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January 11, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Bratz: Rock Angelz: Passage
Bratz: Rock Angelz: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Full Passage of Bratz.Rock-Star.

Chapter 1. Drinks with Discount.
Pass The Mini-Game, Select Suitable Components and Click On The Blender.

Chapter 2. “The Hit of the Season”.
Take A Photo On The Fax, Come to the Secretaries. Make A Report for Them. THEN ON Board of Announcements We Take A photo. Go to the Rest Room. Take A Photo On The Board. We Pass To the Elevator. Take the Camera. Go Down to the De Press Center. Take A photo on the target. Return to the Cabinet of The Photo Editor, We Use the Fotik on Brie. Go Down to the De Press Center and Give Holly Fotik. SHE Will Give US A FILM. Come Out Of The Building and Go to Photo Service. Give The Guy Film. We Get The Photos “NO”. Go to Br. WE SPEAK WITH NE. SHE ASKS TO BUY A COLA. We Leave The Building, Select Money. WE GO TO THE REST ROOM, WITH THE HELP OF MONEY WE GET A DIETARY COLA. Give Her Brick. We Get A Photo “Yes”. We Give All the Harm.

Go to the Paint Store, Talk to the Salesman. In The Clothing Store Chatting with Cashier. Learning What She Likes Yaton. Come Out from the Store, Talking to Yaton. HE IS IN THE BAR. WE RETURN TO THE STORE, GET THE DRESS OF THE RIGHT COLOR. Come to the Store of Paints. WE SPEAK WITH THE SALESWOMAN. Get Paint. We Go to the Furniture Salon. MINDS TAKE A SOFA RIGHT FROM UNDER THE NOSE. Packing Take In The Store of Paints, Red Fabric in the Sewing Store. Affect The Saleswoman First Stuffing, Then The Cloth.

Chapter 6. Criminal Misties.
Take the Danger Dinner and Pinch His Bups. GO OUT INTO THE CORRIDOR. Go Down On The Elevator Down, Talk With the Administrator. On the Car Cart Take the Universal Key. Open Them Bratz. Pass Into The Bedroom, Look In The Jacket. SPICY WARDROBE. Take the Phonebook. Call Dilan. Get Out Of Garderba. Take Tickets from the Jacket.

Chapter 7. Photohota.
In The Folder “Yes”, Place The Photo of Bratz or Dilan, and in “No” – HARM or Malicious.

Chapter 8. Rock Angels Save the World.
Talk to Dylan, Then Stir Posters for All Relevant Places. Do Not Forget Inside The “Boom”.

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