Cold Zero: The Last Stand: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Cold Zero: The Last Stand: Passage

Level: Intermediate.

This passage is not the only possible. There are a lot of alternative ways.

At the very beginning of the level I recommend immediately open the card, this is the m key, and then, referring to the map, set the position of the camera to the north. It is very cool will help you with orientation on the ground, especially at the very beginning of the game. When I specify the direction when passing the mission, I focus on the mini-card, and not at the current position of the camera! Then, after a conversation with the secretary, we open a list of objects reflected on the map (on missions to reflect the tasks – there are no tasks at this level, except to go and buy a weapon yourself or talk to the secretary to go to the mission), and start studying them.
With the open map and the list of tasks, we have the opportunity when you hover the mouse on the line with the task immediately see the location of the building on the map. Office is your basic camp. Before entering the mission, you must be maintained here in a separate slot here, in this case, if you understand that your gear does not meet the requirements of the mission, it will be possible to return and buy everything that is necessary. There are only 6 buildings here for us.

one. Office. This is the place where we get our tasks from the secretary.
2. Gun shop.
3. Rosovist. He buys all the trophies of the type of cell phones, rings and everything else that is not needed by gunsmith.
4. Bar Eddie. Place where you can chat with bartender and get a task.
five. Arms Merchant in Porto, – will appear only after passing the fifth mission. Will buy and sell Russian and other “prohibited” weapon.
6. Tire – on the map not marked. For $ 50 there you can shoot targets.

Before you start walking around the city, you will be asked to add characteristics.
They look like this:
one. Main characteristics: Power (the amount of portable weight, hits, the ability to run for a long time, the number of damage to the damage), shooting (accuracy of hitting any weapons, and partially throwing a grenade), secrecy (skill moves around the ground without the attention of the enemy, as well as the ability to hide and hide andshoot from ambush), technique (ability to repair things, including weapons, and, for example, opening locks, and t.P.).
2. Weapon Characteristics: Hand-to-hand weapons, including cold, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rifles.

At first, you have only 5 points to raise the characteristics, so think, especially when picked up weapons. At the beginning I added 2 points to the skill of shotgun (on the first mission you will find shotguns, and they are very powerful), and one point for pistols and strength. At your start only $ 1500, and you have nothing from the inventory. Therefore, it is not necessary to pump yourself a rifle or guns-machine guns – you still don’t buy them, you need to download, from which it will be possible to shoot until you earn enough money. As soon as the rifles begin to appear, immediately swing this skill. With the advent of the rifles on the rest of the weapon you can do not care, you will still use it near. And to shoot from the rifle exactly and far, you need a high skill. I wrote a passage with a support for the use of rifles as the main weapon. When new cannons appear, do not forget to put improvements on them.

Through the entire game, you will play the role of a former policeman sniper, which, although it is a private detective, but acts as a Chechen terrorist saboteler. Therefore, remember the three basic principles of combat operations.

one. Secrecy. The quieter act and move, the more chances we have to stay alive. We attack, too, from the shelters, and, having won, do not begin to enjoy it, and hide the bodies, so that then throwing them somewhere to distract attention. Learn to do ambushes.
2. High mobility. Need to constantly move and stay anywhere. Ched the patrol – immediately washed off, and when the support group came, it killed her from the back. This is not a duel, there are a lot of them here, and you are alone, and there will be no mercy.
3. Suddenness of action and readiness for constantly changing conditions.
In the game, the developers removed such a thing as predictability. Here not “Commandos”, where Fritz walks in a circle, here the enemy never stands in one place or a certain time does something. The enemy may change the pathrol route with anything, or just go where he will. In addition, if you competently attacked, then you have more chances to pass the mission.
And please, do not make it immediately as soon as someone was filled, there is a chance that you already hurry the next enemy, who saw this scene of violence and, if you distract, then you will be punished. In addition, trophies are very highly added the weight, why you can not rub nor run. Take only what you really need, because everything else can be collected closer to the end of the mission, when no one hurts. But be sure to search the corpses as soon as the battle ends – sometimes the corpses are the quest items necessary for the passage of the mission, and not that will then run in terms of the level and guess, from which corpse I find the key for the door leading to the exit.

Now a few tips on conducting hostilities.

one. Before starting the game, go through training – it will make you life in the future. When you hide the drawers, do not think that you are protected, they will withstand 5-6 hits, or even less if you shoot from something heavy. Allows only concrete and / or good walls. We shoot more often because of the shelter, there is even such a mode: shirling and hid. Know that the enemies are mistaken and sometimes can shoot their own if they find themselves on their fire lines.
2. If the enemy focused in large numbers in one place, for example, in the house, he was killed by a grenade, and if not, then we go to the house, and immediately warent back. As a rule, the enemy pecks and begins to go out one by one, after which you are methodically putting all of the shotgun or rifle from one shot to the end of the head. When you throw a grenade, be careful, she ricochetitis or, on the contrary, it rises far away. When they are trapped, everything will turn out. If the enemy is located on the street, then you should hide behind the shelter, then Palp in their direction and get ready to wait. They will fail with all the scope, but if they shoot on them from a shotgun or machine, then hit everyone at once, even if you don’t kill. The rest of the enemies will achieve yourself with their own inept fire. Try not to give the enemy to call for help, otherwise they will move into increased combat readiness, which will greatly complicate the passage.

