Hidden & Dangerous 2: Saber Squadron: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Hidden & Dangerous 2: Saber Squadron: Passage

Dead Fish.

Before sending your hero to the first task, put him in the nickname backpack. This is a very useful thing and more than once you come in handy during the passage of the game.
Switching out of the forest, move to the nearest gearbox, kill the guard and open the door leading to the inside of the perimeter. Move left past houses, and then at the end of the fenced territory to reach the second passing. There you will find an officer who has a key to penetrate the territory of the base. Taking it, return to the first gearbox and open the door.
Cut the mesh on the left side (here and the nippers have already been useful) and move along the wall to the position of the zenith gun. During the movement, control your right flank, t.to. There may be the appearance of watch enemy. Zeniktka has a network and shoot a guard standing on the left of the wall. It will be not bad if you still remove the artilleryman who has an instrument. After that, run to the right range to the open door. There are docks in which enemy submarines are on the repair.
Going out the door, keep the truck under the gun, t.to. German is resting in him. Calm it forever and run to the right corner of the dock. Looking out from around the corner, shoot a couple of fries standing at the building. Shoot first in the officer, and then in the mechanics. After that, run along the dock and turn the left behind the corner, then go inside the building.
In the first hall there is a couple of soldiers, one stands at a truck, and the second sits around the corner of the left. Having understood with them, go left. You need to install mines on the nose and the feed of two submarines, which are at the pier No. 2 and No. 4. Do not think that it will be very simple, the protection is enough to make it sieve.
Making the case, leave the docks and go to the passage between the warehouse and an anti-aircraft gun. You need to get down under a canopy where barrels are standing. In this case, it will help you again. Now you need to put the beacon between the barrels to bring allied aviation. After that go to the right to the passage between buildings.
Having reached the road, open the gate to the left and go to the next part of the base. From the gate roll to the left and go through the green door. In the opening room you can replenish the stock of dynamite. Next, go out on fresh air and move left to the goal. Having passed through them, continue moving forward and turn the right near the anti-aircraft. You need to go along the fence and go to the door to be in the territory where the tanks with fuel are located.
Install two mines and go out for the fence, turning to the left. Passing between the barracks, go out into the gate. From there cross the road and crawl through the fence, cutting holes in it. Then go up on the stairs on the wall and run to the next tower. And there will be only to go through the open gate and get to the place of evacuation.

Operation Zhe

Mouse in mink.

Arms your guy with something silent, extra root to you. Go to the city through the left gate. Turn to the left and go through the alley. Get out of it, run right down the street and roll right into the passage between the houses. Over it, get to the house standing at the end of the passage and climb the stairs to the roof, and from there they will shift to the next house. From there you can go to the roof of the prison where allied pilots are contained.
Closed doors wait until the German soldiers do not appear because of her. Killing them, go down and go through the door on the left. Cross a small passage and go to the door. In a small room, go through the door in the left corner. The leading staircase will lead you to prison cameras, which are guarded by the soldier and officer of Germany. The officer has a key that you will calmly open the camera, where both pilots are contained.
Next, come back to the courtyard and go left to go out on the side street. During the movement, you will have to turn a bunch of German soldiers. When you find yourself on the street, move to the right, to the street, where a couple of infantry enemy will stand to the right of you. Killing them, switch to the tactical screen game. With it, order your pilots to run to cars through the central gate. It turned out this mission only in this way, since the number of opponents at the level is very large.

Snake bite.

The mission is quite difficult for solitary passage, but still passable.
You start the game at the very beginning of the canyon. Ahead of the hill is a German tank, his crew is resting close to the car. Severe the soldiers and go directly on the road on the jeep (I did not want to move the tank). When you see a column of enemy infantry extended due to rotation, shoot them from the onboard machine gun. The right of you should appear the enemy tank. It is advisable to return to the tank standing at the beginning of the canyon and with it to destroy the enemy car.
When you get to the place where you will see an enemy blockage on the rock on the side. Jump from the jeep and try to capture the German fortification. There you will find a bazooka from which you can destroy the tank standing on the road. After that, take on the liquidation of German infantry.
Next, move on the jeep to the next checkpoint and sit down behind the machine gun. Wait for the cargo machine, let it closer and destroy it.
Next, by turning you, another area controlled by German troops awaits you. To begin with, destroy machine gunners, and then arrows enemy. Do not forget that in one of the cars with a zenith in the body sits a German who can make a sieve. When you understand the protection, use one of the machine guns to reflect the attack of the enemy, coming from the main road and to the right of the passage between the cliffs.
Having finished the fight, sit in the jeep and go further on the road. Behind the turn is a small enemy camp guarded by a small group of Germans. With them easy to manage using an onboard machine gun. Well, and then you will only leave to cross the defensive line of the Germans and go deep into the desert.


