The Partners: Game Walkthrough and Guide

The Partners: Passage

In essence, the game is largely reminded by the famous The Sims, which for several years have been heading the lists of the best-selling games and belong to the “life simulators”. In the game you will be made to pain your familiar virtual sims, who will finally open the mystery over their work, where they spend at least eight hours daily, without days off and holidays. But first things first.

one. Control

First of all, you need to deal with the control, which involves the keyboard and mouse. Clearing Ctrl, you can rotate the picture on the screen to any side using the buttons: up, down, right, left. The mouse allows you to quickly move in different directions, and the happy roller holders can bring closer and delete objects.
To choose the desired hero, just click on it / it – a green circle will light up under his feet, now you can control them. To give the order, you just click on the desired location or subject. If there are several behavioral options when interacting with the subject, then you need to select the required option from the opened menu.

2. Menu

On the game screen there are several icons that hide various menus. Icons with the image of photos and camcorders allow you to take pictures while playing and watching your wards. The camera has several modes: the first person view, a view from a third party, overview of the entire company and surveillance for a separate lawyer. The last option may be very useful if you need to constantly keep in the field of view of a lawyer in order to prevent any oddific actions from his or her side.
Without leaving the game, you can view tasks for the current mission, buy furniture for the office, to inform about the well-being workers, as well as estimate the chances of winning in the closest trials.
As in “The Sims” you can speed up or slow down the game time, and you can stop it at all.

3. Law firms or someone choose

When you dealt with the control and menu, it’s time to choose a law firm that you will manage. In total, your choice is provided by three firms located in various parts of the cities, each of which has their own problems, to solve which you have to.

Firm number one: SEA, Tex and Sun.

This is a young and little-known company located on the top floor of a skyscraper in the city center. Owns a new virgin (!) named Eva Tex that works as damned to become famous. In addition to her, the company employs Benny C and Hunter San – also young, but less hardworking staff.
Suddenly dies Uncle Eve – the owner of a factory for the production of chocolate hares. Uncle Waits all his state of Eve, but with one condition – she should not fall in love (otherwise it may lose virginity) before Easter, that is, until the last chocolate hare sold. Harmful Uncle hired (seen even before the death) guy named Pedro, who installed in the office of Eva Camera to follow her behavior.
Here in such a difficult situation, you must take on the leadership and help EVE get the inheritance, but at the same time not to turn into the Puritan.

Firm number two: Gordon and Gordon.

The company is located in a less lively area than the first, and is a family business. Alan and Isabella Gordona – middle-aged people who have been engaged in business for a long time and won fame among law firms, but… Following the famous proverb: Alan began to look at the young employees. Family happiness turned out to be threatened when Isabella caught her husband in the arms of young trait. Once on the threshold of the divorce leading to the loss of the company, Alan decided to take up the mind and start a new life without flirting and doubtful dating.
Can Alan keep a family business or giveavailable charm of a new sexy employee Jessica Woods – entirely and completely your care.

Firm number three: Adios and Goodnight.

The last company is located in the suburbs and it fills the real hot jigit on behalf of J.R. Goodnight.
Before retireing, the old man Jay AP completely survived from the mind and decided to destroy the firm’s prestige so that she did not get his son Bobby, whom he considers too softly. At the same time, Bobby started a love relationship with one of the employees of the Father – Wendy, which automatically deprives him of her inheritance, if this adopts Jay AR.
The company is in a state of undeclared war, and your task: to remove Jay AR from management, but at the same time not to spoil relations with him. With a successful defold, Jay AR will leave on peace, and Bobby and Wendy will replace the sign over the company for less warlike.

4. FREE PLAY – Missing Chapter “The Sims”

If you get tired of playing for some of the firms, perform tasks and work on affairs, it is always possible to relax by selecting the Free Play option in the main menu. Here you can independently create any company, to score employees there and choose the player of their behavior. Want to open a bureau in the image and likeness, and maybe you like more – no problems! Fantasize how much you want, the benefit of the names of employees can be given what will come to mind.
The initial capital here is almost unlimited – put at least a million, which will automatically allow you not only to buy a more convenient sofa, but also to equip the office on the latest design and technology.
If you miss “The Sims”, then you can cancel all the cases (the benefit of money you do not peck out) and engage in the personal life of employees, giving them a bunch of free time.

five. The nature and habit of workers or loves – does not like

Each employee has several parameters that dictate his behavior maneer and relationships with other people.

