Command & Conquer: GENERALS: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Command & Conquer: GENERALS: Passage

US campaign.
As usual, Americans should lime terrorists. Help them in this.

Mission number 1
So, terrorists are still in Baghdad. There is a final part of the operation by destroying. However, they have a stationary missile complex of a slurry, which simply needs to be destroyed so that these worships do not cause a rocket blow.

Mission targets:
one. Destroy all the troops of terrorists.
2. Destroy rocket SND. Mission is simple as true. From the very beginning there are a rather big number of troops. Namely, the group of crusaders and jeeps. That is, it will be and what the infantry is to shoot, and on tanks. What does not allow improvements – yes and hell with them. Here and the base makes no sense to build no. Particularly enthusiasts can order Paladins (there are 1 general of the general), but there is no longer a lot of meaning. The enemy is easily destroyed by what is. The main thing is to immediately chase the whole technique of combat drones. The mission is just a blunt pressure on the enemy. No delights. Only stupid offensive. And do not forget that tanks are coping with infantry pretty bad and do not forget about jeep. Already not far from the beginning of the mission you will meet the camp with captive pilots. Seared them in your tanks and jeeps and your “invincible Armada” will become even stronger. There will be a small focus of resistance near the rockets of the slot, but it is also not serious.

Mission number 2
Iraq terrorists are limited to the root and their leaders fled to Yemen. But the Americans and there they do not want to leave them alone. Therefore, the commands are cleaned by narrow city streets in search of bandits. However, from these very narrow streets is extremely convenient to launch Stinger. And here you have to get off your own pilots from trouble.

Mission targets:
one. Save three pilots. So, from the new funds, ambulance and improvement in the form of rockets for jeeps have become available. Well, on the bempbed and cancer fish. Another sniper appeared in general glasses (and they are already offered 2), but it is only convenient for defense of his base. To begin with, we need a little more to strengthen your base with patriots and capture standing little north of the base 2 oil tower. Just do not forget to give them some cool. Enemy, although rarely, but still makes raids, and he does not capture enemy resource-sized centers, but destroys. After that add troops to your army, equip the technique of drones and on the road. Just leave a couple of jeeps based on. Still patriots don’t cope with infantry. Although you can land there a couple of snipers. Near the base there is a hospital, when capturing which all your infantry will get the opportunity “self-treatment”.Next, work is to work on the dumb stripping of the city. Captured pilots are sitting alone and a piece of cards with a new pilot opens only! After the release of the previous one. Direct approaches to the pilot are protected quite well, and when the storming of his place is begins, everyone escapes to this place. You can also use Colonel Barton and Snipers for shooting from buildings, but the last base is not bad strengthened, so it will still have to destroy the tank assault. And snipers also see the enemy jeeps well. But shoot the crowds of fanatics, which will certainly hurt your tank armadas, they may well.

Mission number 3
Shuffling for terrorists to Kazakhstan, Americans did not calculate their strength. Kazakh terrorists were an order of magnitude stronger than Iraqi. Now you have to retreat. And you have to cover the retreat.

Mission targets:
one. Give the opportunity to save 100 fighters of Americans. And here is the first difficult mission. There is a canyon dividing a diagonal card. On the canyon, there are retreating Americans who pursue evil terrorists. The terrorists passed through the entire canyon later go to your base, located northwest of the canyon. And to the southeast of the canyon there are a pair of oil towers, which are not interested in terrorists (so do not need even in security).At your disposal, already 3 points of the general. However, the most valuable thing is that they can be purchased – this is repairs. “Lightning” is good, but it will not have a lot of goals, and invisible airplanes will be destroyed by an excess air defense of the enemy. At your disposal, they finally entered the commands, but the tanks on this mission will not be built. Therefore, tanks will have to take care. The first thing that is being done is a pair of Rangers with the help of a chinch through the canyon to capture oil towers. Second – the protection of the eastern part of the base. It is there that the terrorists will come after the completion of the persecution. 6-7 patriots are enough there. Troops there are not needed at all. They will be needed in the west. Helicopters do not touch yet. Next action – the distillation of ground equipment to the Western Canyon Canyon. There quickly build as many patriots as possible (and do not forget about energy stations based on). After building 3-4 patriots, withdraw the technique to the very edge of the output (as it can intercept a part of the enemy walking around the canyon and continue to build patriots with her back. And after that, you can withdraw the helicopters (if their number has reached 7-8, there will simply be meaningless losses in smaller quantity) to the middle of the canyon, after which it is possible to observe the destruction of the enemy, periodically adjusting events.

