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February 14, 2022
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Catwoman: Passage
Catwoman: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Here I am Hugging A Woman,
AND EVE, I Suddenly Understand,
And An Apple Ate and Snake.
Igor Guberman

IT IS SAID THAT EACH CAT HAS ITS OWN, MYSTERIOUS WAY… Miss Philips WORKED AS AN Ordinary Designer At MR. Header Factory. The Designer From It Was Unimportant, and Baggy Clothes and A Spinning Gait Got A Timidly Intimidated Girl In It. ONCE SHE HAD A MISFORTUNE TO RANDOMLY STUMBLE UPON A LARGE COMMERCIAL SECRET COMPANY. This Discovery Cost Her Life, And The Lifeless Girl’s Body Decorated The Industrial Landscape Of The Sewan Coast. On this Would be A Story and Ended, If It Were Not for a Strange Kitten, Inhaling a New One, A Special Life. AND EVERYTHING BECAME ALMOST STILL. Nearly. Only A Vertical Incision of the Pupils Issued A Changed, Catorch The Essence of Our Heroine.

Cat Mystery
WHEN I FIRST SAW THIS GAME, I CAME TO HORROR AND HASTILY CONCLUDED THAT I DID NOT SEE ANYTHING WORSE IN MY LIFE. All Glitters, Sparkles and Crumbles in Sparks, And The Interface Is Made In The Style Of Dressings of Eccentric Fashion Model. Everywhere Diamonds, Asterisks, Outbreaks and Sequins, And The Color Palette of the Design Flirts with the Shades of Pink. And The Crushing Letter To the Outgoing Mail, One Guess Came to Mind, Afterwards With Glitter Justified…
Maybe Even Developers Will Not Agree With Me, But I Am in Solid Confidence That Catwoman IS A Game for Girls. Judge Himself. The Main Heroine IS A Bright, Flexible and Sexy Beauty, Throughout The Game Beating Gangsters and Policemen. HER WEAPONS ARE SHARP NAILS, A LONG WHIP AND CHARMING CAT SMILE, AT TIMES PEEING FROM THE BATMAN MASK. HER ENEMIES – ALL MEN STANDING ON BOTH SIDES OF THE LAW AND ORDER. HER ONLY FRIEND IS A TWILIGHT KITTEN, A CREATURE FLUFFY, SELFLESS AND MYSTERIOUS. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. If You Distract from Rainbow Extreme View and Look Deeper, Confidence in the Game Increases. The Main Focus Was Not Made On The Tough Dynamics of the Events and Dying Turns of the Events, But On Platic Acrobatics, Romantic Plat and Exciting Detective Adventures. All Fights Flow Without Shedding A Single Drop of Blood, and to Kill Any Opponent Is Fundamentally Impossible.
In Other Words, If You Consider Catwoman From A Female Point of View – The Game Is Almost Perfect. The Game Balance, Strongly Displaced in The Direction of Acrobatics, Romance and Aesthetics, Is Recognized by The Magnificent All The Profoundantatives of the Beautiful Sex. UNMANAGED CAMERA, SYMBOLIZING FOR ME INFERNAL EVIL IN ITS PURE FORM, WAS SUPPORTED by Both Hands – Because It Always SHOWS THE HEROINE IN THE MOST BEATIFUL AND EXPRESSIVE PERSPECTIVE…
SO, Having Resigned With Your Fate and Somewhat Speaking About the Mysterious Nature of Female Nature, I Started Writing A Guide.

Cat Style
The Game IS Redued to A Minimum, Although, for the Sake Of Fairness – Quite SuccessFully. The Only Thing That Initially Caused Me Inconvenience, Bordering The Helplessness – The Battle Keys. Unlike Most Games Of this Genre, They Have Directions. There Are Bows Ahead (from the Viewer), Left, Right and Backward, and Nothing to do with the direction of Running and The Position of the Body The Do Not Have – You Can Face One Way and Beat – In The Opposite.

By The Way, About Height. Die from Fall Almost Impossible. A Little Life, Of Course, Is Lost, But Purely Symbolically. Each Unsuccessful Jump Usually Leads To the Fact That The Previously Passed Stage Will Have To Repeat. Often – More Thanw A Dozen Times.

Extreme Mountainering
Let’s Start With The Simplest. If You Run Up To The Wall with the Shift Key, You Can Count on Three Jumps Up. If for these three Jumps, it Will Not Be Possible to Clang to Some of the consistent Smooth Concrete, Our Heroine Will Inevitably Slide Down. WELL, AND IF INSTEAD OF THE WALL – A MESH FENCE, THEN YOU CAN GO UP ON ANY HEIGHT, LIMITED ONLY by The Fence ItSelf.
Jump from the Wall (Key “Space”) Allows You to Jump Slightly Above the Opposite Wall. Narrow Vertical Niche SuccessFully Replaces The Staircase – It Can Be Burned to the top. If You Need Not Jump, But Carefully Peely – Perform A Jump WHEN THE “DOWN” KEY IS PRESSED. Sometimes Without It Can Not Do, Since The USUAL Jump Will Inevitably Lead To A Fall That Is Where Most of All I Do Not Want.
You can Ask Other Areas of Jump. SO, In One Of The Missions There Is a Wall and Parallel to IT – A Frame with a strtched grid. Accordingly, The Jump from the Wall TRANSFERS US TO THE GRID, AND VICE VERSA. If You Jump WHEN THE KEY IS PRESSED, YOU CAN QUICKLY MOVE ALONG THE ENTIRE DESIGN.

UNDER THE CROSSBARS ARE Understood by Stretched Cables and Cables, Beams, Pipes, And The Like Fittings, Allowing to Claring to, Hang or Unwind on them. All Similar Fixtures Are Highlighted with Purple Color. With Other Designs, The Number Will Not Pass, You Should Not Try.
To Climb Such A Crossbar, It is Enough to Jump on It WITH THE “SPACE” KEY. For Traveling Between Sevel Crossbars Will Have Ra and Already Jump, As Usual.
IF Desired (and Sometimes If Necessary), It Can Be Climbed Onto The Crossbar. Performed by The “Up” Key. SIMILARLY, YOU CAN GET DRUNK DOWN AND HANG AGAIN ON YOUR HANDS, AND WITH THE FOLLOWING CLICKS – JUMP. Finally, The Motion Keys Allow You to Turn Around in the Right Direction.

Acrobatics and Knut
Supreme Pilotation – Use of Whip in Acrobatic Tricks. In Conventional Shock Keys, Our Heroine Clings for Any Purple Object and Swinging On IT All The Same Shift Key. Jumping Aper Performed As Usual, Butting, Flying Under the Next Crossbar, You Need to Have Time to Get Closer to the WHIP, OtherWise The Drop Inevitably.
Often, You Can Afford to make Such Travels and Wort Intermediate Jumps, Simply Clan to the Whip for The Next Apprite Protrusion.
IF Near The Wall, RA. The Principle of the Pendulum Has Not Been Canceled Yet, So Alternate Jogging From Side Is Quite Well Increasing Overclocking. How to Get Teste – Disable The “Space” Key and Hang On The Wall At Your Pleasure Until You Slip Down.
Another Useful Property Of The Whip – You Can Climb on the Crossbar. Whose Whirlpool The Desired Object and Click. A Little Muscular Effort And The Cat’s Woman Is Already Firmly ENOUGH FOR THE BEAM. ON IT, IN TURN, YOU CAN NOW CLIMB, JUMP AND CLING TO THE WHIP FOR THE NEXT, AFTER WHICH YOU REPEAT THE OPERATION UNTIL THE CROSSBAR WILL TERMINATE.

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