Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords: Passage

One day, the rulers of different civilizations inhabiting our galaxy decided that it was time to start a technology race. Decided – and began, but so they rushed that a few weeks went to the opening of new technologies and the construction of fleets. And since one of these rulers, you, and you have to build a stellar empire, starting with a single planet and scarce technology. For victory, you will have to build on the planets, develop science, design and build ships by the results of its achievements, do not forget about diplomacy and trade with other races and even choose your side in the confrontation of good and evil.

Key on start

The first choice at the beginning of the new game is to choose a suitable galaxy- and starting conditions. Here you need to decide on the size of the world, the number of stars and the density of their location, the number of planets and their quality, but you can take ready-made cards. For each of the parameters, three-six different options were offered. One item can be mentioned separately, the speed of technology development depends on it. In the same window, in the right upper part, select the script to taste. You can take one of the proposed options, its description will be displayed in the window, or with the help of ticks, put your conditions for victory:

  • Technological (RESEARCH menu item). You need only to get the immortality for your people, having won the technologies of all other races.
  • Diplomatic (Alliance menu item). Despite the fact that some civilizations in the galaxy are initially confined to confront each other, this option for very well-stubborn players. To win, you need to conclude alliances with all senior races.
  • Robbing (Influence menu item). In this version, you have to get around our competitors through trading and strengthening your influence. And simply replace at least three quarters of the galaxy to your side.
  • Conquest. This method of lovers to poke muscles is always available, but it becomes clearly visible, only if you turn off the three above-mentioned conditions. In words, everything is simple: as soon as the last alien planet – the galaxy will become ours, in deed, without diplomacy and trade can not do.

The place of action is defined, the queue for existing persons. You can head one of the nine civilizations living on the expanses of the galaxy according to the developers’ designs (starting conditions for them you can see in the appropriate table), or create your own, none of the existing non-similar. However, the Ras “By default” can be changed a lot, only their technologies are bound to the player. But first things first.

On a note: There are no fines for choice, due to the choice of ras only increases. The first tab gives general information about the selected pluses of civilization, we will immediately move on to the second Abilities (abilities). From their choice depend on the buns of civilization to absolutely any parties to activities, you can focus on the war, diplomacy, trade, science, or choose several directions. Ten glasses are available to the newly created distribution, and some abilities have a different strength of action and, accordingly, are more expensive. It is important: At the finished civilizations there are abilities not specified in this bookmark, but when you press the “Reset” button at the bottom of the window, they are reset as well as the selected. Next, select the most suitable for you Political Structure (Political) civilization. From the wealth of the choice and the advantages of the eyes, they scatter, but that it is quite reasonable, you need to put your senate to the service of society and further enhance the race.

The easiest to play with Federal Party At the head of the country, gaining strengthening of the economy as a whole, since the biggest problem is finance. More complicated in the implementation, but very effective subsequently Commercial party, Receiving trade income and reinforcing espionage. The choice of real men who destroy their cosmic path with smoking ruins on the scorched planets – Party of war and her plus to the life of space ships. Populists It is worth choosing players aimed at a diplomatic victory, besides, it is also possible to endure their population with large taxes due to high morality. Pacifists In the Senate will give plus to the effect of civilization and production to social products. Party industrialists will increase social and military construction areas, and Techniques Accelerate the development of science and strengthen the sensors of spacecraft. Another horse on the political arena of the Galaxy Party of universalist With the slogan “All for all”, but nevertheless, their goals, different from others, are very good in defense, a little to the economy, to protect, to the increase in population population and good success rate. The fourth bookmark bears aesthetic function. You can change the color of civilization, repaint the interface and customize the appearance of ships, including the color of the fibe of the engines. The fifth, the latter, is blocked for finished races, but it is very interesting when creating its own. With it, you will define Set of starting technologies (Techs), to whose choice two hundred points. You can make the most inserted into the selected branch, maintaining the general direction selected for civilization. But this is not entirely justified, because one of the technologies is obligatory for use in any case, it is HyperProstic engine. Without this knowledge, the construction of spacecraft is impossible, and about expansion you can forget from the first moves, and a little later and around you all delicious eaten. Some value have technologists connection And Universal translator, But if you meet anyone without them, nothing bothers to discuss global galactic problems a few weeks later. Now the last elegant face, which will be withstanding us in the capture of galaxies, in an amount from one to nine pieces. For them, you can ask a relationship with a player, from the Alliance to the state of war, and the power of the game. In the latter case, mass options, from round idiot to a real genius with incredible intelligence. Want sharp sensations? Make your opponents smarter and try to defeat them. Nothing pleases as the consciousness of victory over a strong opponent.

Galactic Dennaughter

The most universal resource, calculated for the whole civilization, is the money designated by the strange abbreviation BC. No better way to speed up the construction than to translate the round sum at the expense of one of the transgalactic corporations. In addition, the ringing coin is ideal as equalizing rates in diplomatic trading. Installing many modules on star bases requires some amount of money. And of course, the war – you have to choose between the lives of the soldiers, the quality of the planet and additional expenses upon the invasion.

