TOM CLANCY’S SPLINTER CELL: Conviction: Game Walkthrough and Guide


Street market.

We look at the introductory roller. The waiter brings a mobile phone. Grim – the former Parliament of Sam Fisher, who works on the “Third Echelon”. She informs us that moving through the market, the enemies go. It is urgent to run. We get small instructions. We read the inscription on the opposite building from us, just visiting the sight. Run forward and hiding behind the shelter by pressing the right mouse button. To move to the following, hold the “space” and press “W, A, S, D”. We wait until the makeup dends terrain. Returning 20 years ago. Open the door by pressing the “Space”. Speak with my daughter. She asks to include light, t. to. Very afraid of darkness. However, Sam convinces her that darkness is sometimes very useful, for example, to see enemies. Returning back, shooting the mercenaries from the shelter. Once again in the past, quickly find out “C”. Taking advantage of a hand-to-hand fight, we get the opportunity to make enemies and straighten with them the most effectively. Bat through the market. Kill in hand-to-hand fighting enemy, unscrewed from us. Immediately methim two more and eliminate them. On the square of enemies a little bit – more, but they will not be killed. Catch up with Greenmak trying to escape. We take out the door and begin to interrogate it using the environment. Having received the necessary information, the mission will end.

Mansion Kobin.

The purpose of the task is to penetrate the mansion and find Andrei Kobin. We leave from the car, go to the door. We look under it using a mirror. Open the door and go to the mansion. We climb on the side wall, kill in hand-to-handing battle near the enemy wall. And the rest of the two, next to the main goal, I have been eliminated by placing them in advance. We rise to the second floor. From the windows drop down the enemy. We spy through the door. Quietly open it and, you can use the enemy as a live shield or just kill it without arms. Kill without weapons and go to the left room. There are just two. Metim them and destroy. We move on to the left will climb another one, neutralize it from weapons, in the shade. We pass through the central door. In Arsenal, you can take more advanced weapons, as well as modernize it. Moving forward by the corridor, destroying the light source. Reaching the end climbing the pipe. Mescap until it seeks right above the guard on the staircase. The most beautiful and originally destroying enemies can be in an order as it is done in the screenshot. And it remains only to finish the most abnormal reptiles.TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL: Conviction
Go down, look at a small video and honeying for the shelter. When enemies will appear, sneak into them on the left side. First kill in hand-to-hand combat, and two more using the ability. Two more will be resorted, but they will not deal with them. In the second place, we also go to the left, where there will be only one guard. In Arsenal, it is best to take more “heavy” weapons. Next, climb the surface, climbing the pipe. From the windows discard the enemy. Downstairs are still two. We go up the stairs, knock the door. Quickly hiding behind the shelter. Killing everyone, go to Andrey. We begin to interrogate it. Then the special forces appears and captures us.

Airfield price.

Merma helps us escape. We go out on the street. We are waiting for the opponent going to our side. Stun it from behind. Two near tents Metim and kill. We also take explosives. We climb the stairs: right near the door there is a guard. Knock out the door and quickly stun it. Ahead on the bridge one more. Also destroy it in hand-to-hand combat. Go down the stairs. Turn to the right. On the left is the guard, we kill him in the head. Go to the right. Hiding behind the shelter, we kill two near the helicopter, placing them in advance, on the left, in a small room, stands as a guard – stun it. A little away two more, methim them and destroy. Layout C4 per helicopter. Let’s leave the room. Moving forward, hiding behind the truck. We are waiting for the patrol, and kill the opponent standing next to the ward. Penetrated through the window. We pass through the tents. After the last, we turn right and slightly going once again to the right. Inside the room three enemy. If you open the door, they immediately notice us. Knock out the door and, quickly freeing the enemies, kill them. Damage the shield. Four opponents are moving to our room. Quickly hiding in the room, behind the shelter. We wait until they enter. In a small room, it is much easier to deal with them. Go to the previously closed gate. Get to the satellite plates and lay C4. We run to the truck and hiding behind him. Many enemies, so it will be by the way “the effect of surprise”. Reaching the guard booths, eliminate enemies and block the gate. Leaving the airport.

