SWAT 4: THE STETCHKOV SYNDICATE: Game Walkthrough and Guide



Since in addition to the original game SWAT 4, there is no training mission in the original game, then beginners should be reminded of some important elements of the management team of four and directly controlling the game character (A.K.but. BOSS).

Context menu.

Orders to fighters of special forces, subordinate to your ward, can be given up with just two keys (“Space” and the right button “Mouse”). “SMALL” activated by default commands. For example, if the crosshair is aiming to bring to any object (door, evidence), then in the lower right corner of the screen, an inscription will appear with the default action. When you hit the hostage or a surrendered terrorist, the inscription will be stated: “Write your handcuffs”. If you click on the “space” at this time, then one of your subordinates will hurry to fulfill the order and snacks the goal in plastic handcuffs. If you send an eye on any door, the team will open the door and read the room. Under the sight of the corridor – go and clean. Angle – to look at the angle (using the optical wire). There are no objects in the crosshairs – there are no objects – to regroup and join the leader (then you mean to you). Right-click “mouse” you can activate a complete list of commands (context menu), and then holding the button, move the pointer to the desired string from the list and, release the “Mouse” button, activate the command.

All of the above was in the original game. Now it’s time to proceed to the innovations of the season . In addition called “The Stetchkov Syndicate” there was a new option “Holding orders” listed in the list of context menu. This option provides even more clear control over the actions of its wards, since it can be used to give the necessary team to the detaspasses in advance and only later, when you press a “space”, make them execute. This allows you to place the “blue” and “red” detachments near different doors leading to one room, holding the “CONTROL” button to give them an order “Log and Clean” and penetrate the room almost simultaneously. This tactic of penetration with one hundred percent probability will allow the surprise in the premises of terrorists.

Red-Blue-Gold Special Forces.

The detachment consists of a leader and four people. Four special forces, in turn, are divided into two detachments of two people in each. Command with cops you can both individually and as a single team. If in the lower right corner the color of the line with the default commands is painted in gold, it means that at the moment the control is carried out by all four special forces. If the string is painted in red – the first command. Blue – second. The ability to smash a detachment gives broad tactical capabilities. What kind? First, you can storm the room at the same time from different sides. Secondly, leave one team to cover the rear. Thirdly, cut off the way to the retreat of representatives of criminality. And so on by list.

I always take a camcorder with you.

While one of the detachments is outside your field of view, you have the opportunity to observe its actions using video cameras built into the helmets. When you activate such a camcorder in the upper right corner of the screen, a window appears, where the name of the fighter is displayed and everything that he sees. The activation of these windows is carried out by pressing the “CAPS LOCK” key. At the same time, the window increases twice and in its center appears crossbone sight. At this time you can inspect the surrounding fighter room. Also, when these windows are activated, it is possible to give orders to detachments at a distance. To do this, it is necessary exactly the same as in the usual mode, to hold the PCM and, by visiting the crossbar, for example, to choose an order from the list of context menu. Then it remains only to sit and observe the execution of the order.

In addition to the partners through the camcorder, you can look at the fact that snipers are seen in front of them, and since these guys are completely refused to open fire by enemy, the control of a sniper rifle and directly pressing on the trigger will have to do you. Sniper windows are activated in the same way as the windows of the detachments, and the shooting of a sniper rifle is carried out with the help of the world’s favorite world-click the “mouse”. As soon as a suspicious personality falls in sight of a sniper, he immediately reports a detachment leader. After the message, switch to the sniper window, and you will have the opportunity to eliminate terrorist. However, it should be considered that for each suspect killed by sniper, the glasses of prestige are removed, so the best way to develop the events will shoot no head of the sacuost, but by any limb. Ideally, it is better to shoot a terrorist on the wrist of the right hand, which will lead to his disarmament (automatic it will relieve, but it should also be taken into account that most of the mothers and well-equipped criminals are often armed with pistols). Moreover, the level of morality of a raised terrorist decreases below the plinth and even if he hears the cry of law enforcement defenders from the next room, it will hurry to surrender.

Pair-troika tips

Objectives in all missions sound the same: “eliminate lawlessness”. But how to do it without applying corporal damage to hostages and brutal shooting of all terrorists? Well, firstly, the storming room is shouting about the following ..

… all on the floor – OMON works!

True, even such hysterical cries of your partners are sometimes useless against confident and well armed criminals. Why there are criminals, even the hostages often refuse to obey Mol: “My Your Your Your. A similar disgrace can be corrected by a launching jet of a tear gas into the eyes shot from a non-lethal weapon or a novelty of the season – the right on the right. Personially subjected to such bullying will quickly raise hands and will be humbly waiting for you to break her in plastic handcuffs.

Everyone in a monkey – there will be shed from hu.

