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April 27, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Chicago 1930: Passage
Chicago 1930: Game Walkthrough and Guide
General advice

one. To seize a stunned enemy or NPC, you just need to drag it and then all items that are in his pockets will be on the floor. It is also possible to search for people surrendered, t.E. those who raised their hands.
2. To arrest people (playing for the police), you need to bring weapons on them, and then put your handcuffs. In case you are arresting gangster, then it will be better to keep the weapon to one character, and the second handcuffed handcuffs.
3. All stunned enemies must be associated with a rope (playing for the mafia) or put your handcuffs (playing for the police), otherwise, after a while they will stand up, as nothing has happened. But remember that, playing for the police, you can arrest only those people over which the sign of handcuffs hangs, and kill only those hanging the target icon. If you do not follow this, then a character that delayed ten-leaders or killed two will be arrested. To appear over the enemy a handcuff icon, you need to stun it, remove his weapon (take yourself or throw away away), and then when he comes to himself, arrest. The target icon appears in the case when the enemy only pulls out weapons. In the case of Mafia, it’s still easier. Kill whom you want, only without witnesses. If any, then you can either bribe them, or just remove.

Characters and their skills

In the game, the characters may have five skills: “Shooting”, “Middle Battle”, “throwing”, “first aid” and “charisma”, but in practice, each of them really possesses only a few (there is, of course, exceptions). Each skill pumps up in the course of the game, when the character actively uses his skill, as well as with the help of bonuses that you will find almost every level (the location is attached). Be sure to take on any task of people, each of which masterfully owns some one, inherent in his skill. The maximum number of people you can take can not exceed five.
Now about weapons and subjects. Take the task all you find in the bins. When you bring the cursor on a weapon or an item, you will be shown how effective the character is made by this species. Accordingly, the character, which is more effectively coping with it, and should use them.

Campaign for mafia

one. Go to the Palace Hotel

Talk to the hotel director in the lobby, then again when it will be near the reception rack. Talk to the employee Andrew standing behind the counter. After talking to a benevolent person. Once again, sit with Andrew, this time he will give you the key to the wardrobe. Complete in the wardrobe, which is located behind the counter, and take there. Castete and rope. Now go to the entrance to the restaurant, on the way, talking to employees. Inside the restaurant, find a man in an unconscious condition (near him chloroform, if that) and drag it to the storage room, which is in the kitchen south. In the same place, in the storage room, pick the first aid kit. Get out of the kitchen in the corridor in front of the elevator and eliminate two gangsters using a caste, you drag them, for example, in the same storage room or toilet. Pick out the key from the body of one gangster key and unlock the door of the staircase. Climb on the 2nd floor. Stun the enemy near the elevator, and then go to the restroom west of the stairs. Apply the first-aid kit on a stunned maid and talk to her twice. Go to the kitchen (east elevator) and eliminate the huge loud. Through the window, we move to the cornice and move to the office, which is further a bathroom (if you want to climb through the window in the bathroom, then, coming out of it, you will find the pistol cartridges in the room). Pick the gun in the office, and then go out in the corridor. Eliminate two gangsters (preferably without the use of guns), and then await the body of Gangster, which was already unconscious to find the key. Return to the Cabinet and open the door with the key. Go to the hall, and then in the hall on the left, to the 3rd gangsters. I recommend, passing to what stands behind a stronger with Tommy (so that, of course, you did not notice you), and cut it off with a tape, and with the rest of two harshons to deal with weapons. After all this, go to the first floor, where in the hall talk to the Don Falcone.

2. Overhear the conversation at the gang meeting

Go south to the northern side of the building near the flag on the eastern edge of the map. Stun all the people who are coming here, otherwise they will be thrown. In the house north, go to the 3rd room from the south. So pick up a piece of paper with the telephone number of the administrator. Return to the building near the flag. Before entering the south side, degrade Gangster so that two thumps inside did not notice this. Go to this building and now stun 2-hidden. In the next room, deal with all gangsters. Read the newspaper lying on the table, then call the administrator. This action you print all the staff from the kitchen. Take the 1st bonus in the storage room, and then go to the toilets in the West. Talk there with a waiter, then stun a person who often visits here. Name it and you will find the key from the kitchen. Do not give it to the waiter, it will complicate your already criminal life! Go to the north to the telephone booth, inside which you will find the 2nd bonus. Return back to the toilets and go to the north side of the building near the flag. Nonsense from enemies Start to the entrance to the kitchen, inside which overhear the conversation of the gang.