Side, Iraq.

SAM’s memories again, now about the war in Iraq. Commander (Sam) capture enemies. Need to urgently save it. We play for the bridge – the best friend Sam. Go on the road, just shooting opponents. The main thing in time is dug away from the grenade and do not give to surround yourself. Reaching the checkpoint, throw a grenade right near the car. On the right there is a combustible machine, shoot her. Well, then everything is simple: hiding behind the shelters and destroy resistance. Passing through the gate, hiding behind the car. We see that the opponent is standing on the left, on the first floor they say two more and outside, leaning against the boxes, one more. When the enemy standing on the roof will begin to hide from sight, quickly kill the leaning. We destroy two on the first floor and patrol on the roof. We climb there and wait until the enemies themselves start climbing to us. Shoot another couple from above. Go down and run to goal. Go to the building. Killing everyone who is in it. And finally, we get to the commander and save it. Not there was. The building will be allowed to survive and we begin to surround. I hide behind the shelter. On the left and right, there are barrels on the roofs, shoot them. Directly opposite also a few pieces. We wait until the screensaver starts.

Monument Washington.

Behind the brief follow. Need to get rid of agents. We go to Square. The first one is right. Pursue him until he wore in some kind of naval, in which we, without fear of declassifying, we can interrogate him. We use hard measures against non-promotional agents.TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL: Conviction
We go to meet with the bright. We get a gun and Emy grenades that are able to disable all the technique within the radius of the defeat and for a moment to drown opponents. It is enough to quickly destroy them. Going to the car. In stock three grenades, and mini locations with groups of enemies only five. We use one grenade in the first mini location and two more on the last mini locations. We are successful to the car.

Laboratory “White Box”.

Choosing a weapon in arsenal. Kill the enemy on the checkpoint, you can do it in any way: all the same except for him there is no one no one. We are successful to the building, we go to the left doorway. Climbing up. And penetrating the building, go back – down. During the descent on the stairs, we do it extremely silent, t. to. Opponents hear our steps during running even through the walls. In the control room, three opponctions: one left, two ahead. Killing at least one, you can quickly run back. We inspect the observation panel. We look through the various rooms through the cameras. You can change the chambers using a mouse wheel. While watching the last chamber, observing the scene with mercenaries and captured scientists who will be saved. Go down. We destroy enemies and approach the scientist. Talking to him, it will open access to the elevator. Rising upstairs, go to the door. If you peep below, you can see the execution of scientists. As if we were in no hurry, they will not save them anyway. Therefore, you knock out the door, turn the left quickly, we use portable uh device.TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL: Conviction
Lightningly kill in hand-to-hand standing next to the enemy window and quickly jump out the window. As usual, methim everyone who stayed in the room, and these are four enemies, and kill them.TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL: Conviction
We go to the escalator. To the right of it is the switch. We use it. The guard will start going down, quickly cut it. Upstairs on the right, methim two and kill.

Office rooms begin on the third floor. We pass through them until you get to the computer. After that you will have to defend it. Opposite the computer there is a wardrobe and couch. With these positions, it will be easier to restrain the enemy waves. Go to the hangar, arriving there, the doors shut – we trap. I hide in the shadow and destroy opponents of one after another. We use Amy Installating. Go down and break into the street. We run to the car.

Memorial Lincoln.

Go to the video surveillance room. We wake the cameras, we are watching from the third camera, we wait until the accomplices appear. We increase zoom and write their conversation. As you communicate, they will move around the site. So with the third chamber switch on the second, and then on the first. We run to gelyard and interrogate it. Suddenly a killer will appear and kill him. Pursuing the murderer. When a policeman appears ignore them and run past. At the last moment, sowing into the car and already gathering to drain, the car explodes. I hurt behind the flower beds and wait until one group appear after another. By destroying them all, we run to the bridge, where we will wait for the assistant.

