Gene machine: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Gene machine: passage

Part 1. London Station
So you picked to the London station. Get out of the station and go to the left until you sit in Karety. Coach will bring you home, go to the door. Following you the cat. Meet and talk to him. Take a newspaper from the sofa and from the table by Piatrasigap. Exit in Cupid and lift a letter from the floor. Open the envelope, get the letter (for this you have to examine it two pieces) and pour it. Climb the second floor, take the key with the bedside tables. With this key, turn off the desk in the library in the library (Room with the living room) and get your accounts from it. Go to the left and take a small statuette from the table. Oblipping Spearly in the basement. HA fireplace Take a bytylchky with a laxative, and from the table Bõytilky from whiskey. Excite your wallet carefully and get from it to Klybnyu Kaptsy, money and businesscare (for this you should examine it a few PAZ). For a carriage, go back to the station. Go to the right along the train and kypitu for dehegi y boys newspaper. Head to the Club.

You have a few places in which you can go. Go to the club (picture with a hat). Enter Klyb. With Tyambok Take a coopcle tobacco. Pour at this type.Go left to the club’s hall and talk to his members. Show them your accounts and newspapers purchased y boys. Talk to your golf comrade. Return to the next room, where there is a waiter with a glass. Piece the laxative in a glass with wine and ask the waiter to attribute the drink to members of Klyb. Go to the hall and lift the floor of the royal pass. Get out of the club and get in the carriage.

(where to go be sure to go, otherwise you will not be able to fly to the moon) Let’s go out and everything Passpoppost Captain. Talk to your servant that he knows about the ship. Sit in Karety.

Come to the doubles and show the staples of the capping, found in Klybe. Go come back to the copole, come with it. Raise the letter from the floor and leave the branch.

Learn around the big stairs, talk to the control and give him a little statyItky. Come left. You have a passed compute. PPOFessoP explains to all his action. Come to the computer, take the snapping snack and shove it into response. And here is the first computer game. All in the rich. Take one more perplex and keep it home. Show PefokTy Cot. Cat she will not understand and he is strongly because. Trip in the institt and sideways. Sorry who had a compute . PPPOFSSOPS not dustped vehicle breakdown, and, output, it will be pushing you to be an assistant for flying on Lyny.

House ppofesso
Drink to the House of Professor. Talk to him. Go to the left in the laboratory and take from the pylt closet, but from the table poison. Show your thoughts found you. PPOFESSOP will hit you. Ask your servant about the pyati to the eatership, everyone knows them in London.

Get out of the roller, talk with a manball in a long jacket and go to two on the left, this is a pyablical house. Talk to Madame that sits at the entrance and show her letters of coopol. Maidam will take you to climb. HE Observe it to look at the two two. Enter the rooms and talk with a full girl. Take the camera from her. There is a stern from the pyablichny house there is a small bap. Log in to it and talk with a boot. Barman will give you a PY LCD beer. Drink a bit of beer and talk with a banner more and instantly. Speak with Bommy Y Racks, give emot your pure handkerchief. Using a handkerchief, the homeless thing you will be. Sit down.

Hepility, nude to go to my wife. Before the gate suite flower. Go to Kalitky and speake your "Favorite". Go to the house and talk to the old maid. Ride to your home on the carriage, talk to the cat and give EMY Flower. In the exchange of the cat will give you a lot. Return to my wife, talk to the maid and take from the Czashky tray. Open your ports (see it) and put a cigacy in it. Stress the cup with a dick nasal raft and give it to my wife. Made a nasty, dyche’s poesta! Tepe show her a lot. And how much women are so afraid of them? Raise the ring from the ground, which flew with the hands of his wife. For yourself, show her mouse still. Find up to the eaters. Log in to it, come across the way and dust in the basement. Cancel with a gangster for more. Give EMY Ring and two newspapers (first give the mint). Just poured when a professional is taken for business.CompleteCPPOPESSOPY, give the emotion to the ship and go along with it on Lyny. Go to the left, sit down in the dash. 10….I….8….7….6….five….4….3…. Chept …. 2 ….. one ..Aaaaa

Part 2. Flying on Lyny Rocket
Sitting places were only two, but flew on the lyny. Mest disadvantaged. What nothing happened. Come and talk with faded pppofesso. Take from the walls of the SPANK. Under the scaffold, take the shovel. Come to the Buck and remove the hammer from it. With the help of a hammer, you will unsubscribe, suitable to the buck. Raise the head and wind in Iluminato on the ceiling. Invpected you see Lyny so close. To the left of you try. Raise the two cigarette swords so that they do not reach it to one division, and this division is lower than DPYGIE. (Pops up the menu with objects, choose TpyyBy.) Trumpet cries levers. Now the ship is straightforward to the moon. Speak with PPPOFesso, take the Y of the Extapate and go out on the ability of the Earth’s satellite.

Put the chamber near the boat and remove the earth surface. Camera, unfortunately, broke. Go to the cave. Turn on the trot. Robot jested in low cave. Look in a small hole on the wall in which will be visible. Turn it on again. Before you will appear the control panel. With this pyalta, you will see. Press twice again, four up, two times left, five ventures and to the end. The robot will leave on DPYGOGY effects and the piggy makes her stalactitis, for which you can pass. Go to the cave SPAVA and PA Slightly Spring Shovel. Carefully wind in it and get the Lyan Stone. Examinate the stone and break a few fragments.Return to the ship, talk to PPPOFesso and show him fragments. Pour the fragments of poison. You are waiting for a small way home. Landing was not very soft. Lovely house ppofesso pussed. To the same you forgot the planet of the front. In short, trouble came, revoke the gate. Apologize to PPPOFesso and sit in Karety.

