Fable: The Lost Chapters: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Fable: The Lost Chapters: Passage


Awakened from a dream about adult heroic life, a little boy gets a task from his father – to make some kind of good deeds in your native village, for each of which dad agrees to give him a gold coin. This wealth will need to buy a gift from the sister, who today happened today. You need to get three coins, and it is allowed to do this in different ways, including committing and not quite good actions. It will affect the development of the hero, which may result in turning into a holy or natural demon. This passage is mainly inclined to develop a bright way.
So, right in front of yourself Talk to the girl, she lost her teddy bear. Then wrap the corner at home on the right and look at a capeful kiss couple. A man caught with polishing at the crime scene will offer you an indental – one coin in exchange for you not told about his unworthy behavior of his wife. If you take a coin, it will be the first step towards hell. However, you can immediately correct the situation. Further along the path, near the house with a sign in the form of a sword, talk to my wife’s wrong husband. Tell her about the tricks of the narrowed, and one good deed will be in your pocket. Go to a warehouse with drawers and barrels, there you are called a city dweller. He will ask for post drawers until he leaves for a minute “Answer the call of nature”. There will immediately appear a little kid and starts to sweep in the dirtiffs, break barrels and see what is hidden inside. Decide that you are more important. Soon the owner of the goods will return, and the second good deed (you have not broken anything yet, no?) can be considered completed. There is still a couple more. First, foole a healthy guy who sticks to a small boy, further along the path. Then return the teddy bear, which will give a saved boy, girl. After return to your father and get your deserved reward. Talk to the trader near the tavern and buy a box with chocolate for three coins. Give the sister’s gift, she plays in the garden next to scarecrow. Run to your home… Suddenly, bandits will be attacked on the village, the mother and sister of the chief hero will be kidnapped. Near the Father’s body you will meet Maze, head of the guild of heroes.

Heroes Guild.

A strange and mysterious man with glowing tattoos on the face will spend in the guild, and at the same time will introduce the guildmaster. You will also get acquainted with Whisper, another pupil of the guild, which will divide the room with you. When the conversations are completed, you will find yourself in the Map Room – this is the most important room in the game. There is a map that allows you to choose basic and secondary quests, as well as teleporter and playground, where you can spend the resulting experience points for pumping the necessary skills. Go to the courtyard and speak with Guildmaster. Workouts will begin: First, pokolotitte the strawful shoes, and then stick. After that trust the more serious “case” – to kill ten beetles in Guild Woods. Do not forget to collect green areas of experience, remaining after the destroyed creatures, otherwise you will simply increase the parameters. At the end of the battle with the beetles, go back to the guild, where the Master will propose to continue learning. You can perform a few small tasks to earn money, or immediately agree to move to a new stage of students, as you wish.
Having become Guild Apprentice, step again to the master near the training platform. He will give a real sword and will offer to demonstrate his skill on Whisper. Then it turns turn to the archery and the use of magic. Studying the second stage approached the end, choose to continue or refuse if you wish to run through the forest with Whisper.
To complete learning in the guild of heroes, it remains to pass the final test. Go on the Guild Woods map and fight there with Maze. Then return to the guild to get the title of “Hero”. So easily. Next click on the map and choose the next quest. Let me remind you that we will dwell only on the key marked label. The blue remains at your personal discretion.

Wasp Menace.

At the gate of the guild, you will be met by a citizen, he will show the way to the Picnic Place (Picnic Area), which occupied the gigantic wasps. By the way, to the left of the entrance there is a shop shop by titles, and on the right platform where you can agree to perform additional conditions for the current quest. For example, to defeat all opponents with bare hands and without weapons. Just keep in mind that the failure to fulfill obligations is imposed. Therefore, it is worth thinking several times before getting involved in this adventure. Approaching the axes, hurry to the town of Bowerstone. Local guard will stop at the entrance, tell about the town and his mayor Lady Gray. Near the beerware talk to Maze. It turns out that your sister did not die, although so far only unconfirmed rumors. Return to the guild and choose the next quest. You can use the teleport, which is located next to the gate.

