Shtyrlitz: Opening of America: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Shtyrlitz: Opening of America: Passage

Part one. Streets Hrenville

We pass to an advertising poster, read. We learn the color of the Baseball Baseball team “American stinks”. We go to the right. Talking with a drunkard, go to the Bar “Last Shelter”. We are trying to pick up a baseball cap from a punk. Does not give yes also. Ah well? And you do not want your own beer? Take a baseball cap. We are trying to talk to Lysim Uncle. Yes he from mafia! Do not want to talk – do not need. We leave from the bar and go to the left to the bar “Blue Cop”. We look at the battle of the policeman. Go to the bar, trying to talk with a cop – a bummer. Speak with the bartender – again the bummer. We are trying to take a baseball bat from the shelf – the bartender does not give. Well, we will come back. We go out and look again on the wheelbarrow – Well, reptile, wait! “I am a mind and mushy my terrible”. We return to the “last shelter”. We give bald around the neck. Well, they do not understand in a different way. Now you can talk about. Let Bucksy Bald, get a mine. Low mine under the car – get, fascist, grenade from the Soviet fighter. So, it’s time to dump. Ba-Bach!!! Well, that, got? We return to the car and look at her remains. When the kopeck will fall, it will be necessary to rummage here. In the meantime, go to the “Blue Cop” and try to hang a bayman baseball cap. What do not like? What do you like? American stinks we like. And their black hats. Okay, look. Let’s go to the “last shelter”. We will talk with a drunkard at the entrance, songs with him. So, the public order is broken. Cop must dump from his car, and we need. Step into the wheelbarrow. What’s here we have? Map, and on it there is a ranch of Lara Sonnor (click the map on the pin). Won, where you brought. Go to “Blue Cop”, we offer bucks bartender. Oh, that you, that you, you do not need someone else’s, here is the Barman “The Last Shelter” – he trafficking in stolen. We go to the “shelter”. Speak with bartender. Please call taxi. Go to the door behind the bar. Who is there we? Dude in the leather Vikida in the billiards plays. And you do not want to communicate? Does not want. Come out of the bar, sit down in a taxi. Well, here, we talked for… No matter what. We give Taksist’s last bucks, and he brings us on Ranch Lara. We pass on Ranch. Yes… Shtyrlitz seemed to be frightened! Well, okay, let’s go back here later. We go to the metalwham dump. Let’s look at the wheelbarrow with a machine gun (2 times). Broken all, and there is no gasoline. Step in the rest of the wheelbarrow. Oh, some kind of iron. The farm is good. We go to the right, on the gas station. So, gasoline is not, but there is a hose. On the booth read the newspaper. And who is such a mad max? Isn’t the dude in the skin from the bar? Returning to a taxi and go down. What a good helicopter. Was. The helicopter can be expected. Hours and helmet for him no longer need. We look at the benzobac. Gasoline is, but how to get it? Hose, correct. But what? Will seek. We return to the “last shelter” by taxi. We speak with a drunkard about repairing cars. He agrees only for drinking. We go to the bar. Change the clock on the whiskey. We pass to the dude in the leather bin. Let him helmet. And not you, kindly, mad max? Not, bro, late you, in kind, have not seen him. We demand clothing from dude, does not give, the arguments some require. There will be an argument. Good. We go to “Blue Cop”, look at the Cups on the shelves. Go to the wheelbarrow, paint white baseball cap in black. Firm. I give a baseball cap Bartender. Yes for such beauty he all you want will give. We all do not need, but the baseball bits come in handy. We go to the “last shelter”, beat the battle of the dude on the bald, take it to the VIKID, and at the same time and the cartridges are armor-piercing. Uncomfortable to go to the girl with empty hands. We leave from the bar, let the whiskey drunk. He repairs the wheelbarrow. E, man, and what so long? What tuning? Well, and figs with you, we need gasoline. We go to the taxi, take a stone near the fence from the ground. We go to the ranch, throw a stone in a bucket on the fence. So, Tara is. We use a bucket on the pin. Yes it is without a handle. Gnome piece of iron and connect in inventory with a bucket. We go to the helicopter, put a bucket under the benzobak, hose in the benzobak. Take a bucket. Refuel the wheelbarrow, speak with the mechanic. Everything can go. Well, hello, love. Where I ran? Your favorite cartridges searched. This is for you.

