Saints Row: The Third: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Saints Row: The Third: Passage

When good thefts do not go out.

We look at the introductory video, and then as part of the gang of “saints” proceed to robbery. Kill guards and pass to the next room. Tighten the mouse wheel to change weapons. We run out by closing “shift” and approaching the enemy, press the left mouse button. Thus, we will perform a corporate trick and deserve authority. Climb upstairs and continue to parse with enemies. According to the stated staircase, we will get to the door of the repository. Just not to open it, so we put an explosive floor above. We look at the roller in which one of the members of the detachment activates the alarm. Now the most interesting will begin. Hold the defense before arriving a helicopter, destroying dozens of embittered special forces descending from the roof. It is not worried about what, because we possess almost unforgettable health and endless ammunition. Having enjoyed enough, shoot a special forces helicopter.

We cling safe to the arrived friendly helicopter and rush upstairs. Two partners stay down to cover us. We continue to kill opponents and destroy helicopters. Helicopters need to be exploded as early as possible until they managed to leave the special forces. We finish the main helicopter and complete the mission of what they still caught.

I am free – Fly Fall.

Edit our character and proceed to the next task. Once in prison, along with other team members, soon we are pulled out from there. Being on board the aircraft President of the Bank, which we tried to beat in the previous mission, offers us a deal. It comes out, we do not agree, and therefore a fierce shootout arises. Running together with a shauncia, painting with the enemies of srawla. We select a gun and break through to the cargo compartment. Jump down, talking to Johnny, and then it seems to be killed ..

During the flight, shoot pursuers. Move using the “W, A, S, D” buttons. To switch the view from top to bottom, click “Space”. Rushing down to catch a chaund. Having done this, we see how the plane flies right on us. Reset the girlfriend down and shoot the windshield of the rapid approaching aircraft. We do the same actions on campacking over the pursuers again. Fishing for the last time a shaound and no longer part with her.

We need guns.

Run by the alley to the car. Sit down in it and go to the weapon store. Click “Tab” and choose a map. Get to the noted point on the map. So far we can purchase only cartridges for already existing weapons. First of time, this is enough.

We are going to the arsenal of weapons, a prohibited zone guarded by the military. Arriving in place, enter as far as possible and proceed to stripping the territory. You can climb into one of the armored personnel carriers and shoot from the stationary machine gun all and all. We enter inside and discover the weapon cache. Outside there are even more enemies. We destroy them from the armored personnel carrier and watch the video. Inside the hangar, pick up the drone “Reaper”. Left mouse button – shot by ordinary shells, mouse button rights – manual guidance in target. Moreover, when manual guidance, we can accelerate the speed of the shell holding the left mouse button. Destroying all tanks, leave the hangar and run to the pier helicopter. We protect the bomb, shooting enemy helicopters from the machine gun.

Stilport, so I.

Meet the pier in the park. Sit down in his white car and go to the mechanics. We visit the garage and change something to your taste. Now we will go to the shop of saints and buy something from clothes. The more expensive thing, the more authoritative.

Let’s leave the store and immediately attack the enemies led by a row. To kill him, have to try. When he comes up, run up to him and fines. Sit down in any car and together with the pier we return to a safe zone, t. E. in our apartment.

Time to celebrate.

Call the pier and go to the airport. After the roller, jump down and, open the parachute, land in the penthouse. Captivate Leyantian to learn the code. We are separated with all opponents and enter the building. We find the way to the basement and go down. We grab grenades, throwing them into a barrel for clearing the path, as well as in enemies. Run “saints” by activating the elevator button. It remains only to clean the penthouse from the gang “Morgenshtern”.

Lieutenant flies over us. It is impossible for him to notice us. If the strip is filled, or on the contrary runs out, the mission will be failed. Get to the helicopter on the site and pursue Lieutenant. When he landed in the docks on the screen, a timer appears for three minutes. Clear it is impossible, also plant a helicopter and run per lieutenant. Kill enemies and grab the poor fellow. According to him you need to cut a red wire. We inform these information Shaundi.

Guardian angel.

We speak with the pier and go to the headquarters of “Saints”. Now we have a new refuge – Penthouse. Being on board a helicopter fly to the place of starting task. Our goals are enemy machines trying to prevent the brothers traveling in a green car. We shoot a grenade launcher on sealing machines as early as possible. Mini card will help to navigate.

By destroying several checkpoints, we land on the roof and use a sniper rifle. Kill enemies, and the best way to blow the cars before the opponents got out of them. Recharge on time and do not forget to increase and reduce the scale with the mouse wheel.


Call pier and meet in a conditioned place. Today we will work the bodyguard of the drug police. We protect the drug dealer from encroachment by enemy gang and police officers. Get to the place of the first deal. The buyer refuses to pay, so simply kill him. Return to the car.

As they say, “the first pancake comormed”, we will go to the place of the second transaction. Similarly, protect the dealer and buyer. After a successful sale, we take a dealer home.

Control over the city.

We meet with a pier near the “cheerful bullet” and get it just for one hundred bucks. We visit the lane nearby and take sex doll. Get to the manor and get it for the same hundred dollars. We go to the task “Gang Operation”. Its essence is as follows: We get to the place where dozens of enemies from the enemy gang fixed. We destroy all the marked and go to the next place. Important: It is not necessary to go to the attack in the open, you can run the drone and crush all the enemies while they are in a heap. Also, before you go to a new place, it is advisable to get rid of stars of persecution, or at least achieve a level of one or two pieces. The most important thing is that it is impossible to run out after we attacked and the necessary goals were noted. This action will lead to task failure. After the successful elimination of enemies, we return to the “cheerful bullet” to get rid of bad reputation.

