LEGO DIMENSIONS: Game Walkthrough and Guide


Chapter 1. Follow The LEGO BRICK Road

The events of the first chapter of LEGO Dimensions occur in the world “Their wizard of their country”. After you perform the first tasks, this story level will begin.

At the beginning of the level, turn on and go back to see the territory blocked by silver items Lego. Use the character with the appropriate ability to get there access. Pay attention to the tank with carrots, visible on the rocks, and run it from there. Use all the fallen details of LEGO and parts in the car on the right side to build a hook for a car blocking the path. Use the Batman gadget to drag the car.

Now that the wagon does not block the road, you will see that the poppy field is waiting for you ahead. Sit in batmobile and go through this field.

Follow the road until the cat scene is launched with Dorothy and her gang. Before moving on, you will pull around the location on Batmobile to find the LEGO details necessary to perform special mission requirements.

A mini-set can be found in the field to the left road from the yellow brick. Look for it in the nearest left corner near the cliffs. There will be three boxes. Go there, switch to the ditard and use its scanner to find the object. Use Batman’s cats to pull the mini set.

Follow the road further and see the next cat-scene. A battle with an evil witch will begin, which surrongs enemies with a fiery flame and orders the winged monkeys to attack them. Avoid explosive shots of evil witch. In the end, there must be some kind of magic ray. Then you need to move the mini figurine of the active hero in another section Toy Pad. After the characters are released, use the Handalph staff and Batmang Batman to take action in the witch and shoot it. When the Witch is on Earth, then attack her until it flies again. After that, she will send the crowd of winged monkeys into your side.

Repeat this process until the evil witch is destroyed. See the cat scene. We continue to pass the LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

Road through the forest

Heroes are in the Dark Forest. Use the Terminal to save progress. Go forward from starting position and turn left to see the territory blocked by silver leavego items. Choose a character with the appropriate skill to access this territory.LEGO Dimensions Passage GameLEGO DIMENSIONS: “The Wizard of the Emerald City” (Oz)
Roll to left and see a big tree blocking the road. Understand the wield of monkeys that will soon appear. Details of LEGO should fall out, of which you need to collect a giant saw, then use it, playing Gandalf. Ultimately you have to cut the same tree. Move forward.

Instead of wood, grape vines will appear. Jump into batmobile and reversal over them. To the right of the grapevose is “Ghost Roy”. Use Peter Venkman from “Promotion Hunters” to deal with ghosts.

Go to the next barrier of rubble and vineyards. The vine should have a skeleton and two details of LEGO. Use the gandalf staff to aim in all three goals and knock them down. Next, destroy the box that is on the rock on the right side. From the box should fall out the details.

Switch to the ditard and move it to the right sector Toy Pad to use the relic scanner. You must find a box on a rock on the left side. Use Batman’s hook to pull out this box and shake out of it a few details of LEGO. Ahead on the left there is a cracked detail of LEGO (on Earth). Use the character with the appropriate skill to break the items in this place.

Now that all the details are Lego below, build a batmobile springboard and go to it. Cross the bridge and use the springboard.

Between the gap, where the bridge collapsed, and the entrance to the Emerald City there are five statues located on the stone platforms. The first statue is on the right on the edge. The second statue is a little further, to the right below. Third statue – on the left side. Fourth statue – right, just before the emerald city. Fifth statue – opposite the lifting bridge in the Emerald City.

Move upstairs and go to the guarded entrance to the Emerald City. Observe the enemies and follow the boxes to the left of the lifting bridge. Destroy two drawers and stands with spears, and then build from the details of the LEGO the necessary acceleration mechanism. Follow this device on Batmobile and accelerate until the bridge drops. When the lifting bridge is downstairs, switch to the dicarka and move its mini figurine to the left side of the Toy Pad to activate its relic scanners and detect the door switch. Switch to Batman and use Batarang to aim and shoot in this switch. We continue to pass the LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

Winged monkeys

The door through which heroes have just passed, is currently closed. Golden board hangs on it. If you have a character with a laser, then you can cut the Golden Cool.

After you find yourself inside the emerald city, go to the guards and deal with them. Use the Terminal to save the game. Climb the stairs where there is a winged monkey. Observe her, then switch to the dicarka.

Move her mini figure to the central circle of Toy Pad to activate the scanner of relics and detect a hook on the chest under the stairs. Switch to Batman and get this chest using the gadget. Build ledges on the wall for which you can jump up. Get to the boards blocking the path. Dicking can jump above. Hit the object to reset the rope, on which Gandalf and Batman will rise. Climb each character separately.

Use the Gandalf Staff in front of the door to activate the three buttons and open the door. Go through the doorway, see the scene, at the end of which the battle with the boss starts.

Battle with boss. Evil witch

You must create cells and block with them to move the witch through portals.