3. Shoot whenever possible in the head, since sometimes the enemy puts on body armor, and if nothing else saves nothing. True, you are also easy to kill, if you charge you in the forehead from the same Python 357 or Desert Eagle. And save the cartridges – they are not cheap, but they end quickly. For statistics I bring an example. To kill the enemy, it is necessary to:
a) get – at the beginning of the game and with a good distance it is a problem.
b) if it is not in the body armor, then a shot from a shotgun to the emphasis will be fatal for him. Or it is necessary to head out of the pistol 1-2 times depending on the pistol or the rifle 1 time.
c) if he is in armor, then 4-6 shots from a pistol or rifle – depends on armor and from weapons. The shotgun will take from 3-4, but if it’s just a hard drive, then it has low rapidity and an enemy with a gun or with automatic weapons will kill you before you have time to push the second time.
And now it is not difficult to imagine how many cartridges you will spend on them at the beginning, especially if adding addiction to the aiming. At best, from 6-8 cartridges per person. Then, however, you will put them in one shot, but before that you need to live.
4. Never build Terminator. Act on the principle – I started the corner and pounded there from the ambush. Even if you have a very cool gun. The rapid powder, the faster the cartridges are running, and during recharging you can slam. While shooting, your weapon can overheat or simply swam. It should also be remembered that each weapon has its own unique characteristics that must be taken into account. And the most important is the pace of shooting and heating. They, unfortunately, are not specified in the characteristics of the weapon.

Exercise 1. Go to the store and buy yourself a weapon and ammunition for the mission.

In your office, if you look around, there are two useful things: a locker, where we will keep weapons and money – after all, do not carry the same arsenal on yourself from the mission to the mission;and a chair in which the hero is resting, rapid health.
From the office we go straight to the store (see. card). To the store we get without adventure. Good seller offers us three pistols, one revolver, and one gun-gun. There are also shotguns and rifles, but they cost transcendental money. The price of guns varies from about $ 850 to $ 1,600, and the gun gun “Ingrams” is at all $ 2G. Each weapon has its own TTX: damage, range, accuracy, mortality (the more, the greater the chances the victim from one shot), the weight, type of ammunition, the volume of the store, the noise and class of weapons. Since there is little money, then the obvious choice in favor of “Colt Python 357 – Magnum”. This revolver will never break as opposed to “Glock 17” or “Hecler & Koch P7” (PSP). And in addition, it has the highest rate on damage, mortality and the same accuracy as the remaining pistols. The only drawbacks is his small store (only 6 ammunition) and increased noise. But we will not uncomment 10 cartridges in the body, and we will act according to the principle: “One shot is one corpse”. Cheap and angry. Be sure to buy a body armor – it is there one and costs only $ 100, a first-aid kit and a hundred cartridges, do not take a knife, and so find it easy. According to my calculations you almost will not remain anything. It makes no sense to spend the “Glock 17”, on the first mission you will find the trunk several times steeper. And the money go down – at first they will not be enough.

Task 2. Talk to Jane (your secretary about the mission)

After leaving the store, we go there, where we started our way. In the office, Jane will say that you need to go to the port and free someone there. Take her car and going to disassembly.

Mission 1 – Pier.

Equipment: “Colt Python 357”, Bulletterley, First Aid Kit.

Exercise 1. Loose hostage.

The level is a port that is fenced with a grid around the perimeter. Here you will be raised in a large number of bandits. But, while they did not notice you, they will fool. Need to act very carefully.
We appear in the upper left corner, when calling a map, we find the location of all enemies and the hostage on it – it is in the lower right corner. Our hero is covered with drawers. To the north of it there are 2 guards, and one of them is locked for the fence. In order not to attract their attention and not raise the alarm, we go right away to the “Rush” position, and get a gun. We are waiting for the guard in the red pants to suit the door, and go beyond the bunch of boxes, which south of the guard. Go to the “Run” position, then we make one shot towards the water, after which the guard in the red pants will go to our side, in parallel we recharge our “Magnum” and when a curious guard will come up and see us, then. Immediately recharge. Then we run away towards the water, and the second guard runs out of the cell (its trajectory run parallel to ours until it runs along the water to the north) and trying to break my cage from the east – at that moment he runs, kill it. Otherwise, he will take a position just north right on the container and it will be more difficult to remove it.

Another twice, the loader, kill the same, while one goes for the key, we kill the second, and then the first fit and also dies. After that we go to the shelter (the nearest boxes at your discretion) and waiting for the third guard, who comes from the north in 5 seconds, and kill it.
We select his shotgun. Go further – north. A little further than the bridge, put another security guard for the boxes, then a person will come running 3-4, depending on the noise. We put everyone, sitting in the shelter, turn to the east and go on the bridge towards the hostage.
On the first turn, we go to the right – to the south, until it stops (on the right hand, there will be a house with 3 gangsters – be alert), when we rest in the turn, we go to the east – to the east, to the house with the hostage, passing all the curious. When you try to enter the house with the hostage, we hear that he wants to climb into concrete, and the door is locked, so it is necessary to go and turn off the power (see. card).

Task 2. Disable food.

From home we go straight to the north, through the hangar, and then turn to the left – to the west, go into the next building and kill the guard from the shotgun in the back. Then take the keys. And continue to go to the west until you leave the hangar, then we go to the north until we ride into the house. After that, we go to the upper right corner, to a lonely structure in which music is playing loudly. There we kill the man and take the key with him, after which we go to the place where you rushed into the house, t.E. to the west. As soon as you find yourself in place, go to the entrance to this hangar, passing the guard at the entrance. The rest, having heard the shots, resort to the rescue, and you all of the shotgun because of the corner;then from the place where the hostage sits, comes running another and as soon as the corpses will see, run back. Your task is not to give him to leave. Then go to the building with the hostage, we kill 2 more bandits, free the hostage (you need to approach him from behind and unleash it). After that, we choose from there, killing 3 more bandits on the way, who came down as reinforcements. And at the end we leaving on their car.

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