Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened: Passage

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened:


The game involves a non-standard view for the quest – a first-person view with the control of the WASD keys and using the mouse to rotate Sherlock Holmes. You can also move the great detective to move the mouse, pressing the left mouse button and keeping it for a while walking. The right mouse button (or key i) is called inventory of the game where there was a compartment with the items that sounded already to the dialogues found along the game of paper-writing texts, personal reports of Holmes and the map.

Crascing Shift, Sherlock Holmes will go with a step on running. Left Ctrl makes Sherlock sit down. Pressing this button will again translate Sherlock to normal state, t.E. Force him to rise.

To make an active item, you need to choose it in the inventory with the left mouse button (the active item will be visible in the first plan in the upper right corner of the screen). To remove the item back.E. make it inactive, in the inventory you just need to again click on this item with the left mouse button. It is also allowed to combine objects in the inventory, for this you need to choose the left mouse button in the inventory and bring it to another item with which any combination is possible.

If an image appeared at the top of the screen, it means that an update has occurred in the inventory. Make sure you checked each selected object and each document and report. This is important in the investigation. Failure to comply with this item can lead to a dead end.

London. September 6, 1894.

Detective apartment:

Famous apartment on Baker Street. Holmes is dissatisfied with everyday life, he is tormented by boredom, because there are no secrets over which it would be possible to break the head. Watson offers Holmes to visit Bairns bookstore.

Check inventory – there is a knife. Take matches from a writing table located on the left of the window. Come out of the room through the door on the left. Go down on the stairs down, we go out into the street.

The outside:

Go to the boy selling newspapers. Once in front of him, click on the left mouse button (a dialogue with characters is activated in the game). Holmes gives him an order, the newspaper gets into stock between the case. We read it.

Turn around. We go to the sergeant Raflese. Speak with him. He will say how to walk to the bookstore. Go ahead, then right on Melcombe Street. Talk to Miss Fleming, selling on the corner of the streets of Melcombe and Glenworth Flowers. Next, we move along Glenworth Street, where the bookstore of Beyjns will be located on the left side.

Book store:

We go inside. We study the mark (icon in the shape of the eye), left on the stairs before entering. Speak with Mr. Beyns, standing behind the counter. For us, he has two new books – one about the fish fauna, the other about the desperate pirates. Books can be found on the tables to the left of the counter. We study them in inventory. We look at the bandwicked flower on the windowsill. Sherlock, having studied him, flashes in front of us and the owner of the bookstore in observation. We leave from the store.

Captain Room Road:

We go towards baker Street. Dr. Watson Calculates us at the crossroads. Talk to him, then go to the courtyard of the Captain Road Road. We speak with the captain, who was stolen by Maori. We speak twice with a sergeant Raflez about what he thinks on this occasion.

Go around the house on the left side. Behind the house built the shed in which the stolen Maori lived – Baoupe. Learning the castle on the door. We look at the top of the door block, where a piece of fabric will be detected on the carnation. Inside the housing, Maori study the drawing, drawing on the floor. Learning the bowl. We view the contents of the bowl with a magnifying glass. Finding at the top on the left of a small ball of incomprehensible substance (we carry a magnifying glass on the ball and click the left mouse button). We read a note in inventory.

We leave from Saraj. Find tracks on Earth and go to the fence. Learning more about the mark. Measure it using a ruler. Then we look at both trails with a magnifying glass. On the right track we find the missing carnations on the sole of the shoes, from which traces remained. In the upper left corner of the screen, which shows the close-up of traces, we find the fish cushion with a magnifying glass. We look at curved rods at the top of the fence.

Let’s leave the territory of the Captain House. We go to the left, we turn around the corner. We go to the fence, but from the outside. We study the traces, they lead to the goal, but if you try to go through them, then Holmes will say “not this time”. We take a staircase. Apply it to the fence. Climb the stairs upstairs. Take the fiber that turned out to be a row.

Return to the captain of the wall. Talking with him more weighted about the embezzlement of his servant.

Detective apartment:

After the conversation, Holmes and Watson will be in the apartment on Baker Street. Holmes will send Watson to get information from the boys in the informant, as well as take a book on the customs of Maori in the store. Sherlock Holmes himself accepted to analyze the evidence found at the crime scene.

Sit on chair. Take a piece of fabric from inventory. Put it on the microscope mirror. Click on the fabric so that Holmes examine it. In the inventory we read a message about what kind of cloth by Holmes.

Next, take fish scales. We put it on a microscope. We use tweezers on fish scales. In the inventory, read the message about the analysis of fish scales.

The next object that will be analyzed – fiber. Put it on the microscope. We use tweezers on the bottom of the fiber to get part of the stained rope. This part of the rope is put on the apparatus located in the left side of the table. We take from the table with water bottles, solvent, acid and alcohol. We add a solvent to the fiber placed on the plate plate. After analyzing the fiber, read the message placed in the inventory.

And finally, take a ball with a substance. Apply it on a microscope. Scalpel cut the ball into two parts. Then use tweezers to take the contents of the ball. This is the content, namely seeds, put on the platinum of the analyzer on the left. Add acid from jar. Then, with the help of matches, we set fire to the candle that heats the plate. After the analysis, read the message Holmes in inventory. Come out due to table.