The headquarters of the third echelon.

The most important thing in this mission is not to detect yourself, otherwise the game will be completed! We go on the left side. Turn on the alarm at the white machine. And hurt for the column a little left. We wait until one of the guards fit to the car, and stun it. Sneak up to the booth, where one more, back to us. It’s not difficult to kill him. Open the door carefully, t. to. Directly on it can be sent a camera with light. Get to the first subsoil and install a bomb. The second floor of the floor below. After installing the second bomb, we get to the elevator. Come to the secretary and talking to her. During the conversation, Sam explodes bombs. Now you need to act very quickly. Running straight forward, kill the enemy behind the glass. Running further, it is better to throw a grenade to the grenade, from where two more will appear. Moving the last door, go down. Hiding behind the wall, one went into the room, methim two ahead and kill. We catch up first. Reaching Freiman, get a night vision device from it. Now we have an advantage over opponents who are still a lot. Leaving the server room and go back to the elevator. Raising the stairs turn to the right. There is a small test, the passage you can look at the screenshots.TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL: ConvictionTOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL: ConvictionTOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL: Conviction
Get to Andrei Kobin and interrogate it. After that replenish stocks in arsenal. Enemies will appear on the second floor. So it’s better to take place for the shelter as soon as possible. Killing everyone, speak with makeup. On the left will open the door, immediately throw grenades there. We finish the remaining. Just run on the corridor will not work. So we turn on specially eyesight and go through the rooms. In the first room, jump over the obstacles, we climb into the partition and go to the next room, and in this room, the can. We run along the corridor, turn to the left (there are fewer enemies) kill them, best in hand-to-hand combat. And all the remaining methim and destroy. We rise to the second floor, there will be a small ambush, so we will simply be ready. Go to Anna’s office. Raise the tube and speak with makeup. Go away from the building, in the same time shooting opponents in the “Pub and Kill” mode.

Reservoir on Michigan Avenue.

We go on the way, hiding behind a stone near the truck. We get closer to the enemy who turned away from us. We are waiting for the one that the left will unfold and leave. We use as a live shield, we kill two on the right and the rest of a little away. Interrogate officer. We go through the plant, get to the elevator. Saw scholar. Select on the surface.

Quickly climb upstairs and discard the enemy. Right ahead there is a barrel, shoot it when the enemies will be near. The machine gun can be stopped by killing a number of standing manager. Go down, communicate with the witch. Back climb upstairs. Drop down the enemy, we throw grenades forward. We mark the first generator. Ahead will be a small ambush. Five opponents will come out of the car. Hiding behind the shelter and kill them. There are many opponents in the garage, so I act. There are two in the entrance, we melt them and kill them. Metim as many people. We destroy the remaining. Replenish stocks in arsenal. On the surface we will be thrown by a helicopter. Run forward, actively using shelter. Sam is unable to withstand the helicopter machine-gun. Reaching the last generator, methim him and watch the movie in which Sam meets with his daughter Sarah.

central District.

We go to the cinema. Enemies are already waiting for us. Throws grenades and shoot bastards. Run across the streets by destroying enemies. Now it is necessary to go through the set of PPC. Blast the gate, most importantly do not rush. Eliminate enemies need silently and one one.

Reaching the second item, hiding behind the stones on the left. In the third point behind the machines on the left, make your way to the territory of the White House. Penetrate the building through a black entrance.

White House.

We run along the corridor. Kill two. We rise to the second floor. In the big hall we move between tables. When opponents will be next to each other, attack grenades. Reaching the new president, we kill him and quickly hiding behind the shelter until the assault began. Get to makeup killing a huge number of enemies from the third echelon. Makes one of their interests captures us and leads to the room to the president. Metim all security officers. Featuring the right moment – attack. We make a choice – kill or spare. Watch the final roller.

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