In order to block the yellow portal, you need a glass cage. In the forefront of the room, find and destroy objects. Use the obtained Lego details to build a hook on the cells. Use the Batman gadget to pull the cage down. The winged monkey inside the cell will try to take off, but, ultimately, it will still be down. Move the cage to the portal. When the first cell is in place, the opponents will appear. Observe all, after which the witch hangs the magic chains on the heroes. Move the mini-figurine of the active character to another Section Toy Pad to break out of the shackles.

To build a cage on a blue portal, stand on a glowing circle in front of the lever, playing for the dicarka. It is in the front of the left part of the room. Jump to grab the lever and pull it down. Destroy the cage protruding from the case, and then restore it from the details of LEGO. It moves up and blocks the portal.

To build a cage on a purple portal, switch to gandalph and stand up at the luminous object at the very end of the room, where the windows. Raise the object in the air and lower the one collapsed. Build a switch from its parts that can activate Batman. To do this, send Betarang and Shot to it. Thanks to this, the chandelier will fall down. From its details, collect a cell and block the third portal. We continue to pass the LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

Wait for the Witch to take advantage of one of the portals. It may take about a minute. Witch will be trapped by heroes. If suddenly the witch caught in the magic chains of heroes, then you will need to move the active character icon in another section TOY PAD. In the end, the witch will fly into the portal and will be concluded in a cage, which will immediately collapse and destroy the magic field at the bottom.

Collect Lego details in the center of the room water cannon and use it to shoot in the evil witch. Look at the cat scene and go to the goal. The next destination is Springfield.

Chapter 2. Meltdown AT Sector 7-G

This is the second story chapter LEGO Dimensions. Events unfold in the Universe of Simpsons, in Springfield. Like any series of the famous cartoon series, the chapter begins with gathering in front of a TV on a red sofa located in the living room.

The passage in the right part of the living room is blocked by “rainbow” details of LEGO. Split them can unichatti.

Drag the central pillow on the sofa, and then switch to the dicark to use the relic scanners. You must find a hook. Switch to Batman and use your gadget on this hook. You must pull out a few details. Select Gandalf and use it magic to move the player on the shelf. From the details, collect springboard for Batmobile. Sit into the Batman car and go to the springboard, to fly through the window to the backyard.

Near the tree you can notice a bunch of land. If you have a character who knows how to dig, then use it to find a secret.

Follow the sandbox, the portal should appear, from which the strange object will fly – this is SHIFT KEYSTONE. Activate this stone and move the mini-figurine of the active character in the section of the same color as the portal through which you would like to teleport.

Using SHIFT KEYSTONE. This stone will be used by you throughout the game. It’s easy to work with him. Activate the stone and the locations will appear three color portals. At the Toy Pad are highlighted by the corresponding colors of three sections. When the mini figurine of the active character moves to the other Toy Pad section, it will automatically teleport to the place where the portal of the corresponding color is located. Automatically characters will not port when activate the stone. For this, as it was written above, you need to move the mini figurine of the active hero.

Move through the yellow portal on the roof of the house. Click on the box (drawer) and leave the roof. Through the blue portal, move to the roof of the house on the tree. Stand in place and wait for the house falls. Move through the purple portal. Slide down the roof and grab the chute to pull it down.LEGO Dimensions Passage GameThe main characters of the game on the sofa Simpsons.
After all three objects are on the lawn, build a trampoline from them to jump on it to the ledges at the top of the house. Use these handrails behind which the character clings to to climb above and bypass the roof. You must see the robot. We continue to pass the LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

Attack on platform

When the heroes are in the sky, then wait when everyone lands on the platform. Use the Terminal to save the game. Use the relic scanners of your heroine in order to detect three sets. Destroy these objects to raise the platform with the AI terminal.

Understand the opponents that will appear on location, and then turn on the terminal that self-esteem and destroys the platform itself. After the next free fall, the characters will be on another platform where you need to destroy three red beaches. So make, and from the details of LEGO collect the switch with an accelerator. Jump in Batmobile, stand on the switch and accelerate to raise the above platform with satellite transmitter.

A flying robot appears. There is a hook on it, which can take advantage of Batman. Use his gadget to destroy the robot on the details. From the details Build another Terminal AI. Activate this terminal and wait for the platform destruction. And again seconds of free fall will allow heroes to move to the third platform. Use the Gandalph or Batmang Beatarang to figure it out with three flying robots. Use the gandalph magic to raise the AI terminal. After the terminal is blown up, select the scanner of the relics of the dicark and apply it to the front of the platform to find hooks in the corners. Apply Batman gadget to interact with these hooks and open cube.

Climb or go down to the level below and destroy the red beacon. From the details, collect terminal for stone and activate SHIFT KEYSTONE. Gandalf must use his magic to turn off three blue hoses (wires). The first hose is on the main platform (on the right side over the black platform). Gandalf Move through the blue portal to get to the other two.