Mission number 4
US starts consistent invasion of Kazakhstan. Already discovered training bases of terrorists. Landing on the banks of the Caspian Sea began…

Mission targets:
one. Destroy stinger’s sockets that interfere with air landing.
2. Build a base and destroy the enemy training camp. American battleships in the Caspian Sea? This is some nonsense! Well, hell with them. The landing has passed successfully, but the database is not yet given – the bulldozers can be planted only with air. Nevertheless, you have 4 tomaments and a bunch of other techniques. Plus, the three points of the general, one of which is spent with the benefit of “zipper”, and the rest – at will. Destroy all enemy bunkers with tomahaws. Just remember that even then you will not produce them. Therefore, guard this four ends of your eyes. After the bunkers, destroy the target four sockets of stingers. It is possible to hang on one of the crusaders an intelligence drone on one of the crusaders and put it outside the reach of enemy air defense. After the destruction of the air defense, you will receive a reinforcement in the form of a pair of bulldozers and several tanks. After that, it remains only to build a base, to release a little bit of tanks and jeeps and move to the systematic destruction of the enemy. Well, as a cover for Tomahawk, as always, comedors are well suited. The enemy sometimes sluggishly try to disturb you (other phrases here and you will not pick up), but your troops will easily cope with it.

Mission number 5
Americans are trying to conduct peaceful negotiations with terrorists in the city of Cabaret. And believe that terrorists are not very trusted (I would not trust Americans very much). And they are right. Ambassadors of the world shoot, war continues.

Mission targets:
one. Prevent the arrangement of the terrorist base behind the river.
2. Destroy the main base of terrorists. This time you have as much as 4 points of the general, which can be investigated in a double raid “zippers”. Nothing more special added. The mission is pretty cunning in passage. There is a damaging and unhurried first part and a fast and dangerous second, which begins only after the first goal of the mission. So do not rush and get everything from the first part of the mission. It ends only with the destruction of the last building of the base (stinger’s nests are not considered), so you can stay on the banks of the opponent, and after this destroy this building. As a gift you are invited to capture the hospital in the north of the card, after which your infantry can engage in self-medication. Capture or not – this is your choice. In the meantime, it is necessary to add tanks, to make 3-4 tomagavka (by the time of the first purpose of the mission of them should be 6), after which it is methodically engaged in the destruction of the enemy. The right bank of the river must be cleaned completely, there should be no ness of stingers. Thereafter! Create your base about the resources remaining from the opponent, protect it with a pair-troika patriots and build an army that must fulfill the second goal of the mission. This is about 12 tanks, 6 tomahaws, several teams (pieces 3-4). After creating this army, we translate all the troops to the right bank. And do not leave helicopters over the river – only above the land. Because the distressed loss of the base Terrorists destroy the dam and she washes off everything in the river valley. Including the bridge and everything that was above the river. After the final destruction of the enemy, an additional part of the card will open, and you will receive reinforcements in the form of a pair of bulldozers, crusaders and infantry groups. Do not apply spy drones over the enemy map. It will provoke an immediate attack. From now on, everything must be done quickly. Not far from the former bridge quickly build 5-6 patriots, reinforcing them from behind tanks and infantry. Just do not put patriots a bunch, pull them into line from north to south. At the same time, lead Tomahawk! and, teams and a small group of infantry north from your new base, destroying the supporting points of the enemy. Soon the tip will be performed at which you will see the location of 2 oil tips (to them and move the tomahaws) and the enemy will decide the rockets. Do not pay attention to the “draw” Petroleum Processing Station. It will be too difficult to keep. Capturing oil towers, move from them to the west along a narrow path in the mountains, covering your tomahals with commands. If everything was done normally, then very soon you will see rockets. Destroy the air defense points nearby (if necessary, apply “zipper” against them), after which the teams and Tomahaws are jointly demolish the rockets of the SCAD. After that, every urgency already disappears and can be measured to destroy the enemy database.