Friendliness – the higher the / her this parameter, the easier it / it converges with people and makes friends.
Love – characterizes the readiness of the hero to join love ties and respond to flirt.
Holidays – shows how much the employee is ready to lean from work and beat the bumps.
Success – success in court and work in general directly depends on this parameter.
Power – especially overestimated in people who go through the corpses to their goal. Usually they always have a bad mood and they are very irritable.
Sport – shows the degree of employee mobility and its need for exercise.
Sex – Well, everything is clear.
Beauty – especially developed in female collaborators who cannot live without mirror, lipstick and scallop.
Culture – the culture of the employee – his passionateness of art, music and pupil in general.

6. Changing Amploa

As you quickly make sure the character of employees is not amenable to change, and the relationship between employees somehow has to build. For more or less harmonious coexistence of workers, you can control their mood. For example, if Jay Art is yelling at employees from morning to evening, make it read the Journal of Art or sing Aria from the Opera. Surround it with paintings, statues and flowers, and some time, the despot will turn into a soft and fluffy beloved boss employees. If Eva Tex does not pay attention to courtship and fully immersed in work, they buy a TV and a couple of pornographic films – the problem will be solved.
In one word – experiment, and the results will not make a long time to wait.

7. How to win things in court

To replenish the bank account, the firm must constantly conduct customer affairs and to win them. Don’t be scared – it’s just enough to win. Here are some tips:
Each business has its own date of delivery in production, which appears every time you are offered. To the specified date, you must have time to work on the case and prepare it for the court.
The most important parameter for which you must follow are a chance of success. When you get a case, it initially has some chance to win – usually from 70 to 90%. Your task: to give the case to the most able lawyer who will work on it. It is necessary to work almost daily, otherwise the chances of winning will fall. In addition to the chief lawyer, you can connect to work up to two assistants, but be attentive – if the relationship between employees is stressful, then the team work can bring more harm than good. If employees come to each other, then a few percent will be added to the chances of success if not -. Employee can be removed from business at any time, as replaced by another.
One hundred percent victory over the case is guaranteed with the chances of success higher than 70%. If you wish, you can refuse a case if it does not apply to the main task, but it is not desirable to do – since to win the court session is easy and money pays good.

8. Relationship between employees

If you want the firm to be a light and relaxed atmosphere, you will have to be pretty. First of all, watch the mood of the people you want to bring closer. If one is in the highlight of the spirit, and the second is tired, like a dog, then you can’t get anything worthwhile. Even if both employees are in a blessing arrangement of the Spirit – this does not guarantee one hundred percent success.
Click on the employee and select it / it, and now click on that with whom you want to tie relationships. Menu will appear on your choice – from the innocent conversation, before the foot lobsie (!). Those actions that have one hundred percent success are marked by two green plots;One plusion is a possible success, and minus, and even more so two – the right way to earn a blood enemy.
To tie relationships, choose congratulations and conversation, as well as light flirt and hug. Over time, you can go to more bold actions and even confess in love.
As in the “The Sims”, employees are jealous of each other, so if you thought to lick someone’s legs, take care of privacy, otherwise your friends will become your worst enemies.

nine. Furnishing in the office and shopping

Well, here you won several things and you have too much money that you can spend on the goods you need.
All items that can be purchased are divided into three categories: objects, furniture and rooms, which in turn are responsible for a number of needs of your wards – from recreation, to love and sports.


one. Helping staff relax and gain strength: sandwich (lawyers in the game do not eat, but always ready to eat), lollipop, sweets, beer, wine, champagne, game video device, music box, lamp, water gun, head massagers, comics, magazine .
2. Customizing on love lights: chocolate hare (produced by Uncle Sam), diamond rings – they can be given to love.
3. Raising power – coffee maker, megaphone so that your orders are heard in the whole office.
4. Responsible for hygiene: perfumery, calcination, lipstick, knife (employees with it are smelted by dirt from under nails).
five. Making your employee more friendly: gift, teddy bear.
6. Responsible for culture: magazine for art, flute (can be trough).
7. Sex satisfying needs: Erotic Journal.

