Saw: The Video Game: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Saw: The Video Game: Passage

Small manual

1 or left mouse button – interaction with objects
3 – Use a syringe with medicine
4 – Enable light source
SHIFT (Hold) – Combat Rack
5 – throw a weapon
6 – Choose Trap Type
W \ S \ A \ D – Move
Backspacs – magazine (in the log key the map is called)
ESC – Pause
Mouse – Overview

All the rest:

Health band – Displays the health of the TEPP detective. Boots obtained from enemies, broken glass under legs, drops with high height reduce detective health. Pick the bandages to immediately restore some health, or syringes to be able to restore health later, at any time by pressing the button 3.

Weapon Indicator – Displays the current weapon of TEPP detective. You can carry only one weapon. To the left of the icon indicated the strength of the weapon. The strength of the weapon decreases as it uses. To throw a weapon, press the 5 button. To pick up weapons, stand near it and press button 1.

Enemies – many sacrifices want your death for their salvation. Health strip is displayed above them.

Electrical drive. Collecting fuses and inserting them into the electric booster, the detective TEP can restore the power of certain objects, which will allow it to turn on the light or open certain doors.

Locks. If the detective TEPP has a nail, then you can try to hack the lock on some doors.

Cabinets with weapons and boxes. Detective TEPP can open cabinets with weapons and boxes, properly spreading in the gear panel of different sizes.

Doors with cuttings. The designer put on some doors of traps with charged trim. When the Detective TEPP slowly opens the door, be careful and press the corresponding button before the edge will shoot.

Trap. All the clinics are placed a lot of traps with cuttings, driven by a strained cable. If such a trap is noticed in time, then it can be discharged, stuck next to and pressing button 1. If the TEpp has a cartridge for a shotgun and cable, he himself can install such traps.

Attack and defense. For the attack of the enemy, hook shift to go to battle rack. In a combat rack, you can attack fists or weapons located at TEPP in hand. Press the 1 button or the left mouse button to apply a quick hit, or button 3 to apply a strong blow. Hold button 2 to block opponent blows.

Weapon. To pick up weapons, stand near it and press button 1. TEPP will select the weapon, and will use it in fights. You can throw a weapon by pressing the Q button.



The first priority is worth, removing the design from the head. Try! Mouse perform rotation clockwise and see which digit (from 1 to 4) will light up on the design. As soon as the digit is lit, we need to push the same digit on the keyboard. It will need to repeat twice. Once the movement pointer up and down will appear on the screen, we begin to repeat this movement. This means that we did everything right and soon the design will be removed. Fine. Need to get out. We go to the door, but the code lock hangs on it. Where is the code? Let’s look at. We go to the toilet cabins and close three doors. On the floor we find a label in the form of a puzzle element and become on this mark. Turn to the mirror and we combine anything not noteworthy lines on the mirror with distickled numbers on the doors of the cabin. We get numbers 437. Enter the numbers into the code lock and leave these rooms. Now we need to find a constructor tip.

We are moving forward and soon hearing the call for help. We go to the room and fall into the trap. We need to get out and time we have only one and a half minutes. Open the door of the cabin, to the right of the broken door. Run your hand in the toilet and grab the fuse. We go to the shield and insert the fuse. Click on the button and exit this room. On the floor scattered glass. Go around it left and go right. On the left of the wall stands the cabinet. Take a health syringe in it. Go forward. In the dark corridor we use a lighter to light yourself the road. Return to the stairs and climb it. On the right, the drawer lies an archive document on the construction of the hospital for mentally ill. We read it and go on. Return to the corpse, search it and get another syringe. Listen to audio recording lying on the box and, read another archive document. We go to the opened door and get a hit. We have to fight with a stranger. We occupy a combat rack, three blows and a stranger corpse. Search the body and find the key. We go to the room, from which just jumped out, our carpet, and read the store note. Wonderful! We are target. We will get out of this straight. We go to the closed door and open it with the key.