Articles income

  • Taxes. Depend on the population on the planets, naturally, the more, the better. The rate can be changed, but when it is increased, the subjects are not at all glad by such a turn of the events and the government is beginning to displacing at all angles. In the absence of advantages to loyalty, the intensive growth of discontent begins at taxes about fifty percent.
  • Tourism. As in history about that gopher, nobody saw him, but he is. Someone rests on our planets, leaving their money. How to regulate this item, absolutely not clear, but once drows out gradually, then thanks.
  • Trade. Very profitable occupation, but requires knowledge of the relevant science and some costs for the construction of special ships. The number of trade routes is as limited by civilization, but to spend the work of scientists to increase their number. Everything else, with trading partners, the relationship is improved, who will want to lose money due to a stupid war?

On a note: The division into military and social products conditionally, any space ships go on the first article, and all structures on the surface of the planet-.


  • Military products. Consumption is only for the construction of spacecraft, during idle shipyard the fee is not charged.
  • Social products. Requires money quite a different principle how many hammers are made on all the planets, so much money and will need to spend on this move. The conclusion is obvious if there is nothing urgent, it is better to transfer the focus to another industry.
  • Research. Cost calculation occurs in the same way as in the previous article, only laboratories are taken as the initial data.
  • Colonial content. Part of the buildings consumes funds always, the centers of colonies differ in particularly twelve coins for the course. You have to think, and whether it is worth the sheepskin, capturing a small planet.
  • Ship content. Ship teams also love to eat, and if at first they feed are unknown where, the professionals who know how to handle modern military equipment require salary payments.
  • Espionage. How many agree to pay for observation of another civilization, so much and exhibit, the whole amount will be reflected in the expense column.

As the observations showed, the figures of production and costs on its article may differ slightly in the favorable side, it seems that it depends on the level of development of related sciences.


Perhaps the best way to replenish the rapidly empty treasury and, with especially successful circumstances, get a tangible plus. For the start, you need to completely slightly study the technology of the same name, getting access to the trading module, build cargo ships and send them to the planets of other races. After they will independently run along the route, bringing a stable income. Initially, you can make only four trading routes, but, moving around the research branch, this number can be increased. The income from caravans receive both parties related to, and if the space tracks of other races lead to your planets, then we will get margin. The path can be removed by going to the internal policy window trading bookmark, sometimes there is a need.

Budget planning

You can spend earned money according to installations, default data, but the effectiveness of this method is extremely low. To make changes, you need to refer to the domestic policy window. On the right column of income and expenses, which were said slightly higher, and the left-hand drives, here they are interested in us.

  • Taxation levels (Taxation). The default is 33%, the people agree with this meaning and does not express special discontent. If you raise the bar, perturbations will grow, and approximately at 50% and the above intricate moods will begin to distribute as a fire.
  • Spending (Spending). Determines which capacity industry works, and the cost level of it. The initial value is 50%.
  • Spending Distribution (Spending Distribution). Three sliders subordinate to the previous one, the allocated amount is distributed between the military and social industry and science. You can fix the value of one of them and adjust other. Useful thing, at the start you can remove the costs of the military industry and speed up the construction and science.

Umbrellable plane of space

So we went to the orbit of our planet – it’s time to look around. In the galaxy, a certain number of stars are clearly visible by the naked eye. Around each rotates one or more planets. Although the word “rotates” here does not apply here, they are attached to the star. Most of them are not suitable for habitat of living beings, only on some reasonable race can establish a colony. Next to our house, two ships – research and colonizer, and in space scattered anomalies and resources.
On a note: For information on suitable planets in the system, it is not necessary to make them all, it is enough to choose a star.
This is interesting: Solar system in the game is present, but the half of the planets lost somewhere, including Venus. Stars, planets, nebulae and other galaxies can be seen, cosmic ships furrow expanses, beauty, and only. But there is still something, very important and interesting…


Star bases are not independent combat units, and the support points of the surrounding space. They spread their influence on several parsekops around themselves, the zone of their action is visible when choosing. Naked cosmobaz of weak, to improve efficiency, you need to install additional modules on it. And for construction, and the designer ship is used to improve, and for high-level structures, there is also some amount of money.
Economic base (Economic Starbase). The first thing that she can do is to increase the production capacity on the planets around, a little later there is the ability to install modules that increase the profitability of trade routes.
Military base (Military Starbase). Enhances the attack and increases the protection of spacecraft. Developed base in the right place will help win in, it would seem hopeless situations.
Influence Starbase (Influence Starbase). Increases the effect produced by planets around itself.
Resource bases (MINING STARBASE). Are built exclusively on the resource crystals, but they give serious advantages to the planets around them. All types of cosmobaz can and need to install combat stations and other protective modules, otherwise a crazy enemy fighter will destroy all our works.

Order on the planet

We will return to the Cosmic Affairs, but while we will deal with planetary concerns. The main indicator of the quality of the living worlds is their class, in a practical presentation, talking about the number of cells to be built. One of them is always engaged in the capital of the colony. Usually, the planet is given a yellow cell, with the development of technologies it will be built up, no other terraforming of the surface is impossible. Some squares contain resources that increase the efficiency of the buildings of a certain type in two to four times, which is displayed by the symbol in their lower left corner.

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