Part 3. Cruise
We use the same in BAP and take the false newspaper. Take the newspaper in Klyb and show it to all. Near and speak with the captain about your Capabl. Captain sweeping Paz. Drive to the bobbin, go with the job and run a picture (I once had a half time to take it on the first time). Take and show his captain. Talk to him about the route, offer a man’s cigare and take the plan. Come on the way and go for a lot to boat.

Climb the stairs to PYBKY. Talk to the captain, show him a plan and ask him to strictly. Go down to the deck. Go on Palybe insoo. Take a picture with an attachment with a Matpiece, standing y drawer and go on to the end. Go down to the engine. Take Maslenky with a stove and disk with the wall. Go up. On the way you passed the door in the trum. Go to it. Thime two two. Go to the long, lift with the floor of Volynky. Go to the BPONTOVA and tick it from your back needle. Go to DPYYYY DPU. Using the response to unscrew the lenses Y Iluminat. Climb run. At the entrance to the machine compartment on the floor of the hole. Put in a smoke lensesy. Go to the screw and lubricate it out of the oilbox. Speak with my mink, my pike do not care. Rotate the screen with hook. Speak again with my mog. Moching plunge with chewing, chewing boots and stalk on lensy. Raise the lenses and dust into the engine room. Insert a spike from the dickery in the dial and look at it. Look at Pechy. Lensy in point. Climb the deck, go to the left, look at the flag. Ask your servant to help him remove. Go down in Tel. Next to two twine in Tyib. Take a tyiby flag. Very in the engine room, look at the above and PAGE in the stove fire with a boil. So they were on the ice isp.

Underwater base
Go to the right on the ice isp, until you go to the underwater boat. Check with the captain. Send after him on the watch site and say more. Captain will drink a boat in a database. Those of the hatch in the ceiling get away. Go on the coincidences, until you are in the room with it. Will a little on it. From one thing, a pack of old letters will be departed. Take them and go further into the bedroom. Remove with spafed hangers and wind kptiny with pyatlock, on the wall. After that, pushes old letters. Return to the boat, speak with the captain. Captain gives you back. Go away and sit on your coap. Climb in PYBCY and try the captain. Show him a photo and quietly sit down on the South Island.

While the slam of caught in search of something with a shedular, lift the one of the stones lying on the ground. Go to Jyngli. Razvilki raise out to go to go late. Wrap the berries from the bush, close nearby and go back to the Pazvka. Now go to the right to the village. The most entrance to the deposit will make a green Lian. Enter the village. Your servant fell into trouble, he wants to eat the bloodthirsty tribe of cannibals. Talk to the Chief of the tribe. Wind the stone with green liana and sprinkle by the EGCPC. Such a wonderful feeder give the leader. Talk to chief. From the hut will be a stamp and will come. Go behind him until you enter into the mouth of a flame stone snake. Take a skeleton to the skeleton and return to the beginning of the cave, where small animals hang on the liana. Remove one with a saber. Trip in the snake and put an animal on the penny tile in the field to turn off the spikes. Go further well.
Firefeneck. Look into the hole on the ceiling. Get out of your definition and climb to go lame. Enter it with a scaffold. Has the bottom of the lake go to the fiery punch and get out of it. All Love Yud. Very in the cave and calmly move the fighter of the Peky. Before you a room with a large bunch of multicolored crystals. Go to the next room with posts. Go on. Lubricate the elevator with oil and go down on it to the city. Go to the city square, from where do the doors. In one you will find sweets on the pedestal, to another four kpre. (yellow, green, raspberry, kpasny).It is a compensation with the posts, but, in a way, what to enter into it, look down on the pripers. Come to the big snack of Pancupolous KPYTALLOV and get a little dick from her a kpyystallik (more closely look for more than). Put the CPITELL in such a delivering: Raspberry, Green, Malba, to open. In the woof the submarine. Go down to her and talk to the captain. Captain will give you a new card. Trip the tribe leader, talk to them to twisted your little bragging. Sit together. Lear to the captain and show the new. In pyt. On the way, pirates are attacked, led by a member of Klyba….

Part 4. Genetic car in captivity
So, you are sitting in a cage along with your slam, like experimental contacts.YOU YOUR YOUR YOURSHIVE THAT YOUTING SYMASSED PPPOFESSOP – genetic machinery. Masiney Create unprecedented chosen. The next object of reincarnation is likely to become you. Around full cells with incomprehensible animals. Try to talk with a green tentacle. Then test Ohpannik. Tentacles cleverly grabbing and turns the cell. Go right to the laboratory. From the box on the field is low-incorrongate and google (use) it. Checker will set fire to appapat. Press one of the pipes by car. Return to the cells and lower the small lever on the wall to open the cells and deny innocent animals. Go to the left and sit down in the balloon.

Ivan Shmelev (Goblin PC)
Solushen provided by polar teddy bear (http: // qwest.Zone.RU /)

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