Heaven & Hell: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Heaven & Hell: Passage

The glory of Maestro Peter Moulin and the famous Black & White do not give peace to developers from many gaming companies, and over the past three years there have been many products referred to as “clones”;But all of them, alas, and not destined to surpass the original. This is about one of these games and will be discussed – I ask to love and complain: Heaven and Hell.

So you are God. You sit in heaven and look at everything that happens because of the clouds. Your main goal is to turn into your faith of all people living on Earth, but the other God will rise in your way, who also wants to subordinate humanity to himself. You need to assign prophets that you can choose from simple mortals, and with their help to achieve victory!

I propose to your attention a full and detailed guide and passage Heaven & Hell, However, before going to conquer the minds of naive earthlings, consider some general points: management and interface of the game, the prophets and their appointment, divine magic, buildings, learn what mana is, well, and in conclusion we will tell how to go through the main campaign -both for good God and for evil.
Management and interface

The game interface is not particularly difficult and very ordinary for representatives of this genre direction – almost all control is carried out using the mouse;However, there are a number of so-called hot keys – we will look at them just below, now let’s stay on the game interface. Almost all control keys are located at the bottom of the screen, the only button at the top of the right – pause, when you click on it, the game menu appears, with which you can download or save current results and exit the main menu. This menu can also be called by pressing the ESC key.

Now consider the function buttons at the bottom of the screen: the left of the transition button to the main map is the right to the location map where you are currently located;The blue dots on it marked the troops of good forces, red – the army of the power of evil. Then follows the menu of the magic of characters – each prophet is inherent in their spells;about your governors and their magic we will talk just below. Over the menu is the mana counter.

The right is the buttons with which you can use the power of God – about it again, just below in the corresponding paragraph. The prophet icons are located at the right side of the screen, just below are two more buttons: the message archive and mission targets.

Main buttons when controlling the keyboard

ESC – Pause.
M – general map.
INS – Divine Lightning Spell.
Del – lift the peasant and transfer it to a certain place.
END – when playing for good god – to give the inhabitant, when playing the power of evil – to hit the inhabitant.
Page DOWN – Divine Earthquake Spell.
Page Up – Divine spell, satisfying frogs;When playing the power of evil, the role of frogs perform beetles.


Mana is the only resource that is necessary for miracles. Each spell is divine or prophetic – selects a certain number of mana. Mana is restored after a while. So that the recovery process proceeds faster, turn the captured houses of settlers in the houses of Mana.


The prophets are governments of God on Earth, it is they who carry faith to the people and are the main figures in the game. When playing for good and evil, the prophets differ slightly, but they actually have the same functions. If the Prophet loses faith, the mission will be considered failed, and you will have to start it from the very beginning or from the place of the last entry.

Now consider the main types of prophets that you have to manage in the course of the game.

Caster – He is a preacher. Walks on the villages of people and reads sermons. As evidence of the divine power to the governors of the Most High, a couple of spells, which they use to attract the attention of believers. A good prophet has a rainbow and an angel, in the evil – a fiery demon and a flock of beetles. At the end of the demonstration of their abilities, the prophets read sermons, after listening to which part of the settlers takes your faith.

Warrior is also a very necessary figure in the game. The fact is that some villages are very unfriendly, and you will have to doubt their inhabitants a little so that they can then listen to the preacher and take your faith. Of course, the head of himself can not fight, so you will have to recruit peasants from the captured settlements. The boss can lead a maximum of 11 people. In addition to the possibility of a set in the army, the warrior is endowed with the spells with which he can encourage soldiers during the fight.

Chestens – can lay roads and open access to infavailable parts of the card. In fact, the services of this prophet are required not so often, but sometimes without him just can not do.

Builder – can emit mood at home or repair spoiled. Very useful in some missions.

The prophet-imitator is a very interesting person – will help you confuse the forces of the enemy. It is endowed with the ability to turn into a simple village, destroy the enemy mood at home. He also can destroy the road and create several images of the prophets to confuse enemies.