The shortest mission. You are close to the fall of the Union Bomber. To the right of you are a small oasis. Destroy the soldiers located on the territory of the oasis, go from there to the fallen plane (it is a little seen from the oasis). In the head of the bombarder, install dynamite, after which you get into the jeep and go to the ruins of the Old Town.
Stay on the top of the vershean and shoot the visible enemies. Then enter the road to the city square, where install the second charge of explosives on the box lying at the truck. After that, you will be left to return to the point of evacuation.

Operation Eskimo.


Run straight from the rock. When you cross the road leading on the coast, go to the left edge of the wire bordering. There you will find the passage through which you can get through the line of enemy defense.
Next, go a little in the shadow of the rock, and then move to the nearest gun tower. You need to get to Tower number 1, it is the most distant from you. When you get closer to her, the outer door will open and killing a couple of Italians who come out to the street, you can penetrate inside.
I am mined the first tool, descend on the stairs located in a small noise that to the right of the entrance to the tower. Once at the bottom, move along the railway canvase. When the road starts turning, keep going along .
In the hall where you will leave, to the right of you there are sections, grilled grid. One of the offices must be mined, so you will perform an additional task. Then move the left past the green gate and turn into the second tunnel. Go through it first directly to get to the position of the second gun. Destroying it, go back and go to the tunnel branch. So you will find yourself in the tower of the last gun. Kill the guard and install explosives on the rupture of the gun, after which our soldier’s corpses. One of them you will find the key from the entrance door that will allow you to go outside. Now you will only stay safely to the Evacuation Place.

Ponte Grant.

The village in which fighting for the bridge. You, as before you need to beat everyone and defend the bridge.

Run to the nearest house. There you will meet the commander of one of the CAC groups. He will tell you that the bridge was mined and want to raise it into the air. Having heard the British, run to the right flank of defense and help all the available ways to shoot the sacraments falling on the other shore. When most of the adversary infantry is destroyed, over the bridge on the other side and go down. From the 1st, 3rd and 5th supports, remove the charges of explosives, which are installed on both sides of the column.
Next, return to your shore and take advantage of a gun that is worth the right from the cliff to destroy a couple of enemy tanks. When this business is successfully completed, switch to the infantry. After that, another group of Italian arrows will appear with the support of heavy . By destroying the last group of the enemy, you will finish the mission.

Operation Houndsmith

Double punch.

After landing, run to the point marked on the map as a detachment gathering point. You need to get to the destroyed house standing near the road leading to the warehouse. Having reached this place, run to warehouses. You can get to them in two ways: to gain arrogance and move through the gearbox or cut holes on the left of the road in the fence, using naughty closures for this. I went the second way.
So, cutting the hole, go through the forest massif to the right edge of the warehouse territory. Quickly remove the hourly from the tower and clean up to the bunker on the left side so that you are visible. Relaying soldiers leaving the warehouse, enter the bunker through the bottom entrance.
Next, pass the right corridor to enter the warehouse. Puting a mine on the boxes with ammunition, go to the next room through the gate, cross it and go through the gate again. You will be in the loading and discharge hall, where you need to put the second mine. After that, leave the room through the door on the left. Run along the corridor and leave the bunker, and then the territory of the base, using the path you get to the warehouse. Further you will only get to the place where you will meet with representatives of French resistance.

sharp blade.

From the forest, sneak to the left corner of the farm, from there we will only move to the goal, moving between the wall and the armored personnel carrier. Next, go to the door to the right and go straight along the corridor to enter the door where the officer of the Gestapo and French traitor. Killing an officer, stay in the room to inspect the soldier’s pockets located near the stove in the right corner of the room. So you will accommodate the list of employees, thereby performing the additional task.
Next, delay in this room to destroy several soldiers who appear from the court, after which go to the next room, shoot a soldier standing at the table and go out into the yard. Slightly noise there to attract attention, and then go back to the room to shoot the soldiers appearing in the doorway. But here you will have to control both exits from the room. When the bulk of the adversary infantry will be destroyed, go out into the yard. First, inspect the extension located on the right, and then move to the left side of the yard so as not to miss a single frit. Yes, and do not forget to check the second floor of the farm. When all the sacraments are killed, come back to the room where the traitor is seized by you.

Guardian angels.

Now your task: to save the members of the SAS division captured.
Go along the edge of the mine field and learn through the enemy defense, to the point marked on the map. There you will find a wounded Englishman who will ask you to free the commander of the detachment. It is located in the bunker to the left of the soldier.
Enter the dugout through the central door. In the corridor, roll to the left, and you can get to the room where the commander is contained. Freeing it, you need to save the rest of the SAS fighters.
Get out of the blockage and go to the right, but in front of this, give a signal to the partisans, shooting from the rocket. You need to get to the concrete bunker, covered by a camouflage network. Going into it, turn to the right and go through the door at the end of the corridor. In the opening room, go to the door to the left and shoot a soldier kicked in prisoners. Here, actually, and the whole task. Freeing the prisoners, you finish the mission and the game in general.

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