Medal of Honor: Warfighter: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Medal of Honor: Warfighter: Passage

Unexpected consequences.
Preacher. Eight weeks ago.
Group “Mako” – Preacher.
Karachi, Pakistan.

During a simple operation to undermine the cargo container, something goes wrong. So begins a new round in the fight against international terrorist network.

With a partner, we get out on the beach and almost at point blank shoot at the enemy’s head. We go up the stairs, waiting for the van. We kill one another and run up to the truck. Laying explosives behind. Wait until you leave the truck. Kill the enemy in a box on the left. On command push the button on the remote. Truck explosion occurs, and then the entire port flashes before our eyes chain reaction. Now we move only forward, finishing off the survivors opponents. Containers get to the water, pick up a grenade launcher and destroy the helicopter SMAW.

evil eyes.
Agent OGA, «Argir”.
Somewhere in Yemen, the south-west.

Somewhere in Yemen OGA undercover agent training with terrorists.
After listening to the instruction, we go into a room with trials. Go crawl, then lying. We approach the tire, shoot in the specified purpose, aiming (right mouse button) and pressing the middle mouse button. Throw a grenade in the goal on the left, the brother get the cartridges. We go to the next room. Get up behind the shelter and squat. Slightly shift to the right, hold the “ALT” button and the movement button to the right. Such fast kids allow you to finish off enemies and moreover, not to be exhausted machine-gun queue. In the last test we spend the race for a while. Shoot red goals, but not blue. At the end, the door is prolamed, and in slowdown we destroy enemies.

Vacation on the shore.
Stamp. Week ago.
Detachment “Mako” – Stamp.
Not far from Mogadashio, Somalia.
Based on real events.

Detachment “Mako” and marines from the “Grizzly” squad attack the camp of well-trained and armed to the teeth of the Pirates al-Shabaab.

Together with the detachment we promote the beach. Shelters here much, so we will overcome the distance to the building without any problems. Penetrate inside, come to the door and take it out. In slowdown. In the distant building, the enemies were cast, choose the LCC and, to induce the sight on them, hold the ait button and shot a few seconds. Moving for Voodoo to the destroyed building.

Manage a miniature robot, enemies to notice easily on their inclied flashlights. Go ahead, then right and get to the allies. Hold the defense, shoot enemies in the building, both from the machine gun and from the built-in grenade launcher. Go ahead and let me destroy yourself. Follow the partners, we give out the door, kill enemies. Clean the opposite building, it is better not to approach the window. Partner will open the door to go down. Quickly fuss in the building opposite. Kill enemies, go around the machine gunner and shoot it from the rear. We continue to move down the street, we climb into the bus and kill enemies from it. Climb upstairs, another machine gunner will appear, quickly go around to the right, while he is distracted by partners.

We take out the door and standing on the spot, targeted three and one more, which jumps from above right in front of us. Climb upstairs, shoot targets from sniper rifles. Amend to the wind – shoot a little higher than you need.

Cross. Eight weeks ago.
Detachment “Blackberd” – cross.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Inspired by real events.

Soon after the events in the port “Mako” returns to the crime scene to find out who sent explosives.
We observe the informant. When he comes out of the car, he will shoot it unknown and immediately try to hide off the crime scene. But we will not let him do this and start the chase. Easy to navigate among the turns on the mini-card in the lower right corner. We do not allow the filling of the strip on the right, since in this case the goal will. Having drove through the city, on a deserted territory, cut it with a wavy road, just hanged into a van.

Flips and flow.
Moreover. Four weeks ago.
Detachment “Mako” – cross.
City Isabel, Philippines.
Inspired by real events.

In its path in the footsteps of Pentritis through the victims of the Filippines injured, the “Mako” detachment is forced to give the battle to terrorists from Abu-Soryaf, who seized hostages.

