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February 8, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Airline 69-2: Cryry Rubber: Passage
Airline 69-2: Cryry Rubber: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Girlfriend of the main character abducted by The Evil Major Krasser, Who Demands to Start to Paint The Picture from the Villa Governor. ONLY IN THIS CASE, HE AGREES TO LET GO OF THE CHANCE ON ALL FOUR SIDES, ALTHOUGH IT COSTS TO TRUST THE OLD FRITZ – A BIG Question…


Organize A Photo Studio, Invite Marta Hoivort to Participate in The Photo Shoot, Steal The Above-Mentioned Picture and Earn 10,000 Denotes to Acquire Fake Documents.
On The Map of Casablanca, You Can Visit The Following Locations: Villa Governor, Cafe “Friendly”, Bazaar and Boutinal. Go to the Brothel and Nears Click On The Nearest Box – A Film Will Appear, This Is a Secret Erick Roller №1. All of Them in The Game 6 Pieces (4 in this Salts Mentioned 4), with the passage of not related. After Watching, They Do Not Go Anywhere, Staying in Former Places. I Hide Four Prostitutes, Taking Four Rooms, and in Each Install The Chamber. The Quality of “Services” Of Girls Varies From 1 To 4, So The Fee for their Work Will Vary. WHILE THERE IS STILL NOT ENOUGH MONEY, YOU CAN LOOK INTO THE OFFICE, LOCATED ON THE SAME FLOOR AS THE ROOMS WITH GIRLS. Click On The Bed, A Secret Film No. 2 Will Appear. HERE YOU CAN LOOK AT THE INCOME FROM ALL ROOMS. SO That Have Increased Significantly, You Should Invite American Soldiers Who Are Missing Worthout The Work on “Fighting”. MOREOVER, THEY SHOLD BE INVITED REGULARLY, THAT IS, EVERY DAY. SOLDIERS ARE WORSE AND IN THE CAFE ITSELF “FRIENDER”. In This Cafe You Will Meet Marit Hoivort, Which You Need to Lure on the Erotic Photo Session. The Second Group of Soldiers Agree to Pay for The Spicy Photos That You Will Do.
Well, It’s Time to Equip The Photo Studio. GO DOWN TO THE BOUQUET BASEMENT AND BUY EVERYTING YOU NEED: FOR THE CAMERA WILL COST 1800, THE LAMP – IN 1200, THE CATALOG OF MODELS IS DEDUCTING FROM YOUR WALLET 200 MORE COINS, SOFA AND ACCESSORIES -1500, THE SAME AMOUT YOU POST FORTHEPhoto Lab. After That, in Each Room, Click “Show the Film” and go to the toilet cafe “Friender” to Blackmail Servicemen. Immediately You Can Get some more Money, Knocking The Dubyon Prince Zass On The Head, and then Blowing His Pockets. After some time, by mail You Get Notes, Money From Blackmailing Subjects Is Waiting for You in the toilet. Check In The Charam Rooms, Show The Films, Arrange Blackmail, Continuing to Accumulate Savings.
Invite One of The Models To Shoot (You Need to Click on the Poster in The Studio – The Cheap, I Must Say, Pleasure). Pick Up It (The Main Thing Is Not to Duplicate The Sam Postures and Catch A Sharp Focus Than It Is Better, The More Expensive Photos Are Worth IT), Show The Film, And The Sell Pictures to Those Soldiers Who Are Thrilled With Photos Whophotos. For One Stack of Photos of the Model, You Can Get More Than A Thousand, Which Is More Profitable Blackmail.
In The Bazaar, BUY A HANDBAG FOR 700, CHAMPAGNE – FOR 800, ANOTHER FUR COAT – FOR UNSLAB 3500 AND DECORATIONS THAT PULL AT 7500. Give IT All Good Marita at the Bar Rack, She Will Agree to Remove. PHOTO IT AS Other Models No Longer Needed, Just Watch The Drawn Roller. GO TO THE WILLA GOVERNOR, SELL A Photo of Any Model of a Soldier, Back The Gard (You Need to Give Only At Night and You Should Have Enough Money To Buy Lime Documents, Otherwise The Guard Will Not TakeThem). Hack The Entrance Door and Get Your Picture.


“Blue Woman With Red Head” You Still Took The “Pussy Pussy” Covered in Black Skin (Nazi Specialty for Especially Delicate Orders), But The Hope of Saving The Chance Still Remained. You Were On The American Military Base, Where Everyone Fills Major Hawks. At First She Will Require Bombing German Goals – This Is The First Mini Game of the Second Part of the Game (Only Four). Arrogments You Manage The Bombarder, and A Space Throw A Bomb, Do Not Forget to Dodge from the Queues from the attacking from the tail of fighters. The Second Mini Game Is To Satisfy Madame Hawks. Press The Arrows Marked On Bombs at the Moment When They Reach “Goals”. Right – indicator. WHEN HE WILL FINGER UP TO THE TOP, YOU WON. Bombing, Drive Again by Plane and Having Fun With An Insatiable Majorist. Everything, More in This Part of the Game There Is Nothing.

Third Level.

NOW YOU OWN THE BAR “TOPAZ” IN TANGIER. Task – Enter Confidence in Smugglers and Get Close to Madame Rosalie, Who Will Lead To a Local Public House. The Entrance To The Public House Guards The Dog for Which The Bone Will Be Required. Hire In His Bar “Topaz” Service Personnel, Orchestra, Beauties, Set The Cost of Alcoholic Beverages, Buy WEAPONS from a Dark Personality. Play with A Street Player (IT APPEARS IN THE AFTERNOON AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE BAR) TO LOCAL THIMBLES. You Need to Win Three Times, Then You Will Get a Bone and Automatically Present It To His Peel. Come in the Brothel (Secret Film No. 3 – to the Left of the Bush, Which Is Beaten by The Pool) And Hit The Guard Rosalie with Its Label. In The Mini-Game “TIR” You Need to Knock Down All The Bottles, While The Beauties Behind the Counter Will Distract You with the Demonstration of their Mammary Glands. IT Impossible to Miss If The Cartridges Are Running Earlier Than The Bottles – Play Again.
Rosalie Will Need To Earn 3000 For Her On Smuggling. Smuggglers Hide in the Basement of the Topaz Bar.
AT The Headquarters of Smugglers (Secret Film No. 4 – Click on the Statue of A Woman Who Grows The Snake), Hire Bandits (Like Prostitutes, They Are “Quality Quality”) for Control Over Different Cities and Take Over The Transportation of Cargo Byclicking On The Box At The Bottom of the Screen. IT Im Important That Your People Were On The Selected Route Everywhere, Then The Loss Of GOODS Will Be Minimal. Behind The Progress of the Collection Of The Desired Amount, You Can Follow The Indicator That Is Located in Rosalie’s Room. WHEN THE MONEY IS ENOUGH, THE NEXT MINI SEX GAME WILL START, SIMILAR TO MADAME HAWKS. After Erotic Playing With Rosalin, Her Guard Will Take You to the Shelter In The Desert, Where The Poor Chacha.

Fourth Level.

Perhaps The Most Simple In The Whole Game. HERE WILL IMMEDIATELY BEGIN THE MINI-GAME “VIRTUAL TIR”. SHOOT ALL THE “Pussies of the Crasera” on three locations, and you Will Save a Beltenious Church. Rosalie’s Guards Will Throw Up to Casablanca, See The Final Roller, Which, However, Is Almost No Different from the Introductory. End.

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