Mission number 6
Americans have already got to Southeast Kazakhstan. But it turned out that the rebellious Chinese general escaped to terrorists. We’ll have to understand now and with the troops of the Chinese…

Mission targets:
one. Destroy the terrorist base in northeastern.
2. Destroy the team center and the Chinese nuclear missile. Well now you have almost all means of destroying the enemy. Namely a radial exterminator, a flight challenge of 3 “Lightning” and in-52. And the last you allocate at all without the cost of points. And 4 more general points you are free to spend at your discretion. Mission is also with a chick, but here the entire map is available from the very beginning. Still need to strengthen your database. Separate patriots near the bridge and on the northern outskirts of the base, then build all available buildings on it. Immediately build a couple of teams. And then you will periodically displays enemy rocket buggies and have something to do something. Constantly spend the resource of attack aircraft and B-52 on enemy fortifications, but do not touch the command center while the command center. When the radiation shredder appears on the database, the time will come to view the territory of the Chinese. Look for their nuclear missile and boldly destroy. She will no longer need it. After that, you can seek terrorists. There will be a hint about another warehouse of resources far in the south, but immediately! After the destruction of terrorists, the assault group of the Chinese will land around him, which will attack your base a little later. Therefore, it is much more profitable to build delivery zones and get a stable and secure profit from them. It remains only to walk on the basis of Chinese teams and toma money. But do not forget that Chinese rainflares are extremely dangerous for helicopters, so we should use super-power weapons.

Mission number 7
Chinese, concerned that terrorists are going to use chemical weapons, join the union with the Americans. Fights are already on the approaches to Akmol…

Mission targets:
one. Destroy the base of terrorists. Now at your disposal there are Aurora bombers. As well as 7 general glasses with the ability to choose everything that your heart. If immediately with the beginning of the mission go north, then the abandoned base of the Chinese will be discovered. Well, restore it, their “lords” will not prevent. Immediately build a line of defense from the rainflares and patriots. Your frequent guests will be rebels in a state of invisibility, so then it will be extremely desirable to put “speaking” towers for their distinction. Also very soon will be announced on the preparation for the launch of the rocket SCAD. But the place of its location will be illuminated, which will make it easy to task with your attack aircraft and in-52. However, the adversary air defense is very saturated, so I personally had to spend a double raid with my means of “mass lesion” because of their high losses on the pitch to the point you need to hit (it is in the depths of defense). Next will begin a tedious process of destruction of the enemy. It is important to take care of the sources of income in advance because ! The initial reserves of resources are very quickly spent. So you can make several hackers as quickly as possible and put several delivery zones. After that, it is built as much as possible means of mass lesion (such as nuclear missiles and radiation shredder). And it turns on very simple tactics – we apply a massive blow to a certain area, according to the remaining resistance items – additional blows. The survivors are achieved by a team team. Start from the wall that is right behind the river. For it inhaps too many shooters with RPG. Just definitely wait for the accumulation of 4-5 “strong blows”, otherwise the enemy will be able to restore. You can apply “Lords”, rainflares and dragon tanks, but terrorists constantly carry out numerous and tedious attacks and for your grouping will have to ensure that it will save it from destroying.

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