We look under the feet. We go around the glass and approach the door. For her trap! Get ready to click on the desired figure from 1 to 4. I had 1. Neutralize trap, handing bandage (if needed) lying on wheelchair. Open the door to the left of the wheelchair. Out of terrible memories. Really it really happened? To the right of the X-ray, read the store’s book. We inspect the nurse truck and take a nail. We go to the closed door and we open it. It remains to choose the correct location of the circles. The task is simple and will not work. We coped with this. Move on. We inspect the door leading to the lobby. Need key. The key that we have – does not fit. We go to the right and go to the open door to the right. On the bed we study the archive and take a cassette with audio record. Let’s leave this chamber and go to the right. On the way, we find another archive (baby’s notes), look into the breathing apparatus. Top on. Return to door. For her trap, but we are ready to harvest numbers. Neutralize trap, go to the open door to the right. We inspect the shield on the right wall. Need a fuse. On the left on the boxes read the Whiteherst remno, which speaks of the walls that can be born. We look right. And here is such a wall. Come to the proloma, occupy a combat rack and cliffs on the wall. Knocking the hole in the wall and take a fuse in the card file. We return to the shield and insert the fuse. We go to the opened room. There are 4 bodies in it, in one of which is hidden the key. We look at the box located between x-rays. To open it you need, stop the rotation of the wheels by clicking on the appropriate digit on the keyboard. Opening the wardrobe, taking a syringe. Now we look at the X-ray shown on which the key is visible. In the upper right corner name is written. Faulkner. And now to the bodies. There are tags on your fingers. We find a tag named Arney Faulkner. On the medical table, near the body Arney Take a cassette. On the next table we take a scalpel. Come to the body arney, open it and grab the key. We go to the opening, to the left of the TV, the door.

Now our path lies with the door leading to the lobby. We go to the open door to the right. Open the door to the lobby and watch a picture of the madness of one person. We need to go through the board, holding the balance. Move the mouse forward, and to hold equilibrium – left and right. Most importantly without sharp movements, otherwise I feel bad. Here we are. Open it and go to the left. If necessary, on the boxes, take the bandage and go on. We reach the distribution panel. Yeah, we need a switch. Will seek. We inspect the boxes of the card files and in one of them we take a nail. Open a box with medicines (already know how) and take another syringe. Open the door and by corridors. We reach the designer drawer, standing on the right on the candle rack. Open it and read a note (extract from the medical archive).

We go on the corridor, go on the board and go down to the open grille in the floor. We go to the TV and listen to the design dialogue with Amanda. To the left of the TV, on the wall, there is a switter. It is necessary to find a fuse. We inspect boxes of card files and in one of them, we find a fuse. We go to the left. What did the designer prepared here. Bomb from which wires held wires. Take audio cassette. We need to find the right box and open it. We go to the rubble and insert the fuse. On the right side of the room went out light. We go to the dark part of the room. On the wall luminescent glow. Yes, the same pistol contour. Go to the bomb of the constructor, we find the door on which the gun (right wall) is depicted and open it. We take the switch and carry your feet to the entrance door. After the explosion, we return and squeeze in the opening. We go to tv. Take the diluent of paint, ammonia and if necessary, bandages. Right, in the corner, from the sink, take the bit. Come true. Here we finished. Can be returned. Return to the stairs. Who is there? Some man. Pursue it, catch up and a couple of times applied by bat. Although he did not do anything bad and did not, but. From the stairs leading upstairs, we go to the right and near the lit candles take the audio cassette. Judging from the recording on this cassette, hunting will begin for us, so we will be alert.

Climb the stairs, open the door, pass along the rack and turn left. We go to the shield longer, insert the switch and closure two chains. It remains to click on the red button located right. The path is open. We go to the opened grille. Search box cards and get a nail. In the next room on the floor scattered windows. We go around and approach the closed door. Behind the door trap, so getting ready to press buttons. Deferaging a trap, approach the wall behind the racks and prolamed the passage in it. Squeeze into the hole and the idea of right. Getting ready for battle. A couple of blows bat and ready. Search body. Who has the need for syringes, you can go to the room, from which our offender has just ran, there is a wardrobe with medical instruments. Opening which we get a syringe. We return to the door with a drawer that you can move to barricading the door and go to the right. On the table we take the audio cassette. We go to the open door and move on. We hit the next trap of the designer. It is necessary to get out, as the watch ticks and now, that’s it all takes off the air. Search boxes of card files and find a fuse. We go to the room, the door is under the clock. Insert the fuse and go back to the room with a bomb. We look at the TVs. 579 This is a code that will help us open the lock on the door. We enter these numbers in the lock. Fuh, this time carried! Come to a stool and take the key from the surgical audience. What or who it is? Loss of consciousness and we found yourself to televisions. Open the door and go down the stairs. On the blackboard we read two newspaper cuttings and go to the right. We listen and watch TV and go to the opened door.

And here is Amanda. In order to free it, we must pass the test that prepared the designer. Listen to instructing. Everything is clear – red to the left, blue right. Best. The solution may be as follows: Shift, Space, Space, SHIFT, SHIFT, Space, Space, Shift, Shift, Space. We continue: Space, Shift, Shift, SHIFT, Space, Space, Space, Shift, Space, Shift. Amanda free. But this is just the beginning. For those who could not figure out, download sailing “after the liberation of Amanda”.

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