Playing for Dr. Watson:

We learn from the boys in the informant the latest latest news. We go to the bookstore of Beyjns. Speak with the owner of the book in which Maori’s life is described. We take a book from the table standing in front of the middle bookcase. We read it in inventory. Return to the apartment of the detective. Speak with Sherlock Holmes.

To the question of Sherlock about what part of London serves as a good place of departure and arrival for the kidnappers of young Maori, answer or Docks, or Wharf, or Thames. The answer must be typed using the keyboard.


Open the map. Choosing a pier # 13 at the River Thames. Go to Pub. We speak with a bartender about a sailor, who has an alleged boat “feed on” coal. The name of the Harper will float, whose house is located here in the docks and the red anchor is drawn on it. It also turns out that the parcel with a wooden hand did not come to an unfortunate visitor.

We leave from the pub. Turn to the left. We go ahead, cross the bridge. Next down the stairs and to the house ahead, on which anchor is drawn. This is a house of Harper. Knock at the door. At home none. We pick up lying on the bag on the right rope. We go to the house opposite the house of Harper, from the window of which a boy peeking out. Speak with a crying woman. Having learned her trouble, take a silver medallion of Pelican from the altar. We leave from the house.

Go to the right. Come across drunk to spray a postman whom local thugs drank some kind of rubbish. We receive a bottle from it, of which he “was honored to” eat.

Return to Pub. Speak with a bartender about a man with a silver eye. Owner’s ‘Dirty’ Sommers. We pass to the VIP table behind the curtain. We study the engraving carved on the table.

Go to the postman. From there we go to the right from the tower. Forward, up stairs. Go to the lane between two houses. Cross on the board ditch. Holmes will make a remark about this yard, covered with bottles. Take in hand a bottle of mogon from inventory. We knock on the door. Speak with the manufacturer of alcohol. We get a package belonging to the postman. Take in hand from the inventory medallion. Again knock on the door. Find out everything you can about the medallion. Hook – warehouse at number 12.

Return to Pub. In the inventory, the knife cut the package in which there will be a wooden hand. Give it to the owner sitting behind the counter. With racks then take a hook.

Returning to the tower, near which the postman was sitting. This time from the tower we go to the left of the vessel. The warehouse number 7 will be ahead, which will be indicated in the table on the wall. Turn to the right, go ahead, then we turn right again. We go to warehouse number 12. We try to open the door.

Warehouse number 12:

Above the door is destroyed Framuga. In the inventory we combine a hook with a rope. Then we use the rope on the broken Framuga.

Queue to act Watsonu. Speak with Holmes. We pass to the right side of the warehouse. We look at the dirty window. Moving the cursor there and here, clean the window from dirt. On the screen there will be an image of a warehouse door from the inside. The point is to rope with a hook at the end to hook a castle lying on the floor. And to hit this lock on the door valve. The door will open.

We go inside the warehouse number 12. We select fittings from the floor to the right of the door. We pass forward. We look at items scattered between two boxes. Find an American passport addressed to Amos Colbia and a pin. Inventory check the passport. We use selected fittings to open two boxes. In the right box, there is nothing useful, whereas the working lantern will lie in the left drawer.

Come to two big sash on the floor. We try to open them. We explore the tracks just below the seas. To open the door, you need to pretty. At first we will look at and detect the rope, stretched through two pulleys, boiler and crane next to him. Climb on boards under the boiler. Boiler move under the crane. To the right of the door on the water supply system pipe turn the valve. When the boiler is filled with water, pushing it to a long wall. Climb further on the scat, near which the boiler is hanging. We take the end of the rope hanging from the pulley, and tie it to the boiler. Go to the door on the floor. Take the other end of the rope and tie it to the door handle. Raise again to the boiler, to cut a knife hanging vertical rope. The boiler falls, the door opens.

Secret place:

Go down down. There is very dark, so we take a lantern. We go straight to the room with a pedestal in the center. Lantern put on a pedestal. The cursor will change to the cursor of the letter C. We apply it to the symbols on both walls, looking for similar characters that we saw on the table in a pub. One of the characters downstairs on the left on the left wall, combined with the cursor, resembles tritium symbol engraved on the table in a pub. It follows from this that wall drawings are only one of two parts of the symbol.

Symbols on the table in a pub:

We approach the door. On the left and right side of the door – 3 characters. They are also only part of a whole symbol. Representing these characters with whole (t.E. With the addition of the symbol in the form of the letter C), click on them in the sequence that was engraved on the table in the Pube ‘Dirty’ Sommers:

Medium Symbol to the left of the door.
Top symbol on the right of the door.
Bottom symbol on the right of the door.
Top symbol to the left of the door.

After these clicks will open the door. Go inside the big chamber. We go to the left of the door. We look at Pelican medallions scattered on the table. We go to the right of the door. Near the mattress from the box with coal, we take a piece of coal. Go straight from the door. On the right on the floor near the columns will be drawd a picture of coal. Learning it. We look at the clothes lying near the floor. We get an advertising booklet with fingerprint on it. Turn around. Go to the corner of the chamber where the table will stand with flasks. We study the scattered powder from the flask. This opium. Take a metal box with a flower with a table. Check the contents of the jug.

Raised to the altar on which the explosion will be lying. We study the neck of the sacrifice. Then look at the right hand. With the help of a magnifying glass, we find dust on one of the fingers. On the left hand with a magnifying glass, we look at the punctured finger. We select broken statuette. We look at Steel near the wall on which the message is applied. Apply to the stele advertising booklet. Coal carry a message on the booklet.

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