room! We look at the wall, after which we examine the books, the table and even a chair – there is nothing interesting! We go out, go to the stairs and enter the opposite door. Once a small corridor, we hope to the very end. In the second corridor, bypass the first opposite door and go to the next corridor. Milny first opposite door, enter the second opposite door – we turn out to be in the nursery (well, the mess here)! We look at the box near the door – there we find the key, and almost immediately come across a serious problem – one of the dolls come to life!!! It is not possible to escape from it … But you can repulse. To do this, wait when the portrait in the lower left corner of the screen will flood. In this idiotic moment you need to quickly press the motion buttons (namely b and y). Click them as long as we do not send an attack, otherwise Game Over! It is possible in principle and on the cunning to do – when the doll is given, you need to immediately run from it in the opposite direction and it will break. Getting rid of the doll, correct the psyche of our Jennifer and remove from this place.

We run right – passed this corridor and one, stop and inspect the pit ahead, and then take a wooden board and put it where the pit – we made a small bridge, but on the other side we do not turn. Go down to the first floor on the steps, and we go to the first opposite room right – we are with the library. We read all books in a row (mandatory) after which we leave the library and go up to the second floor. Passing the first statue and strange wall, come to the second statue – inspected it we find idol of a demon. Go to the first opposite room on the second floor – we are at some warehouse. (Here we can face a psychic with scissors to escape from him we need to return a room with chemicals and move to the other side, after which waiting a little we again continue our way). Look at the warehouse and move the boxes on the cart. We find a dilapidated wall to completely destroy it from the cabinet scrap and hit the climb on the wall, it naturally collapses. We find yourself in some room, inspect all papers and a strange bottle that stands near the skeleton. Inspect the skeleton and find a diary. Having read the diary we open a terrible discovery – it turned out that a few years ago this guy / skeleton (as it turned out this father Jenifer) worked on the hostess of this mansion, he was a doctor. Once a hostess of the mansion became pregnant from someone, after which she gave birth to two sons – one child turned out to be mentally retarded, and another real monster (in the literal sense of the word – he even de.

The guy wanted to kill these two, for the sake of a common good – but the hostess did not allow him, she was deceived by the poor fellow in a secret room. Before death (from hungry apparently or from a lack of oxygen – Khz shorter), the old man wrote that the hostess holds his children under the ground … after which the note on this breaks. After a short dramatic moment, we leave from the warehouse, go down to the first floor and march to the left. Passing the first corridor and passing in the second, we go to the first opposite door – we are in the beastly. One of the crows is killed in his cage, which is released it (then she will help us greatly). To do this, inspect the table for cutting meat and find the key, unlock the cage where the crow is located. Then go out of the brutal-slaughter and go to the next opposite room – we went to the ceremony room. We inspect everything and everything, after which we put a statue of the demon to the golden bowl. In the center of the room opens a secret passage. We go round! Let’s go down and … Oh, our old good Miss Mary is ahead, she does not notice us and passes by the dog. Before you go after her, we have to approach the dog (not in dense) after which I click on Jennifer, and then I get the spirits from the inventory and they jump themselves all. Then we wear a black robe on yourself and pass by the dog (not running). We go to the right and detect the Mesho one of our girlfriend … that is mortally wounded.

Before she dies, she will say Jennifer something about the lever in the tower. Speaking up with his girlfriend we go to the passage to the dark and go out into some huge room. We move on the other side and reaching the end of the cliff, go down. Go to the right! Here we find some big false! Come to her and open curtains! What is it!? Oh Mama!!! We run from here! (In the bed turned out to be a healthy gray demon. I will open a terrible secret to you – this is one of the sons, that woman who killed his father Jennifer – Monster named Den (BBBBRRRRR!!! And from whom you can give birth, such freaks!?!) Run to left to a small cliff, after which we have to help Jennifer climb up – for this we need to quickly push the action buttons (B and Y). By climbing up, we accidentally drop the canister with a liquid explosive – the monster dies in a terrible agony, and we need to run from here – in front of the left pass at the end, there is also the opposite passage to us – we get to the end, we find the elevator, call it and go inside. ATTENTION: Now we expect two ends – not very good. I’ll tell you about the ending “not very”: entering the elevator we climb not on the third floor, but on the second – passing the corridor, we find ourselves in the second corridor – the path will nail Meri. In anger, she says that her son died due to Jennifer (here is one terrible mystery – Mary and there is the most mother who gave birth to children freaks and she killed the father Jennifer. In from the bitch – it is so easy to do not get off!) When Mary is suitable for you too quickly and try to dust with a knife, try to fight off – fighting off the attack running to that door guarded Mary. Going there Mary shouts to help her to help her – Bobby is that the same killer with scissors (he is the first son of Mary). Up to the end of the corridor, run immediately into one of the big slots – going out on the balcony, devour to the stairs leading to the clock tower. Mary will try to reset you down, but if you take it away from it, it will fall down – justice happened … but not quite. As soon as we get to the tower, press two levers on the remote. The sound of bells is so stunning psycho with knives that he will fall down and break. Everything … We won, it’s a pity that all our dead.

Well, if you want any of your friends to survive, then do everything differently:

Once in the elevator, click on the button of the third floor (tower with cheems). As soon as you come to the third floor for from the elevator mine there will immediately appear with knives, run away from it! Run to the stairs. Rising where Jennifer will turn on the levers and again the sound of the bells “reset” abnormal Bobby down. Jennifer will see his girlfriend Laura lively, but it will not be woken by her – Mary will come out of the corner and starts to choke our Jennifer. If you dream of moving from Mary, then a flock of raven and your kerats will fly to the help of your kerats, they will reset her down. All, we won and saved the laur ..

Game as they say … Over!

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