Protect Orchard Farm.

Here are the choice of two quests: either protect the farm from bandits, or attack (Attack Orchard Farm) the same farm. We go to defense, you with us? From the guild, go to the Greatwood Entrance card, come across there with Whisper, which seems to be going to take the opposite quest. Next, on the route: Graetwood Lake, Orchard Farm. Guard the warehouse from the bandits, there will be two waves of attacking, after which it will have to fight with whisper again. Eki restless girl. Return to the guild for the new task.

Trader escort.

Get to the GreatWood Entrance card, and from there Keep the way in Greatwood Gorge. Bangit will offer to pay him for the passage of 400 coins – pay, or do it in bad. From here to the south and on the map Greatwood Cullis Gate, then in Greatwood Caves, Darkwood Entrance. Meet two merchants now they will under your protection. They, like other mercenaries, you can order stand still or follow yourself. The main thing is to constantly monitor their health indicators if the merchants are killed, the task will have to be replayed. A little later, another trader will ask for another merchant, your business is to take it or refuse. Spend your travelers through Darkwood Marshes and Darkwood Lake, Darkwood Camp (there are several merchants, you can gain), Ancient Cullis Gate, Darkwood Weir. A terrible monster comes from under the ground, destroy the loud and dive into the cave for his back. Here you are in Barrow Fields, at least one of the merchants should get here. From this place, go to your native Oakvale. There you will be waiting for Maze, he will tell about the gangsters that once destroyed the father’s house, and that the guild is waiting for you a new quest. Perhaps soon you will find the trail of the stolen sister.

Find The Bandit Seeress.

One of the thugs in TwinBlade’s Camp knows about sister Teresa. Go to a familiar dear to Barrow Fields (or by teleport), from there in Oakvale. Go down to the beach, right along the coast and the Cave of The Clifftop Path. The task here is to sneak to the goal to the next location, without having fallen on the eyes of the gangsters. If they raise an alarm, you will have to replay. From the gangsters you can hide behind the stones or shoot out from the bow from the safe distance. Once at the gate, you need to find five chests with gangster clothing (shirts, shirt, pants, gloves and gangs) and put on everything. Only so the guard will miss in TwinBlade’s Camp. To get on, you need to have a special label (Camp Pass). She is kindly ready to sell a gangster to the left of the staircase, near the local bar, for 1000 coins. Next, you rested back to the locked gate. Pribe the guard near the cells to get the key, and free two women. The guard will open the gate and will be quitted for them in pursuit – you only need to. Come in TwinBlade’s Tent. Fight twinblade. The only vulnerable bloodthirsty beard is a back, so you need to wait when his swords are stuck in the ground, bypass and threaten on the back. After the battle, Teresa sister will appear, and the voice of the storytellor for the scenes will tell us about her misinstations. After the abduction from Oakvale, she was blinded, she wandered through the forests and joined the gangsters, if briefly. And then she will leave. Concederate TWINBLADE, although now it will be more difficult, all his workflows will be accidentally. When everything is over, return to the guild and talk to Maze, it stands near the fireplace in the tower on the second floor. This time he will tell about his friend who needs to be saved.

Find the Archeologist.

Go to the room with a map (you don’t need to touch it) and in teleport. Destination place – Witchwood Cullis Gate. Soon the next “Kingkogo-like” monster will appear on the road from under the ground, and after it looms to the Card Witchwood Stones. Not far from the entrance is a demonic door that can let inside only one who knows her name. Laying four stones and kick them in this order to get the word Hits. In the cave outside the door you will find an archaeologist. However, he will not be happy at all. Return to the guild, click the map to get a new task.

White Balverine.