8. Objects that carry several options at once:

Beer – except relaxes, still allows you to paranate;
Radio – raises four parameters at once: love, culture, leisure and sport, depending on the selected station;
Phones – help not only when working, but also in acquiring friends;
Organizer – allows you to write reports on work and scribble love letters;
Fax – his purchase will solve problems at work, in love and sex, and will also allow to receive printouts of sports results;
Computers – help in work and virtual sex;
Bonsai – relaxes and pleases the eye;
Bouquets of flowers – can be both manifestation of friendly feelings and power;
Air freshener – is used or for its intended purpose, or injected into the face of the enemy;
Sports Cup, Yo-Yo – employee sportiness indicator, but also a symbol of power;
A reward of a lawyer – improves performance, but also upsign;
Globe – makes an employee of cultural, and also helps to relax;
The dog-robot – it can be put on the enemy, and she bites him. To do this, your relationship with the bounce must be worse than nowhere;
Statues – relax and make employees more friendly.

I. The object with unknown properties – the hammer – lies in the corner, the properties are still unknown – maybe at the end of the game in the company they can soak someone? Find out it I give you.


Recreation – Chairs, Chairs, Cabinets, Drinking Water Refrigerator, Refrigerator, Massager for the back, Guitar, Billiards, Toilet, Calendar, Darts;
Sex – a large wardrobe with clothes (here is the anecdote), the apparatus for the sale of condoms;
Sport – stepper, ball, treadmill, exercise bike, rowing simulator;
Culture – a statue of a man, chess, paintings;
Friendship – Christmas tree.

Combined properties:

Written tables – the main working instrument of a lawyer, a source of friendliness and recreation (when boring, employees play paper airplanes);
Metal tables – besides work, you can have sex;
Bench for two – can become a source of inspiration and a love meeting;
Bench on three and large leather sofa – include an option to have sex;
Metal bookshelf – contains magazines for all branches of knowledge – from culture to sex – very useful in the farm thing;
Xerox – heard stories about breakdown by photocles when employees were closed to copy their interesting parts of the body? In The Partners – you will see it;
The apparatus for the sale of drinks – depending on the drink you can raise or love, go power, and you can just relax;
The apparatus for the sale of sweets is the same, only the options to enhance sexuality (acute candy) were added;
There – there – you can raise the culture by entering the trance, but you can just relax;
TV – pantry for sex, culture, sports and rest;
Microphone – Employees will sing songs, arias, tell the jokes – make sure that they do not at this occupation all working hours;
Rug – You can train the press, and you can simply rise;
Boxing pear – designed for training, but you can imagine the boss’s face and spread it / her well;
The statue of a woman – aesthetically, beautifully and excites employees;
Aquarium – improves friendly and rest;
Terrarium – it looks good in the boss office, increases power (spider sits inside);
Music apparatus – love and rest;
Dance floor – depending on the dance: friendship, love, sport;
Mop – or you like to clean or forced you;
Sink – increases hygiene, beauty and rest;
Plant – friendship, power and rest;
Clock – Culture and Recreation.


Bought when the office becomes closely. The main thing remember that you can only buy rooms adjacent to your office, others are not available to you.

10. Finishing touch

In total, there are more than twenty different missions in the game, the execution of which occupies from a few minutes, up to an hour, depending on the complexity and your game style.
The main key of success is carefully read the tasks before the start of the mission and do not leave key lawyers unattended, if it is said that Bobby should not be the handstrokes with Wendy – then protect young people from each other, and sign them for different things.
In a word, fantasize, look for and experiment – there is nothing impossible in the game.
Good luck!

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