The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion: Game Walkthrough and Guide

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion: Passage

Once in the prison cell, look around. There is nothing to do here, so go to the lattice, behind which the prisoner starts to let go of insult. The royal retinue will appear soon. The ruler is saddened by the attack on his sons and, although there is no accurate confirmation, already considers them dead. Guard will need to move to the window, follow. Emperor Uriel Septim will fit and first leads a conversation, tell you that you were in dreams. After a short conversation, in which the monarch explains the essence of his appearance – it saves the murderers, and a secret passage passes through your dungeon, – the retinue will hide in the secret tunnel. Run follower.
After the killer killers, you wish the body of the captain of Renolt and take the weapon, you can grab the torch, running with which under gloomy crops is much more interesting. The door where the emperor was hidden, closed on the key, turn the right and lear in a break in the wall. Open the door to the Imperial Substructure key borrowed from the body of the goblins shaman (it is lying nearby), then practice Crane Spella, try using hot inventory keys and open the door to Natural Caverns, located behind hanging skulls on the ropes. Here learned to work in the thieves Sneak-Mode, give a couple of goblins a slide logs and choose from the caves back to the city dungeons.
The lost trail of the emperor will not make himself wait long. The guards will want to teach the escaped prisoner, but they will not send it. He also asked to call the constellation under which you were born. Continue to disturb the processing, knocking back from people in black armor until it hits the next door. Soon the emperor will give you an amulet of kings (Amulet Of Kings), warning that he should not get into the hands of the prince of destruction and his servants, and says to close the gates to Oblivion… On this dots, the life of the vengeious person suddenly breaks down, the killer jumped from the wall. Improving security only explores his hands, confessing in his impotence, and one of them will ask about the amulet, and why, in fact, the emperor broke up with him. It will be clear from the conversation that Jeffrey Magic should be attributed, Magista, who lives in Weynon Priory, which next to the town of Chorrol. In addition, you will receive a sewage key (Baurus Key), which should be out of the city, and stop your choice on one of the proposed characters of the hero. The door to the sewer is marked with a red arrow on the map, all the quest locations will be marked so much, and the key characters nearby – green. Open the door and jump into the well. Before leaving the dungeon, they will again ask whether you won’t you want to change the class, a sign of birth and race, after which you will find yourself behind the walls of Imperial City next to the pier and a cute island with ruins seeing on the other side.

Deliver The Amulet.

Next, you are free to do anything, go to the city or just study the surroundings of the capital, fight in the arena, communicate with passersby, join the guild and perform their quests, penetrate the homes of respectable citizens and deprive their property, collect and mix the potions, look for in the dungeonsRare artifacts… We will be strictly adhered to the main storyline, which eventually will protect Khodiel from the invasion of the dark forces from the Oblivion, which took the spirit after the death of the last ruling septim. The map has already appeared a label next to the Weynon Priory, where you are drinking if you are stumping along the road strictly to the west of the city. However, it is possible to save a lot of time if, first, to buy a horse, and, secondly, to immediately click on the map. Just remember that such instant movement may not be in any place, but only in those that are already open.

In general, get in any way to the desired location and go to Weynon House, Jeffrey reads the book at your desk on the second floor. Give him an amulet and listen to the danger that threatens all the living – the invasions of the demons from Oblivion. About the illegal son of the emperor he also knows. Martin lives in the Kvatch Akatosh church, south of. Get out of the house and go to the designated temple.

Find the Heir.

At the approaches to Kvatch, a person will stop you and reports that there are some portals next to the city walls, the monsters came out of them all the surroundings, and the city is now practically destroyed. If it were not for the head of the local guard, then it would be a surviving. Rise on a snake path on the hill and talk to the barricades, followed by the portal, with Savlian Matias. Ask him about the current situation and offer your help. Matias will ask you just to close the hellish portal. Run to the flaming OKU and teleport to Oblivion.

Breaking the Siege of Kvatch.

The main task in Oblivion is to get to the tower, at the top of which shines a bright light, climb to the very top and pick up Sigil Stone. To replenish mana and health, use the appropriate fonts, some doors will need to be opened with either the key or hides, so have always sufficient stock with you. After you take a magic ball, the tower will collapse, the portal will disappear, and you will again find yourself at the goal in the city of Kvatch.
Sigil Stone can be used to enchant items by adding them magic properties. Talk to Matias, he will suggest to organize a counterattack – agree to take part in it (or do not agree if Martin’s search for you is more important). Then run behind a group of guards who have already disappeared at the goal in Kvatch. Help them clean the streets from dinosaurs, then talk again with Matias. He will suggest checking the church, maybe there someone else managed to survive. Follow Matias, enter the church and talk to him again. Agree to help in the liberation of the city from creatures. It turnside out on the street that the following gates are locked, go back to church and talk about the key with Beric Inian. He will give it to give it, but the order of the boss will still hear. Go down to him down the stairs and go out through the basement. If Berick is killed, take the key with his body (Kvatch Guard House Key) and open the hatch in the tower to which the arrow indicates. Next by Underground, upstairs and twist the large valve on the wall on the right to open the gate. Help Matias get baked from a bunch of skumps, and then open the door to the castle. Rise steps behind the throne and enter the main hall. Password through to get into Count’s Quarters. Inspect the Body of Ormelius Coland, take it with a ring (Colovian Signet Ring) and take it to Matyas. He waits for news from the castle. Give the ring, report the death of the ruler, in return will get armor. With the protection of the city at the moment, everything, keep looking for Martin. Go down to the camp near Kvatch’a, Brother Martin stands near the fire in the center. After conversation, take Martin to Jeffrey in Weynon Priory.