The character has already sinking to the enemy, we can only cut it with a knife. Similarly, we do not yet with several do not look at our opponents. Moon under hibara lying. We choose from the other hand, shoot any suspect puzzle. Inside the construction one more, we kill it, come out on the other hand. Now I will kill two one shot at once, and then three, with the help of a partner. Blast in hibaru, quickly kill two ahead and two to the right. We choose out, follow the hotel. We are separated with a marked goal, and ahead we see the building, having sided with snipers. We use LCC and point to the building.

We convert to “Isabelle”, destroy the enemies. Sometimes it is worth listening to the partner, he will tell you from where opponents shoot. We go inside, prolamed the door and separated with enemies. Get to the alley, do not rush go ahead, enemies can come down from the balconies and, bypassing, kill. Only by receiving the team that everything is clean, we can continue to move. Flooded streets also did not go without attention. We go through an overwhelmed bus, on the other hand – crawling. Get to the roof of the hotel “Isabella”.

Breaking current.
Detachment “Mako” – cross.
City Isabel, Philipinna.
Based on real events.

The mistake of local authorities leads to the need to attack the Abu-Siyaf camp. Save the hostages should a detachment “Mako”.

We meet with the allies and we cleaned the destroyed building together. We are chosen outside, pay attention to the roof of the building. Move best on the right side. On the other end of the street, we enter the building and go upstairs. We are engaged in the windows and waiting for the appearance of enemies. With the help of the LCT, the specified building and the role of Stampa are shooting from the machine gun of marked enemies.

Allies shack the door, and they amazed by an explosion. Get to the Capitol, we enter inside through the window. Clean the corridor, then the room on the right. Lay the wall charge. We continue to clear the buildings, we try first of all to “remove” a machine gunner. Raised the stairs to the right, we turn left. The explosion threatens, enemies seep through smoke. Quickly eliminate, machine-gun queues are searched from the center. We wage the machine gunner on the left, kill everyone and burst into the mayor’s room.

Hostages saved, now it’s time to get out of here. We were entrusted with stationary grenade launcher. We destroy the specified goals and then receive a boat.

Hat trick.
Stamp. Today.
Detachment “Mako” – Stamp.
Neutral waters, Arabian Sea.
Based on real events.

The remnants of the “Mako” detachment should use sniper skills to save the captain held by Somali pirates.

The boat captured pirates, you need to help the captain. When first aiming do not do anything. After 18 hours, again aim and wait for the appearance of the marked goal in the radio and finally, we produce a control shot.

Find Faraza.
Detachment “Blackberd” – cross.
Darra-Adam Hel, Pakistan.
Based on real events.

Having passed through the Philippines, the Maser and the cross is forming a detachment “Blackberd” and struggle with the threat of Pentritis in their rules.

Follow the pharase, then we rush after it. Along the way, we destroy his supporters and continue to run, focusing on the comments of the allies. Faras is pretty straightened, and he has a fairly large army. We pass through the camp, jump over the fence and catch.

We run away along the trench, without stopping, otherwise the enemies will overtake us, and we will become a light target for them. Get to the desired, we clean it and pass through the door.

Detachment “Mako” – Stamp.
Abyan Province, Yemen.
Based on real events.

The picture is clarified. Detachment “Mako” Attacks the training camp of terrorists in the mountains of Yemen.

At the helicopters, we get to the village and we cleare it from enemies. Try to raise explosive barrels. Also primarily killing marked goals, as they are most dangerous. One of the helicopters are brought and so we are forced to leave this territory. We continue to destroy ground targets.

Landing, hiding behind the shelter and shoot the approaching enemies. In the passage where enemies come from, throwing grenades with a delay (holding the cast button). Kill the armored enemy, shoot it longer than in the rest. We go further, wait for the shelter until the helicopter clears the way. We independently clean the following area. We try to get to the rear to the enemies on the left. We take out the door, we clean the room and choose on the other hand. We destroy enemies, go down and get up for a stationary gun by car. Although the helicopter came again to help us, do not stand without affairs – shoot everyone and all. We break the door, kill enemies downstairs and get to the underground building.

