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January 25, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

5 Days a Stranger: Passage

Day One

Do Not Ot Often Meet The Thief In A Decent House. True, if there is no one there…
Well, Broke? Watch. There Is Noting In This Room. Safe Is Empty, You Can Leave. Eeee… Through The Window Did Not Come? WE’LL Have To Go Cyclicalized. Check All Rooms On This Floor and Go Down. In The Lobby On The Stool – The Newspaper and Telephone. The Latter, Of ​​Course, Is Not Working. To The Right from You Living Room, “Television” (CORD DANCE) and “Hunting” Room. Talk to the Subject, Which is Stitched by The Fireplace. IT’s Mr. Philip Harty. After Talking With Him, You Will Have to Collect All The Local “Prisoners”.
Lift to the Second Floor, Here Well-Known TV Presenter Simon Taylor. Do Not Let Let Her Interview and Let Go With The World. Next – To the Courtyard, IT IS Left of the Stairs, Through the Kitchen. Lift A Branch. INSPECT THE TREE TRY TO CLIMB. Cleanni Psych Who Sits There. This Is Jim. Let Him Go in Order Before The Meeting. Go Following Him, in the Living Room. One of the Five “Guests” by This Time Has Already Disappeared…

Day Two

Talk to Jim (He Is in the Library, Reads “Treasure Island”…). Climb Upstairs and Ask a good Simon. Read a Book About the Family of Defo (Congle Below). AT The Same Time, Get Acquainted With the Note That Philip Handed You The Day Before. HE HIMSELF IN THE GARDEN. GO THERE, ON THE WAY, PAY AtTENTION TO THE POND AND THE PIPE. Perhaps IT IS Possible to Dry And Find Out, Is There Anything At The Bottom…
The Fence On The Right Digs Philip. He Tries to Detect The Metal Detector. He Will Overcome The Device To You As Soon AS It Detects The Tomb. GO TO THE HOUSE. In The Library On The Second Shelf On The Left, Take Books with the Plans of the Estate: This Will Speed ​​Up the Search. More precisely, It Will Stop Him, Because The Family Grave Is Located on The Courtyard in Front Of The House Where It Is Impossible to Get. Find The End of The Tap and Try to Push the Red Button. THE POOL MUST BE EMPTY. However, Something (Rather, Someone) Everything Will Remain Here…

Day Three

PLOY IN THE DINING ROOM. There Sits Evil As Chort, Philip. Go to the Courtyard and Lay Down What happypened. Pick Up the Launder Machine and Inspect The Sed. INSIDE YOU FIND A SAW AND PICK. AT The Bottom of the Pool, Simon. Trying to Figure Out What happened to the AJ. IT TURNS OUT THAT HE WORE A BUNCH OF CERTIFICATES OF DIFFERENT INTELLIGENCE…
You have Already Probably Noticed That On The Plan of The House Is Clearly Indicated by The Staircase Behind the Kitchen Wall. Well.., Rinse The Wall With Pickle and Inspect The Room. LIFT TO THE LIBRARY AND OFFER JIM TO WALK TOGETHER. And The Truth Is So Fun. WE OPEN AND INSPECT THE BEDROOM THROUGH THE DOOR FROM THE LIBRARY. Pay Attention To The Bloody-Red Scratches Under the Window. Open The Cabinet: On the Upper Shelf There Is A Diary of Sir Roderick, Read It. GO TO THE COURTIARD AND TRY TO CUT THEREME THEER TREE IN THE DISTIRIC.
Lift Into The Bedroom and Thoroughly Hang Out the Window. Cunning Umbrella Chase Town – Wrong in the Nursery. Take a Bear On The Bed and a Bedside Table. Time to Kill. Find A Book On White Magic In The Library (Right). Connect The Wire, Branch and A Bear, Carefully Take Him in Salt, That In The Closet in the Kitchen, And Climb Again Into the Nursery. Use a Bear On the bed, Then Descend and Followown to the ProLve, All the Same There Will Be a “Tidyer”, if you bebecome renewing it in investory. Find A Place Where The “Device” Will Show Exactly Down (A Couple of Steps from the Chains to the Left (West), Then Three Steps South). Copy Hands. After You Dig Two Skeletons, Breaking The Broken Glass… Hurry in the Hunting Room and Grab Idol Hands.

Day Four

The Shortest Day. Play with Simona (She Will Fit The “Killer”) in Words: 5, 2, 3, 2. She Will Decide That You Want to Hang Out and Give A Tie, Which for the Same Reason Selected. We Have There, Of Course, The Knee Straightened. Choose and Hurry To the House. IN THE KITCHEN A SMALL MESS. RAISE UPSTAIRS AND INSPECT THE BATHROOM. AT The Same Moment, Simon Will Run for You, and then a terrible clearance. HE HAS A CARPET FROM Under His Feet.

Day Five

Look Smart In A Conversation With Simon Not Necessarily, However, The Identity Is Attentive and With Good Memory Can Shrink. THEN GO TO THE LIBRARY AND READ THE BOOK ABOUT BLACK MAGIC. To Find Her, Look Again on The Shelf, Where There Is Every Occult. Cut Simon. In The Same Place, In The Living Room, In The Buffet, AS On Request, Scissors Appeared. Cut The Strip from the Mask and Machete. Lay Out This Horror Salt and Hurry To the Bathroom. Between The Tiles and Hidden The Body Of A Unwanted Son Roderica Defo. Design The Design, Which Led You Here, with the Help of Scissors. Machet Pretten Tile.
The Remains Need to Be Attributed to the Hunting Room, Put On The Floor and Hide How God Sent. Jim And Simono Call to Help Make A Rite. Give Jim Plush Bear, Simone Ruzho. Himself Take the Black Book and Read… (The First Time Will Be Given The Opportunity to Poke Something in Trilby and Not to Receive a Duty Phrase in Response).

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