Wainon Priory.

Upon arrival, a local resident will stop you and says that the village attacked the detachment of unknown, it seems that the most that Septim killed. Jeffrey you will find in the church, he fears that the purpose of attack was amulet. No choice, agree to check whether the relic. Get out of the church and – in Weynon House, on the steps right and then in the room on the left. So it is, the amulet is stolen. But Jeffrey will finally break his eyes and see that Martin arrived with you (who helped save him in the church). The old man will suggest to raise the heir on the secret base in Cloud Ruler Temple, located away from foreign eyes. This temple is located near the city of Bruma, a little north. Talk to Martin and tell him to follow myself. Go outside and Cloud Ruler Temple. You can use the horse in the stall (Martin and Jeffrey saddle of their koblocks), she put to mabooreu more without need.


Near the gate of the temple you will be met by the guard, will open the doors and spends the fighters at the top, where the solemn ceremony of the presentation of the Son of the emperor septimes his new subordinate will be held. Martin then will personally praise for the help, tells that he will light fire on the amulet and stop the invasion of demons from Oblivion. Regarding the missing amulet will advise to contact Jeffrey. This first will be offered to enter your order. If you agree, get the first degree of dedication and Katana as a sign. Jeffrey will then send to talk with Baurus, which can be found in the Elven Gardens Imperial City area, in the Luther Broad’s Boarding House. Baurus will ask to sit down with him for the rack, after which he will say to follow the guy he himself deals. Agree, anyway, Baurus now nothing and hear does not want about other topics for conversation. A couple go down to the basement, do not lag. When the agent who watched Baurus will be dead, aimed by his body, take the book called Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1. Now your companion deigns to talk normally. The murderers of the emperor belong to the Dedrics of Mythic Dawn, so the book found is best to show a specialist in this area. Her name is Tar Mine, and you can find it in Arcane University.
Tar Mine will say that all four volumes of Mythic Dawn Commentaries should be requested. One book you already have, I will give a copy of the second, it remains to find two more to go to the trail of the cultists. Tip on the next, with whom it is worth talking, she will also give. Go to Market District and in the Book Store FIRST EDITION Call with Pintias. The scribe will report that he has the third volume, but it is cooked for a special visitor. However, if you should bribe pintias, using a dialogue mini-game, then he will agree to sell a book for a hundred coins. After the purchase, wait for the arrival of Guinas and let him know that you have already bought the third volume (if you could not buy, he himself will give after reproaches in connection with the killers). At first, Gvinas will unlock, they say, nothing knows about the cult, but after the news about the involvement of the cult in the death of the emperor will tell. For example, you can only get the fourth volume from mythic DAWN member’s hands and nothing else. He has already agreed with one friend named sponsor, who waits for him in Sunken Sewer. But before talking to Baurus, he is near the same hotel. Then follow him because in the underground strokes under the city he disassembles much better than your. As will arrive at the place, Baurus will tell his plan – he goes to a meeting with a sponsor, and you must follow what is happening from above. If not satisfied, you can cause yourself to go to the planned gathering. In general, we believe that you have chosen the first. Baurus disappeared behind the door, quickly run on the stairs to the left, then on the door. Watch the table while the Baurus does not pounce several people in black armor. Hurry to the rescue, but it will be too late. From one of the bodies, take MYTHIC DAWN COMMENTARIES 4, for clarification Go to University to Tar Miine.
Despite the fact that you have collected all four volumes, the opposite lizard will ask time on meditation and says to come to her tomorrow morning. Permage at the hotel and visit reptile again. Again, hear a similar answer – . Perform again somewhere and again hurry to a meeting at the university. This time get a hint – . Now go to Imperial City Palace and come to the Tombnet Tomb of the Prince Camarril, just do it at noon. You will see a red drawing on the stone wall, and a new lake Arrius Caverns label appears on the map, north of the Cheydinhal castle.

Dagon Shrine.

Go to this cave (immediately on the map will not work) and talk to mythic Dawn worship brother. He will open the doors that you come across Harrova, who will take all your things and holds the entry ceremony to the Order. During the ritual, pay attention to the Mysterium Xarxes book – this is the main thing that you should interest you. The leader of the cult is teleported in Paradise along with the amulet of kings, after which you will be offered to bring an unfortunate slave sacrificent. Take a silver dagger, finish off the victim, and then wait until everyone leaves the cave, and take Mysterium Xarxes. You can try to act and in a bad one, that is, break into the cave, kill all its inhabitants and brazenly pick up the desired book. Return with mystical Talmud in Cloud Ruler Temple. Talk to Martin, it will take time to disassemble the doodle of the dark lord. Then visit Jeffrey, which fears the invasion of spies.


As for spies, you should talk to the captain Stefan, then go down the road from the temple and cut the agent next to Rune Stone (Hestra Rune Stone). Native body and grab the keeper from the basement (Basement Key). Now go to BRUMA and talk there with bard (you can with a security guard on the street or local beggar), which will mention a certain jerle returning from a long trip. The door of the jerle house is closed, or open it with the help of a brand, or look for underground lase outside the city, which will lead just to the jerle basement. On the way, you will find a hiding in a spy cave (Jerle will be a woman), which immediately rushes into the attack. After the clash, take a pair of keys from the body (Jearl’s Key, Basement Key). Open the door next door and in the basement of the spy house, read the secret order (Jearl’s Orders) on the table next to the book. Take it with you and say Jeffrey. Then talk to Martin, he found out that the ritual will need four magical subjects. As long as he found out about one – Blood of the Daedra Lord.

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