Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy: Passage

So, dear Padavans, welcome to the Jedi Academy, where the real knightly jigita will be done from you, Jedi and other types that the light sword should be rightfully. Let’s start with the fact that you just need to determine what level of cheaters do you own. If the maximum meanness you are able to – killing a boss level using firearms, well, for you there are the most greenhouse levels of complexity, like Padavan and Jedi. But if for you the main sense of life is to generate problems on a well-known anatomical point, then the choice of leading losers – Jedi Knight. Here the enemies will begin to show the incarnation of intellect, and there will be enough problems so much to give you to understand that the life of an ordinary Jedi is hard and dangerous, but everyone has all the rest around him at all there is a complete absence of this life. In short, this passage is focused on this level of complexity. As for the peaks of skill, the last level of complexity is Jedi Master, then this entertainment for old experienced kamikazes and other hired suicides, because they will hold out, of course, it will be possible, but it will cost you the curvature of the spine, radiculitis brushes and a couple of dozen years of life. In short, the choice of fathers and candid cheaters.
Next, we get on the screen generation of characters, where the congenital sense of xenophobia should tell you that you can play for anyone, except the momerous people. Because they are so ugly that just fear! There is no difference in racials.E. All physiological differences like horns and antennas will not help you during the game, as well as do not harm. Opportunities to catch a horn for corner or take antennas the transfer of enemy radio stations do not wait. This will not happen. Therefore, generate your virtual reflection based on the level of own perverseness and the extent of the absence of a sense of excellent. It does not apply to this aliens among readers. Determine the color of pants and other covers and do not be afraid that they will not fit. The number of legs in all races is completely the same, familiar humanoid.
Final stage of collecting things before sending to an educational institution. Selection of proletariat weapons, famous light swords and other laser staff. Books do not take. It’s all for lamers. By default, you will give you a chance to choose one single light sword. Such wonders of civilization as two swords or laser staff will be available significantly later. So come accepted with the choice of the color of the blade in the five-color range, not forgetting that the red color is unavailable to us, as even the embryo knows that the bad Jedi sword is red, and good – any other. We, according to tradition, until in the antisocial addictions to the dark strength were noticed. Next, choose a sword handle, which is again full, about a dozen, but in battle they are unlikely to show their futuristic shape at least anything. Here, as always, the case of taste. The struggle style is defined as the average. T.E. Balance of the speed of blows and combo-series is in equilibrium. This parameter can be changed when we get up before choosing a new light democratizer somewhere in the middle of the game. In the meantime, things are assembled, and we can safely believe that the first of September has come. Forward, went to learn!

Yavin 4

So, a long time ago, in a distant, distant galaxy… All you need to know is that as always everything is bad. The prelude for the salvation of the world, this time, will be the modest fact that the empire once again destroys the ships of the planet, the Jedi will hinder it in every way, Luke Skywalker is furious to the universe with a light sword. Attrevis and collects talented children around the space, a vacuumto deliver them to your academy in Javin 4 followed by forced training strength and other good. You are Jadan Corrot from Coruscant, Tom still holes, and among others it highlights the presence of a light sword. On the way to Javin, the shuttle is treacherously knocked down, and everything comes down to the fact that before the rescue expedition arrives, you will have to spend a lesson of natural science and survival in the ancient jungle, one on one with hungry lizards. The newfound friend of Rosh will slightly scribe the situation by the society of his blaster.
First of all, cross the river, moving towards the shuttle, and swallowing the legs, we climb on the island where the stubbling of the tree grows.