Teleport in Witchwood Cullis Gate, then run the card with four stones and get to the Temple of Avo. On the left there will be a way out in Witchwood Lake, and there is already not far to the end point of the route – the settlement of Knothole Glade. Run to the gate of the village and talk to people who are trying to get inside, but for some reason they do not let. Kill four Balverine, then the gate will open. Talk to your local chef, your conversation will be interrupted by a big white attack… No, not sharks – Balverine. You need to get on this creature ten times, then she will run away. The chef will tell you that, perhaps, the wife of the last brave, who wanted to defeat the white monster, knows against him. Go deep into the village and again hang ten monster blows. The wife of the last hunter will appear and will report unexpected news. This monster… And there is her husband, and he became so after the bite of the last Balverine, which was hunted. She will also give Silver Augmentation – you need to insert into weapons to make it easier to defeat the beast, although you can kill it and other weapons. First, again beat the creature in the village, and then run to Witchwood Lake, where it needs to be finished. As a result, get White Balverine Head, take it to the chief as evidence of the death of a monster. The chef will give a letter from the sister and report that you now deserve the right to fight in the arena. Return to the guild where you choose a new quest.

The Arena.

Entrance to the location with the arena is located on the Witchwood Lake map, which is near Knothole Glade, where you can teleport directly from the guild. In the preparatory block, buy yourself clothes, weapons, flasks and wait for a call to battle. When he follows, talk with the guards at the gate and go for a long and hard duel. The first two rounds you fight alone, and then the campaign will be whisper. Between the rounds you can relax and visit the store, but in this case you will not receive prizes. After the eighth round, some jack of blades will appear and will be offered to fight two winners among themselves. Win Whisper in the 9th Round. At the end of the fight, it can be finished or left alive – the choice is yours. Leave the arena, at the exit you will be met by Lady Gray, the mayor of the BowerStone, and will invite you to your mansion. Then jack of blades near the statue of a woman with an ax tells the history of the mother. Imagine she also fought in the arena! Here’s a family of heroes crashed.

Finding Theresa Again.

Go to the nearest teleport and transfer to Barrow Fields. Get out from the card in Gray House. Here is already waiting for sister Teresa, she will tell that this Jack Of Blades organized a raid on the village, and it was he who scrubs her eyes. I’ll get to him, and now you need to look for your mother. Return to the guild and take a new task.

Rescue The Archaeologist.

Archaeologist languishes in Bowerstone prison. Jump into teleport and choose BowerStone South. Go to the Bowerstone North card (now it is possible), where to go to prison. The creatures kidnapped archaeologist, and you need to save it. Go to the windmill Hill, where all the monsters will host – the protective barrier in Gibbet Woods will disappear. Further, head to Prison Path, having shutting along the road of a stone troll. Now the task is more complicated – it is necessary to deal with all the enemies in five minutes and save the archaeologist, and this is not so simple.

The Graveyard Path.

After communicating with the archaeologist, return to the Gibbet Woods, then in Headsman’s Hill and Lychfield Graveyard. Near the teleport are locked gates in the cemetery, and you do not have a key. What to do? Run in the house nearby and talk there with a caretaker, he will open the gate. Minute Cemetery and descend to the tomb nostro. Skeleton in the coffin will ask him to bring him four of his things (sword, shield, armor, helmet). Armor are in another tomb, helmet – in the house of the caretaker. Do not forget to grab the shovel from the chest near the house. Then go to the cemetery and start digging. First, when entering the cemetery, go to the left and left of the tomb, where the silver key is located, dig – you will find the sword nostro. It remains to get a shield, he will have to learn. Go to the river opposite the tomb, where they took armor (there something sparkles in the water and visible bubbles), and use the fishing rod (you need to play a mini-game “Fishing”) – Get Nostro’s Shield. Return things to the owner, in gratitude he will open a demonic door. On the next map, the zombie will open, the door will open in Circle of the Dead. Stand in the center of the round stone plate and overload all the zombies (they can be killed only when around the Red Aura), the protective barrier will disappear. Go down to the dungeon in search of your mother.

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