We make your way to shoot, trying to have high shelters on the sides. Pierce the door, we clean the room. Let’s go from above, providing cover. Let’s get out and go around the cave. We kill the immediately four of one “preheated” grenade. Shoot the generator, wear a night vision device. Enemies, as if blind kittens, do not represent the slightest threat. But soon they will include their lanterns, and then the electricity supply will be resumed at all. Shoot many enemies and detect a whole warehouse with a pentritic.

Meeting in Dubai.
Detachment “Blackberd” – cross.
Think, UAE.
Inspired by real events.

Tracking the path of money, the Maser and the cross are sent to the business regions of Dubai to find a banker with dubious ties.

Let’s leave the parking lot and move around the motorway. We see from enemy machines, and we can also damage them in the side to deal with. In the alley we will be able to break away from them. Some time, the protection increases. Focusing on the mini-card, we are moving towards the goal, without meeting with enemies. Their review is marked with red, and the points where we can hide, – blue. We get to the parking lot and were going to change the car, how the guard appears again. Going first up, then down and choose on the highway. The head of security in a large car appears. We’ll have to go through the oncoming lane and, moreover, try not to face the enemy.

Old friends.
Detachment “Mako” – Stamp.
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pentritis source detected. “Mako” goes to Sarajevo, to see old friends.

With the allied detachment we are moving towards the building, avoiding homemade min traps. We enter inside, go upstairs. Singing the sniper rifle, we clean the territory, then we kill one Snieper on the opposite building. Go down and go down together. Clean the courtyard, then enter the building and also separated with enemies on each of the floors. We choose out, see a friendly squad on the street. You need to help them defeat sniper. We tear through the door, kill enemies. Sniper on the left on the balcony, shoot in it, and then destroy the enemies below. We go further, come across enemies in the foyer. We try to climb the balcony to the left, and from there to shoot opponents at the bottom. We leave out, avoiding min traps, reunite with the allies.

After the roller, we continue to go to the rink. The enemies staged a smoke veil, nourishing, slowly moving forward. Opponents are easy to notice on their lanterns, but they can blind us, so they are minimized due to shelters. God is clearly rushing, it remains only to catch up with him. From the partners it is better to keep up, as enemies will be much.

Night clash.
Detachment “Mako” – Stamp.
Arabian Sea.

A ship with a load of Pentritis goes to Pakistan. The “Mako” squad must land on the ship, neutralize the team and capture the cargo.

Go on board and, running forward, shoot enemies on top position. We rise to the bridge with caution, as they can suddenly attack with a shotgun. We clean the levels and enter into the cut.

Cross. Hour ago.

Freed from the chair, go ahead and neutralize two in hand-to-hand combat. We are waiting until the one that does not turn away with the lantern. Quickly attack the enemy and shoot a gun. We continue to go, kill three more. We will select a shotgun and slowly moving between the boxes with ammunition. Go down to the engine room, we are alleged slowly. We get the lever and output the ship, twin it. Now you need to climb the top deck and overtake the garden al-Din. In narrow premises, the shotgun is perfect.

United Detachment “Blackberd / Mako” – cross.
Chitral, Pakistan.
Based on real events.

The puzzle is completely formed. Now you need to have time to attack the Clear Camp in the Pakistani Chitral, until it’s too late.

Landing, moving forward, to the camp, straightening with the enemies. We shoot in one, and others will achieve partners. We enter the camp, having previously killed the goal near the gate. Shoot the shield to fail the electricity in buildings. Penetrate inside, we clean the construction. On the second floor they keep wolf, killing enemies from the windows. You need to kill everyone, besides a machine gunner and then we can go down down. Keep next to the partner, break through the left side. Penetrate the construction, we kill the machine gunner on the truck. We will move to the farmhouse and at least clean it. Bear through the door, destroy opponents.

Driving a robot, take everything on the way. We pass through the hubar, we choose out and drive up to the goal, after killing everyone. Machine gunner is easiest of the built-in grenade. Get to the gate, we open them and destroy the Machine gunner’s shit on the bridge. It remains to get to the main building and through the wreckage to get to the cleric. Quickly make a control shot in the head and watch the final roller.

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