The Prophet-Elder – has one of the most efficient spells: appeal to his faith of the whole city. True, this joy is quite a lot.

The prophet-spy – can penetrate the enemy seal and steal Manu. Available only when playing for the power of evil.

Divine spells

You, like any average deity, there are several spells in the arsenal, with the help of which you can encourage or punish residents: to give them, put flowers or, on the contrary, arrange an earthquake or hit the lightning. Now consider every spell in more detail.

You have the opportunity to hit the zipper on any object or building. Especially this spell is effective during battles with inners. A good blow to break the preaching of an innovative preacher and will bring him a serious blow, too, can also be used against other prophets. The only drawback – this spell can be used with an interval of at least a minute, and during this time a lot may happen.

A good alternative to lightning – an earthquake begins in the specified location, inflicting serious damage to the settlement. The only drawback is a spell, again, can be used with an interval of at least a minute.


Flowers are two species – flowers of life and death. When playing for a good god, you put the flowers of life for evil, respectively, death. The main purpose of the spell is the promotion of residents.
Frogs / spiders

Another of the frightening spells. When playing for a good god, you can release a bunch of frogs in an enemy village, for evil – spiders to frighten settlers who believe in another God.

Hit / deliver the inhabitant

Also encouraging spell affecting the mood of the settlers. Can be used on one snarry to change its mood – either on good or bad, depending on what God you play.

Transfer the inhabitant

You have the opportunity to transfer simple mortal anywhere on the map. It should be noted that this spell does not apply to the prophets.


In this point, we will say a few words about the inhabitants of the villages that you have to capture. It should be noted that each seliner has its own home, and the belonging of the structure to one or another faith directly depends on its host. As soon as a person turns to your side, his dwelling also belongs to you – however, we will talk about buildings just below.

All people can be divided into neutral, not belonging to any faith (they are easier to pay them to your faith) and believers. Believe the settlers can both in the strength of good and in the power of evil. Believers conquer more difficult, especially for the villagers who worship the evil God.

Over some selans there are icons in the form of a red auura, if they believe the evil God, or the White Aura, if they believe in the strength of good – these guys are most dangerous, and you will have to make strength to pacify them;This is usually done using a military leader and several soldiers. The mood of the village is maintained with the help of mood homes (good or bad – depends on God), but about them just below.

Conditionally all residents can be divided into three types: peasants, workers and nomads. They actually do not differ among themselves, unless they live in different types of settlements – if, for example, the peasants live in villages with wooden houses, then the nomads are, first of all, tent towns. The workers live in houses folded from stone.


All buildings in the game can be divided into two types: simple and magical. Magical buildings in the game are two species, regardless of what God you play – houses mana and houses raising mood. Consider their little more.

Mana’s houses – need for mana mining, which is needed to use spells.

House raising sentiment – to strengthen the village of Sellian, I also advise you to build one or two such buildings in the settlement: they raise the mood of the peasants and strengthen faith in you.

All buildings are divided into a level of level – there are buildings of the first, second and third levels. The higher the level, the stronger the magic influence of the house at the surrounding inhabitants.

In addition to magical buildings, there are ordinary houses in the game, which, like their owners, are either neutral, or belong to any of the faith. Each settlement has a city center – the main house, which is usually located in the center of the village. If you go to the house the mouse cursor, you can see the mood schedule of residents and find out what faith prevails in the village – in the power of good or evil.


