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January 21, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Armed Forces Corp.: Passage
Armed Forces Corp.: Game Walkthrough and Guide
You are Rico – Mercenary. Come in the Group of Mercenaries from Three People – “Nememis Two”. Your Team Hires a New World Corporation, Whatever You Receive A Very Important Electronic Key.

Dirty Job.

THE GAME BEGINS IN THE SEWER TUNNEL. “NONES ONE” Gives US An Order To Move to the Goal of GPS. We Run Through The Tunnel, We Come Across Gangsters, Which We Kill Merciless and Large Numbers. We Are Successful To The Bridge. Here Enemies a Little More. Killing All The Runs on The Bridge, Running On The Tunnel Yet I Have Not Yet Completed. RIGHT THERE IS A PASS. Go to IT.

At the goal.

Running Further in Buildings. We Pass To the Door. Occupy A Position. We and Throw A Grenade, We Tear and Shoot Everyone WH We See. We Run ON. It’s Very Difficult to Get Lost Here, You Need to Go to Those Doors That Open. Guide Helps us. And So We Are in the Building. WHERE You Need to Find The Key for Which We Hired to Find. Killing Everyone, Gradually Moving To The Goal. Do Not Forget To Use Grenades. THROWING A LIGHT GRANT, WE GET THE EFFECT OF ACCELERATION. IT Will Help US Figure Out in Difficult Situations. REACHING THE ELEVATOR MINE, WE ENTER IT. After The Elevator Drops a Little, We Will Move A Little and Continue Our Way.

We Will Rise In The Forest. By Flying The Corpse. But It Does Not Stop US. Raise and Continue Our Bloody Path.

Dare to Achieve Success.

Going To the Next Level, We Will Not See Anything Fundamentally New. THE SAME DOORS, THE SAME BANDITS. NOW WE ARE IN A NEW BUILDING. IT IS Divided AS If Two Halves. NOW YOU NEED TO KILL ENEMIES FROM A LONG DISTANCE. Running On One Side Of The Building to Another, Gradually Rise by Stairs to New Levels (Floors). Soon We Turn Out to Be The Goal. We Take The Key and Get A Task, Get Out.

Price Trust.

So, Choose. “Nazis One” Gives US An Order To Make A Goal To the Roof. There Will Wait for the Helicopter. WE RUN INTO THE DOOR. Beyond The Door Again The Gangsters That You Need to Kill. Turning Off The Room To The Room, Climb The Roof Stairs. SELECTING ON THE ROOF, WE GET AN ORDER TO SHOOT Until The Helicopter Arrives. Killing Everyone, See As A Helicopter That Should Pick US Up Explodes. Next, We Understand That One of Our Group Turns Out to Be Sold and Betrayed US.


Come in My Senses. And Get The Order to Catch Up with A Traitor, Tyrone. And Pick Up the Key. SHOOT ON ROOF AND COME Back to the Building, But On The Other Hand. Go Down The Stars. We Enter The Door. Keep Your Bloody Busines. But Now Alone. Afterby Interrupting All, We Find A Ventilation Mine. We Shoot In The Lattice and Crawl. We Leave and Ventilation Jump Into The Sewer.


In The Sewage, See How Tyrone Rises Along The Stairs. WE RUN BEHIND HIM. He Throws Grenades in Hatch. We Scream and Climb to the Street. ON THE STREET WILL WILL, THE SAME AS BEFORE. IT Will Be Necessary to Shoot in All Who Prevents US From Moving Towards Our Goal on GPS. RUN RIGHT, more EXPENSIVE. Recompany in the house. Go to IT. Climb The Stairs Upstairs. Passing Along The Building, and Killing Everyone Who Is There, Jump Into The Hole in the Floor. Passing The Catacombs, Climb Up the Stairs. We Go out on the Street. We Go to the Right and Find Ourselves AT The New Level.


Going In The Subway, Immediately ENTER THE BATTLE. Killing Everyone At The Station, Run Directly and Enter Into Office Space Metro. IN THE PREMISES After Each Door We Kill Another Batch of Bandits.

Search The Office Part of the Subway. Get Lost As Always Difficult, RUN STRAIGHT AND STRAIGHT. Sometimes, Shoot. Raised The Stairs, We Kill Everyone Upstairs. Searched All Office Premises, Get An Order To Move to the Main Part. Run Through The Waiting Room In Which There Are Many Gangsters. We Kill Everyone and Run For a Partner. HE OPENS THE DOORS, FOLLOW HIM, UNTIL WE FIND YOURSELF ON THE MAIN PERRONE. See Like Tyrone, Go and Runs Away From US by Train. SHOOT From Everyone Who Is On The Platform. THEN JUMP IN THE ELEVATOR SHAFT AND GO TO THE THER SIDE WHERE THE TRAIN WENT.

WE GO ALL THE TIME Directly On The Tunnel, At The Crossroads Do Not Go Anywhere. Sometimes, We Will Come Across The Train, The Approximation of Which Can Be Found At the Traffic Light Signal. WHEN IT BECOMES GREEN, WE Need to Jump Upstairs. WE CAN ALSO GET CAGHT by SEVERAL ENEMIES WHICH WE ARE Mercilessly Straightening. We Go Straight Until I Do Not Even Take A Train On Which Our Former Partner Ran Away. GO INTO THE CAR AND KILL EVERYONE WHO IS THERE. Watch The Screensaver. We See How Tyrone Take Hostages of Our Partner. After Long Negotiations, We Are Given The Opportunity to make An Accurate Shot. Shoot in Tyrone. Take IT From Him What Belongs to US. In The Office of “New World” We Get A Fee in The Form Of A Suitcase With Money.

End of the Game.

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