Part two. Research Center

Go to the center, speak with the guard. Skip requires. We leave from the center. We take a handkerchief in the trash can (Fu, whatever). From payfone raise money. We go to the left, to the car park. There is some kind of Japanese car worth. Says he is an employee of this center. We look at the exhaust pipe car. Go to the guard and ask Oil. Apply it to the exhaust pipe. Throw money under the legs of the Japanese. The greed of Frare Sgubila. While the Jap collects money, we bring the wheelbarrow – Jap in soot. Spiridly, poor, and we are now a nasal handkerchief. Our skip. We go to the center and, honestly looking narrow eyes on the guard, impose a pass. The path is clear. We go through the second floor. Go to the first door to the head of the center. Speak with him. He offers to sit down – what is polite. Well, in the legs of the truth. Having received an offer to learn from the center on your own, come out of the Cabinet. Go to the next door. So here we have a laboratory. Learning all equipment. And the water is not in the distiller. Where to take it? We take a laser from far installation. Here while nothing to do. Go down to the first floor. Yes, poor guard, who is so? We rise to the second floor. And what kind of friend in black? Pulled terminator. Well, my hands in the mountain. Oh, you still pushed? We pass on the third floor. In the computer room, click on the Middle Comp. We find out that the overload system. We go to the left (just above the stairs). In the laboratory of robots, the terminator looms again. With bare hands you won’t go. Next to the door, we divide the glass showcase and take a gun from which, in fact, we explain the Terminator that he, in principle, is wrong. Then look at the computer, and then take your hand from the machine. We don’t need it nafig, so it will not be in the inventory. We pass to the computer room, click on the close-up computer with an orange monitor. Go down on the stairs. Go to the previously closed door. We take a laser sword from the shelf and read yellow instructions. Combining a sword with a laser, proceed to the search for distilled water. It’s time to visit the head of the center. And he dumped somewhere. Well, wonderful. We look at him on the table something useful. We find only the packaging “Mentos”. We read information in a laptop. We go to the first floor. Behind the back of the guard of the guard there is a toilet “type sorter”. It’s time to look there… Apply “Mentos” on the pin. And here and the driver is ready. We study the installation for water, the computer, then put the laser sword in the water tank (it may not work from the first time). When the sword is filled with water, climb the computer room. Terminator, again you, Living, Gad. May the great strength be with you, Luke. After breaking the terminator on a bunch of spare parts, we take a microchip from his head. We go to the laboratory of robots. We use a chip on the machine. It’s time to go out from this hospitable institution. We go to the computer room. In the right corner the staircase on the roof. Let’s talk to the helicopter. That fly does not want. Go down to the computer room. Click on the monitor with the image of the Earth. Then go to the Cabinet of the Chosen, where by phone strongly explaining the pilot of his duties. We go to the roof. Well, friend, flew? How it is where in a mental hospital.

Part of the third. Residential psychiatric facility

We select tail from the trash can. Talk to guard. Do not let. Show the tail guard. He launches in poor pussy (so it was a pussy?) Newspaper. Read the newspaper, speak with the guard. Where to us, maniacs, for treatment? Having been in the clinic. In the registry talking to the nurse. Well, how do I know where my disease story. Maybe there in the drawer? While the nurse turned away, take a cup with pencils from her table. We use a glass on a pin – we get a piece of glass and a pencil. We go to the left door. Before the resistant, we raise the scotch. We return to the registry and go to the door right. Time to drink coffee. Put the glass in the machine. Kicking a car. Glass on the floor. Disorder. Put a glass into the machine and glue it with scotch. We go to the registry. But hot coffee, right in hands not to keep. Pour it on the table, then appeal to the nurse. Will have to go to the doctor. We go to the coffee machine and go to the door with a yellow sign. Communicate with a doctor. Sit down in the chair and fill in the questionnaire (click the pencil on the pin), give the questionnaire, we get a direction for tests. We leave from the office and go to the next door. And the nurse is nothing, cute. We give her direction. What she meant under the word “genetic material”? And where can I calmly mnuee… Think, well, to retire? We go into the guard room and on the door. For the bars to us too early, but in a small door you can enter. Poster on the wall is interesting, and what if on it… Test tube apply? UV seem to happen. After such work, brutal appetite always wakes up. And what we have in the refrigerator? Some Fast Food. We go to the laboratory, give the analysis of the nurse, we go out and go again. The nurse is somewhere left, probably the genetic code to study. From the garbage basket, we pull the syringe (here are on, but what about the fight against AIDS?). There are two blue bottles on the table. We type from them in the syringe. We combine all this disgrace with pizza, it remains only to warm it in the microwave – well, where we took pizza. Good night, assholes. We take the keys to the guard, pass to the lattice door and open it with the keys. We go into the flooring on the left, raise the paper bag from the floor from the sink. Come out and go to the first door to the right. Well, hello, Muller. Talking with him three times, but for some reason he does not rs. Go to the second door. We speak with a man, surprisingly look like a pin. Yes you, my friend, impostor! Find out about socks. Click Package on Shtyrlitz. Well, striptease failed. Return to Muller and show him socks. All, split.

Part Fourth (Last). Underground bunker

We talk with Sergeant. He gives access card. We go to the hall of the computer center. Come to the peasant in blue form and require access files. Does not give. Take the left of the peasant package with chips. We try to open the door. Touch the wires under the remote control – no current. We go on the corridor to the rest room. We take a chewing gum from the table, chew and connect her wires. We carry out the access card by the console. Oh, broke. We go to the rest room and try to open a drawer. Did not come out? And if you make something, even though a wreck of the card. We get a flashlight without a battery. What watch beautiful above the table… We connect the mined battery with a flashlight. Return to the computer room (general plan). Go to the right door. Speak with a computer. He talks about some kind of virus. It is necessary to eat garlic. Let him chips. Weakk. Take a screwdriver from a friend, then touch the green plates in the computer. Screwdriver open the ventilation grid on the left and climb there. We are trying to shock keys and monitor – nothing. We go to the computer room for a man in blue. Interrogate it. Evidence? No problems. We go to the corridor, where there is a sergeant, we demand a weapon. We return to the peasant in blue and, once again talking to him, shoot him. Touch still warm body. We go to the secret room and enter the code on the keyboard. We look at the monitor several times, then again on the keyboard. Well that’s all. The world seems saved, or…

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