Training Mission

Before proceeding with the passage of campaigns, you can pay for some time of the training mission. It is not particularly difficult – therefore, we will not stop in detail on it. During the mission you will be taught to handle the game interface, manage the prophets, build buildings and t. D. All this we have already considered in a common part, so we will not repeat and proceed to the passage of the campaign.
Campaign of Good Forces

From the very beginning of the game only the campaign of good forces is available, the mission for evil God will open after the passage of the first campaign. And now ahead – and let the good win…

Mission 1

First of all, create a prophet and follow the top of the mountain. Clean yourself with lightning. Climb the mountain – now the Prophet proved his faith. Next task – to pay in your faith to settle the nomads in the south-east map. Follow the road and bother with magic from enemies. Go to the village, show the residents of the Rainbow and Angel, then read the sermons. When the population goes on your side, build the mana’s house, and then make a cunning knife from some peasant. Route the path to the north and pay the second selection in the northeast of the card. Make a prophet-warrior, type several soldiers, and then pave the road to the northwest – there is another settlement of workers who need to be paid in their faith. Use the soldiers to pacify them, and then launch the preacher and pay a settlement to your faith. Victory!

Mission 2

Pretty Linear Mission. Go to the settlement to the East and pay it to your faith before the onset of darkness, otherwise you will have to beat the head of the troops of an evil God and deal with his preacher. When the settlement is yours, follow the road, and pay in your faith in the center and in northwest cards. Type the soldiers and head to the settlement in the northeast of the card, do not pay attention to the working villages covered by evil. When the specified settlement will be captured, the mission will be executed.

Mission 3

Capture three settlements, then select one of the peasants and turn it into a builder’s prophet. Send it to the architect and take a mountain opposite the evil settlement of the House of Good Forces. Then break to your settlement in the east map.

Mission 4

You have to defend the village from the forces of evil for three days. I warn you immediately – the problem is not easy. Create a prophet-imitator, a pair of mana houses, a good mood house – and defeat. Understand the enemies, and after some time the mission will be performed.

Mission 5

You need to free the tree of knowledge from the power of evil. Use the army to repel the attack of the enemies, and then destroy the institution. Grab the settlement in the north, get mana and build your places on the place of enemy. Perhaps you will disturb the enemies – defend from their attacks. Once all the establishments are built, the mission will be executed.

Mission 6

You need to capture the city in the north of the card. Destroy the statues and pay your faith nearby settlements. Build two elves buildings to go to the other side, and pay the villages nearby nearby. Home Goal – City. Podput Mana and use the prophet-elder to pay the inhabitants in your faith. Victory!

Mission 7

Final and the most difficult task. Initially, pay all settlements on the map, except the central, build the ark and pay the settlement in the center. And then the flood will begin…

Campaign forces Evil

So, the World Flood accomplished – it would seem, on Earth reigned good, but it is not. Evil has not yet been destroyed. And his hour has come…

Mission 1

Take spy and follow the city in the center of the map. Pay one of the inhabitants (it worships dark forces) in a preacher and capture the city in the center of the map, then capture other settlements in the same way. Victory!

Mission 2

Grab three cities in the center of the map and build there Amusements parks. Manu can be stealing from settlements in which good God worship. Then laid the road to one of the villages, disperse with the warlord and capture all cities. Victory!

Mission 3

Good forces captured your prophets and, as you guessed, you will have to get off them. Plug three neutral settlements in the center of the map, and then one – just north, bring the monastery and put the statue of evil God. Now we move forward and seize two more villages. Victory!

Mission 4

The task of the mission is quite simple – first grab the settlements on the outskirts of the island, and then in the center. Use preachers and warriors to capture cities;However, your enemies also do not sleep and you have to make a lot of effort to win the victory. When you capture all settlements, the mission will be considered passed.

Mission 5

The goal of the mission is to capture all the enemy settlements;Then use the magic of God and the Prophet-Warrior to deal with the warrior of good and dozen soldiers in the center of the map.

Mission 6

The main goal is to build a tower to escape from a worldwide flood that they want to arrange good power. Capture settlements, extract Manu, and then build a tower – save at least 66 bootiers in it, otherwise you will lose.

Mission 7

That is the time for the last, decisive fight. You need to collect Manu to make Armageddon, but for this you need to find seven mercenaries – one in each village. First kill the enemy builder and take seven figurines around the pit in the center – now the whole man’s enemies belongs to you.

Capture settlements and recruit young men, and then start Armageddon. Evil won.

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