3. Destroy containers with Alcohol Hank O’Neal

Go to the west to a truck where you destroy with a double or casteter 3 containers with alcohol. In any way, deal with gangsters in stock. You can simply stun everyone, since no gangster has a firearm. Pass into the office in a warehouse with weapons in hand. Stun the main thing, then await the body for the key. Go down to the basement on the stairs in the northeast corner of the warehouse. Go to the West, where by the key found the door. Stun the first enemy first met in the basement, then go to the wastewater and deal with the second. Follow the west to almost the end and oppose the locked door. Talk to the worker. Go along the corridor in which he was, and, before climbing the stairs upstairs, stun the enemy near her. Once in the building, from the back Neutralize 2 enemies, which are near containers with alcohol. Destroy them and then go outside. Go to the booth for the fence, talk to the workers who are waiting for his colleague. In the landfill, go to the east, on the way to neutralizing 2 gangsters and, reaching the booth near the pipes, go inside. Give in feelings of a worker with the help of a first-aid kit, talk to him 2 times and then follow him back to the booth for the fence. Choose the 1st bonus, then talk to the worker. Take the key from the basement and, as a fact, come back to the basement. Now unlock the door opposite the worker with whom you spoke here. Inside the room Take the 2nd bonus. Go to the northern room, where we disperse two gangsters, as well as destroy all alcohol containers. By the corridor, go to the east to go to the south room. Give the beat of two gangsters there, one of which will later find the cipher from the safe. Opening it, you will get the key, as well as bill at $ 100. According to the corridor, continue to go east to a large room in front of the elevator. Kill 3 gangsters who stand in a circle, and then talk to the fact that it stands near the door. Give him $ 100, and it will open the door. Now go through all the rooms that will open for this door. Everywhere kill gangsters, and also destroy a very large number of alcohol containers. Return back to the room in front of the elevator and go to the impression on the west, where you kill 3 enemies and take the key. With this key, there is a room near the staircase in the east of the basement. Inside, as it should be expected, you will find the last barrels with alcohol, and also, by the way, the 3rd bonus.

4. Restaurant extortion

Take more people with the skill “Shooting” before the task. Go to the restaurant and talk to the girl behind the registration table. Then, with a weapon in your hands, go to the courtyard, where we take on the sight of two unarmed gangsters (if they run away, then the scent will come out, which is at all anything). Stun them, and then kill two in front of the entrance to the storage room. Inside rally with two more gangsters, one of which is confiscated “Tommy”. Now go to the casino and hover there. Before shooting gangsters armed with guns, and then in all other. If you are often killed, it is better to get up in front of the doorway and shoot the incoming out of there. Go to the room west and kill 4 bandits there. Pick up the key and go to the structure of south, where casino managers gathered. Kill them all, and then by car west leave you from here (before, of course, you will have to deal with those who are near the car).

five. Find out who killed by Jodjo

Talk to your employees ahead of you, then on the eastern side of the card, go south. There somewhere in the bushes you will find the 1st bonus. Caution, not to enter the eyes of a policeman who walks around the house near the flag, go south to the end, and then northwest to the house, near the very last room of which the annoying cop is spinning. I recommend to go to the 2nd room from the east, wait out there, and then stun this police officer. Go to the room he guarded, and there you will find the body of Jodgio. Pick up the 2nd bonus, and then go back to the street. Talk to a person near the cars and go to the director’s office – east, in the house near the flag (here and then – to the office should be held along the walls from the south so that the police at the entrance you do not notice; go out the same way). Inside talk with the assistant director, and then go to the parking lot near the restaurant. When the director itself is suitable, remember with him. Mouse over to him weapons and aims, so you will find a sequel code. Return to the Cabinet of the Director and now open the safe from which the key from the closed room in the West will fall. Go there and talk there with a man who recommends contacting a person in a room on the other side of the street. Take care of a man to the room and freely go inside. Stun a person and when searching he has a confisc key. Go around the building near the flag from the south and go to the nearest room in the north house. There you will finally find a book with financial reports. Now go to the telephone machine on the parking lot in front of the restaurant to call Don Falcone. Then go to your car in the northeast to quietly leave the motel.

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