Cutting a tree by a light sword, and on him the unfortunate Roche will move to us. Esthete. Could not go to go. Immediately wait for the attacks of Lizards from the jungle. The lizards themselves are not dangerous and easily bruised with swords, and Rosh can fry them still from afar with the help of Blaster, but those have an audible attack that can paralyze you and keep at a distance. So, do not allow these creatures to get to you “WMNHOR”. We take Roche and go to the side where the lizards came from the river. After a while you will score on the door that Roche easily opens with strength. Go on, holding light swords at the ready. Immediately destroy the lizard on the left, which begins to swell at our approach. You can throw the sword into it and go further. On the hills you get to the stone bridge, moving all the time straight, and cross it. There we kill another lizard and on the rocky slope moving towards the waterfall. Not reaching it, you can get started with first-aid kits and move to a small island, where one more dead tree costs. Roche will offer to cut down and it, that we will do, like a salary forester. Rising in the fallen trunk, run forward, sending another lizard to the analogue of the heavenly terrarium. Now we are almost near the walls of the Academy. On the horizon, the couple of imperial attack aircraft, and, judging by the reaction of Rocha, who fell behind the stones with the face of the shaped partisan, we will kill them. We carry out a frontal attack. These attack aircraft are treated in advance viability. Killing them, run forward and roll in a small ravine. Here sits type with a light sword. This is a simple warrior and kill him – not a problem. The frontal attack we press it to the edge of the ravine and shining in a fine chips.
Reaching the temple, notice a suspicious type of tattooed aunt, pumping down with some kind of prostyle. Next to her the adepts of the dark side of force. After a while, we will remove the masterfully from the watches of the observer by a visible blow to consciousness. In an unconscious state, unfortunately, no part of the female will take advantage of our helplessness, but the same part of the contense of Skywalker’s personal records and reaches outdoor space. Waking up, see Skayupler and Kayl Qatar, who will break it for a long time, that it was, but then simply will find your body to the Academy for the treatment, teachings and other anatomical disgusts. Your mentor will be Qatar himself. On the one hand, it pleases, but on the other hand, Roche will learn with you in a pair. Every family has its black sheep. We start the first lesson.
You are in the destroyed temple, and in the rain. Qatar invites you to pass the basic course of training, overcoming a number of rooms with cunning traps. Roche will move on a similar labyrinth in parallel to you. To overtake it, anyway, there is no chance due to the plot. Therefore, just run forward, away from the door, where Rosh with Qatar. Sitting through the next room and after listening to Kyle’s lecture on the point that soon you will comprehend the skills of the dark and light side of force, we get into the room where training bots will be released. Small mechanical balls will spin in the air, and can be retired by them by a fiddling of a sword, having time to fight back from laser shots and cut forward, to the door to the exit.
In the next location, we move around the stone bridge and jump over the place where old stones have long fallen out from the spaces. Once on the other side, we run to the wall and apply a push strength on it. Not in plumbing, but in a physical sense. Destroy the wall and moving on. Severse Roche will release us to meet a combat robot with a laser sword.

It’s just a training model, so you can get close to it and cut on parts. Slowly moving towards a stone stay, after which we find yourself in a small room with a locked door. Rosh will get his own, Choman Unhappy. Open the door using the strength of attracting on the lever, that on the wall on the right. Run along the corridor and turn to the right door. Descending another corridor below, finding in the room where the bridge hangs from above, and around the stone walls. Use X-ray vision Jedi on the wall, which is near the entrance to the room. We see the burning symbols by turning off the vision, we use the power of attracting on the place where the characters glow. Two stones will come out of the wall and on them, like along the steps, rose to the bridge and running left.

Camping a number of corridors and running down the street under heavy rain, finding ourselves in a room with a column where you turn right and dive into the door that opens. Leaving behind another corridor, we turn out again on the street. Ahead two doors, each of them will close as soon as we get closer to it. To slip under them, you need to apply the speed to slow down the time. In the next room we run forward and pass in the door to the right. Basic training is over, Rosh will get on the brain for the use of a training robot, and Skywalker will pay all the news that someone is trying to resurrect Ragnos, a powerful monster, who deceased 5,000 years ago, for which it collects power throughout the Galaxy. Students of all levels urgently mobilize to assist Jediam. We go on combat tasks!


Mystical cult, which does not give rest, the fact that the state of Ragnos is stable, in all signs similar to the body, shows some activity on the planet Tathuene, where he is trying to hire free vendors for transporting some cargo. Perhaps coming to contact with merchants, it will be possible to find out the final goal of the freight transport and detect the cult. It is necessary to go down to Tatail to the Mos Easley port area and see what.
The mission looks not too dangerous, but Qatar will go with us that the garbage of the commercial society did not try to know our inner world with the help of girlfriend blasters. Before the mission, a character pumping screen with many diverse skills will appear. Pumping is allowed 4 skills of light side and 4 dark. 8 parameters in the center of the screen – gray, t.E. Basic, which will be pumped as the game passing and, with each new episode, is obvious to one single point. Each skill pumps up to the third level. At a time is allowed to spend just one point on everything about everything, so choose what you need. I can advise pumping the Force Heal skill, allowing to transform the supply of power in health. At first, while you are still quite weak to own a light sword, and enemies are too many, the ability to regenerate – the most important for survival.
Next, enter the screen of the ammunition. Here you will be offered to choose a couple of weapons on a mission and one kind of grenade. The rest of the arsenal will be replenished by the footing way during the battle. In principle, the light sword and blaster are always with you by default, and the remaining cannons – just a futuristic trash compared to them. But since such a fight went, I recommend Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle due to a sniper fire mode, which is pretty useful at the beginning of the game to destroy weak enemies on the horizon, so that they did not interfere with the legs, and E-11 blaster rifle -The famous weapon of Sturmovikov. Then the guns and twist will appear, but so far Vandalism is enough for small acts. Finally, we feed the pockets with radio-controlled grenades with a detonator Detonation Packs, and boldly descend on Tatinov, without forgetting about a free smile on the face.

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