After all three hoses are pulled out, the power field will disappear at the AI terminal below. Move through the purple portal and activate this terminal.

Another day in the office

After the next cat scene, use the saving terminal, and then go to the right until another video starts.

On the right side of the start location there are radioactive materials with silver items Lego. Use the character with the corresponding skill to destroy this device.

After the cat scene, move the dicarka on the purple glowing circle to the left of these radioactive materials. Use MasterBuilt to create a hook, after which Batman Move the object to the side.

Near the terminal for the key-stone there is a white crack that a character with a drill can break. We continue to pass the LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

Activate the clock-stone terminal to create color portals. Send a character through a purple portal, it will be on a white circle. Turn the yellow valve. Follow the character through the yellow portal, stand on the white circle on the right and pull the lever. Now you can move through the bath with a radioactive liquid on floating platforms. On the other side of the bath you need to jump over the movable barrel to get into the following area.

Switch to the ditard and jump up to the purple lattice at the top, and then destroy yellow objects at the top. Use the remaining details of Lego to build the levers on the remote control on the left side. Pull the levers. Return down, follow right and jump on platforms that climb and drop with steam. Move the next zone where another cat scene will be launched.

Go down the stairs and use the Gandalph lighting in the dark area. Build a terminal for a stone key from parts that are lying here. Activate this terminal.

If you have a character who knows how to destroy silver items, then send it through the purple terminal. There will be a huge silver container that can be destroyed.

Send any character through a blue portal and destroy two luminous blue objects located on both sides of the portal. Follow the yellow portal and push the yields of yellow objects. Go down and build a gigantic lever from parts. Apply Gandalf Magic on the lever to move the purple portal above. Follow the hero through the purple portal and go through the door on the right side. Move on the conveyor belt and jump into the passage from the left side.

In the corridor there is a security scanner. Therefore, Batman will have to take advantage of his stealth skills to sneak by him. To do this, move the mini-figure of Batman on the luminous white section of the Toy Pad. Follow the passage and pull the lever to open the door.

Lord business

To deal with the Lord Business, you must destroy three gold containers. This will take a character with a laser. But you do not have such a character, but the Laser has Lord Business. Stand behind the container so that Lord Business sent your laser to it and shot. So the container will be destroyed. As soon as the container is destroyed, several opponents will appear on the location. Understand them before Lord business again takes off for your laser.

After all three containers are destroyed, switch to the dicark and stand up on a purple circle in the center. Use MasterBuild on LEGO details. Pull the lever to build a heroine to shoot in Lord by nuclear waste.

Heroes will be on the same level with the enemy. Aggregate the girl stand on a glowing purple circle and use the skill of a professional builder. Pull the lever again, which it will build to shoot in Lord with nuclear waste. Go to the left side platform and build a key-stone portal from them. Activate SHIFT KEYSTONE.

Send someone through the purple portal and pull the lever.

Further go through the yellow portal, playing for Batman. Use his gadget on the hook here. We continue to pass the LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

Another character follow the blue portal. Pull the lever here to end the Lord Business.

Business time

After the cat scene, you will find yourself in the office of Mr. Burns. Smitterx is not here. Use the Terminal to save progress.

Opposite the bookcase there is a terminal (on the left side). To open it, you need to switch to a character with hacker skills.

On the floor are three pallets that look like shoe boxes. Destroy these pallets and build three platforms for Key-Stone. After the cat scene, in which a joker will appear, steal to the terminal for a stone key and use it to feed food on a giant robot, which first appeared in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.


Jump on the hand of a giant robot when he hit her on the playground. Destroy all opponents and gigantic teeth. Build a stone key terminal from the remaining parts in the front of the table. Activate this terminal to use SHIFT KEYSTONE portals.

Go through the purple portal and lay out Joker, which will leave a small explosive toy. Destroy this toy and use items from it in order to build explosives. Return to the previous location. Avoid laser rays from the eye of the robot. Wait when I again need to deal with opponents and jaws. Come to the teeth and again build a terminal for key-stone.

There is an electric coil on the far right side. It can save the character with the skills of the electrician (this is an additional location).

Activate the terminal and jump through the blue portal. Attack Joker, and then destroy the toy that will leave. From the details, collect the second explosive. Leave the location. Re-evade the laser rays from the eye of the robot. Avoid getting into you toxic waste, which will spit. We continue to pass the LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

Toxic waste, which spits the robot Joker, can only be deleted by the character with the corresponding skill.

Repeat with opponents and destroy your teeth. Re-build the Terminal for Keyword. Go through the yellow portal and attack Joker. Destroy the toy left them and collect explosives from it. After the robot is disabled, use the scanner of the relics of the dicark on the table to find the hook on the front of the mechanical creation. Use the Gadget Batman on this hook to knock over the robot and complete the passage of the second chapter of LEGO Dimensions on StopGame.RU.

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