It is necessary to skate in handcuffs absolutely all (and terrorists and civilians), because SWAT fighters simply do not have time to figure out the person standing in front of them. When arrest was made, it should be immediately reported to the headquarters, which will allow to obtain more rating the success of the mission. Then you need to collect all the evidence (weapons, drugs) and continue to perform the task.

High-powered subjects.

Submission to human rights defenders depends on such a parameter as morality. High-powered personals will not cooperate with police representatives until they experience the entire power of the “sting” grenades or until the silent gas grenades are missing, and good citizens will simply ignore SWAT until they receive a push or clown. Also, an effective reduction in the level of morality can be guided by the suspected weapon with a shot pace (arm) or a shot next to the head of the rafter.

Unauthorized use of rough strength.

“What … hmm, term?” – you ask. Explain. The fact is that SWAT squad fighters have the right to use weapons for defeat only when the life of an officer or hostage threatens danger and in any other cases. The unlawful use of lethal weapons can lead to a significant loss of the Success rating of the Mission. Therefore, having met the criminal, you must first try to convince him to quit the weapon and become knees. However, if he does not obey the guardians of the rule of law, you still have no right to open fire on it for defeat, since the criminal does not pose any threat to police officers and hostages until it raises the weapons and will not begin to aim in others. Only after that the so-called trigger will work in the game, which will turn off the credentials of penalties for unauthorized use of rough power. It is because of this system, it is much more profitable to use non-fatal weapons in battle (for example, a paintball rifle, shooting balls, filled with pepper gas).

Attack of assassinage officers from Mars.

It seems that the head of the criminal syndicate Comrade Stacks is gaining exclusively graduates of the famous Harvard in its ranks. Only this can explain the sharp increase in IQ (more precisely AI) criminals compared with those individuals, once inhabited levels of the previous part of the game. That laf was held when it was possible to calmly leave unattended a surrender terrorist and, without causing him to handcuffs, without any concerns to leave. Now it is worthwhile to beware of the shot in the back, as the supports are trained to pick up the weapon thrown by them earlier and, having come from the rear, to shoot defenders of the law, like Hitler.

Moreover, each terrorist from SWAT 4 – The Stetchkov Syndicate at the time of the famous Oscar Award for a brilliant acting game, because it is so realistic to imitate the obedience orders of special forces fighters can not, perhaps, no Hollywood celebrity. Imagine the situation: before you a terrorist who, allegedly, is going to give up. He, submitting to the treasure cries of the special forces, begins to slowly lower weapons. At this time, we relax, thinking that the case was done and left only to get handcuffs and to accompany the representative of the criminal to the police station, as suddenly the criminal raises the upward automatic (or, throwing a gun, pulls out a pistol from behind the belt) and Doorway, sticks half a tack of automatic queue. The problem is that it is almost impossible to quickly eliminate the terrorist in a similar situation, but grab the lead – how much the soul. Therefore, if you suddenly notice that any criminal decided to surrender without a single shot, be very careful, because before you, perhaps, standing some homegrown Robert de Niro, who decided to play the play in front of you in order to glorify in the criminal community, putting All SWAT detachment in neat stacks.

Imbecila with experience.

Compared with pleasure criminals, your arms comrades remained as stupid as corks. Although they can now be able to get pistols from the holster holster, but still can still get stuck in the doorway, create a plug in a narrow corridor and undermine yourself when trying to hack the door with C-2. In the first two cases, the wards can be pushed off from the road, approaching them close. In the last case, it is strictly not recommended to interfere with them to install an explosive on the door, because the fighters can stay at the door, do not have time to hide behind the corner and die from the explosive wave.

There are often cases when operatives, heading along the corridor to the next door, can get the automatic line from the terrorist hidden for somewhere around the corner. Therefore, as a group leader, you should always head the team and go ahead, carefully examining all the sights of local levels. Also recommended, having received, for example, confirmation from one of the fighters, which for the next door someone is located, to make sure that he himself, check in which part of the room is the opponent and does he know about your approximation. If you know, it is better to do all the work on disarming the terrorist himself, leaving a group to cover the rear.

But still, the partners are not useless. Use them not so much as you need, but with the mind. For example, the police officers controlled by you can come in handy during the storming of some large room with several doors. In this case, the partners should be placed in all possible ways to waste terrorists and, bursting into the room from all available parties, without much difficulty to arrest suspicious personalities.

First, first! I’m last! I repeat ..

After you hacked the door with our partners, sketched gas grenades, broke into the room and tied all suspicious personalities and hostages, it was time to collect the weapons of criminals and report on the fulfillment of the task of the headquarters. This is achieved by the guidance of the Crosshair hit the arrested person and pressing the “gap”. It is not necessary to report to the headquarters at all, however, this option will help you easily earn a few unnecessary points of the rating of the success of the mission, and in high levels of complexity the struggle goes for each point.

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