Tank rapter.

Speak with the pier and go to the place of start. We are in the tank and our task to destroy the property for one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in two minutes. No one and nothing is a hindrance, moving forward, shooting the marked buildings and expensive sports cars.

FROM.E.TO.R. Professor Jenki.

We get to the place started the task, t. E. on the show professor jenka! We look at the introductory roller. We go to the first test, all of them will be three. Picking up moment running through fiery and electric traps. Destroy enemies in costumes. Shooting cardboard pieces of a cat for replenishing health, t. to. Here it is not restored, but do not shoot in Panda – it leads to a minus money on the account. We try to not rush forward, but to correctly plan attacks. We use shelters and go with the flank.

Lady room.

Go to “Solomenny Dublinka” to talk to the pier. Choose a new task from the list of missions and go to “powder”. There we are already waiting for Shandi and Pierce. We go to the “black go” and deal with the protection. We enter the warehouse and looking to the top. I fear snipers, quickly run to the door and, passing through the back, come across the rollerous. It shoots machine gun and very strong. Hurt for drawers when health is dried. Allies are good enough in battle and even themselves will be able to cope with the borty, we will only have to finish it, ranging and pressing “E”. We select a machine gun and climb up the way. We get to the office of the manager and wait until Shaundi hack a computer.

Belgian problem.

We go to the headquarters of “Saints”. Arming to teeth, we go to the syndicate tower. Enter the docks and, being in the car, kill security. When it appears harsh, it is advisable to leave transport. We are straightening with the remaining opponents, and lay a bomb to the truck. We go to the elevator and get to the factory.

We continue to move forward, one more thunder will appear. Make it so that it gets carried away by our allies, and shoot his knee on his back. Moving up the stairs until you meet another friendly loud. In fact, he was a prototype for all the students we met, that is, Oleg Cloning. Now he is eager for revenge.

We call an elevator and arrive in offices. Follow Oleg to Philip. We do not have time to catch it. Jerk on the chandelier and fight back from enemies. Take off down, during the flight, shoot the surrounding to us. After the roller, choose “neutralize a bomb”, which will give us new asylum and constant flow of money.

Return to Tilport.

We look at the roller in which we calmly stand on the bridge, how suddenly we will attack, apparently, the enemy gang. Attempts to flush nothing will be given, we are banging from the grenade launcher, and we turn out to be in the river.

We go to the berth and jump into the boat. Swim to the barge and fly directly to it at speed. We are painting with opponents. Get to the cabin and save Kinzy, unleashing it.

Go to the BDSM Club. We enter inside through the main entrance and ask a couple of visitors. Now let’s go to the owner of the club itself. We tear into the room and kill the guard. Interrogate the owner and also deal with him by learning the necessary information. Open door leading down. Killing multiple guards and search for a loan. Running from “Morgensterns” by shooting persecutors.

Together with the loan, we go to save Angel. Approaching the building where Anhel is located, “Lucadors” appear. We are separated with them and enter inside. Hold the defense by all. Do not forget to revive the brothers when it is required. Holy haul with a machine gun shot into soft parts of the body. Shoot on the armored shoulder is useless. Aims in mind or legs. Only we are separated with it, as two more appear. This time with flamethroughs. We will rise to the second floor, from there it will be easier to destroy them, especially when will climb the stairs.


Call the loose and go to his dwelling. Sit down in the car and go save whores from evil pimps. You need to save four girls, which means to at least two points. Arriving to them, kill enemies and back in the car. Click “Z” to stir up the scared group. Deliver them to the dwelling and go to the next point. And we continue until the number of whores is saved.


Get to the start of the task. We select a loan and sit down in the car. We do not even manage the machine, just protect the dealer from attacks. The first transaction ends under standing and the. We are separated from the pursuing police car.

The second and third transactions are more or less successful, not counting dozens of enemies from hostile grouping and police officers. Return to housing.


We go to the site began a task and take a stripter from there. Next we go to the client and select it. Now we are waiting until the scale of pleasure is filled, also hide from the paparazzi and watch the scale “footage”. The wishes of the client will be generated by chance, but it is extremely simple tasks. Such as, arrange a double millimeter, kill someone, commit drift and t. D. By filling the scale, take the client to the place marked on the map.

Choose from the list of missions missions and get to his asylum.

Trojan whores.

Speak with a shauncia and go to the party. We look at the roller in which the pier almost kills one of the whores. These whores, as it turns out, not at all whores. We are clearing a penthouse from enemies, focusing on a mini card. Seveled with the first wave, proceed to the protection of the pier, then go to the room and take a sniper rifle. We choose on the balcony and kill snipers. Since there are many of them, it is best to do it with the transes: killed one or two – go to the building to restore health. Climb the roof and kill one more. Then go to the maintenance room. We restore power supply and climb upstairs. We select a rocket, we go to the balcony, we destroy three helicopters.

Pimps and whores.

Zaymosom meet at the place. He wants us to pobyli as sex slave. Get in the car and, unfortunately, from this moment we do not see anything, because there is a picture with the boot screen.

Waking up in the perfect nude, see Zaymosa. We go into a collector’s room. Burke protection and disable the security system. We are still not in very good condition, as evidenced by retching and stagger camera. We pass into the next room, in the first climb to the second floor and Burke with snipers.

Next, go to the Security Center. We go down and moving forward. Free the whores from the cells so that they help us. Turning off the security system, we kill marked targets. We pass into the garage and straightened with the bully. Enough to throw a couple of grenades, when he will be close to the machine.

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